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Stop Clutter from Stealing Your Life: Discover Why You Clutter and How You Can Stop

by Mike Nelson

According to the author, a recovering clutterer, this problem is not just a minor annoyance or an organizational challenge: it can destroy self-esteem and relationships, contribute to financial problems, and even lead to unemployment. His new guide deals with why people clutter and offers effective ways to deal with this problem. He then give practical steps anyone can take to stay clutter-free.

Stop Eating your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating

by Meryl Hershey Beck

Stop Eating Your Heart Out speaks to anyone's challenges with food, weight, and emotional eating, and then offers a multitude of effective self-help tools. As the author discloses her very personal struggle with food and out-of-control eating, she is telling the story of millions of others who use food to self-soothe. The book's focus, however, is on recovery. In her wisdom as a licensed professional clinical counselor, the author enumerates methods that have worked for her and her clients over the past twenty years. Tools for recovery include Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Inner Child work, 12 Step recovery, journaling, creative visualization, meditation, gratitude, conscious living, and so much more. Compulsive overeating is conquerable. If you, or anyone you love, want freedom from emotional eating, this book is for you.

Stop Gambling for Good: Overcome Reckless Risk Taking with Dr. Prasad's Proven Program

by Catherine Whitney Balasa Prasad

Learn to make responsible choices and put an end to compulsive betting, spending, and risk-taking. <P> Many people make trips to the casinos, or play their favorite numbers in the lotto. But when does a harmless pastime become a dangerous addiction? Even "successful" gamblers who don't bet more than they can afford to lose could still be acting out an unhealthy compulsion. Applying Dr. Balasa Prasad's method, gamblers-whether a regular at OTB or a reckless spender -can learn to identify their psychological motivations for gambling. The book's six-step plan shows readers how to take responsible risks in life without gambling away security, money

Stop Whining, Start Living

by Laura Schlessinger

Living life is about action: courageous, benevolent, worthy, Wise, and productive action. Start living with some help from Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Dr. Laura Schlessinger agrees that there are things worth whining about. A certain amount of whining allows for venting of reasonable pain, disappointment, fear, frustration, or rage. However, staying stuck in whining mode can become a lifelong problem. This is where Dr. Laura steps in with Stop Whining, Start Living to help folks conquer the temptation to retreat from living life to the fullest. Illustrated by calls and letters from members of Dr. Laura's huge international audience, Stop Whining, Start Living features testimonials from real people facing real challenges. These folks have benefited enormously from Dr. Laura's powerful lessons. Stop Whining, Start Living gives readers the jump start they need to break out of reactive mode and get proactive, moving in the direction of a joyful, meaningful, fulfilling, and purposeful future. Everyone can use a kick in the pants sometimes, and Dr. Laura, who "preaches, teaches, and nags" to millions every day on her radio program, is here to deliver it!

Store It!

by Mervyn Kaufman

STORE IT is the comprehensive guide to making, finding and organizing space in your home from the entryway to the attic.

Straight Acting: Gay Men, Masculinity and Finding True Love

by Angelo Pezzote

Fed up with the fact that men have a shorter shelf life than sushi? Finding, let alone building, a strong relationship can still be challenging for gay men. The reason? Masculinity. All men, gay or straight, have been socialized to believe that to be overtly gay is unmanly and shameful. To compensate, many gay men adopt a macho, "straight acting" pose that blocks them from being their full selves, expressing their true feelings and forging real, lasting connections.In Straight Acting, Angelo Pezzote ( encourages readers to go beyond limiting ideas of how "real" men should behave, and leave behind out-dated ways of being that create stumbling blocks to deeper intimacy. Drawing on his years of experience as a gay psychotherapist and advice columnist, he offers practical and thoughtful relationship strategies, with tips on subjects that include coming out, dating, how to avoid falling for a player, how to maintain a sizzling, satisfying sex life, navigating open relationships, and much more. Most of all, he delivers crucial insights on the importance of ditching the macho act and learning to be true to yourself. Whether you're single and sick of it, wanting to move closer to your partner, or wondering how to meet someone for the very first time, let Angelo show you how to get real and get him. Put yourself out there to get--and keep--the love you want.

