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The Rancher and the Schoolteacher

by Judith Bowen

AN IRRESISTIBLE CHALLENGE Cilla Prescott has one priority in her life-her preschool in Glory, Alberta. It's rewarding work and she loves it, but it leaves little time for romance, which is just fine by Cilla. Not so fine for rancher Jeremiah Blake. Jeremiah has decided to take courtship and marriage more seriously, and he's convinced Cilla is the woman for him. Now he just has to convince Cilla.... But this cowboy is up for the challenge-even if it takes a bachelor auction and some crafty scheming to do it.

Rancher at Risk

by Barbara White Daille

A Fresh Start After the loss of his family in a tragic accident, Ryan Malloy has been given one last chance to change his life. His boss sends him to Flagman's Folly, New Mexico, to run his ranch, but unfortunately, Ryan's troubled attitude lands him in hot water with the locals, especially the ranch's manager, Lianne Ward. Deaf since birth, Lianne has never let her disability define who she is. But, she's yet to meet a man who treats her as an equal. Ryan seems different...that is, when they're not butting heads over the ranch's new school for disadvantaged boys. Forced to work together, Lianne and Ryan discover an unexpected attraction beneath their quarreling. But will Ryan's painful past drive them apart...permanently?

Rancher Daddy

by Ann Roth

Leave the past behind That's life lesson number one for Jenny Wyler. Which is why she's sequestered in the middle of rural Montana teaching in a one-room schoolhouse. Saddlers Prairie is good and far from the ex-fiancé who ran when he discovered the truth about her family. And from now on, Jenny would keep silent about her past.But for Abby Dawson, a kindergartner in Jenny's class, silence isn't a choice. Not only shy, the little girl may be mute, and her father, Adam, needs Jenny's help. Determined to give the child a voice, the pair work together while denying their powerful attraction. Besides, what could a cattle rancher and big-city teacher have in common anyway? Besides their love of a five-year-old girl. And the damaging secrets they are both hiding...secrets that are bound to leak out.

The Rancher Gets Hitched & An Affair of Convenience

by Marissa Hall Cathie Linz

In Linz's "The Rancher Gets Hitched, " a housekeeper tries to keep two challenging twins in check while developing a relationship with a mule-headed but sexy rancher. In Hall's "An Affair of Convenience, " a pair of best friends agrees to a no-strings-attached affair, and ends up wanting each other again and again. Only, their careers are getting in the way.

The Rancher Next Door (Lone Star Canyon #1)

by Susan Mallery

This title launches a new series by a "USA Today" bestselling author. Though Dmarcus Armstrong is a demanding, cranky boss, he's the star of Opal Lockhart's fantasies. But what chance does a naive secretary have with this self-made millionaire? Opal's sisters come to the rescue with a makeover and some attitude adjustment.

The Rancher She Loved

by Ann Roth

A Chance To Prove Himself Learning that she was adopted is the biggest shock of magazine writer Sarah Tigarden's life. Falling in love with champion bull rider Clay Hollyer is a close second. Years ago, she shared a sizzling kiss with the handsome rodeo star, only to hear that he was a player who enjoyed toying with women. After her profile of Clay called him on his caddish behavior, she never wanted to see him again.But as Sarah searches for her birth mother, Clay is unexpectedly by her side. Can this really be the same guy she condemned as a womanizer? As she gets closer to learning the stunning truth about her biological mom, Sarah also finds herself getting closer to Clay. Her head tells her it's a mistake...but her heart isn't so sure.

The Rancher Wore Suits

by Rita Herron

Dr. Dex Montgomery was all business. And Ty Cooper had to remember that, if he wanted people to believe he was his identical twin brother. But when the rugged rancher met sophisticated Dr. Jessica Stovall, mixing business and pleasure seemed like the perfect plan! Unfortunately he wasn't the man she thought he was.... Jessica usually needed a blowtorch to blast through Dex's icy demeanor. But when his sexy gaze and charming smile suddenly focused on Jessica, she was the one feeling hot and bothered. Getting involved with the sinfully handsome and wealthy doctor would be all wrong - but why did it feel so right? And why did Dex act as if he had something to hide...? Harlequin American Romance #944 Miniseries: Trading Places #1

