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Crossing the Heart of Africa: An Odyssey of Love and Adventure

by Julian Smith

The amazing true story of Julian Smith, who retraced the journey of legendary British explorer Ewart "The Leopard" Grogan, the first man to cross the length of Africa, in hopes of also winning the heart of the woman he loved. In 1898, the dashing young British explorer Ewart "the Leopard" Grogan was in love. In order to prove his mettle to his beloved-and her aristocratic stepfather-he set out on a quest to become the first person to walk across Africa, "a feat hitherto thought by many explorers to be impossible" (New York Times, 1900). In 2007, thirty-five-year-old American journalist Julian Smith faced a similar problem with his girlfriend of six years . . . and decided to address it in the same way Grogan had more than a hundred years before: he was going to retrace the Leopard's 4,500-mile journey for love and glory through the lakes, volcanoes, savannas, and crowded modern cities of Africa. Smith interweaves both adventures into a seamless narrative in Crossing the Heart of Africa: the story of two explorers, a century apart, who both traversed the length of Africa to prove themselves . . . and came back changed men.

The Crowded Grave (Bruno, Chief of Police #4)

by Martin Walker

Another delectable serving of mystery and the pleasures of the Dordogne from the newest master of suspense, Martin Walker. It's spring in the idyllic village of St. Denis, and for Chief of Police Bruno Courrèges that means lamb stews, bottles of his beloved Pomerol, morning walks with his hound, Gigi--and a new string of regional crimes and international capers. When a local archaeological team looking for Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal remains turns up a corpse with a watch on its wrist and a bullet in its head, it's up to Bruno to solve the case. But the task will not be easy, not with a meddlesome new magistrate eager to make a strong impression, an ongoing series of attacks by animal rights activists on local foie gras producers, and a nearby summit between France and Spain approaching--not to mention two beautiful, brilliant women vying for Bruno's affections. Complicating events even further, the professor in charge of the dig is soon reported missing, leading Bruno to suspect that the past and the present are bound up in dangerous ways. As summer approaches, the wine growing cooler and the fruit sweeter, Bruno's investigations take him indelibly deeper into contemporary Europe's dark history of terrorist and counterterrorist tactics--and toward a dramatic finale. As savory as foie gras, as piquant as vin de noix, and as richly complex as the region's truffles, The Crowded Grave is a feast for mystery lovers and Francophiles alike.

The Cruise of the Arctic Star

by Scott O'Dell

Scott takes a journey up the length of the California coast in his Arctic Star. With his wife Elizabeth along as skilled navigator and cook, Del as cohort and deckhand, and the unpredictable Rodney, they move up the coast and get a feel of life at sea along the shoreline.

The Cruise of the Corwin

by John Muir

This latest addition to the John Muir Library -- our ongoing program to reissue the complete works of the first great conservationist author -- combines adventures in the Arctic North with Muir's perceptions. Founder of the Sierra Club, Muir did more than any other individual to shape the 20th-century conservation movement.

Cruise Ship Tourism

by Ross K. Dowling

This book explores the theory, issues, impacts and management considerations surrounding the growing industry of cruise ship tourism. It begins by giving an overview of the cruise industry, followed by chapters focusing on the increasing demand for cruising. It presents case-studies of specific countries, including the Antarctic, Caribbean and Alaska before reviewing the economic, social and environmental impacts of cruise tourism. It concludes by exploring predictions for the future of the industry.

Cry Purple

by Christine Mcdonald

This is the story of the author's journey from almost two decades of prostitution, crack addiction and prison to her present life of blindness, motherhood and happiness.


by Tamara L. Britton

An introduction to the history, geography, plants and animals, government, economy, cities and transportation, people, and social life and customs of Cuba, the largest island in the West Indies.

Cuba - Culture Smart!

by Mandy Macdonald

Culture Smart! provides essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behavior in different countries, ensuring that you arrive at your destination aware of basic manners, common courtesies, and sensitive issues. These concise guides tell you what to expect, how to behave, and how to establish a rapport with your hosts. This inside knowledge will enable you to steer clear of embarrassing gaffes and mistakes, feel confident in unfamiliar situations, and develop trust, friendships, and successful business relationships. Culture Smart! offers illuminating insights into the culture and society of a particular country. It will help you to turn your visit-whether on business or for pleasure-into a memorable and enriching experience. Contents include * customs, values, and traditions* historical, religious, and political background* life at home* leisure, social, and cultural life* eating and drinking* do's, don'ts, and taboos* business practices* communication, spoken and unspoken "Culture Smart has come to the rescue of hapless travellers." Sunday Times Travel "... the perfect introduction to the weird, wonderful and downright odd quirks and customs of various countries." Global Travel "...full of fascinating-as well as common-sense-tips to help you avoid embarrassing faux pas." Observer " useful as they are entertaining." Easyjet Magazine "...offer glimpses into the psyche of a faraway world." New York Times