Straight Talk, No Chaser: How to Find, Keep, and Understand a Man

by Steve Harvey

In the instant number one New York Times bestseller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Steve Harvey gave millions of women around the globe insight into what men really think about love, intimacy, and commitment. In his new book he zeros in on what motivates men and provides tips on how women can use that knowledge to get more of what they need out of their relationships, whether it's more help around the house, more of the right kind of attention in the bedroom, more money in the joint bank account, or more truth when it comes to the hard questions, such as: Are you committed to building a future together? Does my success intimidate you? Have you cheated on me? In Straight Talk, No Chaser: How to Find, Keep, and Understand a Man, Steve Harvey shares information on: How to Get the Truth Out of Your Man * Tired of answers that are deceptive? Harvey lays out a three-tier, CIA-style of questioning that will leave your man no choice but to cut to the chase and deliver the truth. Dating Tips, Decade by Decade * Whether you're in your twenties and just starting to date seriously, in your thirties and feeling the tick of the biological clock, or in your forties and beyond, Steve provides insight into what a man, in each decade of his life, is looking for in a mate. How to Minimize Nagging and Maximize Harmony at Home * He said he'd cut the lawn on Saturday, and you may have been within reason to think that that meant Saturday before ten in the evening, but exploding at him is only going to ruin the mood for everyone, which means no romance. Steve shows you how to talk to your man in a way that moves him to action and keeps the peace. And there's much more, including Steve's candid answers to questions you've always wanted to ask men. Drawing on a lifetime of experience and the feedback women have shared with him in reaction to Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Harvey offers wisdom on a wealth of topics relevant to both sexes today. He also gets more personal, sharing anecdotes from his own family history. Always direct, often funny, and incredibly perceptive, media personality, comedian, philanthropist, and (finally) happily married husband, Steve Harvey proves once again that he is the king of relationships.

Straight Talk on Loneliness: Overcoming Emotional Battles with the Power of God's Word!

by Joyce Meyer

A Biblical approach to managing emotional difficulties.

Straighter, Stronger, Leaner, Longer: A Head-to-Toe Strengthening, Stretching, and Pain-Relieving Program

by Renee Daniels Janice Billingsley

Stop aches and pains with this effective new therapeutic exercise plan. <P> Who doesn't suffer from chronic aches and pains in the neck, back, shoulders, knees, or elsewhere? In Straighter, Stronger, Leaner, Longer, medical exercise specialist and personal trainer Renie Daniels presents her fullbody strengthening and alignment program for rehabilitating injuries and strengthening and toning bodies. She explains why proper alignment is the key to a strong, healthy body, and how our daily habits, from sitting at a desk at work to carrying a baby on one hip all day to spending long hours sitting behind the wheel of a car, can contribute to muscle weaknesses and misalignments, leading to aches and pains. <P> Straighter, Stronger, Leaner, Longer will help readers find relief by showing them how to assess their own posture and movements, which may be causing pain, and by providing them with a personalized exercise program to treat problem areas.

The Stranger in the Mirror: The Hidden Epidemic

by Maxine Schnall Marlene Steinberg

Discover groundbreaking findings on a hidden epidemic -- and why it so often is misdiagnosed.You peer into the mirror and have trouble recognizing yourself. You feel as if you're going through the motions of life or you're watching a movie of yourself.These are all symptoms of dissociation -- a debilitating psychological condition involving feelings of disconnection that affects 30 million people in North America and often goes untreated. The Stranger in the Mirror offers unique guidelines for identifying and recovering from dissociative symptoms based on Dr. Marlene Steinberg's breakthrough diagnostic test. Filled with fascinating case histories of people with multiple personalities, this book provides enlightening insights into how all of us respond to trauma and overcome it. Her innovative method of treatment will benefit anyone in search of a healthier sense of self and a heightened capacity for joy.<P> Advisory: Bookshare has learned that this book offers only partial accessibility. We have kept it in the collection because it is useful for some of our members. To explore further access options with us, please contact us through the Book Quality link on the right sidebar. Benetech is actively working on projects to improve accessibility issues such as these.

The Strategic Student Veteran: Successfully Transitioning From The Military To College Academics

by David Cass

This book was previously sold under the title "The Strategic Student: Veteran's Edition" and features updated content "A practical guide of immense value to both students and their supporters" -George Ballinger, Director of Family and Veteran's Affairs, University of Colorado, Boulder "Perceptive and useful from a practical viewpoint. I have no doubt incoming freshmen will benefit from its insights. " Captain Anthony Chatham, U. S. Navy "Provides current, relevant and very practical strategies and techniques to prepare oneself for one of life's defining events. We recommend this book to all our incoming freshmen, and our academic advisors build upon its concepts. " -Colonel Stephen Dinauer, U. S. Marine Corps, Director President's Leadership Class The college graduation rate for military veterans is unsatisfactory. While the life transition for veterans goes far beyond academics, by lessening the stress of the academic transition, the likelihood of collegiate success is significantly increased. The goal of The Strategic Student Veteran is to help raise graduation rates amongst our nation's veterans. Are you an educator? Please contact Uvize for educator pricing options. The reason so many college students underperform is because they're not taught how to transition from the structured military environment to the unstructured college academic environment. The Strategic Student teaches college-bound military veterans how to make this transition and become self-reliant, successful students.

The Strategy Machine: Building Your Business One Idea at a Time

by Larry Downes

The Strategy Machine shows managers how to reinvent business and integrate new technology for a revolution in progress. Regardless of the kind of business or the size of your company, whether you work in operations, sales, or finance, or whether you are the CEO or a manager in training, the tools in this book will teach you how to innovate on a daily basis and how to profit from the transformation going on right now in your industry. This is a guidebook for the information revolution - one that will help companies succeed in the long run, with a winning portfolio, in today's economy.

