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The Doctor's Family Reunion

by Mindy Obenhaus

His Instant Family Family means everything to Dr. Trent Lockridge. Growing up without a father, he always yearned for a family of his own. One long-ago summer in Ouray, Colorado, he thought he might build a future with beautiful Blakely Daniels. But when he abruptly fled town, he broke her heart and left behind more than memories. Years later, Trent is shocked-and overjoyed-to learn he's a father. He'd like to earn back Blakely's love and trust- but it won't be easy. And the clock is ticking. He's got only a few weeks to prove that, this time, he's here to stay...forever.

The Doctor's Family Secret

by Joanna Neil

When new A&E consultant Nick Hilliard sweeps into the department, full of ideas for change, Dr. Laura Brett is torn between her attraction for this handsome man and her concerns for the department. But Nick is a rock for Laura-his support is unconditional, even when she learns surprising secrets about her family. It turns her desire into deeper feelings and their attraction into an emotional bond. But when his ambitious plans start to affect her father Laura's loyalties become divided, between her family and the man she loves

The Doctor's Forever Family

by Marie Ferrarella

Big-city radiologist Dan Davenport is ready to take New York by storm. But when an accident robs him of the most important person in his life, he decides to honor his brother by taking his place as the town physician in Forever, Texas- temporarily. He's never been fond of commitment, but when he meets a beautiful young mother struggling to get back on her feet, he reconsiders. Tina Blayne can't afford to open her heart to another man, especially one itching to leave town at the first opportunity. Yet when she begins working at Dan's clinic, she realizes the doctor's got wounds of his own. . . ;wounds that require her special brand of healing.

The Doctor's Former Fiancee

by Caro Carson

When Braden MacDowell is reunited with Lana Donnoli, will their rivalry douse the last spark of their youthful infatuation-or ignite embers that never stopped smoldering? Don't miss this new installment of Caro Carson's miniseries, The Doctors MacDowell! She didn't want to imagine that the Braden MacDowell she had once loved could have turned so cold and calculating. But the billionaire CEO was taking away Dr. Lana Donnoli's funding. Just what was going on beneath her ex-fiancé's icy facade? And just what could she do to get him to change his stubborn mind? The last place Braden wanted to be was back in his family's hospital, close to the woman who had owned his heart. His business was all about the bottom line, a fact Lana just couldn't comprehend. But their passion for each other was still just as intense, still impossible to resist. Would those old feelings be enough to get them to a place where love was the best medicine?

The Doctor's Guardian

by Marie Ferrarella

He first saw Dr. Nika Pulaski hyperventilating in a trapped elevator. Ever the rescuer, Detective Cole Baker felt an instant protectiveness...and sizzling want. Her cheerfulness, not to mention her killer looks, had him reconsidering his loner status. But he couldn't trust her, the prime suspect in a rash of hospital deaths. Who was Nika Pulaski? She outlasted her colleagues at the hospital and spent every minute caring for others. But patients were dying. With every tear she shed, Cole couldn't mask his own emotions, this pull toward a potentially dangerous woman. He raced to find the killer stalking Nika's patients, even if it was the woman he loved. Was she an optimistic healer or a sociopath?

Doctor's Guide to Dating in the Jungle

by Tina Beckett

Rule #1-Don't flirt with your boss!Dr. Stevie Wilson knows the rules-but in Brazil, in the confines of their medical boat, she's finding it virtually impossible to keep away from her lethally attractive boss, Dr. Matt Palermo. Even their hammocks are on top of one another!Rule #2-Apply ridiculous amounts of insect repellent.This one's easier to follow, but that won't help to banish thoughts of the hunky Matt....Rule #3 is the biggest challenge of all-Never fall for a man who has buried his heart deep in the Amazon jungle!

A Doctor's Heart

by Cynthia Hickey

Betsy Colter's Heart is On the Line Betrayed by her soldier fiancé, Betsy takes a job as a Harvey Girl waitress and vows to steer clear of military romance. But soon she's falling for her army pen pal, Dr. Spencer Gregory. When a wounded Spencer returns home and rebuffs her friendship and love, Betsy's deepest fears come true. Though he's a decorated soldier, Spencer sees himself as a burden-one he won't saddle Betsy with. But keeping her at arm's length is no longer an option when Betsy's former fiancé shows up eager to win her back. If their romance is to survive the war, Spencer must set aside his pride and win her heart.

Doctors In The House

by Ellen James

This town's not big enough for both of them! Grant, Colorado, isn't big enough to support two doctors--so why have two doctors been offered the same position? And use of the same house? That's what Dr. Tim Miller and Dr. Laurie Russell want to know. Unfortunately, both the town council and the town's retiring physician think they have the right to choose the new doctor--and neither side is backing down. Neither are Tim and Laurie, who are left fighting tooth and nail for the practice and the town's loyalty--at the same time as they're falling in love!

