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Portraits of Bible Men, Volume 2: Revised Edition with Discussion Questions for Individual or Group Study

by George Matheson

Learn about David, Solomon, Job, Elisha, Elijah, Lot, Ishmael, Melchizedek, Caleb, Aaron, Balaam, Boaz, and Gideon. A beautifully written and inspirational book, which is excellent for group study or personal devotions.

The Power of Film

by Howard Suber

This book examines the patterns and principles that make films popular and memorable, and will be useful both for those who want to create films and for those who just want to understand them better.

Practical Guide to the Runes

by Lisa Peschel

A Practical Guide to the Runes Rune Magick: A Powerful Force for Guidance, Protection, and Luck EIHWAZ the yew, URUZ the wild ox, KENAZ the hearth fire. Created by the Nordic and Germanic tribes of northern Europe, the runes began as a magickal system of pictographs representing the forces and objects in nature. This guidebook will help you discover the oracular nature of the runes and how to use them as a magickal tool for insight, protection, and luck. Practical and concise, this book includes: - Complete descriptions of the twenty-four runes of the Elder Futhark, plus WYRD, the blank rune - The differences between bindrunes and runescripts - Four rune layouts and detailed rune interpretations, including reversed position meanings - How to carve runes and create talismans - Meanings and uses of the runes in magick

Prescription for Nutritional Healing: The A-to-Z Guide to Supplements

by Phyllis A. Balch

This book gives information on all the most important supplements available today. It details what a particular supplement is, what forms it comes in and how to use it, as well as when not to use it.

Presidents: A Biographical Dictionary

by Neil R. Hamilton

The president of the United States is a highly visible public figure, a bearer of immense responsibility, and the subject of intense scrutiny. He is held accountable for war, economic depression, domestic strife, national security, partisan politics, and overseas conflict. Presidents: A Biographical Dictionary closely examines the hopes and disappointments, the victories and defeats, and the integrity and weaknesses of the men who have held this office. Each of the profiles presented in this book traces the points at which presidential character, the exercise of power, and external events intersect. Presidents presents information suitable for exploratory research or for a casual reading of the history of the United States's chief executives and their legacies. Presidents contains 4 biographies and portraits of all the presidents, a chronology of the life of each president, suggested further reading about each president, an appendix that presents personal facts about the presidents, election results, and details of the presidential cabinets, a general bibliography and an index. Neil A. Hamilton holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Tennessee and an M.A. and B.A. in history from the University of Miami. He is currently a professor of history at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. A member of the Author's Guild, Hamilton is the author or coauthor of eight nonfiction books, including The ABC-Clio Companion to the 1960s Counterculture in America and Militias in America: A Reference Handbook.

Pretrial (Eighth Edition)

by Thomas A. Mauet

Pretrial achieved leading stature through its clear, concise,well-organized presentation of pretrial preparation by one of the country's leading experts on trial techniques. An effective systematic approach organizes pretrial planning and preparation into a series ofdistinct steps students can readily master. Litigation files from ahypothetical case, complete with sample documentation and paperwork,take students through each stage of a civil case. (Aspen Coursebook Series)

Primal Myths: Creation Myths Around the World

by Barbara C. Sproul

A fascinating, respectful and comparative look at the way in which different cultures explain our being, our relationship to one another, how we relate to Nature and how we relate to the Ones who are at the center of our creation stories. An excellent reference for those interested in world views and religions.

Primary Sources: Selected Writings on Color from Aristotle to Albers

by Patricia Sloane

A selection of writings about color.

A Primer of Drug Action: A Comprehensive Guide to the Actions, Uses, and Side Effects of Psychoactive Drugs (11th edition)

by Robert M. Julien

A definitive guide to the pharmacology of drugs that affect the mind and behavior with over 40% new research citations. A clearer and current presentation on the mechanisms of drug action, etiologies of major psychological disorders, rationales for drug treatment, and the uses of psychopharmacology in patient care.

