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Out of the Blue

by Sally Mandel

Smart, funny Anna Bolles, a born athlete and a dynamic teacher, figures God decided to have the last laugh when her life was tragically and irrevocably changed five years ago. Since then she has kept herself firmly grounded in the present with the door marked "future" shut. Anna's days are filled with the vibrancy of summer in New York City where she takes joy in the details, the sensual assault of an air-conditioned museum and a perfectly baked muffin. She relishes her role as an observer to the dramas played out around her- from the adolescent courtships of her private school students to the turbulent love affairs of friends and colleagues. Yet Anna never dares to open her heart, except to the father who has drifted from her and the mother who sustains her, until the one thing she didn't think could happen becomes a twist of fate that may just set her free. Until Joe Malone. Joe Malone, pilot, businessman, amateur photographer, is a man who has everything except happiness. Though he's notorious for his short attention span, he sees in Anna a world of possibilities. Maybe Joe, a man who has only been skimming the surface of life, has finally found a perfect place to land. He thinks he wants a life with Anna no matter what and seems willing to risk everything to be with her.

Out of the Blue (Stewart Sisters #2)

by Joann Ross

Continuing her sparkling, sexy Stewart Sisters trilogy, bestselling author JoAnn Ross pens a romantic suspense story set in the glorious Great Smoky Mountains, where a tough man and a passionate woman find love amid danger. Lark Stewart is on the run from a singing career that skyrocketed out of control. . . and from someone who's bent on murder. When one of her band members is killed in New Orleans, Lucas McCloud -- her first love and a former FBI agent -- takes Lark home. But the remote Stewart family resort offers no protection from the madman who's working his way across the mountains. A Desert Storm hero and FBI sniper, Lucas is haunted by a tragic mission in his past. But with the mysterious killer stalking Lark, Lucas is forced back into the life he left behind. For Lark is the only woman he's ever loved, and the only person who can save his soul. . . provided he saves her first.

Out of the Dark

by Justine Davis

The Lady and the Loner Horse trainer Victoria Flynn had learned the hard way that good-looking men just plain couldn't be trusted. But she was in big trouble, and she had nobody to turn to but a man who was too damn handsome for her own good-a long, lean Texan with a lazy smile, and strangely haunted eyes. A lifetime's worth of hard lessons had taught Cole Bannister never to let anybody get too close-but Tory Flynn wasn't making it easy. The rodeo-star-turned-private-investigator was ready to help her find out who was out to destroy her ranch-but he wasn't ready for the way she made him dream of changing his solitary ways....

Out of the Dark

by Sharon Sala

In the darkness of her memory terror lurks Street artist Jade remembers little of her childhood except for the time she spent under the ruthless control of a cult leader, a time marked by terrible abuse and suffering. For the fifteen years since she escaped his grasp, she has survived by living on the streets and never putting down roots. Ex-cop Luke Kelly knows his friend Sam Cochrane wants nothing more than to find his daughter, Jade, who was taken from him as a child. So Luke uses all his connections to make that happen, not knowing that by reuniting Jade with her father he is exposing her to a deadly peril. In the healing embrace of her father's home, Jade--with Luke's loving help--begins to put fear behind her. But somewhere in the darkness, a man is prepared to kill rather than let Jade reveal the secrets of her childhood. And when her story makes the national news, that someone finally knows where to find her.

Out of the Darkness (Offspring #2)

by Jaime Rush

They live ordinary lives, but they are extraordinary. They are the Offspring, children of a mysterious experiment gone awry--and they are in terrible danger. Rand Brandenburg can see the future, yet thus far all he has done with his unique ability is become a skillful gambler. But according to the Offspring, his power has made him a target and could get him killed. So the loner used to living on the edge is now hiding out with others just like him, including Zoe Stoker, a mysterious redhead who has his heart soaring. But that's not the only thing Zoe's got flying. All her life, whenever she felt anything too intensely, objects would start moving. She's never been able to control her power, so instead she's shut down her emotions. Now, as a powerful enemy approaches, she's losing control of her heart. But letting love lead her out of the darkness might save her life . . .