A Rancher's Christmas

by Ann Roth

A Holiday Change Of Heart Gina Arnett comes home to Saddlers Prairie to say goodbye to her uncle and sell the family ranch she's just inherited. Her focus is on getting back to Chicago and her high-powered job. Two things change her plans: a sudden blizzard that causes the town to be snowed in, and Zach Horton-the ranch foreman who tries to convince her to stay. Gina's boundless ambition is something Zach understands all too well. He's kept his past a secret, and to uncover it, she'll have to reveal her own uncomfortable truths-and her growing feelings for Zach. He's not the kind of man she dreamed of falling for. But at the Christmas season, all dreams seem possible....

Rancher's Deadly Risk

by Rachel Lee

In these rugged mountains, Cassie thought she'd finally found the small-town welcome she's been looking for her whole life. But after she stops some school bullies, suddenly the rest of this close-knit community isn't acting so friendly. The threats begin, and this schoolteacher has nowhere to turn for help-until a rugged, mysterious rancher steps in.Lincoln Blair has been drawn to Cassie from day one. That's why he's avoiding the too-tempting new teacher-he knows from experience that outsiders get bored and leave. Still, he just can't help wanting to protect Cassie when trouble starts. As her danger grows, Linc realizes it's his heart he's forgotten to safeguard....

Rancher's Double Dilemma

by Pamela Browning

Garth had a baby to raise, a ranch to run and a hard-and-fast hands-off-the-nanny rule. But single mom Lacey Shaw's homemaking ways and heartbreaking curves kicked the solitary rancher's pulse into overdrive, a dilemma multiplied by shock when Garth saw Lacey's own baby - his daughter's twin! There was no denying a mix-up had occurred - or that both girls had Lacey's soul-gray eyes. And now Garth had two choices - take his daughter and ride for the hills, or round up this newfound family and brand them his own!

The Rancher's Hand-Picked Bride

by Elizabeth August

Gwen Murphy, once the girl from the ranch next door, owed her aging Apache neighbor big-time. But deploy her private-investigator skills to a find a wife for Morning Hawk's great-grandson? And move into his home to do so? Dang it! For years, virile Jess Logan had stirred feelings celibate Gwen wanted no part of. Once under Jess's roof -- and his amused masculine scrutiny -- Gwen did her best to procure him a spouse. Or did she? For Texas heat scorched her whenever Jess was near, melting her lifelong icy grudge against men. Finally she saw her heart could be whole, if only she could find the courage to let Jess claim her as his woman.

The Rancher's Mail-Order Bride

by Mindy Neff

Harlequin romance. Mailorder bride Hannah Richmond travels from California to Shotgun Ridge, Montana, to start a new life.

The Rancher's Reunion (Home on the Ranch #6)

by Tina Radcliffe

Will Sullivan's reason for refusing marriage is his biggest secret. To Will, it's part of his legacy, like the family's ranch. But then the woman he has secretly loved since childhood returns home after two years. Abandoned as a child the way he was, Annie Harris understands him. But she doesn't know the real reason keeping him a bachelor. A missionary nurse, Annie is planning to leave soon. Especially when a senseless scandal involving her threatens the ranch-and Will's future. But can he trust in rekindled love to see that Annie just might be his future?

The Rancher's Rules

by Lucy Monroe

The millionaire's forbidden virgin. Grant Cortez is rich, famous and seriously sexy. But although he arouses feelings in virginal Zoe that no other man ever has, as her best friend he's strictly a no-go zone. Grant wants Zoe badly, but knows he can't have her. When they're forced to live together the temptation is too much, and so Grant imposes some rules-no kissing, and definitely no sex. But then there's the best rule of all: some rules are just made to be broken!

The Rancher's Runaway Bride

by Judith Bowen

Cal Blake's ranch, the Rocking Bar S near Glory, Alberta, is doing pretty well, and Cal's pretty content with his life... but he's been thinking maybe it's time he got married. When he meets Nina O'Shea O'Sullivan, they begin exchanging letters...and the following spring, their long-distance romance leads to marriage. The rancher brings his new bride home to Glory. But there's something he doesn't know about Nina, something her letters didn't tell him. She's not exactly who he thinks she is! That summer, when she leaves, there's another thing she doesn't tell him: she's pregnant. Secrets! The truth will be revealed.