Doctors In Paradise

by Meredith Webber

Tranquillity Sands is a luxurious health resort set on a coral-fringed island surrounded by the jewel-bright Pacific. What could possibly go wrong in this perfect place? Everything, as far as Dr Carolin Sayers is concerned. Caroline finds herself in the midst of intrigue, superstition and medical emergencies.

Doctors in the Wedding

by Gina Wilkins

Out-of-town bridesmaid Madison Baker was looking forward to a fun wedding of one of her oldest friends. She never thought she'd meet a groomsman that made even her measured mind-of-a-psychiatrist spin.Of course, he was the one guy who was off-limits.Steadfast Dr. Jason D'Alessandro was wedded to his work and his patients. Why, even the bride's beautiful sister couldn't turn his head! Still, stunning Madison stirred his impulsive, romantic side, although she insisted that their hot-and-heavy romance remain top secret.But this was one forbidden weekend fling that might just be for keeps....

The Doctor's Instant Family

by Mindy Neff

A Doctor in Her Stocking?Kelly Anderson had heard of the notorious Shotgun Ridge matchmakers. She just never dreamed they'd pair her with her new boss, the town's own sexy, single M.D., Chance Hammond. The man was one potent male package with a wicked bedside manner-surely not what the doctor ordered for a widow with two scared little girls and one big secret! But the carefree playboy had his own secret side. For when they had no place to go just days before Christmas, it was Chance who opened his home, Chance whose gentle ways made her daughters smile. She'd prayed for a Christmas miracle-had she instead found a man whose tender care could heal all their broken hearts?

The Doctor's Little Secret

by Jacqueline Diamond

[From the back cover] Straight-Arrow M.D. Meets Shoot-From-The-Hip Lady Cop And they are so wrong for each other! Russ McKenzie knows it the first time he runs afoul of Rachel Byers and stares down the barrel of her gun. But when the town's new doctor needs a temporary fiancee to gain custody of the daughter he's kept secret for the past five years, he's sure the shapely policewoman's chutzpah will compensate for what she lacks in feminine wiles. As they become enmeshed in the dicey charade, however, he starts to fall for Rachel and her refreshingly frank ways. Pretty soon he's wishing he had his own set of handcuffs, to guarantee that she stays where she belongs-with his little girl, and of course with him!

The Doctor's Longed-For Bride

by Judy Campbell

It was only when Dr. Francesca Lovatt announced her engagement that Jack Herrick realized he'd always loved her. Unable to bear seeing her marry the wrong man, Jack took his small daughter and left town. Now Jack is ready to return, and takes a job as registrar at Denniston Vale Infirmary-only to find that Francesca is still single! Jack is determined that this time he won't let the woman of his dreams slip through his fingers.

The Doctor's Lost-and-Found Heart

by Dianne Drake

Under the Argentine stars. . . Dr Jack Kenner can't refuse Amanda Robinson's plea for help - even though it means returning to South America, where the ghosts of his past haunt him. Worse still, the tropical nights working with brave, fiery Amanda push Jack to his limits - for a man who has sworn never to risk his heart again, they offer the ultimate temptation. . .

The Doctor's Meant-To-Be Marriage

by Janice Lynn

Chelsea Majors met sexy Jared Floyd when they shared one fleeting but oh-so-memorable kiss ten years ago--the kiss that made her feel beautiful for the very first time. Now Dr. Majors has come to join Jared Floyd's practice, and discovers that although Dr. Floyd is just as smoldering as ever, there's a sadness in his eyes....Chelsea brings life and sparkle to the surgery--and everyone can see the smile start to return to Jared's chiseled face. As Chelsea and Jared gradually find their way back to one another, Jared begins to realize that this might be his last chance to make Chelsea his bride.

The Doctor's Medicine Woman

by Donna Clayton

Although Dr. Travis Westcott wouldn't fall for any woman, he would do anything to adopt twin boys. Even welcoming the tribe's medicine woman into his home to teach them all about their Native American heritage. But what Travis hadn't expected was how the beguiling Diana Chapman would stir most primitive passions...and tempt him to claim her with fierce kisses! Now sidestepping marriage wasn't as easy for this stubborn bachelor as it used to be. For the pent-up yearning reflected in Diana's eyes caused his lonesome heart to thunder like a war drum. Was this single doctor dad fated for forever love?

Doctor's Mile-High Fling

by Tina Beckett

Three things occur to medical pilot Blake Taylor as Dr Molly McKinna boards his plane:<P> 1) Why would someone petrified of flying take a job in remotest Alaska?<P> 2) His new colleague is a city girl through and through - this should be interesting!<P> 3) His resolve to be all work and no play is slipping by the minute...!

