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Folly and Glory

by Larry Mcmurtry

In this brilliant saga -- the final volume of The Berrybender Narratives and an epic in its own right -- Larry McMurtry lives up to his reputation for delivering novels with "wit, grace, and more than a hint of what might be called muscular nostalgia, fit together to create a panoramic portrait of the American West"(The New York Times Book Review). As this finale opens, Tasmin and her family are under irksome, though comfortable, arrest in Mexican Santa Fe. Her father, the eccentric Lord Berrybender, is planning to head for Texas with his whole family and his retainers, English, American, and Native American. Tasmin, who would once have followed her husband, Jim Snow, anywhere, is no longer even sure she likes him, or knows where to go to next. Neither does anyone else -- even Captain Clark, of Lewis and Clark fame, is puzzled by the great changes sweeping over the West, replacing red men and buffalo with towns and farms. In the meantime, Jim Snow, accompanied by Kit Carson, journeys to New Orleans, where he meets up with a muscular black giant named Juppy, who turns out to be one of Lord Berrybender's many illegitimate offspring, and in whose company they make their way back to Santa Fe. But even they are unable to prevent the Mexicans from carrying the Berrybender family on a long and terrible journey across the desert to Vera Cruz. Starving, dying of thirst, and in constant, bloody battle with slavers pursuing them, the Berrybenders finally make their way to civilization -- if New Orleans of the time can be called that -- where Jim Snow has to choose between Tasmin and the great American plains, on which he has lived all his life in freedom, and where, after all her adventures, Tasmin must finally decide where her future lies. With a cast of characters that includes almost every major real-life figure of the West,Folly and Gloryis a novel that represents the culmination of a great and unique four-volume saga of the early days of the West; it is one of Larry McMurtry's finest achievements.

Fools Crow

by James Welch

The 25th-anniversary edition of "a novel that in the sweep and inevitability of its events. . . is a major contribution to Native American literature. " (Wallace Stegner) In the Two Medicine Territory of Montana, the Lone Eaters, a small band of Blackfeet Indians, are living their immemorial life. The men hunt and mount the occasional horse-taking raid or war party against the enemy Crow. The women tan the hides, sew the beadwork, and raise the children. But the year is 1870, and the whites are moving into their land. Fools Crow, a young warrior and medicine man, has seen the future and knows that the newcomers will punish resistance with swift retribution. First published to broad acclaim in 1986, Fools Crow is James Welch's stunningly evocative portrait of his people's bygone way of life. .

Fool's Gold

by Johnny Quarles

An epic tale of the American West, sweeping across a breathtaking landscape of vast and terrible majesty- an unforgettable adventure of heroes and legends, of losers and loners in glorious pursuit of an impossible dream. With no hopes or future to speak of, failed outlaw Holt Flynn spends his days by a mudhole in the sun-parched Oklahoma panhandle ... until a dying Cherokee Chief comes to him with an incredible proposition of a journey to the spirit world ... and promises of a fortune in gold hidden in the high Georgia hills. So in the company of a rag-tag band of frontier misfits. Holt begins an extraordinary odyssey east across a thousand dusty and dangerous miles-for one final, desperate grab at the destiny he knows is his.

Fool's Gold (Woody's Roundup, #4)

by Catherine Hapka

The Prospector spends all the live-long day dreamin' about findin' a big sack of gold and becoming the richest grump in the West. He and the gang hop from Copperhead Canyon to Sidewinder Canyon to Rattlesnake Canyon to Garter Snake Gorge -- all in the hopes of finding some of the glittery stuff.

For His Brother's Wife

by Kathie Denosky

It's forbidden for him to fall for his brother's widow in this story by USA TODAY bestselling author Kathie DeNosky The tornado that tore apart Royal, Texas, ripped Paige Richardson's world to shreds. She lost her husband, and she expected her husband's twin, construction tycoon Colby Richardson, to offer a shoulder to lean on. But instead, he's distant. Why? What happened to the closeness they once shared? For years, Cole has kept his distance, but now he's staying on Paige's ranch while he helps the town rebuild. It's only a matter of time before the feelings-and secrets-he's hidden all come to the surface.