Cuba -- Going Back

by Tony Mendoza

Imagine being unable to return to your homeland for thirty-six years. What would you do if you finally got a chance to go back? In 1996, after travel restrictions between the United States and Cuba were relaxed, Cuban exile Tony Mendoza answered that question. Taking his cameras, notebooks, and an unquenchable curiosity, he returned for his first visit to Cuba since the summer of 1960, when he emigrated with his family at age eighteen. In this book he presents over eighty evocative photographs accompanied by a beautifully written text that mingles the voices of many Cubans with his own to offer a compelling portrait of a resilient people awaiting the inevitable passing of the socialist system that has failed them. His photographs and interviews bear striking witness to the hardships and inequalities that exist in this workers#146; "paradise," where the daily struggle to make ends meet on an average income of eight dollars a month has created a longing for change even in formerly ardent revolutionaries. At the same time, Cuba#151;Going Back is an eloquent record of a personal journey back in time and memory that will resonate with viewers and readers both within and beyond the Cuban American community. It belongs on the shelves of anyone who values excellent photography and well-crafted prose.

Cuba in Mind: An Anthology

by Maria Finn Dominguez

Since Columbus arrived in 1492 and called Cuba "the most beautiful country that human eyes have ever seen," few places on earth have evoked such passion. The thirty-one writers inCuba in Mindoffer ample proof of the fascinations that have lured generations of travelers. In this richly varied anthology of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, we hear from such famous visitors as Anthony Trollope, Langston Hughes, Ernest Hemingway, and Graham Greene. Poets and journalists offer their responses, from Allen Ginsberg and Jayne Cortez to Alma Guillermoprieto and Robert Stone; and novelists weigh in with such fictional portrayals as Elmore Leonard'sCuba Libreand Pico Iyer'sCuba and the Night. Cuban exiles, immigrants, and their offspring provide their unique perspective, from Cristina García's essay "Simple Life" to excerpts from Oscar Hijuelos's novelThe Mambo Kings Play Songs of Loveand from Carlos Eire's memoirWaiting for Snow in Havana. Embracing salsa and santeria, politics and baseball, the island's sparkling beaches and the teeming Havana streets,Cuba in Mindcaptures the vibrancy, the contradictions, the heat and the humor of Cuba as shown by some of the best writers in the English language. Contributors: Thomas Barbour * José Barreiro * Ruth Behar * William Cullen Bryant * Jayne Cortez * Stephen Crane * Andrei Codrescu * Eleanor Early * Carlos Eire * Kimi Eisele * Cristina García * Allen Ginsberg * Graham Greene * Alma Guillermoprieto * Elizabeth Hanly * Ernest Hemingway * Consuelo Hermer * Oscar Hijuelos * Langston Hughes * Pico Iyer * Elmore Leonard * Rosa Lowinger * Marjorie May * Tom Miller * Holly Morris * Ricardo Pau-Llosa * Robert Stone * Jim Shepard * Isadora Tattlin * Anthony Trollope * Walter D. Wilcox

Cuban Color in Tourism and La Lucha: An Ethnography of Racial Meanings

by L. Kaifa Roland

This book explores the tensions and contradictions of post-Soviet-era Cuba's use of tourism, a fundamentally capitalist tool, to sustain its socialist economy.

Cultural Heritage and Tourism

by Dallen J. Timothy

One of the most salient forms of modern-day tourism is based on the heritage of humankind. The majority of all global travel entails some element of the cultural past, as hundreds of millions of people visit cultural attractions, heritage festivals, and historic places each year. The book delves into this vast form of tourism by providing a comprehensive examination of its issues, current debates, concepts and practices. It looks at the social, physical and economic impacts, which cause destinations, site managers and interpreters to consider not only how to plan and manage resources but also how to portray the past in ways that are acceptable, accurate, accessible and politically relevant. In the process, however, the depth of heritage politics, the authenticity and inauthenticity of place and experience, and the urgent need to protect living and built cultures are exposed. The book explores these and many other current issues surrounding the management of cultural resources for tourism. In order to help students relate concepts to real-world situations it combines theory and practice, is student learning oriented, is written accessibly for all readers and is empirically rich.

Cultural Tourism in a Changing World

by Melanie K. Smith Mike Robinson

Cultural Tourism in a Changing World provides an in-depth analysis of the key political and social debates in the field of cultural tourism, drawing on a range of international examples to exemplify the issues raised. The authors highlight the complex dynamism of cultural tourism and its potential to transform destinations and peoples in a rapidly changing world.

