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Runaway Fiancee

by Sally Wentworth

It should have been the most glamorous wedding of the year. . . Instead, Milo's beautiful fiancee was celebrating her engagement to another man. It had taken him a year to track her down. Now he had to convince Paige that he was the one who should be marrying her!What had made Paige run away from him only one week before their wedding? Though he wasn't sure he could forgive her, Milo had to find out.

The Runaway Heiress

by Brenda Hiatt

For the past three years, Dina Moore has lived as a virtual prisoner of her bullying brother, Silas. Though they share custody of their estate, their parents' will decreed that if Dina reaches the age of twenty-one unmarried then her half of the inheritance will revert to her brother. Since Silas has already gambled away his half of the fortune, he is determined that Dina shall never marry! Dina, by no means a passive victim, learns of her brother's plans and runs away with a vague plan of marrying a kind stranger. Instead, she prevents the marriage between a fortune hunter and a naïve heiress. When the heiress' grateful brother, Grant Turpin, discovers that his sister was saved by Dina, he offers her his gratitude. Dina, naturally, tells him that she would prefer his hand in marriage. Never one to turn his back on anyone or anything that needs help, Grant reluctantly agrees 㠬ittle did they expect that this marriage of convenience would turn so quickly into a marriage of passion ...

The Runaway Heiress

by Stef Ann Holm

Raised in stifling luxury and determined to escape an arranged marriage, Evelyn Thurgood-Baron masquerades as a lady's maid and hops the next train out of Beaumont, Texas. When her employer turns out to be a wanted man in disguise, she wonders whether scandalous behavior will be her undoing. But Evelyn is all too willing to stand by this stranger, who can offer her nothing but adventure. . . and a broken heart. Framed and branded a criminal, New Orleans police lieutenant Luke Devereaux will do anything to get to El Paso and clear his name. . . even sneak aboard a train while wearing women's clothing. He never bargained on having a maid -- particularly not one with such deep blue eyes. As they cross the harsh Texas terrain, renegade lawman and rebellious lady fall in love. But can Luke overcome betrayal and learn to trust in tomorrow?

Runaway Honeymoon

by Ruth Jean Dale

Her five-year-old secret...On a holiday of a lifetime, youthful Jenny Wolf had pretended to be sophisticated beyond her actual experience and had fallen madly in love with a man beyond her wildest dreams. But the dream had ended abruptly and Jenny had had to face the consequences of her impetuous romance. Now, six years later, the man she had hoped never to see again is the new owner of Cripple Creek's historic hotel--and Jenny's new boss. Cole Stadler has never forgotten-or forgiven-her for running out on him. But he also, clearly, still wants a relationship-on his terms. Jenny is sorely tempted, but the urge to run is stronger-she has to prevent Cole from discovering the secret she has kept from him for five long years....

Running Back

by Allison Parr

Natalie Sullivan is on the verge of a breakthrough most archaeology grad students only dream of: discovering a lost city. Her research points to a farm in Ireland, but to excavate she needs permission from the new owner: the Michael O'Connor, popular NFL running back.On TV Mike seems so charming and good-natured that Natalie figures getting his cooperation will be a breeze. So she's not prepared to deal with the arrogant-and adamantly opposed-man she meets in person. Or the way one look from him sends shivers down her spine...Determined to kick-start her career, Natalie travels across the Atlantic and finds herself sharing an inn with Mike, who has come to Ireland in search of his roots. She tells herself her interest is strictly professional, but the more she gets to know him, the harder it is to deny her personal attraction to the sexy sports star. And when Mike confides why he refuses to allow the dig, Natalie must decide if she can follow her heart without losing sight of her dreams.

Running for Cover (Heroes for Hire, Book 1, Love Inspired Suspense)

by Shirlee Mccoy

Morgan Alexandria moved to Virginia to escape her past but her past isn't ready to let her go. Thanks to her ex-husband's shady dealings, someone's after her, and if it weren't for Jackson Sharo, she might already be dead. Can Morgan trust Jackson? Maybe not. The former big-city cop is practically a stranger. But trying to handle everything on her own just leads to new disasters. And without Jackson's help, she could find herself running right into a trap.

