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Edge: The Blind Side

by George G. Gilman

Another gripping tale from the Edge Series. In this tale, notorious loner Edge runs in to a husband and wife couple -- Geoffrey and Helen -- riding out west. After their horse gives out on them and dies, Edge offers them assistance to get to the next town. However, Edge has no idea what he's signed up for as Helen throws herself at him and her husband ends up blinded... Filled with twists and turns at every corner that are liable to keep you turning page after page relentlessly wanting more, not unlike Helen... Little does she know that not everything you want is for the taking.

Edge: Blood Run

by George G. Gilman

FROM THE BACK COVER: Edge hits a town which is an earthly Paradise, but with its own peculiar form of punishment. There can never be good without evil far away, as Edge discovers when he is sentenced to death by being flung from a precipice. Hedges is beginning to enjoy a life on the ocean wave. Fighting as a sailor against ships is fun compared to the rigours of the civil war on land. But war of any type is no paradise for the fighters, nor for those who get in the way, however close to God they may be. But it turns out that, although Edge misses the reward, in the end everything goes with a bang.

Edge: Bloody Summer

by George G. Gilman

An army shipment has been robbed and a general's treasure stolen. The thieves are captured by Sioux Indians, and pay a high price - the highest price of all. A bank-raid that doesn't quite work out. More Indians. More deaths. And, for Edge, a secret love.

Edge: California Killing

by George G. Gilman

Just outside Los Angeles, Edge rides into a small township. The central building is the playhouse, run by Rodney Holly. Right next door is the photographers, run by Justin Wood. It seems like the kind of nice little town that people dream of. But, it's not. People die - some silently and alone, others shot down in the face of the sun - and they don't get up and walk away. By the End, there are no dreams left.

Edge: Killer's Breed

by George G. Gilman

The American Civil War turned brother against brother and father against son. It reduced men - and women - to the level of animals. It led to rape, torture and sudden, bloody death. And- it gave Edge his first taste of the pleasure of killing.

Edge: Rhapsody In Red

by George G. Gilman

High Mountain, a small frontier town in Colorado, is to stage a musical extravaganza and wild festival. Rollo Stone, the famous violinist is the main attraction and hordes of music lovers pack the town to witness the event. But with the crowds comes trouble. The fragile rule of law order collapses as a bunch of hired guns take over. The sheriff is gunned down and Edge, forever in the thick of things, is left to sort out the mess.

Edge: Savage Dawn

by George G. Gilman

The sleepy Mexican town was peaceful until Edge arrived. This time he was not looking for trouble, just a place to settle down-perhaps even marry, if Isabella Montez would have him-but that wasn't to be. The bounty hunters rode in, and Edge kept away-they weren't after him. They had taken Ortiz Gonzalez's woman; there was a price on Gonzalez's head and they needed her as a hostage. Still Edge wanted to stay on the sidelines. But not for long. Ortiz saw to that.

Edge: Seven Out of Hell

by George G. Gilman

Summer of '63 - back to the Civil War. A truly great train robbery. Chinese bandits and a village of women. Edge betrayed for a fistful of dollars. Cross and double-cross. And Death - always Death! Everyone comes together at a small town called Wounded Knee.

Edge: Sioux Uprising (Edge series #11)

by George G. Gilman

A blazing wagon rolls through a quiet, dusty township, trailing flames and smoke. Two white women are tied to stakes within it - their bodies a mass of arrows. It seems that Edge arrives too late at his peaceful farm to save his young wife, Beth. He only sees the destruction the Sioux have left, and their triumphant, fleeing backs. The trail Edge follows means danger and death - this he knows. But it is what it leads to that is worse than death.

Edge: Slaughter Road

by George G. Gilman

An art auction is held in San Francisco and recently discovered da Vinci sells for one million dollars. Edge offers to guard the picture for its new owners, Drew and Madeline Grover, but a man has to die violently before the half-breed's offer is accepted. Art thieves are everywhere and when Edge escorts the picture by rail towards its destination of New Orleans it triggers a chain reaction of plotting, ambush and killing, and not even Edge remains above suspicion.

Edge: Vengeance is Black

by George G. Gilman

Past and Present are mixed. For Captain Hedges the past means the savage, brother-kill-brother world of the Civil War. It means the classic storming of the Missionary Ridge and a new command, a fighting unit comprised entirely of liberated slaves. And there's a prisoner from the notorious Quantrill's Raiders. He escapes from Hedges and goes free, ready in later years to meet "the dirty little coward" who is to lay him in his grave. In the present there's pain and killing for Edge. An outlaw who claims he's the greatest. A writer who learns the true meaning of death. And, for the first time, a woman.