The Doctor's Mission

by Debbie Kaufman

A woman doctor! Missionary William Mayweather can't hide his disappointment. The Nynabo mission in Liberia, Africa, desperately needs help, but he's vowed not to put another female in jeopardy. Too bad flame-haired Dr. Mary O'Hara refuses to turn back-and he cannot allow her to go into the jungle alone. Medicine or marriage? For Mary, the choice was clear. Far away from the patriarchal medical community, she resolves to be of real service. She'll willingly go head-to-head with the handsome, opinionated missionary, even in the face of deadly danger. Yet the greatest tests lie in trusting God's plan-for the mission, and her future happiness in this untamed, beautiful land....

The Doctor's Mission

by Lyn Stone

Dr. Nick Sandro's top-secret mission: to help undercover agent Cate Olin recover from an attempt on her life. The safehouse? His own apartment, where her body-- which he'd dreamed about for years--was suddenly his responsibility. Nick had loved Cate since childhood, but he'd accepted this job as a favor to her family, to her boss. No way he'd cross the line. For a civilian, Cate's gorgeous doctor sure was secretive. About giving up his career as a surgeon. About not letting Cate in. But when a terrorist hell-bent on revenge came after both of them, saving each other's lives depended on sharing everything.

The Doctor's Mistress

by Lilian Darcy

Paramedic with a passion<P> A&E doctor Byron Black hoped to make a new life for himself and his daughter. Maybe even date a little. As a single parent, it had been too long. He knew he would cope with the pace of the emergency department, but was unprepared for the overwhelming passion that hit him when he met paramedic Hayley Kennett. Drawn into an intense and secret affair, Hayley realized, too late, Byron could offer nothing more. He lost his heart when he lost Tori's mother. Having reawakened his ardor, Hayley now had to rescue his emotions.

The Doctor's New-Found Family

by Laura Macdonald

Both professionals. Both parents... neither looking for love. As cardiac surgeon at St. Benedict's, Nathan Carrington can deal brilliantly with the mechanics of the heart. With a failed marriage behind him, he's devoted to ensuring his young son's happiness. That's all he needs. Olivia Gilbert, St. Benedict's paediatrician, had everything-wonderful husband, gorgeous kids, a job she loved. Then her world turned upside-down. Now she has her children and her work. And that's all she needs. Then Nathan and Olivia meet. Suddenly they discover that single-parenthood just isn't enough...

The Doctor's Newfound Family

by Valerie Hansen

He found his calling ministering to the downtrodden in San Francisco. But in Sara Beth Reese, Dr. Taylor Hayward finds something more. The beautiful young woman's spirit and kindness warm Taylor's heart, but it's her fearless determination that drives him to action. Sara Beth has vowed to clear the name of her murdered father, and she'll face any obstacle to achieve her goal. Orphaned, alone in the world-except for the three younger brothers in her care-she needs Taylor's protection, whether she'll admit it or not. As danger escalates, Taylor will risk everything for the right to make this newfound family his to love and protect for a lifetime.

The Doctor's Not-So-Little Secret

by Christine Rimmer Gina Wilkins Susan Crosby Raeanne Thayne Christyne Butler Cindy Kirk

Pediatrician Kate McNeal thought she had it all. But the one thing she longed for-the child she'd given up for adoption nine years earlier-remained just out of reach. So when she learned the girl was living with her adoptive father in Jackson Hole, Kate moved her practice lock, stock and stethoscope, to be close to the daughter she'd never forgotten.Joel Dennes used to think he had it all-until tragedy tore his family apart. Now the single dad needs help with his little girl, and the new doctor in town seems like the perfect woman for the job-and soon he thinks she may be the perfect woman for him! But when Kate's secret comes out, will the betrayal be the end of their fairy-tale ending?

Doctor's Orders

by Jessica Andersen

Dr. Parker Radcliffe thought his days of making love to Mandy Sparks had ended long ago. . . until she walked into his Boston E. R. Keeping their past relationship--and old feelings--secret was a challenge, especially once the beautiful new doctor uncovered a medical conspiracy and became a hot target. Parker had a reputation as driven and unforgiving, but being Mandy's personal bodyguard became the primary focus of his days. . . and led to long, passionate nights. Now pitting himself against a madman was dangerous but necessary if he was to achieve what he wanted: keeping Mandy safe. And Parker always got what he wanted--even against a killer.

Doctor's Orders

by Sharon De Vita

CASSIE MILLER'S SYMPTOMS#1 Has no immunity to gossip, particularly regarding a certain single doctor.#2 Gets easily flustered and distracted when in presence of said doctor.#3 Heart starts racing at doctor's slightest touch.DR. BEAU'S ORDERS#1 Don't rely on appearances alone. Take the time to get to know someone-you might discover that the womanizing rich doctor is actually a down-home, one-woman kind of guy!#2 From the mouths of babes...come words to live and love by. (That new daddy your daughter wants just might be right in front of you...and the answer to all your dreams.) #3 If you're experiencing the classic symptoms of love, then marriage may be just what the doctor prescribed...

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