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Silent in the Saddle

by Norman A. Fox

As range war smolders across the Hurumpaw Basin, a silent stranger rides into town. Folks swear up and down he's Hush Considine-the notorious hired gun. But Brad Seldon knows better. With countless lives - and one good man's reputation at stake, the disguised Texas Ranger's there to stop what could be the bloodiest showdown in Montana history.... It won't be easy... not when you're a one-man army against a deadly bunch of double-dealing ranchers and a snake of a lawman greedy for land and eager to see you dangling at the end of a rope. But Seldon's got his reasons for shouting up trouble. And when it comes to frontier justice, a six-gun speaks a language all its own....

The Silent Stranger: A Kaya Mystery (American Girls Collection)

by Janet Shaw

KAYA's village is preparing for the powerful winter Spirit Dances when an injured stranger arrives. She doesn't speak, and no one can reach her but Kaya's beloved dog, Tatlo. Who is the stranger, and why is she so silent and alone? Kaya searches for clues, but she must look deep inside her own heart to truly understand.

Silver Creek Showdown (McMasters #2)

by Lee Morgan

Cattleman Protective Association Captain Boyd McMasters is sent to Silver Creek, Texas, to investigate a case of cattle rustling involving four prize bulls worth about $20,000. That's enough money to kill for, it seems, because someone keeps drawing a bead on McMasters every time he goes into town. When McMasters figures out who's behind it all, he's going to lay down the law.

The Silver Flame

by L. L. Foreman

McLean was suspicious of the sinister-looking Rogue Bishop, still he needed a guide badly. But what neither of the men knew was that the silver they sought was tainted by madness and death.

Silver Lies (Silver Rush Mystery #1)

by Ann Parker

As 1879 draws to a close, this Rocky Mountain boomtown has infected the world with silver fever. It's not much different than the mania or the corporate scams that heat up over a century later. Unfortunately for Joe Rose, a precious-metals assayer, death stakes its own claim. Joe's body is found trampled into the muck behind Inez Stannert's saloon. Inez already had much more to deal with than pouring shots of Taos Lightning and cleaning up a corpse. A lady educated on the East Coast, she has a past that doesn't bear close scrutiny, including her elopement with a gambling man who has recently disappeared. Most townsfolk, including Inez's business partner, Abe Jackson, dismiss Joe's death as an accident. Death, after all, is no stranger in Leadville. But Inez wonders: Why was this loving husband and father carrying a brass token good for "one free screw" at the parlor house of Denver madam Mattie Silks? When Joe's widow Emma asks Inez to settle Joe's affairs, almost against her will, Inez uncovers skewed assays, bogus greenbacks, and blackmail. Lies and secrets run deep in Colorado, secrets more likely to lead to a hanging than to today's congressional hearings or country-club prisons for the crooked and the greedy. Then again, maybe Joe's murder was purely personal...

The Silver Stallion (Slocum #197)

by Jake Logan

Slocum always knew private detective Sam Myles was trouble, but he was also a friend-and the man who had saved Slocum's life years ago. So when Myles's urgent telegram summoned him to San Francisco's notorious Barbary Coast, he couldn't refuse. It was one helluva short reunion. Ten minutes after telling Slocum he had evidence that could bring down Frisco's crooked mayor, Myles was dead. Now Slocum's next on the mayor's list. Slocum never thought he'd live to see Myles turn honest, but he's beginning to believe it. And with the help of a beautiful crusader, Slocum's thinking of finding Myles's evidence and reforming the city...and maybe even himself, too. But Slocum might never live to see that day. Or even the next morning.


by Max Brand

It was a one shot kill . . . But it wasn't the man Silvertip meant to kill. It was just a kid wearing Bandini's cape. And while Silvertip wasn't denying he pulled the trigger, it was Bandini who set the youngster up, sending him out of the saloon to die like a dog. It should have been the back-shooting, throat-cutting Bandini who bled his life away into the dust of that dark alley. Before the young boy's corpse was cold, Silvertip made an oath. He'd track down the kid's kin. And whatever the youngster was supposed to do, he'd finish the job. Then he'd find Bandini and kill him proper. Though it was a crying shame you couldn't kill a man like Bandini more than once . . .

Silvertip's Roundup

by Max Brand

Silvertip's Roundup is and Old Western tale of adventure told by Max Brand, one of America's favorite western writers. Brand tells the story of the legendary Arizona Jim "Silvertip" Silver, who shoots fast, stays cook, and brings to justice killers and thieves who make a habit of taking the law into their own hands. When Barry Christian, one of the West's most detestable law breakers, starts making trouble in Horseshoe Flat, Silvertip is ready to take him on in his inimitable style. Silvertip joins forces with Taxi, a cunning safecracker and ex-con from New York. Together Silvertip and Taxi set out to hunt Christian down and teach him an unforgettable lesson.