Running for Her Life (Sweet Valley University Thriller #5)

by Francine Pascal Laurie John

Elizabeth Wakefield's journalism paper may cost her her life. She wrote up a theory that a young movie star's suicide was actually murder, and two days later, her dorm room is trashed. Meanwhile, Jessica is minding her own business in the campus coffeehouse when a bullet just misses her head. Suddenly she and her twin sister are running for their lives.

Running Scared

by Lisa Jackson

The newborn baby boy is beautiful, perfect, and hers for the asking. All Kate Summers has to do is agree to one condition, she must disappear from Boston and never breathe a word about the adoption to anyone. Fifteen years later, Kate has built a good life for herself and her son, Jon, in Hopewell, Oregon. Still, she is haunted by the fear that he will somehow be taken away. Then Daegan O'Rourke arrives in town and strikes up a friendship with her and Jon. But Daegan has his own past to hide, one with shocking ties to hers. Someone is watching Kate, watching her son, and is willing to go to any lengths to claim him. And the one man Kate is tempted to trust has dangerous secrets that could change her world forever. Soon the past Kate thought she could outrun will explode, unearthing a legacy of lies and treachery, and a fury powerful enough to kill.

Running Scared

by Elizabeth Lowell

In the scorching heat of the Southwestern desert, a frightened old man knows his time is quickly running out . . . as the lethal secret he protects can be hidden no longer. Risa Sheridan knows everything about gold-its mysteries, its allure, its perils. Her boss, Shane Tannahill-owner of the ultra-successful Las Vegas gambling mecca, the Golden Fleece-is addicted to the stuff. Now an ancient Celtic piece is being offered to Shane for his collection, with the promise of more to come, and the casino owner is hooked. But though she shares Shane's enthusiasm, Risa is wary-because something about this particular artifact is mysterious and troubling, something that says "stay away." It is a voice that should be heeded, because soon people are dying all around them. And whether it's an ancient curse that has taken hold of their lives or the simple, murderous greed of unscrupulous adversaries, there is suddenly no place in the surreal, blinding glitter of Vegas for Risa and Shane to hide . . . The most dazzling, spine-tingling combination of adventure, thrills, and sensuality yet from the gold standard in contemporary suspense fiction.

Running Scared (Heroes for Hire, Book 2, Love Inspired Suspense)

by Shirlee Mccoy

Thanks to Maggie Tennyson, Kane Dougherty's son--abducted five years earlier--has finally been found. The private investigator just wants to show his gratitude. . . so why is Maggie pushing him away? Maggie's thrilled to have united father and son. Now, if only Kane would leave her alone! It's not safe to be near her, not with her shadowed past. But when it comes to her protection, Kane refuses to walk away. When danger finds Maggie again, she'll face it with a hero at her side--whether she wants him or not!

Running the Red Light

by Kelsey Browning

Book two of Texas Nights After wearing a Least Likely to Succeed label all her life, Roxanne Eberly is hell-bent on making her Red Light Lingerie store successful. Although the residents of small-town Shelbyville, Texas, are a little...lingerie-resistant, she'll win them over eventually. So when a former employer sues her, putting a major wrinkle in her careful plans, she reluctantly accepts help from hot-stuff Houston attorney Jamie Wright. Jamie's on track to become his firm's youngest partner, but discovers an unwritten prerequisite-marriage. Turns out, the only woman he wants is Roxanne, but peddling thongs and sex toys isn't a suitable career for the spouse of an up-and-coming attorney. Jamie's tangled up in Roxanne's lawsuit, her life and her lingerie. But if they're ever going to make it work, Roxanne's big-city boy will have to decide what he values more: the career he always thought he wanted or the woman he never thought he'd fall for. 86,000 words

Running Wild

by Victoria Clayton

Elfrida Swann decides 2 days before her wedding that she can't get married, and runs away to a friend's cottage in Dorset, where she discovers the workings of her own mind and heart.