Rancher's Son

by Leigh Duncan

Sarah Magarity just broke the first rule of social work: don't get personally involved. But how can she ignore the orphaned tyke who shows up in her office on Christmas Eve? The chance to make a difference is awfully tempting.So's the rancher with the sexy smile who might be the boy's father. Still, Sarah has to be nuts to let Ty Parker sweet-talk her into a cattle drive across rugged Florida wilderness.Ty can't believe he might have a son to carry on his legacy. Still, until the DNA results come back, he isn't making any plans. But a strange thing happens on the open road. Amid rattlesnake scares and cozy campfires, he's growing closer to the boy...and to Sarah, the fiery redhead Ty can't keep out of his arms. They could be a happy family, unless the truth tears them apart....

Rancher's Wife

by Anne Marie Winston

Reluctant Husband It wasn't easy for a man as proud as Day Kincaid to admit he had trouble he couldn't handle alone. But if he wanted to keep the daughter he loved, he had to find himself a wife-fast. And that meant marriage to a stranger-a woman who awakened longings that had no place in his solitary life.... Wife in Name Only The Red Arrow Ranch seemed the perfect place for Angelique Summer to hide. And her new role as a rancher's wife seemed the perfect cover-until a surprising passion for her hard, embittered "husband" made her wish she was playing the part for real....

A Ranching Man

by Linda Turner

By day: Glamorous movie star. By Night: terrified woman, in need of protection for herself and her little girl. Rancher Joe Mc Bride knew that the last thing he needed was some big-time movie star invading his home. Yet Angel Wiley and her adorable three year old were looking to him to save them from unnamed danger. Joe could never turn away from a lady in distress--but he soon realized it wasn't just the defenses of his home they were crumbling, but the ice around his heart....

Randall Honor

by Judy Christenberry

Miniseries: Brides For Brothers #8 One look at lovely Victoria Randall, and Dr. Jonathan Wilson knew he was headed for a showdown. She was sexy, smart and she lived right next door. Would the sassy singleton succeed in putting a wedding rope around his neck? Not if Victoria had any say in the matter. Fall for a big-city bachelor who had snubbed her since the first day they'd met - no way! But then they shared a daring rescue and a stormy night of passion. Suddenly Jon and Victoria's future was more complicated. Would they face it together...or would this determined Randall face the unexpected on her own? Harlequin American Romance #930

A Randall Returns

by Judy Christenberry

Miniseries: Brides for Brothers #12 From the moment she meets the new sheriff, Dr. Caroline Randall knows her homecoming is a mistake. Not only does he arrest and cuff her at their first meeting, Mike Davis matches her feisty attitude. After years, Caroline's finally dared to come home - jilted but successful. And she's brought her past with her, well hidden though it is. But nothing remains secret for long in Rawhide, Wyoming. In this town, three things are inevitable - death, taxes...and matchmaking Randalls. It doesn't matter how sexy the hazel-eyed lawman is, Caroline isn't in the market for a man! Now all she has to do is convince the world's most immovable force - her family! Harlequin American Romance #1000

Randall Riches

by Judy Christenberry

Miniseries: Brides For Brothers #7 Trapped like a hog-tied calf in a greasy spoon, champion bull rider Rich Randall had no choice but to accept the help of pretty diner waitress Samantha Jeffers to get himself, and his broken ankle, out of the one-horse town and home to Wyoming. In exchange, Rich would assist the feisty lady in her escape from the nefarious advances of her burger-slinging boss. But Rich was quick to inform Samantha there'd be no romantic strings attached to their bargain - and she was quick to laugh in his face! Which soon had the playboy wrangler wondering why she was immune to his legendary Randall charm, and eager to change her mind...any way he could! Harlequin American Romance #918