Silvertip's Search

by Max Brand

Young Rap Brender had left home after a quarrel with his father. When the old Judge asks Arizona Jim Silver to find his son, the legendary Silvertip agrees because Rap has joined the gang of Barry Christian, the outlaw king and Silvertip's sworn enemy. Silvertip's search for Brender leads him through towns totally corrupted by Christian's evil genius, to a desert oasis transformed into an outlaw paradise. Here Silvertip finds Brender. He continues to pursue Christian across smoldering desert sands and into icy mountain passes. It is a chase that can end only in death, for Silvertip and Christian have vowed to make this their final clash.

Silvertip's Trap

by Max Brand

At 30, Bill Naylor had spent half his life behind bars. Free again, and while looking for a new job, he saves a man from drowning. The rescued man turns out to be Barry Christian, the outlaw king. Naylor, rewarded with a top job in Christian's gang, thinks his fortune's made. But Christian's deadly enemy is Arizona Jim Silver--the legendary Silvertip. Silvertip has vowed to bring Christian to justice. Naylor, who know firsthand about Silvertip's courage and fairness, realizes that Silvertip, his friend, is the more formidable of the two giants. Then Christian plans the crime of his career, a daring robbery that will make the gang rich. For Naylor it is the one chance of a lifetime--until Naylor learns that Christian's plot calls for Silvertip's death.

Sin Killer (The Berrybender Narratives, Book 1)

by Larry Mcmurtry

Larry McMurtry's Sin Killer, the first novel of a major four-volume work, is set in the West when it was still unexplored, with a rich, brilliant cast of characters, their lives as intertwined and memorable as those of Lonesome Dove, a work that is at once literature and great entertainment. It is 1830, and the Berrybender family, rich, aristocratic, English, and fiercely out of place, is on its way up the Missouri River to see the American West.

Sins of Summer

by Annmarie Mckenna Mackenzie Mckade Marie Harte Dawn Halliday

The first story deals with an island where every sexual fantasy can come true. The second story is a threesome at a horse ranch. The third is about several spies on a pleasure planet, and the last involves two newlyweds and their best man stranded on an uninhabited Caribbean island.

Sins of Summer (Wyoming Frontier #3)

by Dorothy Garlock

A sizzling novel of love and revenge on the wild frontier. In an Idaho logging camp, Dory bears a child by the handsome son of a rival mill owner--but the child's father dies before they can be married. Then rugged Benton rides into her life, a man who ignites both gunfire between the feuding families and passion in Dory's heart. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Sioux Splendor

by Rosanne Bittner

Courageous Red Wolf was ready to meet the Great Spirit when he saw a gorgeous white woman step up to his gallows in the moonlight. He thought he was dead already until he felt her golden hair tickle his arm and her full breasts press against his chest as she sliced away his ropes. Grateful for his life, he swore he'd teach her how the red man could love.

The Sisters Brothers

by Patrick Dewitt

Hermann Kermit Warm is going to die. The enigmatic and powerful man known only as the Commodore has ordered it, and his henchmen, Eli and Charlie Sisters, will make sure of it. Though Eli doesn't share his brother's appetite for whiskey and killing, he's never known anything else. But their prey isn't an easy mark, and on the road from Oregon City to Warm's gold-mining claim outside Sacramento, Eli begins to question what he does for a living--and whom he does it for. With The Sisters Brothers, Patrick deWitt pays homage to the classic Western, transforming it into an unforgettable comic tour de force. Filled with a remarkable cast of characters-losers, cheaters, and ne'er-do-wells from all stripes of life--and told by a complex and compelling narrator, it is a violent, lustful odyssey through the underworld of the 1850s frontier that beautifully captures the humor, melancholy, and grit of the Old West and two brothers bound by blood, violence, and love.


by Louis L'Amour

Jean LaBarge faces the dangers of Russian-owned Sitka. Fired by Helen's courage and by the call of his country, Jean is ready for a fight--to win Alaska for America.

Six Ways From Sunday

by William W. Johnstone J. A. Johnstone

Cotton Pickens, the unforgettable hero of William Johnstones classic Blood Valley, returns in a tale of a lawless Montana mining district, a 16-year-old widow, and a man who always finds new ways of laying down the law. . . Six Ways To Sunday--And Seven Days To Die Cotton Pickens parents had a cussed sense of humor, but theres nothing funny about the way the man can draw a gun. Now hes in the middle of a mining camp district slowly being crushed under the iron fist of another misnamed, hardheaded fellow, Carter Scruples. With Cotton facing off against Scruples, a beautiful young woman caught in-between, and a band of outlaws living high and mighty in a dry-docked Pullman Palace Car, the town of Swamp Creek is surely going to get blown sky high. And when time comes to put the pieces back together again--Cotton will do his picking one bullet at a time. . .

The Sixth Shotgun

by Louis L'Amour

No writer is associated more closely with the American West than Louis L'Amour. His beloved novels, stories and characters have become part of the fabric of American culture. Collected here are two of his most exciting works, in their original forms. The title story, a tale of stagecoach robbery and frontier justice, appeared first in a magazine, then in abridged form in different collections. Now, for the first time in paperback, readers are able to enjoy the story in its full-length version. Similarly, the short novel included in this volume, The Rider of the Ruby Hills, one of L'Amour's greatest range war novels, was published first in a magazine, then expanded by the author into a longer version years later. Here is a chance to experience the novel as it appeared in its debut, as L'Amour originally wrote it.

