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Father of Waters (The White Indian Series #18)

by Donald Clayton Porter

It was the worst butchery ever seen in Tennessee's virgin brush country. Innocent women had been brutalized, their children savagely slain. Egan Kirk, choked by raging grief and swearing eternal revenge against his family's foul murderers, had already killed most of the vile Cherokee renegades responsible. All but one He calls himself Atarho, the Spirit of Evil. Now he has viciously attacked a party of peaceful settlers and abducted five young maidens to be sold into Spanish bondage. To this bloodthirsty brave, there is only one way the white man can pay for stealing the Indian's noble birthright--and that's with his life. DIVIDED PEACE--As Kirk follows Atarho's trail of death and as tomahawk meets bullet and blade, it falls to the mighty Seneca warrior RENNO, the legendary White Indian, to prevent the senseless massacre from erupting into the most horrific bloodbath in Western history. In Philadelphia the Great White Thinkers try to forge peace among the divided nations while Renno embarks on a desperate mission that will take him from the teeming city of New Orleans to the primitive jungles of the Yucatan. And there, amid the sacred temples of the Mayans, he will meet his most treacherous foe yet.

The Feather Gang

by Jon Hovis

The Feather Gang is an intriguing story about a gang of outlaws, criminal by choice but driven by circumstance. They are pursued by U.S. Deputy Marshal Jake Silver, who is intelligent and cunning through years of experience. The gang will soon determine if their wits will endure to pull off one last big bank heist, and the Marshal will be put to the test to see if he can stay ahead of the gang's ingenious plan.

The Ferguson Rifle

by Louis L'Amour

It began with gold that had once belonged to Montezuma. Stolen and cached in a church in Mexico, it was recovered by two army officers who fled north for the French settlements. Along the way one stabbed the other to death. The remaining officer was eventually killed by Plains Indians, but he buried the treasure just before he died. Now Ronan Chantry, a handful of trappers, and an Irish girl whose father was killed after telling her a few vague landmarks are searching for the lost treasure. But they are not alone. The girl's uncle, Rafen Falvey, wants it, too. Like Chantry, he is well educated, bold, and determined. Under different circumstances the two men might have been friends. But in all likelihood it wouldn't have made any difference. When it comes to gold, even friendship doesn't keep men from killing each other.From the Paperback edition.

Fievel Goes West

by Charles Swenson

After a cat attack in New York City, Fievel Mousekewitz and his mouse family head west on a dangerous journey to the Green River.

Fighting Men

by Ralph Cotton

Civil War veteran and former schoolmaster Sherman Dahl rides the Southwest as a gun for hire. Known by both the law and the lawless as "The Teacher", Dahl sells his services to those seeking justice-and is relentless in his pursuit of wanted men. .

Final Draw (Slocum #172)

by Jake Logan

DRAW OR DIE Forced to play bounty hunter to an infamous gun, Slocum rides into Finality Gulch aiming to bring Clyde Otis in, any way he can. But finding the elusive outlaw is like rousting out a rattler at high noon. Until Otis's gang comes gunning for him, and the hunter becomes the hunted in a six-gun showdown against impossible odds... The longest-running western series in America today, the Slocum adventures by Jake Logan have entertained readers since 1975.

The Final Freedom

by Bill Wallace

Will Burke is daydreaming about Nate's wonderful shotgun when he runs smack-dab into the fiercest brave of them all, Geronimo! Terrified, he lashes out against the mighty warrior, who's amused -- and impressed. This boy is braver than the army of soldiers who have just captured Geronimo after his fifteenth escape from the White man's reservation. It will not be his last.... Suddenly, Will has an unexpected friend. Geronimo saves his life in a deadly ice storm, then teaches him how to survive, and fight back against bullies like Nate. it isn't until Geronimo takes Will on an unforgettable Wild West adventure at the St. Louis World's Fair that he finally tells Will what he must do in return. It is the hardest thing Will has ever had to do....