Out of the Mist (Stewart Sisters #1)

by Joann Ross

Following her wildly popular Callahan Brothers trilogy, national bestselling author JoAnn Ross begins the sparkling Stewart Sisters trilogy with this fun, sexy riff on the classic movie To Catch a Thief-- with a Scottish twist!Lily Stewart is busy planning the summer Highland Games at her family's Great Smoky Mountain resort. So the last thing she needs is some arrogant, demanding Scotsman-- no matter how sexy-- arriving to film the annual festival. It's bad enough that he's constantly interrupting her days -- but even worse that he's tempting her to rev up her nights with a Highland fling. Filmmaker Ian MacDougall MacKenzie is actually there to steal back the Brooch of Lorn, which has gone back and forth between the Stewarts and the MacDougalls ever since it was ripped from Robert the Bruce's tartan in 1306. But when Ian realizes Lily has stolen his heart, he wonders whether love can prevail once she discovers he's been deceiving her all along...

Out of the Night (Night Slayer #1)

by Robin T. Popp

Lanie Weber isn't afraid of danger. As a volunteer firefighter, this seemingly mild-mannered librarian has faced life-or-death situations before--and survived. But she has no idea what's waiting for her in the dark Amazon the staring eyes of a mysterious statue...and in the strong arms of a seductive stranger. Veteran pilot Mac Knight has vowed to help Lanie find out what has happened to her scientist father. But at Dr. Weber's secret research lab, they find only five dead bodies--and a creature believed to live solely in legends. The nightmare, however, is real. When Mac is attacked and bitten, Lanie fights to keep him alive. When he presses his lips to her throat, she yields to his touch. And when his teeth graze her flesh, she hungers for more...

Out of the Picture (Sweet Valley University #33)

by Francine Pascal Laurie John

Is it really over? Elizabeth Wakefield never wants to see Tom Watts again. She's even left SVU! Elizabeth loves her new job as a reporter for the Sweet Valley Gazette. But now that Tom's out of her sight, she can't get him out of her mind! Todd Wilkins is in a state of shock following the tragic death of Gin-Yung Suh. Will his grief lead him back to Elizabeth--or will it push him away? When detective Nick Fox is on the case, Jessica Wakefield isn't far behind. But if Nick can't keep his new assignment from her, will it be his last?

Out of the Rain: Marriage Wanted, and Laughter in the Rain

by Debbie Macomber

Two classic romances by #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author Macomber are gathered together in this special two-in-one volume. Includes "Marriage Wanted: Groom" and "Laughter in the Rain."

Out Of the Shadows

by Below L. K.

Copyright 2011, L. K. BelowAll rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc. "What are you talking about?"Heaven stood straighter. "You mean you didn't hire two of us to watch Lori?"Terrence's stiff expression told her all she needed to know. She hoped he wouldn't take the bad news out on the messenger. "Well, then you might be interested to know I'm not the only one following her. "Menacing emotions flickered over Terrence's face, but he seemed to realize even intimidation wouldn't prompt her to tell him something she didn't know. "Where is he now?"Did he really have to ask? Maybe he was more dimwitted than she'd thought. Shrugging her shoulders, Heaven tried to keep a nonchalant air. "My bet? Inside the club with your little girlfriend. He isn't under age, after all. "Terrence's hands curled into fists. For a minute, memories flashed across her eyes. She hunched her shoulders away from him, ready for a strike. He growled, "Just do your job. I'll contact you later. "As he strode away, Heaven straightened again. She swore at herself for showing any kind of weakness to him. He would use her fear against her in the future. For tonight, at least, she was finished. She turned and started walking down the street to the nearest bus stop, more than ready to fall into her bed at home. But one question lingered in her mind, ensuring she would be back like she'd promised. If Terrence hadn't hired the guy tailing Lori, who had?

