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Trees Are Special

by Steve Pattrick

A boy explains the reasons why trees are special.

Trial by Wilderness

by David Mathieson

A girl survives a plane crash off the coast of British Columbia, and then faces survival in the wilderness, a feat which calls upon her courage, her endurance, and her skills.

The Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft

by Ronald Hutton

From the book Jacket: 'a fine book . . . no one, after reading it, will think about Britain in quite the same way again.' the. M. Luhrmann, Times Literary Supplement This book offers the first full-scale scholarly work given the world on modern pagan witchcraft. Ronald Hutton examines the nature of this religion, its development, and attitudes toward it in British society since 1800, presenting an authoritative insight into a hitherto little-known aspect of modern social history. 'It all makes for riveting reading and, despite Hutton's demolition of the supposed lineage of witchcraft, I am tempted after reading his book to become a witch myself.' Robert Irwin, Independent 'Button has synthesised a huge body of sources, and woven together a fascinating narrative with supreme skill . . . his Triumph of the Moon proves to be a triumph of cultural history.' Owen Davies, History Today '[Button] shows a bracing and candid scepticism about the architects of pagan witchcraft ... a very interesting story.' Marina Warner, The Times

Tropical Deforestation and Land Use

by Edward B. Barbier

Country case studies investigate key factors that influence the economics of tropical deforestation and land use. Articles illustrate how innovative economic models can be used effectively to investigate a range of important influences on tropical land use changes in a variety of representative developing countries. The countries covered are: Brazil, India, Malaysia, Panama, the Philippines, Thailand, and Uganda.

Tropical Deltas and Coastal Zones: Food Production, Communities and Environment at the Land–Water Interface

by Chu T. Hoanh Brian W. Szuster Kam Suan-Pheng Abdelbagi M. Ismail Andrew D. Noble

Focusing on the developing countries of Asia, Africa and South America, chapters of the book explore the diverse livelihoods of people in these areas and the impact of land-water management on the environment. New techniques and methodologies are explored in land and water management to try and solve the conflicts between rice-based agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries and the environment in tropical delta regions.

Tropical Ecology

by John Kricher

This full-color illustrated textbook offers the first comprehensive introduction to all major aspects of tropical ecology. It explains why the world's tropical rain forests are so universally rich in species, what factors may contribute to high species richness, how nutrient cycles affect rain forest ecology, and how ecologists investigate the complex interrelationships among flora and fauna. It covers tropical montane ecology, riverine ecosystems, savanna, dry forest--and more.Tropical Ecology begins with a historical overview followed by a sweeping discussion of biogeography and evolution, and then introduces students to the unique and complex structure of tropical rain forests. Other topics include the processes that influence everything from species richness to rates of photosynthesis: how global climate change may affect rain forest characteristics and function; how fragmentation of ecosystems affects species richness and ecological processes; human ecology in the tropics; biodiversity; and conservation of tropical ecosystems and species.Drawing on real-world examples taken from actual research, Tropical Ecology is the best textbook on the subject for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Offers the first comprehensive introduction to tropical ecology Describes all the major kinds of tropical terrestrial ecosystems Explains species diversity, evolutionary processes, and coevolutionary interactions Features numerous color illustrations and examples from actual research Covers global warming, deforestation, reforestation, fragmentation, and conservation The essential textbook for advanced undergraduates and graduate students Suitable for courses with a field component

Tropical Forest Biomes (Greenwood Guides to Biomes of the World)

by Barbara A. Holzman

The book is arranged with a general introduction to tropical forest biomes and chapters on the Tropical Rainforest Biome and Regional Expressions of the Tropical Rainforest Biome, and the Tropical Seasonal Forest Biome and Regional Expressions of the Tropical Seasonal Forest Biome.

Tropical Forests and the Human Spirit: Journeys to the Brink of Hope

by Roger D. Stone Claudia D'Andrea

An overview of the international events which in the last thirty years have caused the rapid destruction of the world's tropical forests and an argument for the case that the best way to conserve remaining forests is through the management of the land by the indigenous people who depend on the forest for their survival.

Tropical Forests of the Guiana Shield: Ancient Forests in a Modern World

by D. S. Hammond

The Guiana Shield is an ancient geological formation located in the northern part of South America, covering an area of 1 million square kilometers. Despite its hostile environment, it is home to many unusual and highly specialized plants and animals, which constitute a rich area of biodiversity. Chapters in this book include hydrology, nutrient cycling, forest phenology, insect-plant interactions, forest microclimate, plant distributions, forest dynamics and conservation and management of flora and fauna. It provides a comprehensive and detailed review of the ecology, biology and natural history of the forests of the area.