The Principal's Quick-Reference Guide to School Law: Reducing Liability Litigation and Other Potential Legal Tangles (2nd Edition)

by Dennis R. Dunklee Robert J. Shoop

Offering a resource on translating school law into practice, this title is useful as a day-to-day reference guide of school law in modern times. It helps school administrators find important legal guidance for issues that include: staff selection and evaluation; student rights and discipline; and more.

Private Secondary Schools

by Peterson's

Peterson's Private Secondary Schools is everything parents need to find the right private secondary school for their child. This valuable resource allows students and parents to compare and select from more that 1,500 schools in the U.S. and Canada, and around the world. Schools featured include independent day schools, special needs schools, and boarding schools (including junior boarding schools for middle-school students). Helpful information listed for each of these schools include: school's area of specialization, setting, affiliation, accreditation, tuition, financial aid, student body, faculty, academic programs, social life, admission information, contacts, and more. Also includes helpful articles on the merits of private education, planning a successful school search, searching for private schools online, finding the perfect match, paying for a private education, tips for taking the necessary standardized tests, semester programs and understanding the private schools' admission application form and process.

Private Secondary Schools: Traditional Day and Boarding Schools

by Peterson's

Peterson's Private Secondary Schools: Traditional Day and Boarding Schools is everything parents need to find the right day or boarding private secondary school for their child. Readers will find hundreds of school profiles plus links to informative two-page in-depth descriptions written by some of the schools. Helpful information includes the school's area of specialization, setting, affiliation, accreditation, subjects offered, special academic programs, tuition, financial aid, student profile, faculty, academic programs, student life, admission information, contacts, and much more.

Project Management (2nd Edition)

by Jeffery K. Pinto

Project Management employs a managerial, business-oriented approach to the management of projects, which is reinforced throughout the text with current examples of project management in action. Introduction: Why Project Management?; The Organizational Context: Strategy, Structure, and Culture; Project Selection and Portfolio Management; Leadership and the Project Manager; Scope Management; Project Team Building, Conflict, and Negotiation; Risk Management; Cost Estimation and Budgeting; Project Scheduling: Networks, Duration Estimation, and Critical Path; Project Scheduling: Lagging, Crashing, and Activity Networks; Critical Chain Project Scheduling; Resource Management; Project Evaluation and Control; Project Closeout and Termination For readers or future mangers interested in understanding the fundamentals of project management from a variety of business applications and examples.

PSSA Preparation Instruction and Practice for Reading and Writing (Grade 5)

by Editors at the Harcourt School Publishers

This test prep booklet will give you practice in taking the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment test that has 3 types of questions : multiple choice, short answer, and extended response.

Psychoanalytic Theories of Development: An Integration

by Phyllis Tyson Robert L. Tyson

Thorough review of psychological development starting at infancy going through adulthood with emphasis on major developmental milestones.

Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual

by Alliance of Psychoanalytic Organizations

This manual is based on current neuroscience and treatment outcome studies that demonstrate the importance of focusing on the full range and depth of emotional and social functioning. Beginning with a classification of the spectrum of personality patterns and disorders found in individuals and then describing a profile of mental functioning that permits a clinician to look in detail at each of the patient's capacities, the entries include a description of the patient's symptoms with a focus on the patient's internal experiences as well as surface behaviors. Intended to expand on the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)and ICD (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems) efforts in cataloging the symptoms and behaviors of mental health patients, this manual opens the door to a fuller understanding of the functioning of the mind, brain, and their development.

Psychology: Abnormal

by Albert E. Lyngzeidetson

Psychology students and those already practicing in the field will want to obtain this jam-packed, 3-panel (6 page) expanded version of BarCharts popular Psychology: Abnormal guide. The new information, along with the original guide text, lists a variety of mental disorders and the therapies used to treat them; each color-coded section features key definitions and examples for easy reference.

Psychopathia Sexualis

by Richard von Krafft-Ebing

A painstaking recording of the most intimate details of abnormal sexual behavior.