Final Justice

by Al Lacy

Silver Moon is in her teens when her Cheyenne village is destroyed by Colonel John Chivington's cavalry unit. As Silver Moon grows, she becomes consumed with hatred until her one goal is to kill the man responsible. But when a smallpox epidemic breaks out among the Cheyenne, Christian nurse Breanna Baylor Brockman comes to care for the sick, and the nurse's compassion for Silver Moon and her people begins the girl's journey toward conversion and healing.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Finally Home

by Lois Greiman

"Lois Greiman is a natural storyteller. " -Victoria AlexanderWild horsesWild heartsAnd a diapered lamb under the Christmas tree. . . Could life get any more hectic at the Lazy Windmill? With the holidays reminding Casie of every mistake she's ever made, and her assistant Emily struggling to be a single mom, it's anyone's guess what the New Year will bring. Then bad boy Colt Dickenson shows up with a ring. No one has ever gotten under her skin like he has, but Casie can't believe a rough stock cowboy will stick around for the long haul. But the heart wants what it wants;love is as stubborn as family, foals, and farm equipment. And sometimes you have to face your fears to find the happiness only coming home can bring. Praise for Lois Greiman "Greiman's writing is warm, witty and gently wise. " --Betina Krahn, New York Times bestselling author"Lois Greiman delivers. " -Christina Dodd

Fire Bell in the Night: A Western Story

by Tim Champlin

Alex Thorne, formerly of the Secret Service, Aboard the City of Peking, saves the life of a fellow passenger named Rudyard Kipling. Thorne is suspicious that the incident was not accidental.

The Fire of Greed

by Bill Yenne

Money to burn... Bounty hunter Bladen Cole rode into Santa Fe with the bodies of two wanted outlaws who decided to try their luck against his Colt .45. But he's riding out with an even more profitable venture--the capture of four robbers who stole a payroll from the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. Rather than let word spread about the theft, the railroad men need someone who can get the job done quickly and quietly. This is a job for a bounty hunter. Following a trail of bodies, Cole soon realizes that the payroll robbery is only the beginning of something much bigger and bloodier on the horizon...

The Fire Pony

by Rodman Philbrick

As terrible things happen at the ranch, Roy must face the truth about his brother and the secret of the fire pony.


by Bill Pronzini

A trio of hardcase outlaws shows up with an empty freight wagon, planning on stealing a cache of illegal weapons and ammunition they know is being hoarded by a lumber baron.

First Claim

by Luke Short

Giff Ballew risks his life to take back the land he believes was stolen from his family following the Civil War. But Ballew's enemy has more guns, more money, and the town on his payroll.

The First Fast Draw

by Louis L'Amour

You can't go home again....East Texas wasn't much of a home for Cullen Baker. Few liked him, and some even tried to kill him. Yet after three hard years of wandering, he's come back to farm the land that's rightfully his.Only Cullen's in for an unwelcome homecoming: his neighbors have long memories, the Reconstructionists have greedy hearts, and his worst enemy has teamed up with a vicious outlaw. But Cullen isn't about to back down. Instead, he's intent on perfecting a new way of gunfighting--the fast draw. And now, with enemies closing in on three sides and threatening the woman he loves, he'll have to be faster than lightning--and twice as deadly--just to survive.From the Paperback edition.

First Indian on the Moon

by Sherman Alexie

"A young writer who is taking the literary world by storm...a superb chronicler of the Native American experience.. an overwhelmingly exciting voice...he is a master of language, writing beautifully, unsparingly and straight to the heart."

The First Mountain Man

by William W. Johnstone

A Mountain Man In Disguise A big city like St. Louis is the last place where a mountain man like Preacher would pick a fight. But how else will he get at the ruthless power broker who is using fear and bloodshed to take over the Western fur trade? A Killer In Control Shaving his beard, posing as a greedy hayseed from Ohio, the Preacher comes face-to-face with Shad Beaumont--who is leaving St. Louis with an army of hired gunmen. . . with the Preacher on his tail. And A Fire That's Just Begun To Erupt The odds couldn't be worse and the battleground couldn't be better. For the wild frontier is no place for fancy plots or poor disguises--but a fine spot for a killing ground. . .

The First Mountain Man #1

by William W. Johnstone

A legend is born...and the saga begins. He'd come to the Rockies as a runaway twelve-year-old and grown into a living legend. He could out fight, out drink, out cuss, out dance, out ride and out lie any man alive. They called him Preacher... All Preacher has on his mind is a hankering for some companionship at the annual mountain man rendezvous in Popo Agie. But his plans change when he rides down into Fort Hall and finds he's the only man knowledgeable enough to lead a train of sixty wagons on the last leg of the rugged trail to Oregon, guiding a hundered greenhorns through the wilds of the northwest. Knowing he can't leave these settlers prey to all the bloodthirsty cutthroats and renegade Indians waiting in the wilderness, Preacher mounts the lead horse. He'll get the pilgrims through safely--or end up dead along the trail with the rest of them.