Running Wild (Men from Battle Ridge #1)

by Linda Howard Linda Jones

In book 1 of this steamy new contemporary Western romance series by two blockbuster authors, a cowboy and a woman on the run take a stand and fight for love. Carlin Reed lives in fear, off the grid, moving from place to place. So Battle Ridge, Wyoming, a small town in the middle of nowhere, seems like a good place to lie low for a while. But after becoming cook and housekeeper to cattle rancher Zeke Decker, Carlin suspects that she's made her first mistake. Rugged, sexy, and too distracting for his own good, Zeke is pure temptation mixed with something deep and primal that makes Carlin feel almost safe. Soon things are getting way too hot in the kitchen. Zeke doesn't challenge Carlin's terms: cash, dead bolts, and no questions. It is easy to see that she's a woman in trouble. Problem is, he's so blindsided by his attraction to her he can't think straight. Zeke tries to stay all business, no complications--but that game plan is sabotaged the second Carlin gets under his skin. And when her terrifying past follows her to the ranch, Carlin faces a heartbreaking choice: run away from the man she loves, or put him in the crosshairs of a madman.

The Ruse (Maryland Brides #2)

by Tamela Hancock Murray

Christian romance

Rush (The Breathless Trilogy #1)

by Maya Banks

Gabe is one of the richest and most powerful men in the country, used to always getting what he wants. When he saw Mia walk into his hotel's grand opening, he knew he shouldn't act on his desires, after all she is his best friend's little sister. Ever since Mia was a teenager she has always had a crush on Gabe. She knows he is too old and too out of her league but she is determined to do something to make him notice her. As Gabe pulls her into his world they begin an affair that is both intense and obesessive.

Rush of Darkness (Primal Instinct #7)

by Rhyannon Byrd

Raine Spenser is on the brink. Held prisoner because of her abilities, Raine-a powerful psychic as well as vampire-desperately needed a savior. But the last one she expected was the green-eyed soldier who'd once hunted her kind. Since her rescue, she's tried to forget Seth McConnell, unable to cope with the strange, simmering attraction that draws her to the compelling human.But their goals-find the Kraven who held Raine captive and destroy him-are the same. The ever-growing web of danger surrounding them draws these two unlikely allies closer together, and anger slowly turns into an explosive passion they're finding harder and harder to deny....

Rush of Pleasure (Primal Instinct #8)

by Rhyannon Byrd

Dangerous passion and primal instincts...With his sinister good looks, Noah Winston is the one man- a human with Casus ties-who Willow Broussard has never been able to resist. Once enemies, then lovers, Noah broke her heart. Yet the powerful witch and paranormal private investigator can't turn him away when he needs her help in protecting his family, him-and the world-against their enemy...As Noah and Willow work together, the secrets of their turbulent past are slowly exposed, each startling revelation drawing them closer. But when the enemy finally makes a move, Noah will need more than witchcraft and magic to survive. He'll need his friends, one hell of a plan and the undying devotion of a tenacious witch whose love is eternal...

Rush Week (Sweet Valley University #54)

by Francine Pascal Laurie John

Pressure... Everyone knows Chloe is a shoo-in for Theta . . . at least that's what she thinks. Elizabeth can't wait for her next date with Finn . . . but might not be so enthused if she knew what he really wanted. Todd's suddenly single . . . too bad that campus girls aren't into townies. Nina trades studying for partying . . . but finds snoozing in class isn't much fun.