The Psychotherapist’s Guide to Psychopharmacology

by Michael J. Gitlin

Gitlin (psychiatry, UCLA) provides a guide to medicines used for treating mental and emotional disorders, designed to familiarize mental health professionals who do not prescribe medicine with the latest medical treatment options. He describes the type of treatment used for numerous disorders, explaining in detail how each medication works and its effects.

Public Colleges and Universities

by John F. Ohles Shirley M. Ohles

A directory of public universities and colleges in the United States in 1986, consisting of 578 sketches, including descriptions of 31 state systems and 547 public colleges and universities offering bachelor's and/or graduate degrees.

The Queen's English

by C. J. Moore

From "chips" and "crumbs" to "spending a penny," The Queen's English is your indispensable guide to surviving and thriving in the tricky byways of the English language, which has shown many a poor soul the way out for little more than twanging a vowel, splitting an infinitive or, crime of all crimes, saying dinner instead of tea. With The Queen's English there's no need to become "flummoxed" ever again. This must-have A to Z guide uncovers the quintessential meanings behind more than 100 familiar words and phrases of the distinctively British lexicon, including: By hook or by crook (adv. phrase): It is good to find a phrase in common use that goes back as far as this one, and which appears (though not entirely proven) to link back to England's feudal past. In medieval times when the peasantry were not allowed to cut down trees, they were permitted nonetheless to gather firewood from loose or dead branches which could be obtained using "hook" (bill hook, a traditional cutting tool) or "crook," a staff with a curved end. No doubt the desperate peasant often exceeded the strict use of these tools, and so the sense is to achieve something by whatever means possible. The first recorded use of the phrase is from the fourteenth century. Gazump (vt.): Usually so proud of their reputation for playing fair, the English have a curious blind spot when it comes to buying and selling houses. To "gazump" is to raise the price of a piece of real estate after the sale has been agreed but before the contract is signed, usually on the pretext that the owner has received a higher offer elsewhere. The original buyer is then forced to raise their offer or the property goes to the higher bidder. This unethical but not illegal practice appeared first with the spelling "gazoomph" and was derived from an older and more

Quick and Easy Medical Terminology (6th Edition)

by Peggy C. Leonard

Make learning medical terminology faster and more fun with Quick & Easy Medical Terminology, 6th Edition! Featuring CDs with interactive games and audio pronunciations, this book helps you begin reading, writing, and speaking medical terms in the shortest time possible. Small chunks of information are always followed immediately by exercises, so students will be learning "every minute!" The many puzzles, activities, and games make it easier to understand and remember terminology. Written in a clear, conversational style by Peggy C. Leonard, MT, MEd, this book gives you the tools to communicate effectively in the health care environment. A companion CD reinforces learning with fun, interactive exercises, including medical reports and Hear It/Spell It exercises. Two audio CDs let you listen to correct pronunciations of medical terms and encourage you to pronounce each term aloud. A flexible, body systems organization lets you go through the material in any order after completing the orientation chapters, making it easy to coordinate your study with other courses such as anatomy and physiology. The programmed learning approach presents content in small blocks called 'frames' that allow you to learn the content and get immediate feedback on your progress before proceeding. Diverse learning styles are accommodated by a wide variety of exercises -- labeling diagrams, writing terms, choosing pronunciation accents, recognizing misspelled terms, matching word parts, interpreting terms within health reports, and categorizing terms. Unique! A conversational writing style makes the book more readable and enjoyable. Unique! Thorough explanations of terms help you understand and remember the material by presenting terminology in a medical context. A consistent format to body systems chapters uses categories to simplify the learning of terms, with each chapter including function; structure; diseases, disorders, and diagnostic terms; and surgical and therapeutic interventions. Healthcare reports and case studies allow you to apply your knowledge to real-life situations. A review of anatomy and physiology at the beginning of each body systems chapter provides a context for understanding the medical terminology. Drug information is integrated into the body systems chapters, with detailed information on specific drugs on CD. Caution boxes alert you to confusing terms. Spanish translations of key terms are listed in each chapter to help you communicate with Hispanic patients; glossaries are included in the appendix. Comprehensive end-of-chapter reviews correspond to the learning objectives at the beginning of the chapter. A bookmark includes a quick-reference guide to pronouncing terms plus a list of pronunciation symbols. A companion Evolve website includes study tips, electronic flashcards, Body Spectrum coloring pages, an English/Spanish glossary, learning activities that include Spanish term exercises, updates, and links to related sites. More short exercises include Find the Clue and Connections puzzles, letting you check your learning more often and stay on track. Procedures and terminology updates keep you current with new technologies and terms you'll encounter in the workplace. Quick Tips in the margins add essential information and interesting, fun facts. Games add fun and competition to exercises on the companion CD. More medical reports with exercises are included on the CD, allowing you to use terms in real-life situations.