Tropical Gemstones

by Carol Clark

Gemstones, both mythical and real, are deeply embedded in the arts, religions and cultures of Southeast Asia. This Periplus Nature Guide provides an excellent introduction to the full range of superb gemstones mined and processed in the region, their physical characteristics, historical importance and countries of origin. Stunning color photographs and informative text by noted writer on gemstones, Carol Clark, will delight both gem collectors and lovers of fine jewelery alike.

Tropical Nature

by Adrian Forsyth Ken Miyata

A look at the natural history of tropical rain forests in South America, covers insects, birds, animals, and plants.

Tropical Pacific Island Environments

by Chirstopher S. Lobban Maria Schefter Rick L. Castro

Discusses the ecosystems of the islands of Oceania. Important themes in the book are the connection of ecological principles with local issues and experience, issues of sustainability, the validation of traditional knowledge, and examination of the ways in which scientists develop hypotheses and theories about natural phenomena. Eleven chapters treat land and aquatic habitats; soil, grassland, and forest communities; coral reef ecosystems; species introductions; endangered species; and human policy issues. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

True Blue: The Oxford Boat Race Mutiny

by Patrick Robinson Daniel Topolski

From the book: In the harsh winter of 1986/7, an event took place in the Oxford University Boat Club which shook the University, and the rowing establishment, to their foundations. It became known, simply, as the Oxford Mutiny. A group of American students, all former internationals, had arrived at Oxford hoping to put some steel into a Boat Race crew still reeling from their recent humiliating defeat at the hands of Cambridge - a hammering which had ended an astounding ten-year winning streak by Oxford. But disagreements over training methods soon brought into focus a bitter clash of personalities between a quiet Scottish mature student, Donald Macdonald, the elected president of the Dark Blues, and a fierytempered rower from California, Christopher Clark. Embodying the amateur sporting traditions of the Boat Race on the one hand, and New World big-star sportsmanship on the other, these two men found two warring factions lining up behind them. The ensuing battle for the control of the Oxford University Boat Club raged for months, making headline news all over the world. Daniel Topolski who, as Chief Coach, had been the architect of Oxford's success, and who now found himself in the middle of this unprecedented row, has finally told his side of the story. Having lost their bid to oust Macdonald, the rebels pulled out of the Boat Race squad just six weeks before the race. Could he, against all odds, mould the inexperienced and demoralised reserve crew of no-hopers into a winning team? Reminiscent of Chariots of Fire, this book is not just about rowing, or even about sport. It concerns the clash of traditional and modern values; petty hatreds and great friendships; and, above all, the triumph of the human spirit.

True Everest Adventures

by Paul Dowswell

As the world's tallest mountain, Everest has held a special fascination for climbers ever since it was first discovered 150 years ago. Since then, over a thousand men and women have stood triumphant on its tiny summit.

True Tales of Ghosts and Gales Mysterious Great Lakes' Shipwrecks

by Wes Oleszewski

The author after doing extensive research presents here, for the first time, seven tales of the Great lakes. Of men surviving, of ships lost at sea, of light houses, and their keepers and their dedication to saving every life, about the lakes unforgiving weather. This is an excellent book for anyone interested in lake history, ship history, or a good and true tale.


by Helen Dwyer

Provides facts about tsunamis, discusses how they are formed, examines where they happen, and includes information on tsunami warnings.

Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters: A Nonfiction Companion to High Tide in Hawaii

by Mary Pope Osborne

You can find out answers to such questions as what are the warning signs that a tsunami is on the way, can scientists predict earthquakes?, how do volcanoes form? and more in this Magic Tree House Research Guide: "Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters". This is the nonfiction companion to High Tide in Hawaii.

Tsunamis Witness to Disaster

by Dennis Fradin Judy Fradin

For younger readers ages eight to 11, this volume brings together accounts and photos of people who have witnessed tsunamis, along with descriptions of how they occur; historic tsunamis in Japan, Peru and Chile, Indonesia, Alaska and Hawaii, and the Philippines; and warning systems. It begins with a description of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. Judith and Dennis Fradin have published many books for young readers and National Geographic. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Tundra (Biomes)

by Holly Cefrey

This book goes in depth into the distinguishing features of the tundra biome.

Twelve by Twelve

by Bill Powers

Why would a successful American physician choose to live in a twelve-foot-by-twelve-foot cabin without running water or electricity? To find out, writer and activist William Powers visited Dr. Jackie Benton in rural North Carolina. No Name Creek gurgled through Benton's permaculture farm, and she stroked honeybees' wings as she shared her wildcrafter philosophy of living on a planet in crisis. Powers, just back from a decade of international aid work, then accepted Benton's offer to stay at the cabin for a season while she traveled. There, he befriended her eclectic neighbors -- organic farmers, biofuel brewers, eco-developers -- and discovered a sustainable but imperiled way of life. In these pages, Powers not only explores this small patch of community but draws on his international experiences with other pockets of resistance. This engrossing tale of Powers's struggle for a meaningful life with a smaller footprint proposes a paradigm shift to an elusive "Soft World" with clues to personal happiness and global healing.