For Now, Forever (MacGregor #5)

by Nora Roberts

Anna, Daniel's wife of forty years, relives her remarkable courtship, when meddlesome matchmaking patriarch and self-made millionaire Daniel MacGregor faced his biggest challenge: to convince the love of his life to marry him! Here at last is the story of how Daniel wooed and won the fiercely independent Anna Whitfield and launched his formidable dynasty.

For Pete's Sake

by Myrna Temte

Heck, Becky Dawson hardly had time for a hayride, let alone a real romance with savvy Pete Sinclair. Sure, this city slicker was tempting, but with livestock to feed, a roundup in the works and two burly brothers to tend to, who could consider courting? Desperately needing some R and R, Dr. Peter Sinclair had traded in his healing hands for helping hands on the Circle D Ranch. But keeping up with its earthy taskmistress wasn't exactly relaxing. Still, for a few stolen kisses and rustled caresses, and the promise of more, he'd gladly mend fences and milk cows by her side. 'Cause in between chores, this busy cowgirl had lassoed his heart!

For Such a Time as This

by Ginny Aiken

Drought has forced farmers around the small town of Bountiful in the Hope region of Oregon to mortgage their property. Then word comes of plans for a spur line to run through the area and join the railroad in nearby Milton. Folks with money see an opportunity to fill their coffers by buying farmland cheap then selling to the railroad for a profit. The Bank of Bountiful, owned by Eli Whitman, appears to be doing that, as well.Widowed two years earlier, Eli, with a son and daughter to raise, sought a hard-working, educated Christian woman to care for them and his home. Olivia Moore filled the bill, and as soon as Eli recognized her as an excellent investment, he offered her first employment then a marriage of convenience.While Olivia is an excellent choice, her large family gives Eli pause. He knows about the problems posed by in-laws, so he will do whatever it takes to avoid a repeat of his earlier experiences.When Papa tells Olivia the Moore family must move according to Eli's terms for the new railroad line, she fears for their safety, since they'll be homeless during winter. Where will they go? How will they survive?It is up to Olivia to convince her husband to renege on his demands, though she swore before their marriage she would stay out of his business.

For the Norden Boys

by John D. Nesbitt

Tom Atkins was out of work. So when the Norden brothers rode into his camp one night and offered him a job, he figured he might as well accept. The Norden boys were nice enough, and they had just bought a small ranch nearby. All things considered, Atkins could do worse. But gradually, as time went by, Atkins began to notice things. Small things, but troubling. Some of the folks in town didn't seem too friendly to anyone from the Norden ranch. And some of their neighbors, like Orvus Fey from the large Argentine Ranch, were downright rude and insulting. Small things have a tendency to become big things, though, and it wasn't long before Tom Atkins realized exactly what he got himself into when he hired on to work for the Norden boys.

The Forbidden Hills: Dreams of Gold - Book Two

by Al Lacy Joanna Lacy

Gold Glimmers, and the Rush Is On! An expedition led by George Custer in the 1870s confirms that the rumor of gold is true, and now its glimmer beckons from the Black Hills of Dakota Territory. And the rush is on in spite of the threat of war with the Indians. No one seems to desire to strike it rich more than Jim Bannon, a farmer who seeks Alyssa McGuire's hand in marriage. Her father is the owner of the Bank of Cheyenne and refuses to let her marry below her class. So Jim boldly departs his Wyoming farm in hot pursuit of the wealth that is his ticket to the love of his life. But conflict between miners and Indians heats up, and Jim returns home unsuccessful. How will he ever make Alyssa his bride? book two Dreams of Gold Trilogy When gold was discovered out West during the nineteenth century, men rushed from all parts of the globe to stake their claims. Fortunes were made and lost, families uprooted, and a continent shaped by men driven by dreams of gold. (end series header) Gold Discovered in the Black Hills! 1875. Jim Bannon is a young farmer, a fine Christian man in love with Alyssa Rose McGuire, the daughter of a wealthy banker in Cheyenne . Her father, Frank, wants her to marry a Christian, of course...but a wealthy Christian. So when the Black Hills of the Dakota Territory (and Sioux country) are opened for gold prospecting, Jim stakes a claim, hoping to strike it rich enough to win Alyssa's hand with her father's approval. Thousands of people converge on the Black Hills , seeking gold for everything from medical bills to oil investments. Jim realizes he's in a mission field among the prospectors--and even the Sioux Indians. But will he ever find enough gold to satisfy Frank McGuire and marry his beloved Alyssa Rose? Story Behind the Book"We read books on the history of North America and found ourselves captivated with the three big gold rushes in the nineteenth century--the California Gold Rush of 1849, the Dakota Territory Black Hills Gold Rush of 1874, and the Yukon Gold Rush in Canada of 1896. Some gold seekers embraced success, delight, and happiness, but others faced failure, tragedy, and sorrow. In the Dreams of Gold series, we captivate our readers' imaginations, as well as touch their hearts with both types of results in the gold seekers' experiences--good and bad." --Al and JoAnna LacyFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