The Quotable Thoreau

by Henry David Thoreau Jeffrey S Cramer

Few writers are more quotable than Henry David Thoreau. His books, essays, journals, poems, letters, and unpublished manuscripts contain an inexhaustible treasure of epigrams and witticisms, from the famous ("The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation") to the obscure ("Who are the estranged? Two friends explaining") and the surprising ("I would exchange my immortality for a glass of small beer this hot weather"). The Quotable Thoreau, the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of Thoreau quotations ever assembled, gathers more than 2,000 memorable passages from this iconoclastic American author, social reformer, environmentalist, and self-reliant thinker. Including Thoreau's thoughts on topics ranging from sex to solitude, manners to miracles, government to God, life to death, and everything in between, the book captures Thoreau's profundity as well as his humor ("If misery loves company, misery has company enough"). Drawing primarily on The Writings of Henry D. Thoreau, published by Princeton University Press, The Quotable Thoreau is thematically arranged, fully indexed, richly illustrated, and thoroughly documented. For the student of Thoreau, it will be invaluable. For those who think they know Thoreau, it will be a revelation. And for the reader seeking sheer pleasure, it will be a joy.Over 2,000 quotations on more than 150 subjects Richly illustrated with historic photographs and drawings Thoreau on himself and his contemporaries Thoreau's contemporaries on Thoreau Biographical time line Appendix of misquotations and misattributions Fully indexed Suggestions for further reading

Raising Writers

by Ruth E. Shagoury

With the guidance of children's writing enthusiast Ruth Shagoury, teachers will learn to listen toalltheir students and look at their written work with a new and appreciative lens-one that also helps them anticipate and encourage students in developing new skills appropriately. Drawing on her many years of primary classroom teaching and research, Ruth offers primary teachers, early childhood specialists, and caregivers strategies to nurture connections between oral and writing skills at every stage of children's development for today's multicultural classroom. Ruth's thorough exploration of how young children learn written language presents teachers with the necessary tools to understand the growth and development of written language in a literate culture. Filled with a wealth of resources for extending learning beyond the classroom, Raising Writers: Understanding and Nurturing Young Children's Writing Development includes interviews with the author and book study questions making this a perfect book for book club study groups. Help your students make the transition from oral to written language! Explores the written language development of pre-school through primary school age children. Addresses important topics such as the role of the culture of literacy, how drawing and writing go hand-in hand, and the developmental path of spelling and conventions. Identifies the parallels between oral and written language development with the use of a developmental continuum chart. In addition, the book includes an annotated guide with research foundation for the continuum. Includes numerous samples of children's work and photos to bring the information in the book to life. Offers book recommendations for spelling programs and additional writing instruction resources, as well as picture book suggestions for multicultural classrooms. Includes a book club study guide at the end of the book.

The Random House Handbook (Sixth Edition)

by Frederick Crews

The Random House Handbook, Sixth Edition offers a comprehensive guide to writing and style, as well as special applications.

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