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One Way Out

by Wendy Rosnau

For Wendy Rosnau's heroine, there's only One Way Out as she chooses between being her lover's mistress--or his wife.

One Wedding Night...

by Shirley Rogers

He woke up naked and in bed with his boss's sister. . . After being caught in a compromising position, Russ Logan was forced into a shotgun engagement to Lynn McCall. At first, the ironhearted, solitary ranch foreman resisted. . . until he realized that this provocative spitfire who'd relinquished her virtue to him was most likely pregnant with his child! Beautiful, independent Lynn wasn't keen on a marriage based on duty - and knew better than to get involved with the most arrogant, irritating. . . and sexiest man shed ever known. But when Russ branded her with his kisses, Lynn forgot their engagement was only to protect her reputation, and began hoping that she was the woman he could truly love. . . .

One Wedding Required!

by Sharon Kendrick

Amber O'Neill wasn't tall enough to be a model, but the next best thing was working as PA to hunky Finn Fitzgerald, who ran his own Allure modeling agency. That Amber fell in love with Finn wasn't a surprise -- the fact that he fell in love with her was! They were engaged and blissfully happy, so there didn't seem any rush to marry, but after Amber gave an ill-advised interview to an unscrupulous journalist, it seemed there wasn't going to be a wedding at all. . .

The One-Week Baby

by Hayley Gardner

One week is plenty of time to learn to look after a baby, right?Well, it had better be...because that's how long confirmed bachelor West Gallagher will be stuck with the little bundle of "joy" somebody left on his doorstep. Now he's also stuck with a very uptight-and very sexy-lady lawyer named Annie Robicheaux, who refuses to leave without the baby. And suddenly his house seems awfully small-and awfully hot....FOR BETTER...FOR WORSE...FOR A WEEK!-the seven days that turned two couples' lives topsy-turvy!"Hayley Gardner's latest (is) a must read."-Romantic Times

The One-Week Wife

by Hayley Gardner

Will You Be My Bride? Woman after woman-from frumpy hausfraus to miniskirt-and-fishnet-stockinged vamps-is traipsing through Gina Delaney's mysterious-and sexy-neighbor's house. What is that tight-lipped scowling new man in town up to? she wonders. But she's not in the dark for long-Matt suddenly comes knocking on her door, asking her to be his pretend bride! Gina's curiosity finally gets the best of her, and she agrees. After all, what damage can happen in just a week? FOR BETTER...FOR WORSE...FOR A WEEK!-the seven days that turned two couples' lives topsy-turvy!

One Whisper Away

by Emma Wildes

Lady Cecily Francis has resigned herself to becoming the wife of Lord Drury. But, upon her first scandalous encounter with the exotic Earl of Augustine, Cecily is left intrigued and excited. Known as Earl Savage, the Earl of Augustine is half American and half Iroquois. He can't wait to return to his native soil - until the charming Lady Cecily has him considering a prolonged stay. First in a deliciously erotic new series of historical romances.

One Wicked Night

by Jo Leigh

ONE WILLING WOMAN Life for researcher Emma Roberts was, well, dull as dishwater. So when she won a trip to sultry, romantic New Orleans she decided to live it up with...ONE WICKED MAN Michael Craig made Emma feel loved, desirable. Alive. His voice teased her, his bedroom eyes beckoned. At his touch, she was a goner, and together they shared...ONE WICKED NIGHT! A night that soon spelled D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R when Emma discovered Michael's true identity. Emma didn't get mad-she got even. Revenge would be sweet...and wicked!

One Wicked Sin

by Nicola Cornick

Once the toast of the ton, Lottie Cummings is now notorious for beingdivorced. Shunned by society, the destitute beauty is lured to become a Covent Garden courtesan. Until a dangerous rake saves her with a scandalous offer. The illegitimate son of a duke, Ethan Ryder rose to the ranks of Napoleon's most trusted cavalry officer-until his capture landed him in England as a prisoner of war. Now on parole, Ethan is planning his most audacious coup yet. But he needs Lottie's help to create a spectacular diversion. Yet their pact ignites a passionate bond that may scandalize even these two wicked souls....