Edge: Vengeance Valley

by George G. Gilman

FROM THE BACK COVER: Edge rides into Vengeance Valley, where Ryan rules the roost. The cowed homesteaders paid tribute to the ruthless robber land baron without a fight. Until Edge came. Edge was rich, and Edge riled Ryan. So Ryan's hired hands roughed Edge up, robbed him and paid the price. Edge wanted his money, but the homesteaders wanted him. To fight, to kill, to revenge them on Ryan. In an explosive finale of blood and bullets, Edge and Ryan fight for the fate of Vengeance Valley

The Education of Madeline

by Beth Williamson

The Right Man Comes Along Madeline Brewster practically owns Plum City, Colorado. But at thirty-two, she knows she has missed any chance for happiness. Until she finds a tall, strong, handsome Irishman on the wrong end of the hangman's noose. Suddenly this unconventional woman comes up with an outrageous idea . . . Teague O'Neal has rugged cheekbones, tousled black curls, and eyes as blue as the sky, even if he is caked in Colorado mud. The men insist they caught him horse-thieving, and there's something desperate about him that says he'd do anything for a buck. Maybe it was pure chance, or maybe it was something more that brought Madeline and Teague together. But one thing's clear, between a woman who has just about everything she could ever want, and a man who's lost that and more, they might find something in between worth living for . . .

El arma rota

by Louis L'Amour

Hace noventa años, los hermanos Toomey, en compañía de otros 25 hombres y cuatro mil cabezas de ganado, se esfumaron camino a Arizona. Cuando es escritor e historiador Dan Sheridan es invitado al rancho de los hermanos desaparecidos por su actual dueño, no deja escapar la oportunidad. La visita concuerda de maravilla con su plan de aclarar ese misterio de cien años de antigüedad - pero el hecho es que su anfitrión no es amante de los libros, de los escritores ni de quienes no se limitan a ocuparse de sus propios asuntos. Muy pronto, Dan se encuentra viviendo en carne propia los peligros del Viejo Oeste - perseguido por territorio indómito por varios matones salidos de las páginas más violentas de sus historias. Sin embargo, sus enemigos han cometido un grave error: Sheridan no es cualquier escritor de pacotilla y matarlo no será tan fácil como piensan.From the Paperback edition.

El Canon Oscuro

by Louis L'Amour

Cuando Gaylord Riley se alejó de la banda de Coburn, llevaba dinero y un sueño. Trabajó duro y construyó una cabaña, reunió una manada de reses y se enamoró de Marie Shattuck.Pero al enfrentar falsas acusaciones de robo de ganado y asesinato, Riley se v e obligado a defender su nuevo estilo de vida de ciudadano respetuoso de la ley. Superado en número, y de cara a un escuadrón de linchamiento, Riley se sorprende cuando sus viejos amigos regresan a darle una mano. ¿Pero cómo podrán ayudarle sin que los atrapen y los metan a la cárcel? Con el sheriff local que ya sospecha de Riley, la banda de Coburn tendrá que tener buenos planes y actuar con rapidez. Pero eso no le será difícil. Fue haciendo justamente eso como se ganaron su reputaciónFrom the Paperback edition.

El Dorado (Stagecoach Station # 28)

by Hank Mitchum

The stage carrying Andrea King never made it to Placerville. Solomon King, her husband, knew she was somewhere in the Sierra Nevada mountains, but was she alive or dead? With Andrea's sister Lorraine and the Indian guide Gray Hawk, King began his grim search. Then the first storms of winter hit with blinding fury. Accompanied by a lost party of miners carrying gold, King made it to the relay station of El Dorado--only to find that someone in the party wanted all the gold for himself and thought eleven lives was a small price to pay. The snows made them prisoners of El Dorado, and one by one they died. King had to find the killer before the killer found him-- and ended his desperate search for his wife.

El hombre de Las Colinas Quebradas

by Louis L'Amour

For years Milo Talon had been riding the outlaw trail, looking for a man who had betrayed his family. Only Hank Rossiter wasn't the man he had been: old now and blind, Rossiter was trying desperately to hold on to a small ranch to support his daughter, Barbara. Suddenly Talon found himself in the middle of a range war, siding with the man he'd marked for payback. But had Rossiter really changed? And could his daughter be trusted by either of them? For Milo, getting to the truth meant a long hard fight to separate his enemies from his friends--and forgiveness from revenge.From the Paperback edition.

El hombre llamado Noon

by Louis L'Amour

En un breve instante, una caída borró su memoria. Ahora, de lo único que estaba seguro era de que alguien lo quería muerto... y que era mejor que averiguara por qué. Pero parecía que en cada sitio al que llegaba había aún más interrogantes... o más personas demasiado dispuestas a ocultar la verdad detrás de una cortina de humo compuesta de mentiras. Tenía únicamente el nombre que le habían dicho que era el suyo, su misteriosa destreza con la pistola y una relación con el equivalente a medio millón de dólares en oro escondido como evidencia de su vida pasada. ¿Era suyo el tesoro? ¿Era él un ladrón? ¿Un asesino? No tenía las respuestas, pero debía encontrarlas pronto. Porque lo que aún no sabía de sí mismo, lo sabían otros... y, a menos que develara el secreto de su pasado, no tendría mucho futuro.From the Paperback edition.