Strength in Darkness

by John of the Cross Margaret Charles Kerry

How will I get through this? Will I ever feel God's love again? Prayer, once filled with insight and consolation, now feels routine. When all roads seem impassable where do you turn? John of the Cross offers you his wise counsel as a roadmap through rough terrain. St. John of the Cross is the author of the best-selling classic Dark Night of the Soul.

StrengthsFinder 2.0

by Tom Rath

This book helps readers discover their distinct talents and strengths and how they can be translated into personal and career successes.

Strengthsquest: Discover and Develop Your Strengths in Academics, Career, and Beyond

by Donald O. Clifton Laurie A. Schreiner Edward Anderson

This book and the strengths approach to achieving in academics, career, and beyond represent a revolutionary departure from traditional and counterproductive philosophies and practices. We hope that its principles resonate with you, and that you apply the strengths approach to achieving success in all of your life's endeavors!

Stress for Success

by James E. Loehr

In Stress for Success, business people get a practical, performance-based program to strengthen their physical, mental and emotional resilience. Loehr's 30-day program shows readers how to gradually make the kind of personal lifestyle changes that bring about the kind of high-level performance demanded of people at every level of the corporation.

Stress Free for Good: 10 Scientifically Proven Life Skills for Health and Happiness

by Fred Luskin Kenneth R. Pelletier

Plan for creating a life with less stress that can lead to better physical and emotional health. These 10 suggested skills were developed over many years that the authors spent doing research at Stanford University's school of medicine.

Stress Management for Life: A Research-Based Experiential Approach (Third Edition)

by Michael Olpin Margie Hesson

STRESS MANAGEMENT FOR LIFE: A RESEARCH-BASED EXPERIENTIAL APPROACH, THIRD EDITION emphasizes experiential learning and clearly explains the "how to" of stress management and prevention. Michael Olpin and Margie Hesson offer students more than just a book about stress; they offer students a life-changing experience. This text empowers students to experience personal wellness by understanding and managing stress. The authors encourage students to personalize the information in the text through practical applications and a "tool-box" of stress-reducing resources, including the stress relief audio files and student activities, both found on the CourseMate Website. Well-researched, this text gives stress-related topics a real-life context and helps motivate students to manage stress in a way that accommodates their lifestyle, values and goals.

Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards: Rising Above Life's Challenges with Humor, Hope and Courage

by Brian Luke Seaward

Seaward says: "One of the most important lessons I've learned is that it's not what happens to us, but our reaction to what happens to us that causes us stress." He shows us how to learn this lesson, too. Then he continues: "And that means we have the power to control our level of stress. We, in fact, have the power to choose not to react at all to that which happens around us. It is not what life brings to us that determines our level of happiness and self-fulfillment. It is the attitude we bring to life. The most important decision we can make each day is our choice of attitude. It is what will spur us on or stand in our way." Since we are in charge of our attitude, we are the architects of our lives."

Study Skills and Strategies for Students in High School,Third Edition

by Charles T. Mangrum Stephen S. Strichart

This book provides students with strategies and skills that will help them plan their study time, take effective notes, remember information, take tests, build vocabulary. etc.

Stuff Every Geek Should Know

by Quirk Books

Packed with tips, articles, and how-tos on everything from performing Jedi mind tricks to creating your own cosplay gear to wooing the geek of your dreams, Stuff Every Geek Should Know is an indispensable guide to life, the universe, and everything geeky. Featuring content from Quirk's nerdiest titles plus all-new, never-before-seen good stuff from the geekiest bloggers in the known universe. Chapters include: GEEK SKILLS FROM POP CULTURE: How to survive a haunted house, perform the Vulcan nerve pinch, decode ciphers, and master other survival skills. GEEKS IN ACTION: How to make amazing YouTube vids, create comic books, handle yourself in an online multiplayer game, and generally get your geek on. THE GEEK GATHERING: How to have the best convention experience of your life. GEEK LOVE: How to craft an online dating profile, plan a geeky marriage proposal, pass on geek wisdom to your kids, and otherwise enjoy the human emotion of "love."

Stumbling Toward Enlightenment

by Geri Larkin

A humorous and honest collection of Buddhist wisdom from a Western beginner's perspective. Instead of promising a straight and clear path to enlightenment, author and teacher Geri Larkin shows us that even stumbling along that path can lead to self-discovery and awakening, especially if we prize the journey and not the destination. With candor, affection, and earthy wisdom, Larkin shares her experiences as a beginning and continuing Buddhist. This spirituality classic shows any seeker that it's possible to stumble, smile, and stay Zen through it all.

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse

by David Johnson Jeff Vanvonderen

This book examines what spiritual abuse is and how to overcome it.

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