The Forever Tree

by Rosanne Bittner

Rugged New Englander Will Lassater and an exotic Spanish beauty called Santana came from two different worlds but were united by a love that transcended all the tragedies of life! This western romance is truly one of Rosanne Bittner's most compelling works.

Forgotten Lives: African Americans in South Dakota

by Betti Carol Vanepps-Taylor

Throughout South Dakota's history, African Americans have been vastly outnumbered by their white and American Indian neighbors. Under-reported as well, they have been misrepresented by historians, journalists, even census-takers. However, from the first African Americans to visit the Northern Great Plains as fur traders in the early 1800s to twentieth-century voting-rights advocates or professionals recruited after World War II, African Americans have pioneered here. They have participated in the state's successes and failures and contributed to its rich history.

Fort Davis (Stagecoach Station # 42)

by Hank Mitchum

The War between the States is over, but Wade Bonner's private war has just begun. Wanted for murder, the former Confederate officer returns home to Waco, Texas, to find that his father has been shot dead and his farm has been swallowed up by a greedy, land-grubbing rancher. One step ahead of the law, Wade signs on to drive the stagecoach across Texas and carry a precious cargo to Fort Davis: a load of U.S. Army gold and a beautiful emerald-eyed girl from the North. A bounty hunter is closing in, and a gang of highwaymen lies in wait--but Bonner has vowed to catch his father's killer and clear his own name before the trail runs out.

Fort Randall on the Missouri, 1856-1892

by Jerome A. Greene

Strategically located along the Missouri River near the present South Dakota-Nebraska border, Fort Randall served as an important outpost on the western frontier. The post provided troops and routed supplies for an assortment of government and private ventures. In Fort Randall on the Missouri, Jerome A. Greene discusses the day-to-day activities of the troops who supported military expeditions against American Indians, explored and mapped the Black Hills, and conducted routine patrols of southeastern Dakota Territory and northeastern Nebraska.

Fort Verde (Stagecoach Station # 39)

by Hank Mitchum

Mark Shields wanted the easy life of a staff officer in Washington, D.C., but first the young second lieutenant had to serve at Fort Verde, in the middle of Apache country. Old Chatoma and his braves wanted peace with the Army, but ruthless Manitoro and his warriors had sworn to drive the white man from their sacred lands. The scheming Farley Branson wanted those lands, and he'd do anything to get them. With the drunken commander of Fort Verde under Branson's thumb, only Shields could save the Indians from a terrifying massacre. But if he did, he'd risk court-martial and imprisonment. If he didn't, he'd lose the only woman he'd ever loved.

Fort Yuma (Stagecoach Station #8)

by Hank Mitchum

They came to fort Yuma. Luke Faraday-A bounty hunter who lived by his Hawken .50 rifle, he knew the territory would never be safe as long as the Bodine gang ran wild. Lorene Martin-Most at home with the wild wind in her hair, behind her proper beauty she was a straight shooter protecting secret papers that could expose the vicious treachery of a California congressman. Lieutenant Horatio Stack-Ashamed of letting his prisoner escape, he set out on the hard and lonely trail to bring Bodine in. Chastity Blaine-A true daughter of the West, full of life-and now dangerously close to a cruel death at the hands of Bodine.