The Rustler (Stone Creek #3)

by Linda Lael Miller

Where does an outlaw go when he's ready to turn straight? For Wyatt Yarbro, reformed rustler and train robber, Stone Creek is his place of redemption. And lovely Sarah Tamlin is the perfect angel to help him clean up his act....But Sarah keeps a dark secret behind her prim and proper facade, even as her heart is lost to charming, sexy Wyatt. When a vengeful enemy prepares to unleash havoc on the peaceful town, Wyatt and Sarah will discover that they can't hide from the past. To win the fight, they must believe in something they never trusted before-the hope of tomorrow.

The Ruthless Charmer: The Rogues of Regent Street

by Julia London

London traces the exciting and dangerous lifestyles of the Rogues who interrupt the growing relationship between Julian and Claudia. "The Ruthless Charmer" is an essential novel for lovers of historical romance.

Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers #9)

by Christine Feehan

GhostWalker Kane Cannon's mission plunges him into a hot zone more personal than he anticipated: the hiding place of Rose Patterson-hunted fugitive, ex-lover, and a fellow GhostWalker desperate to save the life of her unborn child. Kane's Child.

Ryder's Wife (The Justice Way 1)

by Sharon Sala

First comes marriage . . . Heiress Casey Ruban needed a husband -- fast. So she raced to the nearest bar and made her offer -- full marital privileges in exchange for a wedding ring. It was an offer one man couldn't refuse. Then comes love? Once, Ryder Justice had everything. Now all he had was nothing to lose. But when the brooding ex-pilot agreed to marry the desperate woman in front of him, just for a year, he soon realized that not only did he have something to lose, he'd already lost it. His heart -- and it belonged to his wife.


by L. Marie Adeline

In S.E.C.R.E.T there are...No judgments. No limits. No shame. Cassie Robichaud's life has been filled with regret and loneliness since the death of her husband. She waits tables at the rundown Café Rose in New Orleans, and every night she heads home to her solitary one-bedroom apartment. But when she discovers a notebook left behind by a mysterious woman at the café, Cassie's world is forever changed. The notebook's stunningly explicit confessions shock and fascinate Cassie, and eventually lead her to S E C R E T, an underground society dedicated to helping women realize their wildest, most intimate sexual fantasies. Cassie soon immerses herself in an electrifying journey through a series of ten rapturous fantasies with gorgeous men who awaken and satisfy her like never before. As she is set free from her inhibitions, she discovers a new confidence that transforms her, giving her the courage to live passionately. Equal parts enticing, liberating and emotionally powerful, S E C R E T is a world where fantasy becomes reality.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Sabrina (Big Sky Dreams, Book 2)

by Lori Wick

Back Cover: Sabrina Matthews is a prostitute, one of many in this rough-and-tumble city. Miserable but with no way out, she finds herself confronted by a police officer who has been called to the night district where she lives and works. Sure she's in trouble, she instead finds herself befriended by Danny Barshaw and his wife, Callie. Through their kindness she walks away from the night district and into a new life - a life in Christ. But the men in Sabrina's past keep finding her. She has little choice but to leave Denver, choosing Token Creek in Montana Territory. The train trip is long and the future uncertain, but Sabrina soon finds work and friends in the church family, sure she has put prostitution completely behind her. However, some of her neighbors are still in that life. Unable to turn her back, Sabrina reaches out to them the way Danny and Callie did to her. And she's not the only one. Someone else reaches out as well, and Sabrina finds herself falling in love. In fact, he loves her in return, but Sabrina is convinced she's all wrong for him. Will he ever learn of her past, and if he does, how will he respond?

Sacred Ground

by Adrienne Ellis Reeves

Makima Gray has prayed for guidance in building her town's new medical clinic, and she's sure that Gabriel Bell's property is the perfect location. Gabe insists he's not at liberty to sell, but Makima won't give up. . . nor can she deny that she's flattered by Gabe's attentions. But past hurts and present complications lead to an error in judgment that may drive Gabe away forever. Gabriel Bell was astonished to inherit his great-grandfather's land, along with clues to a mysterious treasure. But every second he spends with beautiful, determined Makima convinces him that winning her trust -and her heart - is the most important quest of all.

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