Out of the Shadows

by Melanie Mitchell

A WORLD AWAY She never imagined she'd have the courage to leave everything behind and travel to Africa. Then, touched by tragedy, Leslie Carpenter finds herself devastated and alone. The health clinic in rural Kenya needs her expertise and gives her a reason to live again. Because she knows she'll never love again. Leslie didn't count on being dependent on a man like Ben Murphy, the rugged bush pilot who shuttles her between villages. Ben scares her. She can see that he's in a dangerous line of work, with no respect for the law. Despite that, she also knows he's a good man. She really wants to trust him, to believe in a future together. Except learning his secrets may put her life at risk....

Out of the Storm

by Grace Livingston Hill

Adrift on an angry ocean, lovely young Gail must struggle to save her life...and the life of a man she doesn't know.

Out of the Storm (Stewart Sisters #3)

by Joann Ross

Southern hospitality can kill you. . . . There's no escaping the sweltering heat when White House correspondent Laurel Stewart arrives in Somersett, South Carolina, and discovers that her best friend -- the vice president's protocol advisor -- has disappeared. As frustrated as she is by Detective Joe Gannon's skepticism regarding her suspicions, Laurel finds his smooth-talking southern ways and brazen bedroom eyes disturbingly, dangerously, seductive. With the homicide rate escalating as fast as the mercury, the last thing Joe needs is a stubborn, argumentative reporter -- particularly not an outsider from Washington, D. C. , who triggers a sexual jolt at every encounter -- spinning her crazy conspiracy theories. But while he may not entirely believe Laurel Stewart, Joe can't stop himself from wanting her. Thrown together by necessity, drawn together by passion, Laurel and Joe follow a twisted trail into the darkest corners of the sultry, moss-draped city to uncover a secret someone is willing to kill to keep.

Out of the Whirlwind (Appomattox Saga #5)

by Gilbert Morris

A powerful blend of historical accuracy, romance, and spiritual journeys set during the time of the American Civil War. A young Quaker woman travels to Washington from Pennsylvania to help nurse the wounded soldiers and falls in love with an army engineer who has lost his memory.

Out of This World

by Ann Wesley Hardin

The minute Arnie Simpson lays eyes on Ava Ward, he decides the MD after her name stands for Major Deviant. Her slender figure, white hair and unearthly intelligence make him want to lock limbs with her. Badly. If only he could be sure she wouldn't eat him in the morning. A seriously sexy rocket scientist is just what Ava wants for a lover. Unfortunately, Arnie doesn't use his immense brilliance. He tinkers with airplanes by day and her body by night. She'd let him tie her up and play with her forever if she could figure out what's tying down his mind. When their supercharged lovemaking attracts supernatural attention and when uncanny revelations come to light, they begin to wonder if their magical passion is totally insane or if it's simply out of this world.

Out of this World

by Susan Krinard Laurell K. Hamilton Maggie Shayne J. D. Robb

Now in trade paperback for the first time--the New York Times bestseller featuring today's most popular authors. Love is the universal language. And nowhere is this more apparent than in these extraordinary stories from four of today's hottest authors. From a futuristic cop caught in a crisis of the heart to a smoldering vision of an unusual love triangle, from the hunger for a human touch on an alien planet to a witch's desperate search for the love of one man, these tales of paranormal romance will transport you to a time and a place you've never been before.... Out of this World Featuring: #1 New York Times bestselling author J. D. Robb--with a Lieutenant Eve Dallas story #1 New York Times bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton--with an Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter tale and New York Times bestselling authors Susan Krinard Maggie Shayne .

