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My Kind of Christmas (Virgin River #20)

by Robyn Carr

The Riordan brothers may have a reputation for being rough-and-tumble, but Patrick has always been the gentle, sweet-natured one. These days, his easygoing manner is being tested by his high-octane career as a navy pilot. But for the Riordan brothers, when the going gets tough...the tough find the love of a good woman.Except the woman who has caught Patrick's attention is Jack Sheridan's very attractive niece.Angie LeCroix comes to Virgin River to spend Christmas relaxing, away from her well-intentioned but hovering mother. Yet instead of freedom, she gets Jack Sheridan. If her uncle had his way, she'd never go out again. And certainly not with rugged, handsome Patrick Riordan. But Angie has her own idea of the kind of Christmas she wants-and the kind of man!Patrick and Angie thought they wanted to be left alone this Christmas-until they meet each other. Then they want to be left alone together. But the Sheridan and Riordan families have different plans for Patrick and Angie-and for Christmas, Virgin River-style!

My Lady Notorious (Malloren #1)

by Jo Beverley

First book in the Malloren Series. Desperate to help her widowed sister and baby escape a deadly pursuer, Lady Chastity Ware dresses as a highwayman and captures the first coach to travel down the road. Coming face-to- face with its occupant, the arrogant aristocrat Cyn Malloren, she orders him to drive her to a remote cottage. Little does Chastity realize that after long months of recovering from his war wounds, the handsome Cyn is looking for adventure, and being abducted by a cocky highwayman-obviously a lovely woman in disguise-is even more than he had hoped for. Willingly he is drawn into her devilishly reckless plan...and helplessly he is seduced by her wonderfully wicked ways

My Lady Rival

by Ashley March

In this tantalizing new novel of untold wealth, unbridled privilege, and unspeakable scandals, a family shakes the very foundation of proper Victorian Society--and sets the bluebloods to blushing. . When the wealthy middle-class Laurie family purchases a home in exclusive Belgrave Square, London Society is aghast. After all, the consensus is that they're nothing but lowborn commoners-a family of nouveau riche daring to marry into the aristocracy. Others believe it's an attempt to prove that their wealth makes them equal to nobility. Only one thing is certain: Belgrave Square will never be the same again. Upon his father's death, Alexander Laurie feels the best way to provide his family with the privileges they deserve and secure their business is to establish ties with the London ton. And the best way to do it is by marrying an aristocratic bride. But when his business rival's beautiful daughter--the one person who can destroy his plans--appears in London, Alex must defeat her attempts at sabotage. even if that means stealing kisses from the enemy. .

My Lady Vixen

by Connie Mason

THE LADY Possessed of an innocent, ethereal beauty, Alexa Ashley knew nothing of the burning hatred Adam Foxworth felt for her family. Abducted by his men, held prisoner aboard a notorious privateering ship, she succumbed to Adam's masterful seduction--only to learn she had been nothing but a pawn in his game of revenge. THE VIXEN Driven by despair, Alexa made a new name for herself as the boldly seductive mistress of a rival ship, and dared to challenge her lover at his own game... Stroke by stroke, kiss by kiss, she would teach Adam just how sweet revenge could be!

My Lady's Dare

by Gayle Wilson

DARE HAD GONE TOO FAR. Valentine Sinclair, the Earl of Dare, was an enigma, even to those who professed to know him well. For while his morals seemed suspect and his leisure pursuits as reckless as any of his well-heeled peers', there was something lurking beneath the facade of good looks, wit and charm that he so skillfully hid behind. Or so it had seemed, until the night Dare wagered a small fortune for a French gambler's English mistress, and won. Now, with the stunning widow installed at his town house even the Matchmaking Mamas of the ton were doubting that the Earl of Dare would ever recover his good name, for it appeared that the infamous Mrs. Carstairs was destined to become a Sinclair Bride.

My Last Dark Day

by Barbara Huffert

Things are often not as they first appear... What's a woman to do when faced with yet another in a never-ending cycle of anniversaries guaranteed to ruin her day? Step one, respond when contacted on-line by a friendly couple. Step two, accept the wife's claim of the husband's empathic sensitivities as fact. Step three, go along quietly when the husband miraculously comes to the rescue just when he's needed most. Step four, have the courage to put complete control in his more than capable hands. Step five, don't think. Go with the flow. Be open to all possibilities. Relax and enjoy. Step six, repeat frequently.