One Wilde Night

by Rhonda Leah

It's Tara Wilde's birthday, and all she wants is a one-night man. Tucker Carson is just the ticket. But they have more in common than they realize, starting with a shared fetish for hot cars. When Tucker returns home, he can't forget the woman who gave him a false name and toyed with his heart. When chance brings Tucker back to Tara's home town she thinks he's there for a temporary visit, and makes up for lost time. But when he steals her car and gets it into a wreck, she finds out she cares more about the man who lied to her than her beloved vehicle. With lies and the ghosts of her past in the way, will Tara keep her heart safe, or be driven on the road to passion?

One Wish

by Linda Lael Miller

New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller gave readers "a gift to treasure" (Romantic Times) with her acclaimed Springwater Seasons novels. Now, once again capturing the spirit of early America, she delivers a marvelous tale of love, family loyalty, and passionate desire on the Western frontier -- where fairy tales sometimes do come true. She was the only child of a rich and powerful rancher. He was the son of a drunken ne'er-do-well. But when eleven-year-old Luke Shardlow rescued eight-year-old Charity Barnham from drowning, she promised him one wish...any wish his heart might desire. Fifteen years later, Charity and Luke meet once more, but the gulf between them seems as wide as ever. Charity is engaged to a neighboring rancher her father has chosen for her. Luke still seems to be a Shardlow to the core -- a drifter, maybe even an outlaw, on a road to nowhere. But things are not always what they appear, for Luke has a few secrets to hide. And as a sweet, sensual passion begins to grow between them, Luke and Charity discover that the only wish either of them long to fulfill is to spend a sweet eternity in each other's arms -- no matter the cost.

One Wore Blue: Cameron's Saga (Civil War Trilogy #1)

by Heather Graham

Heather Graham's seductive Civil War trilogy begins with an unlikely Yankee forced to choose between loyalty to the cause and the love of a Southern belle. The privileged daughter of a Virginia plantation owner, Kiernan Miller can't imagine that her idyllic life will ever change--nor her days in the company of her devastatingly handsome neighbor, Jesse Cameron, a boy who returns her desire, kiss by tempestuous kiss. Then Jesse commits the one sin that Kiernan can never forgive: He abandons his roots for the Union army. Though Kiernan marries another, a part of her will always love the rebel in blue. To follow his conscience, Jesse Cameron must sacrifice his heart. He deserts his hometown, turns against his own brother, and rides away from the woman he loves. But he vows that it will not be forever. Now, bringing the war to Kiernan's front door, Jesse has returned as the enemy, intent on winning back the widow with emerald eyes and sun-kissed hair--the beauty who has branded him a traitor. Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Flirting with Disaster, Taking Shots, and Long Simmering Spring.

Only a Whisper

by Mona Gay Thomas

the confession of a dying man, federal agent Rae Phillips lost her heart to a voice in the darkness, a hero whose face she never saw Two years later, everyone from that night has disappeared, and Rae is hostage to a captor as mysterious as he is seductive. A man whose face remains in shadow but whose voice is hauntingly familiar. #12;"I'm afraid a whisper is all he can manage," the doctor said.

Only by Chance

by Betty Neels

Henrietta who grew up in a children's home now works part-time at a hospital to earn her living. One day, the decision to take home a stray cat found in the hospital's garden gives her the chance to talk to a charming doctor at the hospital, Adam. Soon after, Adam saves Henrietta from a grave illness and she is slowly drawn to him. But she feels his prestigious and wealthy life as a doctor is so different from her life. . . Will it ever happen?

