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Over Hexed (Hex Series #1)

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Dorcas and Ambrose are matchmaking sex therapists for witches and warlocks. Now they're doing it for mere mortals-although the handsome Sean Madigan is kind of an Adonis. Until Dorcas and Ambrose strip him of his sex appeal and introduce him to his destiny, Maggie Grady. This time winning a girl's heart won't be so easy for Sean. It means rediscovering the charms buried beneath the surface. But what a surface!

Over the Moon

by Virginia Kantra Maryjanice Davidson Angela Knight Sunny

4 paranormal romances: Moon Dance by Angela Knight, Between the Mountain and the Moon by Virginia Kantra, Driftwood by MaryJanice Davidson, Mona Lisa Three by Sunny

Over the Moon at the Big Lizard Diner

by Lisa Wingate

"We saw it all," said Loveland resident Alva Blum. "That dog led them on a chase all through the pasture, and when he stopped, he stopped right under the Lover's Oak. When we drove down to check on things, there was Zach Truitt and this lady from the FBI together under the oak, wrapped around each other like lizards on a beanpole." According to Mrs. Blum, local residents knew immediately that true love was in the works. None of this surprises the dog's owner, who, it turns out, is Mrs. Jada Bell of Lometa. According to Mrs. Bell, the dog, whose name is actually Noel, takes a notion every once in a while to leave the sheep and the other sheepdogs and go on a mission. "It's my fault, I suppose," said Mrs. Bell. "Those dogs aren't supposed to be pets, but that one was born Christmas day out in the field the 'week after my husband, Floyd, died. Noel was the only one in his litter that survived, and I was so lonesome, I brought him inside to raise. He comforted me through a hard time, and I just figure that every once in a while, he gets a hankering to do that same thing for someone else. He comes and goes as he needs to, and that's fine with me."

Overcoming Abigail

by Elliot Mabeuse

In turn-of-the-century New Orleans, beautiful and virginal Abigail Du Pre has been given to the mysterious Dr. Lucien Trier, sent to be his servant in exchange for her father's gambling debts. BDSM.


by Linda Castillo

It started with a case so horrific it sent Chicago cop Marty Hogan straight over the edge. Unable to put the past behind her, she lost her job and was forced to flee to small-town Texas and the only police department that would hire her. She's about to learn you can't outrun the past... Police chief Clay Settlemeyer knows something about making mistakes, which is why he was willing to give Marty a second chance. But when her ex-partner is brutally murdered, it's clear that Marty's past has come back to haunt her. And she's the next intended victim...


by E. C. Sheedy

Deanne jumps into relationships heart-first. Eager to start fresh after her nasty divorce, Deanne Moore adopts a stray dog and begins the healing process. She has learned--the hard way--to take chances and just enjoy life. The one thing she isn't expecting, though, is to get a second chance with her first crush. Julius won't let lust burn away the last of his brain cells. After losing his entire family in one blinding instant, Julius Zern has learned to steer clear of happily-ever-after scenarios. Meeting Deanne stirs something tender within him. So he stays. Overnight. And falls. . . hard. But just as he begins to follow his instincts-and his desire for Deanne--trouble arrives and threatens to destroy their fragile bond.

The Overnight Alibi

by Marilyn Pappano

Millionaire Mick Reilly was desperate to prove his innocence. But his only alibi was the mysterious red-haired beauty who'd disappeared after an unforgettable night of passion. Could his bedtime wanton possibly be Hannah Clark? A woman who couldn't -- wouldn't -- meet his eyes, but whose very presence had him remembering tangled sheets and heated whispers. What was keeping the tempting beauty from telling the truth? Mick was determined to find out. For the answer could mean his salvation. . . or the end of both their lives.

Own the Night

by Debbi Rawlins

Welcome to the Sundance Dude Ranch in Blackfoot Falls, Montana...where the cowboys are hot, and the town sheriff is smokin'!Ever since the Sundance became a dude ranch, Sheriff Noah Calder has been a "must-see attraction" for hordes of visiting women. But when a suspected (and suspiciously sexy) con artist rolls into town, it takes all of Noah's control to stop himself from giving her a very thorough strip search....Alana Richardson is no con artist-she's a marketing executive in desperate need of a vacation! But with her luggage stolen and her identity in question, she's under the very close surveillance of Sheriff Noah Sexypants. Now she has to prove she's one of the good guys...but she may just have to be a little bad to convince him!

Own the Wind

by Kristen Ashley

Too hot to handle . . . Tabitha Allen grew up in the thick of Chaos-the Chaos Motorcycle Club, that is. Her father is Chaos' leader, and the club has always had her back. But one rider was different from the start. When Tabby was running wild, Shy Cage was there. When tragedy tore her life apart, he helped her piece it back together. And now, Tabby's thinking about much more than friendship . . . Tabby is everything Shy's ever wanted, but everything he thinks he can't have. She's beautiful, smart, and as his friend's daughter, untouchable. Shy never expected more than friendship, so when Tabby indicates she wants more-much more-he feels like the luckiest man alive. But even lucky men can crash and burn . . . 105,000 words

P.S. Love You Madly

by Bethany Campbell

FAMILY: YOU DON'T GET TO CHOOSE THEM! Darcy's mother and Sloan's father are in love and want to get married. But Darcy's sister is aghast and Sloan's aunt is appalled. That leaves Darcy and Sloan trying to make everyone see sense. No problem, right? But then their parents break up -- thanks to a little help from the families -- just when Darcy and Sloan are falling in love.... Compared to what these two go through, Romeo and Juliet had it easy!