A Randall Thanksgiving

by Judy Christenberry

Miniseries: Brides for Brothers #14 She was home for the holidays...but jewelry designer Melissa Randall had no intention of staying in Rawhide, Wyoming. The sassy sophisticate had a life in Paris-one that didn't include a meddling, matchmaking family or the sexy, sloe-eyed deputy they had in mind for her. Down-home deputy Harry Gowan would never leave Rawhide; she'd never stay. He'd keep his bachelor heart out of her reach, memorize her pouty smile and practice kissing her goodbye. Harry held out hope, though; after all, the matchmaking Randalls were legend in these parts. But had they met their match in Melissa? Harlequin American Romance #1133

Randall Wedding

by Judy Christenberry

Miniseries: Brides For Brothers #10 Gruff as a bear with a thorn in his paw, cantankerous loner Russ Randall simply didn't need the aggravation of playing hero to a stranded lady and her adorable toddler. Yet the code of honor held by all Randall men wouldn't allow him to do anything less than bring mother and child into his home and give them shelter from the raging storm. When Russ learned Isabella Paloni was in a heap of trouble, something greater than honor had him proposing marriage - although Russ would deny with his last breath that he had any passion left in his hardened heart. But when they sealed their fate with a kiss, Russ wondered if this Randall wedding would lead him to a love greater than he'd ever known.... Harlequin American Romance #950

The Randalls: Summer Skies

by Judy Christenberry

They are a family of deep commitments, strong loyalties, and everlasting ties, but there are two Randall brothers who have yet to find brides, and a long hot summer is approaching.... Left to their own devices, the bachelors would happily hole up at their Wyoming ranch. But now they have two contentedly married siblings to deal with, not to mention two very determined sisters-in-law - all of whom are out to put an end to the legendary Randall solitude. Cowboy Groom The Cowboy Was Hog-Tied! One minute there were no women on the Randall ranch and the next Brett Randall was in knots over two! Brett chose his rightful place behind two of his married brothers, but when he snuck back home to share his news, he got decked by a redheaded spitfire. Maybe it was the blow to his head, but suddenly he had visions of eyes as blue as the Wyoming summer sky...a petite country midwife bearing his children... The last coherent thought this thinking-man's cowboy had was: He'd found the woman of his dreams, all right-but it wasn't the woman he'd proposed to! Cowboy Surrender How to match a matchmaker... Redheads raiding his bunk, blondes batting eyelashes, brunettes bearing food... One by one they came after Jake Randall. Now, Jake had been known to stare down a charging bull at three paces, but these husband-hunting females made him turn tail and run! But the only way he could outrun his newly married, matchmaking brothers was to find a girlfriend himself. A pretend girlfriend. And there was only one female he knew he'd be safe with-ranch vet B.J. Anderson. He'd worked alongside her for months. Heck, he'd even taught her son how to rope a calf. Surely she'd save him from marriage and fatherhood. And then Jake made one tactical error: To seal their bargain, he kissed her...

The Randalls: Wyoming Winter

by Judy Christenberry

The Randalls are a family forged by indestructible bonds, unquestioning loyalty, and everlasting brotherhood. But they are also single men...and the long, cold winter is! So what's the eldest Randall sibling to do? His only recourse is to find brides for all of his brothers. And the resulting matrimonial matchmaking is guaranteed to be full of surprises. Bestselling author Judy Christenberry delivers two full-length novels - together for the first time in one volume. Cowboy Cupid A Wyoming winter without women! Jake Randall couldn't let his brothers go through another one. So he did what any self-respecting big brother would do-he brought them himself! From the minute she stepped foot on the ranch, Megan Chase saw filled-out denim and worn leather everywhere. The Randall man dripped testosterone! But it was the smooth-talkin', fast-ridin' "baby" of the family who got her in his sights. Chad Randall appreciated the female form same as all his three brothers. He just didn't want to marry it! Little did he know big brother Jake meant to marry them off-one at a time... Cowboy Daddy This cowboy had no intention of being a groom... Until he found out he was going to be a daddy! But by then Janie Dawson refused to marry him. Women! None of the four Randall brothers ever did understand them, and Pete was no exception. But when Janie found out she was carrying twins, she had no choice but to agree-with her own stipulations, all designed to make their bedroom colder than the frigid Wyoming winter! Little did Pete know, getting her to marry him was nothing compared to living with her...and keeping his hands off!

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