Only Everything

by Kieran Scott

High school romance is tough--even for a bona fide love goddess. Can Cupid succeed as a mortal matchmaker?When Eros (aka Cupid) is expelled from Olympus for defying Zeus after falling in love with Orion, she is banished to what she believes to be hell. We call it New Jersey. If she ever wants to go back to the comforts of her old life, she will have to find love for three couples--without using her powers. Eros, now calling herself True, immediately identifies her first project in Charlie and believes finding him love will be a piece of cake. Charlie is new at school and eager to break out of his old image of band geek, so it's lucky for him when he falls in with the right crowd on his first day. But music is still his passion. That is, until he meets Katrina... Katrina is floundering after the death of her father and takes refuge with a boy who, while not entirely supportive, will be there when she needs him, unlike her mother. Too bad True thinks any girl Charlie talks to is perfect for him. Can she get out of her own way and help Charlie and Katrina connect, or will she be stuck in New Jersey forever?

Only For You

by Hannah Howell

As wild as the rugged North Country where she was raised, Saxan Honey Todd has sworn to avenge the murder of her twin brother. Recklessly, she gallops across the English countryside in pursuit of the man she believes to be his murderer: Botolf, Earl of Regenford. As hard and unyielding as the armor he wears in battle, Botolf is irresistibly drawn to the impetuous beauty who has come to wage war with him. Saxan stirs his passion like no other woman has. . . Now as a desperate enemy stalks him and the greensward runs with innocent blood, Botolf brings Saxan to his castle. . . as his bride. But Saxan needs to fight by Botolf's side and triumph over the danger that surrounds them before she can surrender her heart completely to him. . . Praise for the novels of Hannah Howell Howell offers readers another captivating tale. --Booklist on Highland Champion

Only His (Fool's Gold #6)

by Susan Mallery

Wedding bells are ringing in Fool's Gold, but not for Nevada Hendrix. Her triplet sisters are engaged, and even her mother has a more active love life than she does. Determined to make a fresh start, she applies for her dream job, only to discover that her new boss is her first love. Maybe she could overlook the fact that they've seen each other naked, but she'll never forget the way he broke her heart.Tucker Janack agrees to Nevada's "business only" ground rules. After all, love is a trap that the construction millionaire has avoided his whole life. But when great business partners turn out to be so much more, every rule gets broken. Will either of them be willing to try again...or will their past get in the way?

Only in Your Arms

by Jo Goodman

Award-winning author Jo Goodman writes stories that are sheer magic. Her unforgettable characters--spirited women and sensual men-hold readers spellbound. Now with ONLY IN MY ARMS, she concludes her beloved series featuring five different Irish sisters in a poignant, passionate tale of love and faith. A MAN ABOUT TO DIE... A WOMAN READY TO LIVE... Torn between devotion and a secret yearning for adventure and fulfillment, Mary Dennehy makes her choice. Shocking her family, she leaves the convent and her cloistered existence behind and sets out in search of a new life. But for a woman alone, the West can be a hostile and treacherous place. And no one is more dangerous-and irresistible- than Ryder McKay. Faithful to the Apaches who raised him, now sentenced to hang for a crime he didn't commit, Ryder is desperate enough to seize one last chance for freedom. Taking Mary Dennehy hostage, the army scout plots his daring escape. on a breathtaking journey into peril and forbidden passion that will test her faith and challenge both their hearts ... AND A LOVE THAT COULD SAVE THEM BOTH

Only Love

by Erich Segal

The brilliant neurosurgeon has encountered many desperate people. But his next case is not simply a suffering patient for whom he is the last hope. It is Silvia--his only love. Now both of them are married. But even after all this time, he has not recovered from her unexplained disappearance on the even of their marriage--and thoughts of her have haunted him ever since.

The Only Man for Her

by Kristi Gold

From the moment they meet, Matt Boyd knows Rachel Wainwright is The One. Doesn't matter that he's from the wrong side of town or that her family has bigger plans for her. They belong together-and they defy the odds to be with each other. Contrary to what everyone says, they will make it. But when an unexpected tragedy drives a wedge between them, everything they share seems in jeopardy. Matt knows Rachel deserves the truth about what happened. Yet that truth could turn her away from him...forever. Before it's too late, he needs to remind her that this relationship is worth fighting for.