The Cultural Wealth of Nations

by Nina Bandelj Frederick F. Wherry

Symbolic resources affect social, cultural, and economic development. The value of being "Made in America" or "Made in Italy," for example, depends not only on the material advantages each place offers but also on the symbolic resources embedded in those places of production. Drawing on case studies that range from the vineyards of South Africa and the textiles of Thailand to the Mundo Maya in Latin America and tourist destinations in Tuscany, this volume examines the various forms that cultural wealth takes, the processes involved in its construction, and the ways it is deployed. Leading scholars from a range of disciplinary backgrounds examine how symbolic resources and cultural understandings help firms and regions develop. Through a thoughtful analysis of current- day cases, as well as historical developments,The Cultural Wealth of Nationsoffers an exciting new alternative to standard economic explanations about the wealth and poverty of nations.

Culture and Customs of Greece

by Artemis Leontis

Leontis presents an overview of the culture and traditions of Greece that is aimed at general readers and students. He provides information on the land, people, history, religion, society, leisure, holidays, food, language and literature, music and dance, media, theater, cinema, and architecture and art of the country, focusing on the language as the center of the culture. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Culture and Customs of Honduras

by Janet N. Gold

For students and general readers, Gold (Latin American literature, U. of New Hampshire) describes the culture and customs of Honduras. She covers the country's national identity and regional and linguistic diversity, indigenous peoples, religion, daily life, food, dress, sports, media, literature and oral tradition, traditional artistry and handcrafts, and visual and performing arts. She includes information about individuals and contributions not easily accessible in English and gives less attention to topics extensively documented in English elsewhere, such as the Mayan civilization of Copán. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Culture Shock! Australia

by Ilsa Sharp

In addition to explaining Australia to newcomers and visitors in the hope of bridging culture gaps and improving the chances of mutual empathy and friendship, it is the author's wish that Australians will, through this book, see themselves through outsiders' eyes.

Culture Shock! Austria: A Guide To Customs And Etiquette

by Susan Roraff Julie Krejci

Whether you travel for business, pleasure, or a combination of the two, the ever-popular "Culture Shock!" series belongs in your backpack or briefcase. Get the nuts-and-bolts information you need to survive and thrive wherever you go.

Culture Shock! Bahrain

by Harvey Tripp Margaret Tripp

Bahrain--the world's smallest desert kingdom, yet immensely rich in culture and history. Bahrain's history was born in the ancient world. The book has primarily been written from a Western perspective for English-speaking visitors. It contains background information on historical events, providing the reader with an insight as to how Bahrainis have evolved their unique culture, appearing to be the same as other Arabs in the Arabian Gulf. This book is also a guide to customs and etiquette of Bahrain. There are no absolute binding rules, other than to remember that the visitor is a guest in Bahrain and should therefore pay due deference to the host--the Bahrainis.

Culture Shock! Barcelona At Your Door

by Mark Cramer

Get the nuts-and-bolts information you need to survive and thrive in Barcelona. Written by someone who has lived and worked in Barcelona, this "Culture Shock!" guide is easy-to-read, accurate. and an entertaining crash course in local customs and etiquette. The practical guide offers the inside information travelers need whether they are a student, a parent, a globetrotter, or a working traveler.

Culture Shock! Beijing

by Kay Jones Anthony Pan

With over three million copies in print, Culture Shock! is a bestselling series of culture and etiquette guides covering countless destinations around the world. For anyone at risk of culture shock, whether a tourist or a long-term resident, Culture Shock! provides a sympathetic and fun-filled crash course on the do's and don'ts in foreign cultures. Fully updated and sporting a fresh new look, the revised editions of these books enlighten and inform through such topics as language, food and entertaining, social customs, festivals, relationships, and business tips. Culture Shock! books are packed with useful details on transportation, taxes, finances, accommodation, health, food and drink, clothes, shopping, festivals, and much, much more.

Culture Shock! Borneo

by Heidi Munn

Whether you travel for business, pleasure, or a combination of the two, the ever-popular "Culture Shock!" series belongs in your backpack or briefcase. Get the nuts-and-bolts information you need to survive and thrive wherever you go.

Culture Shock! Cambodia

by Peter North

Culture Shock! Cambodia provides all the essential information one needs to make settling into this once war-torn country as painless as possible. Benefit from the practical advice provided including how to find accommodation and employment, which schools to put your children in, as well as the documentation required when applying for the various facilities and licences. Discover what to do when encountering monks with mobile phones and how to ride a motorcycle taxi Cambodian-style. Learn more about the Cambodian people and understand the irony behind their warm and friendly nature. Grasp the basics of the Khmer language and browse through the list of places to explore especially the infamous Angkor Wat. Culture Shock! Cambodia is a valuable guide for anyone who wants to visit or stay in the beautiful country of Cambodia.

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