The First Mountain Man #10: Preacher's Justice

by William W. Johnstone

He Fought For His Freedom In a land of towering mountains and howling winds, a man has found a home--away from other men and away from memories of the past. A trapper by trade, a fighter at heart, he has earned the name "Preacher," and a legend of his own. He Fought For His Life In the wilds, Preacher has learned the rules of survival, and he has killed in order to live. But now something is forcing him out of his Rocky Mountain range for the so-called "civilized" world. It is the memory of a woman. It is her blood calling out for revenge... Now, He'll Fight For The Truth In St. Louis, a girl from Preacher's past has been murdered. For the man whose heart she once touched, the time has come to leave the high wild country--for truth, justice and a new reason to kill...

The First Mountain Man #11: Preacher's Journey

by William W. Johnstone

Before he became a legend, Preacher was a trapper peacefully plying his trade in the Rocky Mountains. But people needed a hero...and Preacher was the only one around. Now, a wagon train of pioneers is struggling Westward toward Oregon through the howling winter - and a band of Arikara warriors are hot on their trail. Little do the Arikaras suspect that they're about to come face-to-face - and gun-to-gun - with a ferocious fight they never expected...courtesy of a wily mountain man. As Preacher struggles to bring the settlers to safety, he learns the real reason they were attacked - and begins to suspect that the secrets they've been keeping equal a worse kind of danger. With treachery in the air, more Arikaras on the warpath, and a deadly deep freeze bearing down, trust is a thing of the past-and survival is the only thing that matters.

The First Mountain Man #12: Preacher's Fortune

by William W. Johnstone

They call him Preacher. And they call only when they need help. Now, a Mexican brother and sister have asked the legendary frontiersman to accompany them into the Sangre de Cristo mountains--to find a missing family fortune of gold and silver. In a land stained by cruelty and war, the Spanish treasure has drawn the interest of a treasure hunter with ruthless paid killers as his partners. And by the time Preacher finds the bounty, bullets have begun to fly. No gunfight will ever scare Preacher. But betrayal, greed, and a deadly mystery are enough to have him looking over his shoulder. The caves dotting the wild mountainside are guarding an explosive secret. And Preacher's gut tells him that whoever next claims the Spanish treasure will be the next to die...

The First Mountain Man #13: Preacher's Quest

by William W. Johnstone J. A. Johnstone

The harsh, unforgiving frontier is no place for innocents. And when an old friend of the Preacher's asks him to guide a gaggle of wide-eyed Easterners through the Rockies, Preacher responds with a polite: "Hell no." But the pilgrims are pursued by a gang of outlaws and then ambushed by angry Indians. With his friend caught up in the melee, Preacher has no choice but to try to rescue him and anyone else who happens to be within reach. Suddenly a battle turns into an all-out war as one of the Easterners has an explosive secret that could get them all killed. Add some stone cold cutthroats with a chilling plan, and this man of God will have a devil of a time saving some souls and sending others to meet their Maker.

The First Mountain Man #14: Preacher's Showdown

by William W. Johnstone J. A. Johnstone

ON A JOURNEY FOR DREAMERS In the bustling streets of St. Louis, two cousins have a dream: to travel west with a wagon train of supplies and make a fortune in trade. Since a rugged mountain man called the Preacher saved their bacon once before, they turn to him again... IN A LAND FULL OF DANGER Preacher needs a job and is heading west anyway. But he doesn't bargain on the beautiful woman who sneaks her way into the wagon train and the trouble she brings on board. Then, before he can wash his hands of the whole bunch, he's suddenly in a fight for his life. ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE PREACHER... Sensing easy prey, outlaws in a lawless land have swooped down on the band of pilgrims already bitterly divided by secrets, passions, and hatred. And for that, they will all answer to the Preacher...

The First Mountain Man #15: Preacher's Pursuit

by William W. Johnstone J. A. Johnstone

DREAMS OF GOLD AND POWER. The mountains are brimming with the lure of fortunes-- from gold to a booming fur trade. A man at home in this once pristine wilderness, Preacher knows there's no turning back civilization now. What he doesn't know is that beyond the plans of some men is a deadly enemy with far more dangerous designs... SCHEMES OF BLOOD AND BETRAYAL. With vengeance-hungry criminals shadowing his every move, Preacher meets a beautiful woman working to bring a rail line to a remote settlement. And while Preacher is distracted by both the beauty and by beastly outlaws, Indians attack the outpost--and settlers fight furiously back for their survival. ONE MAN'S FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF A LAND... When the smoke clears and blood dries, Preacher realizes that he's in a war more deadly and complex than any he's known. Agents of a foreign government ignited the Indian attack. And they've got far bigger plans--and only Preacher stands in their way...

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