Twelve Moons

by Mary Oliver

(from the back cover) Joyce Carol Oates has praised Mary Oliver's "ability, rare and undefinable and yet unmistakable, to fuse content and style... to make technique serve art," while Archibald MacLeish has told her: "You have indeed entered the kingdom. You have done something better than create your own world: you have discovered the world we all live in and do not see and cannot feel." In her fourth volume of poetry, Twelve Moons, Mary Oliver continues to explore the alluring, yet well-nigh inaccessible kingdoms of nature and human relationships, and man's profound, persistent desire for a joyous union with them. These vibrant, magical poems pulse with an aching awareness of nature's unaffected beauty. But too often man - caught in his private kingdoms, haunted by past memories and future uncertainties - loses sight of nature's enigmatic promise of renewal. Mary Oliver reminds us of our deepest desires, our most ancient longings for a unified universe. Her absorbing, intimate vision leads us into the natural and human kingdoms we only fleetingly grasp. The author of three previous volumes of poetry - No Voyage and Other Poems; The River Styx, Ohio and Other Poems; and The Night Traveler - Mary Oliver has published her poems in many prestigious publications, including Harpers, The Atlantic, The New Republic, Yankee, Poetry Northwest, and Antioch Review. She lives in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Twenty Lessons in Environmental Sociology

by Tammy L. Lewis Kenneth A. Gould

The most student-oriented book available for environmental sociology courses, Twenty Lessons in Environmental Sociology introduces undergraduates to the subject in a groundbreaking new way. Instead of compiling articles from professional journals, this innovative reader presents twenty classroom-tested "lessons" from dedicated, experienced teachers. These diverse readings examine key topics in the field, from the social construction of nature to the growing influence of global media on our understanding of the environment. Building this collection on the model of a successful undergraduate classroom experience, coeditors Kenneth A. Gould and Tammy L. Lewis asked the contributors to choose a topic, match it with their favorite class lecture, and construct a lesson to reflect the way they teach it in the classroom. The result is an engaging, innovative, and versatile volume that presents the core ideas of environmental sociology in concise, accessible chapters. Each brief lesson is designed as a stand-alone piece and can be easily adapted into an existing course syllabus. Ideal for any course that looks at the environment from a sociological perspective, Twenty Lessons in Environmental Sociology offers an insightful introduction to this dynamic subject.

Twilight of the Tenderfoot: A Western Memoir

by Diane Ackerman

In the twenty-some years since award-winning writer Diane Ackerman first visited the Tequesquite ranch in New Mexico, she has delighted readers with her rich, observant prose in such books as "A Natural History of the Senses" and, most recently, "Cultivating Delight: A Natural History of My Garden". However, her first nonfiction book, "Twilight of the Tenderfoot", reveals the strong beginnings of a writer who renders the experience of nature and place into an intimate and magical affair. Now back in print, "Twilight of the Tenderfoot" lets readers once more glimpse the backbreaking, soul-satisfying work of ranching. Growing up in rural Illinois, Diane Ackerman "knew" the West through film and television. Her abiding love of horses led her to one day seek to ride alongside cowboys on a traditional New Mexican ranch. As a tenderfoot -- and a woman in a man's world -- Ackerman undergoes an often hilarious initiation: but she is game and spirited, up to the challenges of red-hot chiles, Red Man chewing tobacco, revved-up horses, snakes dangling from brooms, and tough work well before sunrise. For Ackerman, and for her readers, what happened remains indelibly branded in memory.


by Kris Hirschmann

Does that green sky mean a tornado is on its way? Are you wondering What's It Like Out?In this exciting book discover how funnel clouds become tornadoes. Find out how forecasters predict what's coming next. Learn all about the science of weather so you can answer the question, What's It Like Out?

Twisters and Other Terrible Storms: A Nonfiction Companion to Twister on Tuesday

by Mary Pope Osborne Will Osborne

How do tornadoes form? How fast are hurricane winds? Where did the biggest snowfall on record happen? What kinds of tools can help predict bad storms? Find out the answers to these questions and more in ... Magic Tree House® Research Guide TWISTERS and Other Terrible Storms, a nonfiction companion to Twister on Tuesday. It's Jack and Annie's very own guide to nature's wildest weather! Including: Twisters Hurricanes Blizzards Storm chasers And much more!

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