Out of This World

by Jill Shalvis

I SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN BED<P> Um, so get this: Three weeks ago I, Rachel Bond, inherited a bed-and-breakfast. In Alaska. Just this morning I was in my warm bed in LA but now here I am, up north--and this is way north, like nosebleed north--sorting it all out. So:<P> PROS:<P> 1. Bears and wolves and moose and whatever else can't be any worse than LA guys.<P> 2. You know how people talk about "starving artists?" I'm gonna faint. So it's probably time for a change.<P> 3. My good friend Kellan--you'll like him, unlike moi he's calm and cool under pressure--suddenly has this animalistic sexiness I've never even seen before.<P> 4. Give me a minute. I think the "Cons" are going to be a lot easier.<P> CONS:<P> 1. ALASKA. Did I already mention this? Which means:<P> a. Snow--lots<P> b. Cold--very<P> c. Coffee shops, movie theaters, or what I like to think of as "culture"--not a chance<P> 2. I can't even manage my checkbook--so a B&B is probably going to be a disaster.<P> 3. The house chef can't cook, and the guide can't read a map.<P> 4. Kellan's sudden hotness is getting very hard to ignore.<P> 5. I just got hit by lightning.<P> And I'm not sure if this is a pro or a con just yet, but since that lightning bolt, I can see through everything. As in completely transparent. That was before things started to get really weird...

Out of Town Bride

by Kara Lennox

The Heiress Avenger Socialite Sonya Patterson's dreams of the perfect wedding turn into a perfect nightmare when her fiance leaves town with her pride -- and her money! If not for her two best friends and her bodyguard, John-Michael McPhee, dispensing you-deserve-better advice, Sonya wouldn't have had the courage to go in search of the no-good con man. Keeping the situation a secret from her ailing mother is certainly a challenge, but it's the road trip with her sexy protector that's the real exercise in restraint. After all, long days and small spaces are bound to give a girl ideas....

Out of Uniform

by Amy J. Fetzer

Injured marine Rick Wyatt didn't need a nursemaid, especially not his estranged wife, Kate. Having her so close, tending his wounds, only brought back long- buried memories of everything they'd done together between the sheets--and everywhere else in the house. She had come home to help Rick get back in uniform, so why was he thinking about how fun it was to stay out of it? Kate had never stopped loving Rick, but she couldn't stay with a man whose walls were harder to scale than Kilimanjaro. He needed her only until he recovered--falling for him again was not an option. For once this wounded soldier was back in action, he wouldn't want her around ... or would he? Passionate, powerful and provocative.

The Outback Bridal Rescue

by Emma Darcy

Billionaire Johnny Ellis inherits a share of Gundamurra, the beloved Outback station of his youth, and all of Megan Maguire's hostility.

Outback Bride

by Jessica Hart

Meredith West Likes: coffee shops, nice shoes, London Dislikes: spiders, the Outback, Hal Granger! Hal Granger Dislikes: cool, unflappable, distracting city girls Likes: one city girl in particular. . . Meredith's been forced to take a job on a remote cattle station, with a boss she can't stand! It should be easy to keep things professional -- except their office is under the blistering Outback sun, and Hal's work attire is a bare chest and thigh-hugging jeans! Although they're worlds apart, it's getting harder to keep things strictly business. . .

The Outback Doctor's Surprise Bride

by Amy Andrews

Locum doctor James Remington never stays in one place for long. But the warmth of the people in this welcoming Outback community is starting to make it feel like home--and so is nurse Helen Franklin. James has found it easy to win over the locals in Skye, but Helen proves to be much more of a challenge. Helen's protected her heart for so long that she doesn't know if she's ready to open it up to this charming but temporary doctor. All James knows is that Helen makes him want something he's never wanted before--a home and family.

Outback Heat

by Emma Darcy

Romance set in Australia

The Outback Nurse

by Carol Marinelli

A JOB IN THE BUSH!<P> Nurse Olivia Morrell started her new job in the Outback with some trepidation. She'd wanted to get away from it all but, in isolated Kirrijong, there was only one doctor. And, by all accounts, Dr. Clemson made a moody and difficult boss!<P> Clem began to suspect his new nurse had come to Kirrijong to get over a broken heart. But that didn't prevent his attraction to her! Perhaps if Olivia had to learn that not all men were unreliable, he could be the one to teach her....

The Outback Wedding Takeover

by Emma Darcy

Mitch Tyler is a hard-hitting hotshot Sydney lawyer who's put his troubled boyhood in the Outback behind him, until he meets Kathryn Ledger who needs his help.

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