P.S. You're a Daddy!

by Dianne Drake

The baby that changed their lives! Deanna Lambert's life was meant to be simple...ordinary. Until the little baby she'd offered to carry for her best friend before she died turned out to have the wrong father! Now, facing life as a single mom, Deanna must find the courage to tell a stranger that he's about to be a daddy....Dr. Beau Alexander's return to Sugar Creek was only meant to be temporary. Until news of a very beautiful and fragile visitor hits the town's that, unbeknownst to him, is about to shake his world forever!

Pacific Heat

by Anne Mather

Olivia had mixed feelings about going to stay in Los Angeles to write up film star Diane Haran's rags to riches life story. This was the woman, after all, who had seduced Olivia's husband away from her. What if she turned the tables by making a play for Diane's latest lover? She knew she hadn't the other woman's glossy, superficial beauty, but Joe Castellano certainly seemed attracted enough to Olivia! The only problem was, the more she got close to Joe, the more she wanted him totally for herself. . .

Pacific Heat

by Anne Mather

Olivia had mixed feelings about going to stay in Los Angeles to write up film star Diane Haran's rags to riches life story. This was the woman, after all, who had seduced Olivia's husband away from her.<P> What if she turned the tables by making a play for Diane's latest lover? She knew she hadn't the other woman's glossy, superficial beauty, but Joe Castellano certainly seemed attracted enough to Olivia! The only problem was, the more she got close to Joe, the more she wanted him totally for herself...

A Pack of Two

by Jacky Russell

A witch and a werewolf. A pack of two. Master Sergeant Breanna Welker loves hockey games, cheesy fries, and being second in command of the U. S. Army's Bravo Company. The fact that her commanding officer is a vampire and most of her fellow soldiers are werewolves doesn't slow her down a bit. Her colorful vocabulary and uncompromising loyalty have endeared her to her unit, who don't give a damn she's a shape-shifting witch. Lucas Benelli can't boast the same loyalty from the people close to him. His father is the Alpha of the largest known werewolf pack in the world--a pack Lucas is expected to be the leader of. But Lucas has spent most of his life avoiding contact with his father's pack and they don't seem to like him much either. Together, they forge a connection not even Lucas's dysfunctional pack or Breanna's meddling unit can break--and come face-to-face with the hardest choice either of them has ever had to make. CONTENT WARNING: Includes a horde of evil witches, and one deliciously wicked witch with Mother Nature at her beck and call.

The Pagan Stone (Sign of Seven #3)

by Nora Roberts

Years ago, after their blood brother ritual, Gage, Fox, and Caleb emerged from the woods, each with a piece of bloodstone. Now, it will become their weapon in the final fight against the demon they awakened. Winner take all. . . Shared nightmares, visions of blood and fire, and random violence begin to plague the longtime friends and Quinn, Layla, and Cybil, the women bound to them by fate. None of them can ignore the fact that, this year, the demon has grown stronger--feeding off of the terror it creates. But now, the three pieces of the bloodstone have been fused back together. If only they could figure out how to use it. A gambling man like Gage has no trouble betting on his crew to find a way. And though he and Cybil share the gift of seeing the future, that's all they share. Were they to take their flirtation to the next level, it would be on their own terms, not because fate decreed it. But Gage knows that a woman like Cybil--with her brains and strength and devastating beauty--can only bring him luck. Good or bad has yet to be determined--and could mean the difference between absolute destruction or an end to the nightmare for Hawkins Hollow.

Pages For You

by Sylvia Brownrigg

Lesbian romance; college freshman and graduate student.

The Paid Companion

by Amanda Quick

From the book: "Once again, the incomparable Quick has whipped up a delectable Regency romance" (Booklist) about an ice-cold business agreement that turns into something far more heated... The Earl of St. Merryn needs a woman. His intentions are purely practical-he simply wants someone sensible and suitably lovely to pose as his betrothed for a few weeks among polite society. He has his own agenda to pursue, and a false fiancee will keep the husband-hunters at bay while he goes about his business. The simplest solution is to hire a paid companion. After all, the sorry women who must accept such employment are sure to be grateful for any favor... When he encounters Miss Elenora Lodge, he believes his problem is solved. Her dowdy attire and pinned-up hair cannot hide her fine figure and the fire in her golden eyes. And her unfortunate circumstances-and secret dreams of a life onstage-make the Earl's offer undeniably appealing. But St. Merryn is clearly hiding something, and things seem oddly amiss in his gloomy Rain Street home. Elenora is soon to discover that his secrets are even darker man his d&or- and this lark will be a more dangerous adventure than she'd been led to believe. And Arthur, Earl of St. Merryn, will find mat the meek and mild companion he'd envisioned has become bom a partner in his quest to catch a killer-and an outspoken belle of the ball who stirs a bothersome passion in his practical heart...