My Life as a Doormat (In Three Acts): A Romantic Comedy

by Rene Gutteridge

Back Cover Act I: Avoid conflict at all costs. Even when someone signs you up for something you really don't want to do. Act II: Try to hold things together, even when your life is spinning out of control. Act III: (You'll have to read the book to learn how it all plays out.) Playwright Leah Townsend doesn't think of herself as a doormat. In fact, her life is pretty good.There's the gorgeous and dependable Edward (even if he is a little dull), and her challenging career (even if the last two plays were flops). The trouble is, Leah's feeling restless these days.The new play isn't going well. Her agent is handing out ultimatums. And her boyfriend Edward, who insists Leah "doesn't handle conflict well,"has the nerve to enroll her in a conflict-management class full of people she's sure are her polar opposites, including a conservative talk-radio host named Cinco Dublin who thrives on the very thing Leah wants to avoid making waves. Can a conflict-challenged playwright ever learn to stand her ground ... even if life doesn't come in three predictable acts?

My Lord and Spymaster

by Joanna Bourne

[From the back cover] A DARING BEAUTY, SHE WAS INFAMOUS FOR TAKING CHANCES... Raised as a poor but cunning pickpocket. Jess Whitby may have grown into a wealthy young woman, but now she must once again rely on her guile. Her father's been wrongly accused of selling secrets to Napoleon, and he's going to hang-unless Jess finds the real traitor in the London underworld. She never dreamed her search would begin by waking up naked in a rude captain's bed. Or how little she'd mind... NOW SHE'LL RISK EVERYTHING FOR LOVE. When Captain Sebastian Kennett prevents a kidnapping on the London docks, he takes the headstrong would-be victim home. He's infatuated with her courageous spirit. She's enthralled by his commanding strength and the sexy spark in his eyes. Then she discovers something else about the spellbinding seaman: He could be the traitor she's hunting, the man whose next move could determine her father's fate-and her future as well.

My Lord Destiny

by Eve Byron

FROM THE BACK COVER: Gavin St. Aldan, the Earl of St. Aldan, appeared in Priscilla Whitmore's millinery shoppe wanting only to purchase flipperies. He never expected that his orderly world would be turned upside down by a beautiful, blue eyed temptress who treated his attentions with disdain. Until that moment, Gavan lived in an orderly world, where you married for love then found your pleasures elsewhere; didn't Priscilla know what she was doing to him? Priscilla knew full well what men, especially ones like Gavan, wanted from a woman, but that didn't mean she had to give in. True, the breathtaking handsome aristocrat had ladylike Priss thinking in some very shocking ways. But she had been hurt before, and wasn't about to make the same mistake twice. Yet neither realize they've been touched by magic, intoxicating irritable, and soon they're powerless to resist the passion growing between them.

My Lord Eternity

by Alexandra Ivy

Alexandra Ivy, author of the Guardians of Eternity series, draws readers deeper into the world of the Immortal Rogues--three vampires entrusted to protect the future of their kind. . . To other vampires, mortals are weak, uninteresting creatures. To Lucien Valin, they are infinitely fascinating. Especially Jocelyn Kingly--once the prize of London society, now an outcast. As the vampire assigned to guard her, Lucien is relishing his task. But her beguiling goodness puts her in terrifying danger. Not just from the traitor intent on claiming her mysterious amulet, but from the desire Lucien struggles to keep in check. Youthful infatuation already cost Jocelyn her good name. But even with little to lose, instinct tells her that accepting Lucien as a tenant in her home is a devil's bargain. As she roams London's streets at night, helping the most wretched, she feels a dark force drawing near. And Lucien--magnetic, charming, irresistible--may turn out to be her savior, her lover, or the means to change her destiny forever. Praise for My Lord VampireThe romantic dynamic is smoldering and the seduction focuses on compelling trust, increasing the appeal. -Publishers Weekly

My Lord Vampire

by Alexandra Ivy

In the first of a mesmerizing trilogy, Alexandra Ivy, author of the Guardians of Eternity series, introduces the Immortal Rogues-three vampires duty-bound to protect their own kind even as they fall prey to mortal desires . . . Centuries have passed since Gideon Ravel dwelled among humans. Now he must infiltrate the cream of London society to earn the trust of one woman. Simone, Lady Gilbert, possesses an amulet of unimaginable power, and no concept of the threat that surrounds her. The ton's gossip prepared him for her beauty and wit. But he is blindsided by her barely disguised sensuality and his growing need to possess her . . . None of the idle aristocrats who vie for Simone's attentions know about her past. To them, she is the sophisticated, worldly widow known as the 'Wicked Temptress. ' The truth would ruin her, and she has never been tempted to reveal it until now. Yet beneath Gideon's bold, black-eyed stare is a hunger that demands satisfaction and complete surrender...and a secret far more dangerous than her own . . . Praise for Alexandra Ivy'Beyond the Darkness kept me riveted! The Guardians of Eternity series is highly addictive. ' - Larissa Ione, New York Times bestselling author'Ivy always packs her books with buckets of action, emotion and sexy sizzle. Another winner!' - Romantic Times on Devoured by Darkness

My Love, My Enemy

by Jan Cox Speas

Beautiful, naïve, and impulsive, Page Bradley inadvertently rescues English spy Lord Hazard in Baltimore during the tumultuous War of 1812. Now she must put herself at the mercy of her country's enemy. An aptitude for deception... Lord Hazard is no stranger to the atrocities of war, but he never imagined the beauty that could come of it until he meets the fiery and irresistible Page. Now he finds himself questioning every loyalty he's ever felt for King and Country. Amidst the turmoil of war and the peril of the high seas, these two sworn enemies are destined to discover that denying love may be worse than treason.