The Only Man to Trust (Her Protector #9)

by Grace Green

A MAN WORTH FIGHTING FOR Blair Enderby: Girl next door. Not the sort of woman a self-made millionaire like Matt Straith would ever want for a wife. But Blair never dreamed Matt had been harboring his passions for her. Nor did she ever expect to be summoned to his estate by a cryptic letter.... Someone wanted to frame the wealthy businessman, collect his fortune, get him out of the way. Everyone at the estate had motive. But Blair knew better. So did the killer. Only Blair hadn't betrayed Matt -- he would keep her out of harm's way at any cost. He d lost her once, and no madman would destroy their future now. A woman alone ... with no one to trust. Where can she run? Straight into the arms of HER PROTECTOR

Only Mine (Fool's Gold #4)

by Susan Mallery

You can't win if you don't play...Her town's lack of men may make headlines, but it isn't news to Dakota Hendrix. The beautiful blonde has bigger problems to deal with, such as overseeing the romance reality competition filming in Fool's Gold. Screening eligible bachelors is a difficult enough task, but Dakota hits an unexpected snag when a sexy stranger comes to town.Finn Anderssen will do anything to keep his twin brothers-- the perfect contestants-- off the show. Despite Dakota's better judgment, she finds herself drawn to the mysterious outsider. Like her, Finn knows about heartbreak and how a family can fall apart, so she doesn't dare to hope for anything more than a fling. After all, even in the Land of Happy Endings, finding true love is never as easy as it looks on TV.

The Only One

by Christine Feehan Susan Squires Susan Grant

This trio of paranormal romances features three men who come from dark places--secluded monasteries, the Carpathian mountains, and galaxies under siege--with only one purpose: to find women who fulfill them, complete them, and make them burn with passion. The 11th Carpathian novel, Dark Descent, is in this book.

Only One Groom Allowed

by Laurie Paige

Well, Dina Dorelli, who's it gonna be...? Bachelor #1 The one your loving but meddlesome Italian family wants you to marry-you know, Tony what's-his-name-who's really a very nice guy, even if he doesn't exactly make your heart beat faster...or...Bachelor #2 Sloan Carradine, the arrogant, overbearing lawyer who's supposed to be drawing up your prenuptial agreement with old what's-his-name-but spends most of his time keeping that heart of yours racing a mile a minute...

Only Pleasure (Bound Hearts #6)

by Lora Leigh

Since Chase Falladay came to her rescue two years ago, Kia Stanton has never been able to forget the powerful man or the kind of life he leads. So two years later when she runs into Chase and his friend, Khalid, and leaves with them that night, she knows exactly where it is all heading. However, little prepares her for what it is like to be in Chase's arms, and in his bed. After years of holding back, Kia is finally able to be the woman she's always dreamed of being in his arms. Kia is a dream Chase has not allowed himself to entertain. Now that he has her, it's her heart he's after and he's determined to win it, no matter the cost. And even though they both agreed that it would only be for pleasure, somewhere along the way it becomes and all-consuming love.

Only Scandal Will Do

by Jenna Jaxon

He has the woman of his dreams, but what price will he have to pay to win her heart? Kidnapped and sold at auction in a London brothel, Lady Katarina Fitzwilliam squelches an undeniable attraction to the masked stranger who purchased her, pits her wits against him, and escapes him and the scandal that would ruin her life. Unable to resist temptation in a London brothel, Duncan Ferrers, Marquess of Dalbury, purchases a fiery beauty. She claims she's a lady, but how can she be? No lady of his acquaintance in polite society is anything like her. Then he discovers she is who she says, and that this latest romp has compromised her reputation. He knows how that is. One more scandal and he'll be cast out of London society, but he needs a wife who'll provide an heir to carry on his illustrious family's name. He seeks out Katarina, intending only to scotch the scandal, but instead finds his heart ensnared. He's betting their future he'll capture her heart, but does he have what it takes to win the wager? Content warning: A blade-wielding heroine who crosses swords with a master of sensuality. A Lyrical Press Historical Romance Lyrical Press Vintage

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