Paint It Black

by Michelle Perry

After fulfilling a lifelong devotion of bringing her drug lord father to justice, DEA agent Necie Bramhall believes the painful past is finally behind her#151;unaware that she has just created a new, more deadly enemy. Necie's beautiful and ruthless half-sister Maria Barnes, driven by a lifetime of jealousy and enraged by her father's arrest, is bent on destroying everything Necie holds dear#151;starting with her marriage and family. When Necie's daughter is kidnapped, new revelations show that her imprisoned father, the man she always perceived as her greatest enemy, might be the only one who can save her from Maria's wrath.

Paint the Wind

by Cathy Cash Spellman

Set in 1864, this is the epic saga of one woman and the 3 strong men who risked everything to possess her.

Painted Moon

by Karin Kallmaker

"...a delicious romance with just a hint of uncommonly realistic romance, one that surmounts class, race, and closets". -- Small Press Magazine

Painted Sunsets

by Rebecca Flanders

SHE GOT MORE THAN SHE BARGAINED FOR.... Cassie Grant wanted to get back to her roots, but she didn't plan on stepping into the middle of a cattle roundup, in charge of a bunch of surly cowboys. She'd always called the Circle P Ranch in Wyoming home, but the state felt downright small when she shared it with a man named Logan. Logan had never worked for a woman before, but he didn't let it bother him. He knew more about horses-and more about love-than she'd ever dreamed. Now it was just a matter of time before the lessons began. ...

The Palace Affair

by Una-Mary Parker

The most imposing invitation on the mantelpiece was the one from Buckingham Palace . . . Three women are anticipating the royal Garden Party with varying degrees of pleasure and apprehension. For Jackie, social editor of Society magazine, it is just one of a series of glittering events that she must cover for her glamour-hungry readers. Newly divorced, Jackie enjoys the hectic whirl of her career, but hopes to find a more settled lifestyle . . . For Elfrieda, ex-Swedish au pair and current Lady Witley of Vauxhall, the invitation represents one further rung up the social ladder. Elfrieda is so desperate to be accepted, she will do anything to make her mark. It is a determination that is to have dangerous consequences . . . As Lady in Waiting to the Queen, Celia is 'on duty', charged with the responsibility of helping ensure all the arrangements go smoothly. Celia values the position of confidence she enjoys at the Palace, and is careful to do nothing to jeopardise it . . . But this is one Garden Party that turns out to hold some nasty shocks for the guests. An unscrupulous man is scheming ruthlessly for his own advancement. And when he crosses swords with Jackie, Celia and Elfrieda, he vows he will get his revenge, whatever it takes . . .

The Palace of Varieties

by James Lear

This extremely graphic novel brims with male sex from the sordid to the sublime, in every position, place, and variety. Watch and enjoy as Paul Lemoyne leaves his humble home to begin a new life as a music hall stagehand, but soon discovers there are richer pickings to be had from the stage-door johnnies who haunt the Palace of Varieties Music Hall. And thus ensues our rake's progress from low-life prostitution to the salons and studios of Mayfair, from the bath-houses of Bermondsey to the rarefied circles of modern art. All the while behind each of Paul's outrageous sexual adventures lurks the mysterious figure of Albert Abbott, his lover, corrupter, and Svengali.

Pale Dawn, Dark Sunset

by Anne Mather

"Miranda," Rafael said through clenched teeth, "I beg of you, do not drive me too far!" <P> Rafael was annoyed. No woman of his own nationality had looked at him in quite that way before. Had she no respect - this girl from England! Did British women consider themselves the equals of men?<P> But Miranda Lord wished she hadn't come to Mexico or become involved with the Cueras family. Only then, of course, she wouldn't have met Rafael!

Pale Moon Rider

by Marsha Canham

He lived by night--the dark, dangerous highwayman who stole her heart. "It was a fine night for treachery, dark with a pale moon rising..." Like a wraith he appeared in the Coventry night, the notorious highwayman called Captain Starlight. Renée d'Anton watched, breathless, as the cloaked figure commanded, "Stand and deliver!" and her coach shuddered to a halt. Little did he know Renée had come in desperation to meet him. For the dark, seductive highwayman was her only hope in a perilous game of chance... She was pure temptation, challenging Tyrone Hart to steal a set of heirloom rubies and name his price. He couldn't resist her. So he agreed to risk his life for the fiery beauty--to recover the jewels that would free her from an arranged marriage and an unspeakable threat. But first Renée had to win his trust--even as she ignited passions that seduced him out of the shadows to sweep her into his arms... Bestselling, award-winning author Marsha Canham once again delivers dangerous intrigue, sensuous romance, and two unforgettable characters whose love story will touch your heart as it takes your breath away.

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