A Fortune for the Outlaw's Daughter

by Lauri Robinson

More precious than gold... Cole "Lucky" DuMont is off to forge his future in the Alaskan hills. Standing in his way? A dark-haired beauty in need of rescue. Maddie Stockwell's life has always been ruled by men. And now, to ensure her freedom, she strikes a deal with her gorgeous savior: she'll help Lucky in his quest, and find her own fortune along the way! Except when Maddie has to pose as Lucky's wife, she feels a thrill she could never have anticipated. And suddenly there's something even more tempting than gold on her mind...

Fortune's Journey

by Bruce Coville

Sixteen-year-old Fortune Plunkett faces many challenges on an overland journey to California in 1853 with the acting company that she inherited from her father.

Forty Lashes Less One

by Elmore Leonard

The hell called Yuma Prison can destroy the soul of any man. And it's worse for those whose damning crime is the color of their skin. The law says Chiricahua Apache Raymond San Carlos and black-as-night former soldier Harold Jackson are murderers, and they'll stay behind bars until they're dead and rotting. But even in the worst place on Earth, there's hope. And for two hard and hated inmates -- first enemies, then allies by necessity -- it waits at the end of a mad and violent contest ... on a bloody trail that winds toward Arizona's five most dangerous men.

Forty Loads

by Brett Cogburn

Outnumbered, outgunned, and hell-bent on beating the odds. When the beautiful McGaffney twins hire Faro Wells to escort them to New Mexico to claim their inheritance, Faro thinks his luck has finally turned. But a world of trouble stands between him and the supposed fortune: a raging war, hostile Indians, and every raider on the wild frontier. Not to mention the South's most famous villain, the Black Knight, is hard on Faro's trail. And the twins may be the worst trouble of all...

Forty Times a Killer

by William W. Johnstone J. A. Johnstone

The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st CenturyWilliam Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone are the acclaimed masters of the American frontier and national bestsellers. Now, they take on the deadliest and most feared outlaw to ever walk the Old West--John Wesley Hardin. First he became a killer.Then he became a legend. He was 15 when he killed his first man. Before his murderous ways ended, Hardin killed 42 men in cold blood--one, the legend goes, because he snored too loudly. From then on John Wesley Hardin stayed true to his calling, killing man after man after man, spending most of his life being pursued by both local lawmen and federal troops. Hardin lived a fever dream of lightning fast draws and flying lead. By the age of seventeen, Hardin earned a deadly reputation for cold-blooded killing that drew traitors, backstabbers and wanna-be gunslingers--all for a chance to gun down the man who had turned killing into an all-American legend. . .

Forty Times a Killer: A Novel of John Wesley Hardin

by William W. J. A. Johnstone

The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st CenturyWilliam Johnstone and J. A. Johnstone are the acclaimed masters of the American frontier and national bestsellers. Now, they take on the deadliest and most feared outlaw to ever walk the Old West--John Wesley Hardin. First he became a killer. Then he became a legend. He was 15 when he killed his first man. Before his murderous ways ended, Hardin killed 42 men in cold blood--one, the legend goes, because he snored too loudly. From then on John Wesley Hardin stayed true to his calling, killing man after man after man, spending most of his life being pursued by both local lawmen and federal troops. Hardin lived a fever dream of lightning fast draws and flying lead. By the age of seventeen, Hardin earned a deadly reputation for cold-blooded killing that drew traitors, backstabbers and wanna-be gunslingers--all for a chance to gun down the man who had turned killing into an all-American legend. . .

Foster Justice

by Colleen Shannon

"Intense romantic suspense with a sexy edge." --Tanya Anne CrosbyOne Riot, One Ranger...That's the Texas Ranger motto, but when Chad Foster's rebellious brother goes missing, it's time to put his elite training to use investigating a crime that strikes much closer to home. Turning Los Angeles inside out to retrieve Trey and save their ranch from a ruthless land grab is a no brainer, even if it puts his badge at risk. His only lead is a heart-stoppingly sensuous exotic dancer with a very tempting butterfly tattoo, the woman who helped scam his brother out of their ranch. But staying on top of this redhead's every suggestive word and sensual move means putting his case--and his heart--right in the line of fire . . . A Texas Ranger, complete with quarter horse, is as out of place in downtown L.A. as a lawman is in the bed of a suspect, but with both their lives at risk, Chad has to put his trust in the one woman who could bring him down for good, and pray that somehow hard evidence is really just a pack of lies. . . 81,900 Words

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