Skeleton Lode (Sundown Riders #6)

by Ralph Compton

FROM THE BACK COVER: The Sundown Riders: They're ex-cowpunchers looking to strike it rich and not having much success. When they deliver a wagon of scotch to a shantytown saloon, the bartender drops dead before paying. No sooner do they take over the bar as payment than it is burned to the ground during a brawl. The cloud above Arlo Wells and Dallas Holt has no silver lining. Skeleton Lode: They finally get a break when they receive a message from an old friend, along with a map. It seems the grizzled prospector finally hit the mother lode in the Superstitious Mountains, only to die shortly thereafter. His last wish was for the two boys to find his beloved nieces and share the claim with them, easy money, except for a few minor problems. Like the despicable stepfather who's got the nieces, a gang of hired gunmen, and the other half of the map. The vicious bandits who are hot on their trail, and the Apaches who'll slaughter anyone daring to tread the ground of their sacred mountains. For Arlo and Dallas, this lucky break may be the worst thing ever to happen to them.

Skye (Women of Primrose Creek #3)

by Linda Lael Miller

They are the women of Primrose Creek, and their strength and passion is a match for the Nevada frontier they call home. Linda Lael Miller masterfully captures the hardships and dangers of a country swept by the winds of war -- and the daring and determination, the hopes and dreams of four unforgettable women -- in a thrilling new series. Skye McQuarry's heart belongs to one man -- Primrose Creek's lumber baron, Jake Vigil. After a shattering heartbreak in his past, Jake vowed to never again take a chance on love -- until he came to know beautiful Skye. But their delicate bond faces the ultimate test when a business deal threatens to tear them apart -- and battle lines are drawn between two passionate hearts. Skye is determined to stand her ground. Then a surprise from Jake's past unexpectedly comes to her -- a discovery that may be just the key to unlocking the true, deep, and trusting love that she knows lives deep within Jake Vigil. Be sure to read all of Linda Lael Miller's splendid Primrose Creek novels!

Slocum and the Gravedigger (Slocum #275)

by Jake Logan

When Slocum's good pal Sammy Golden inherits a ranch out in Whistling Valley, it's up to Slocum to help him get the place up and running. But when they arrive, they find more than a few weeds and a broken fence to take care of. It seems a man named Smoot has a claim to the entire valley-including Sammy's ranch-and he's expecting everyone in town to pay up or get out. But when Slocum uncovers the truth behind Smoot's operation, the situation explodes like a wagonload of TNT. And when Smoot brings in a hired gun they call the Gravedigger, Slocum knows that he'll have to face his old rival one-on-one, in a showdown that will decide the fate of Whistling Valley and all the people who live there...

Slocum and the Hired Gun (Slocum #268)

by Jake Logan

A BLOODY WAR HAS SLOCUM PICKIN' SIDES... Harleyville may be a little town, but there's a big-time range war brewing and more trigger-happy cowhands than you can shake a stick at. With bodies piling up, either side could use an experienced gunslinger. Slocum figures it's someone else's problem, but he winds up right in the middle of it anyway... When things turn ugly Slocum takes a side- but he's not the only gunslinger in town. Aaron "One Shot" Parsons rode into Harleyville willing to slap leather for whoever pays him. He may be the best shooter in the West, but he'll have a hell of a time drawing a bead on Slocum....

Slocum and the Invaders (Slocum #182)

by Jake Logan

Escorting a girl like Myra Hendricks through the Arizona wilds might have been a pleasure, if Slocum didn't need protection himself. Vein Culhane's on his tail. And nothing's deadlier than a lynch-happy desperado with a grudge. But a lost fortune in ore is at stake. So is a prettier treasure named Myra. And to get what they want, the bloodthirsty Culhane gang is more than willing to turn the lynching into a double-knot ceremony...

Slocum and the Law (Slocum #53)

by Jake Logan

SLOCUM HAD NEVER FELT THIS WAY BEFORE. Call it love, call it whatever, it sure as heck made him want to do anything he could for Miss Fay Bright-even go back to a town where he had just pulled a job and try to save her brother from the gallows. Here the sheriff wants an innocent man to hang, a certain gang is torching ranches, and trigger-happy crooks on both sides of the law keep Slocum mighty busy, as do the man-rousing charms of his very special lady!

Slocum and the Presidio Phantoms (Slocum #318)

by Jake Logan

TODAY'S LONGEST-RUNNING ACTION WESTERN! A GHOST OF A CHANCE Frisco's one hell of a town, full of gamblers, loose women, and ... ghosts? Slocum's old friend Captain Caleb Newcombe needs his help with a problem: his post in the Presidio is being overrun by morale-crippling "haints." Every time the fog rolls in, soldiers report seeing shackled souls being led across the parade grounds, prodded by demons-in uniform. The ghosts are chilling the soldiers' blood. But a hot-blooded woman is about to warm things up for Slocum...

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