My Lover's Lover

by Maggie O'Farrell

Maggie O'Farrell is one of England's best young writers. Her first novel, AFTER YOU'D GONE, won a Betty Trask Award and earned her a spot on the "21 great talents for the 21st century" list compiled by the Orange Prize for Fiction panel. MY LOVER'S LOVER was a Sunday Times top ten bestseller.<P> In MY LOVER'S LOVER, Lily meets Marcus, a magnetic, elusive architect, outside a gallery in London. They have an instant, electric attraction to each other, and within a week she has moved into his echoing loft apartment in East London. But nothing could have prepared her for what she finds there. A distinct presence lingers in the loft, that of a woman who seems to have disappeared in a hurry, leaving behind a single dress hanging in the closet, a puzzling mark on the wall, and the suffocating scent of jasmine. Marcus, who is deep in the throes of an unnamed grief, refuses to talk about the woman or her fate. The apartment's other inhabitant, Aidan, seems to understand Lily's unease, but is unwilling to give her any information about the unsettling situation. Who was this woman? And what exactly were the circumstances of her sudden disappearance? Lily begins to be haunted by the spirit of this mysterious woman, and it doesn't take long for her curiosity to grow into an all-pervading obsession.<P> MY LOVER'S LOVER is a haunting tale of obsession and betrayal, a modern day REBECCA set in London that keeps readers hooked until the very end.

My Lover's Secret

by Jean Barrett

HIS-AND-HERS SECRETS Gillian Randolph and Cleveland McBride had one steamy and reckless summer together-and then suddenly Gillian left without explanation, leaving Cleve with only memories. Now she was back, pleading for help-and looking more tempting than ever.The police couldn't help her-only Cleve's arms could keep Gillian safe from a murderer's vengeance. But her lover had changed. He was harder, more cynical, sexier. The secrets she'd kept from him weighed on her soul, but how could she tell him the truth after all this time? And what secrets lay behind his own shadowed eyes?And would the truth come too late to save them both from a killer?

My Man Godfrey

by Eric Hatch

Written during the Depression, this book is a humorous and acid-etched look at the people of that time. A wealthy socialite adopts one of the "forgotten men", a homeless person, and introduces him to her family as their new butler. All kinds of consequences ensue and, by the end of the book, nothing is what it appeared to be at the beginning. This book became a popular movie of the time with the same name.

My Man Michael (SBC Fighters #4)

by Lori Foster

Knocked out in one world, he'll take on another.<P> On the verge of a title shot match, fighter Michael "Mallet" Manchester is injured in a car accident. And just as quickly as his career was taking off, it's over. Then Kaylie Raine appears, offering him a second chance at becoming whole. Even though Mallet thinks it's the pain medication talking, he accepts her challenge. And on an extraordinary journey with Kaylie, he'll get a chance to fight again--to save the woman who has saved him.

My Nerdy Valentine (Nerd #7)

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Aspiring psychologist Amanda Rykowsky's schedule is certifiable. Between study, bartending, and an internship with a sex therapist whose techniques would make a Playboy bunny blush, there's zero time for romance. Still, Amanda is flattered to receive an anonymous Valentine ... until the messages take a sinister turn.

My One and Only

by Mackenzie Taylor

Abigail Lee, the beautiful assistant to Harrison Montgomery, walks into Ethan Maddux's law office. With obvious attraction, Ethan wonders what she could possibly be doing in here. But when Abigail tells him that Harrison is in trouble, and needs his help, what is Ethan suppose to do? Ethan hasn't talked to his father in years nor does he want to, and so he definitely doesn't want to help him save his business. Will this woman convince Ethan to help his father, salvage their relationship, and maybe create a new one of her own?

My Only Christmas Wish

by J. M. Jeffries

All Darcy Bennett wants for Christmas is for her family's upscale Atlanta department store to stay in the family. No man, especially a stubborn-and deliciously sexy-Scrooge is going to edge her out without a fight. Bent on vengeance, new store owner Eli Austin has no problem using power to get his way. But is Darcy's feminine charm and a dash of holiday cheer enough to convince Eli to let her keep her legacy?In a world full of mergers and takeovers, Eli does what it takes to stay in control. However, he doesn't count on the irresistible urge to unwrap Darcy like a holiday surprise. And he definitely isn't prepared to compromise with a woman whose family destroyed his own. With the magic of Christmas surrounding them, will Darcy and Eli be able to put aside their differences and realize that love is the only gift worth wishing for?