El Paso (Stagecoach Station, # 23)

by Hank Mitchum

As a hub of transportation and commerce, El Paso had a reputation as a rough town. For the Lone Star Stage Company, that frequently spelled trouble. It was a sure bet that when a shipment of government gold was scheduled to ride the private line under heavy guard, more than one gang of greedy hardcases would be waiting on the trail. That's when Texas Ranger Branson Howard was called in to take on the near-impossible job of protecting the valuable shipment-- any way he saw fit. But Turk Killam, a big rancher and shadowy outlaw baron, would stop at nothing to take the gold for himself. Turk's stepdaughter Lucy Daniels, caught between the law and the lawless breed who infest the Killam ranch, saw what was coming. And it didn't look good for the man she loved: Branson Howard.

El Paso Way (Blood for Justice)

by Steven Law

When everything you love is lost to a vicious killer, you can either trust the law or take matters into your own hands... As a young boy, Enrique Osorio witnessed the destruction of his entire family at the hands of Antonio Valdar, the Demon Warrior. Father Gaeta took him in, encouraging Enrique to wait for the right moment to confront Valdar man to man. But when Enrique meets Pang Lo, who lost his own father to Valdar, he knows his moment has come... With Pang's mastery of martial arts and Enrique's hunting skills, they plan to catch the Demon Warrior before he reaches the Mexican border. With a determined sheriff also tracking Valdar, Enrique and Pang pray for the justice they deserve, fueled by a passion to make a bloodthirsty killer finally taste his own blood...

Emily and Jackson Hiding Out

by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Emily Wiggins is thrilled that she and her orphan friend Jackson have escaped the clutches of the Child-Catching Services and Emily's villainous uncle Victor. Emily and Jackson are now living happily with her loving aunt Hilda. But just a mighty mouth minute! Someone's snooping around for an orphan child on the run! He knows Jackson is hiding nearby and aims to get a reward for snatching him and sending him to work at a mill. What in leapin' livers should Jackson do? And Emily can't rest easy either, since some sort of creature is coming to their gate when Jackson and Emily are home alone. What in simmering succotash is that moving pile of dirt? Is it a heap of black rags, is it a dusty tumbleweed, no it's . . . Now what in shaking shivers will happen next?

Emma and the Outlaw (Orphan Train #2)

by Linda Lael Miller

Despite her unconventional upbringing -- she'd been adopted off the orphan train by the local "madam" -- Emma Chalmers was the most prim and proper young lady in all of Whitneyville. Why, she wouldn't even permit Fulton Whitney to kiss her, and they were practically engaged! But when Steven Fairfax landed in her home, wounded in an explosion at the town's raunchiest saloon, his lazy smile made Emma's blood race. Slowly, Steven stilled her fears with his gentle, insistent caresses...until at last she gave herself unashamedly to the splendid passion that was their destiny. Yet now Emma faced a new terror -- for the drifter she loved so desperately was a wanted man, and his past was about to catch up with him!

The Empty Land

by Louis L'Amour

For thousands of years the lonely canyon knew only wind and rain, wild animals, and an occasional native hunter. Then a trapper found a chunk of gold, and everything changed overnight.In six days a town called Confusion appeared . . . and on the seventh it could disappear, consumed by the flames of lawlessness and violence. On one side are those who understand only brute force. On the other are men who want law and order but are ready to use a noose to achieve their ends. Between them stand Matt Coburn and Dick Felton: one a hardened realist, the other an idealist trying to dig a fortune from the muddy hillside. Outnumbered and outgunned, Felton and Coburn can't afford to be outmaneuvered. For as the two unlikely allies confront corruption, betrayal, and murder in an attempt to tame a town where the discovery of gold can mean either the fortune of a lifetime or a sentence of death, they realize that any move could be their last.From the Paperback edition.

End of the Drive

by Louis L'Amour

A veteran trail driver, who has survived thundering stampedes and Comanche raids, discovers there's nothing so dangerous as courting a beautiful woman.... A brutally beaten homesteader crawls off to die--only to stumble upon an ancient talisman that restores his will to live....This treasure trove of newly discovered stories captures the grit, grandeur, and glory of the men and women who wielded pistol and plow, Bible and branding iron to tame a wild country. A mysterious preacher rides into town to deliver a warning that leads to a surprising revelation.... And in the full-length novella Rustler Roundup, the hardworking citizens of a law-abiding town are pushed to the edge as rumors of rustlers in their midst threaten to turn neighbor against neighbor.Each of these unforgettable tales bears the master's touch--comic twists, stark realism, crackling suspense--all the elements that have made Louis L'Amour an American legend.From the Paperback edition.

End of the Hunt (Wildgun #6)

by Jack Hanson

Will Barlow is finally close to finding his lost daughter. But after five long years, there's a chance his daughter won't remember him-or even want to be found.

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