My Only Vice

by Elizabeth Bevarly

Sexy, easygoing Rosie Bliss may look like an innocent flower-shop owner, but former vice cop now police chief Sam Maguire is suspicious of the so-called herbs she grows along with her blooms. So the serious detective launches an investigation into Rosie and her very mysterious past. But his most disturbing discovery? He's irresistibly attracted to free-spirited Rosie. Then cool, controlled Sam accidentally drinks a cup of her special brew and loses it completely! Not only does he end up sleeping with his suspect, he craves more-of Rosie, the most potent drug of all.

My Own

by Joan Hohl

Kate looked up and felt her face grow warm at the realization that she was standing directly beneath the ball of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. "I haven't seen one of those in years," Ethan murmured, slowly moving to her. Kate knew she should step away, run away, yet was incapable of moving. "Connie saw one for the first time while watching an old romantic holiday movie,' she said. "She insisted we had to have one." "Then it would be a shame to waste it," he said closing in on her. Kate started to turn away, but Ethan lightly grasped her waist, holding her still. He lowered his head. "Ethan." Kate's voice quavered and she drew in a quick breath, scenting the cold night air clinging to him. "Merry Christmas, Kate," he murmured as his lips brushed hers. Though his lips still held a chill from the outside, Kate felt a jarring charge of sexual electricity sizzling through her entire being. She curled her fingers into Ethan's chest and mindlessly arched her body against his, wanting more, so much more . . .

My Pleasure

by Connie Brockway

Connie Brockway draws readers into the breathtaking love story of a dashing Scotsman who is duty bound to protect the one woman who incites in him a wild passion. How exactly can he save her from himself? By day, celebrated beauty Helena Nash works as a proper companion to one of London's most disagreeable ladies. By night she acts as an illicit messenger between two separated lovers. Masked and disguised, she falls into the path of a shadowy stalker. Fearing for her safety but unwilling to halt her nocturnal forays, Helena seeks out Ramsey Munro -- one of three men who pledged years earlier to serve her family in times of need. Handsome and elusive, the notorious Scotsman is London's most accomplished swordsman and represents everything Helena wants but can't have -- freedom, adventure, and passion. Now she demands that he teach her his formidable skills, a commission that may prove cool, collected Helena's undoing. For Ramsey has seen through her disguise...and soon vows to teach her both the way of the sword and the deliciously wicked pleasures of the flesh.

My Rebellious Heart

by Samantha James

[From the back cover] LADY'S VENGEANCE Determined to avenge her father's death, fiery Princess Shana lures Thorne de Wilde, Earl of Weston, into the forest to have him killed. But face to face with the earl's devilish good looks, Shana is compelled to spare his life and take him prisoner instead... a decision she quickly regrets. LORD'S DESIRE The sheer power of Weston's presence has been known to strip many a brave man of courage and will, but this bold Welsh beauty meets the mocking black eyes of this giant of a man with defiance, accusing him of crimes he hasn't committed. Furious with his lovely and brazen captor, Weston manages not only to escape, but to take Shana as his hostage. And with tempers clashing and passions flaring, nations collide, binding the two in a searing alliance that will either destroy them both, or unite them in love for all time.

My Scandalous Viscount

by Gaelen Foley

In My Scandalous Viscount, the rogue nobleman of the title is discovered in a compromising position with a ravishing miss--a notorious "busybody," or rather "lady of information," as she prefers to be called--and must defend her honor with a wedding proposal. Romance fans simply adore a good "marriage of convenience" story, and My Scandalous Viscount is a great one, filled with kind of wit, surprise, and sensuality.

My Shadow Warrior (MacDonell Brides #3)

by Jen Holling

Acclaimed author Jen Holling presents the stunning final novel in her sensual trilogy, set against the windswept hills of Scotland, about a trio of sisters with witchcraft -- and passion -- in their blood. Rose, the youngest of the MacDonell sisters, is more concerned with her father's mysterious illness than with her impending marriage to her childhood sweetheart. A gifted but frustrated healer, she decides to beg help from William MacKay -- a reclusive laird who is renowned not only for his ferocity, but also for his healing powers. Denied entry to his fortress in the cold, harsh mountains of the far northwestern highlands, Rose uses cunning to force her way in, and William is duly intrigued with this bold slip of a girl. But securing his help may not be enough to save Rose's father. For there is something darker at work in the glen, something more powerful than William's and Rose's magic combined, and only the soul-deep passion that shadows their mutual desire can help their love prevail.

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