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Beyond Black Belt

by Emery C. Walters

Wren is a hardworking archaeologist on his first vacation in years. While he’s tempted to look for ancient artifacts, this is Maui and he needs to focus on taking it easy. So it’s off to the beach to relax.There Wren dives into trouble, literally. Luckily, the backward roll and breathing techniques he learned studying Ninjutsu saves his life, because the shore break called Satan’s Washing Machine grinds him up and spits him out, temporarily blinded and badly battered.A karate dojo owner named Steven takes him to a doctor, a pharmacy, and then back to the beach, only to find Wren’s car and all his belongings have been stolen. So Steven invites him home instead.Will their mutual love of martial arts lead to other a deeper relationship? Or will their shared desire for humbleness and respect for others keep them from falling in love?

Enhancing Pleasure for Gay Men: A Clinical Guide for Healing and Acceptance Through Better Sex

by Israel Martinez

This book aims to help therapists understand the challenges gay men face in their sex lives, providing professionals and gay men with evidence-based interventions and clinical tools to help them heal and live overall healthier lives.Gay men have unique and debilitating issues that can get in the way of them having pleasurable sex. Instead of sex being a space to learn about themselves, heal, release, and receive joy, for many sex is fraught with shame, anxiety, self-hate, and feeling isolated. Written for both professionals and the clients they treat, this book aims to heal sex-related wounds through sex and, in turn, improve every aspect of gay men’s mental health. The book begins by exploring what is special about gay men and sex before looking at assessing and presenting medical issues impacting sexual functioning, such as childhood trauma, attachment styles, body issues, anxiety, depression, long-term relationships and parenting, and hookup apps. It then moves onto clinical interventions to address these issues, with intake questionnaires and information on how to adapt sensate focus exercises, neuroscience, narrative, CBT, and somatic modalities to provide sex therapy interventions specific to gay men.With special focus on marginalized communities within the LGBTQIA+ community, such as trans men, BIPOC, aging, disabled, and chronically ill voices, this book is essential reading for sex therapists and mental health professionals working with gay men, as well as gay men themselves looking to live authentically and happily in their sexual lives.

14 Beats—No Breath

by David Connor E. F. Mulder

Cecil, son of Anna and Dr. Albert Morgan, was raised in a well-to-do neighborhood in the 1930s. Always feeling different -- separate -- from everyone around him, after college, he relocates to an Appalachian Mountain cabin.Lonely at first, Cecil spends a great deal of time talking to himself. One night, he hears a song on a breeze with a long note held for fourteen beats. As far as Cecil knows, he is alone on that side of the desolate mountain, so who is singing?He eventually meets up with the mysterious mountain man without a name, a man who also lives separated from the world. Was his seclusion a choice? When illness occurs, will the aid Cecil brings during a time when doctors treat mental illness like a crime and homosexuality as a mental illness make things better or worse?

The 7-10 Split: A Romantic Comedy (Peach Blossom #1)

by Karmen Lee

For fans of Ashley Herring Blake&’s Delilah Green Doesn&’t Care and Chencia C. Higgins' D'Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding comes an utterly charming and queerly irresistible romantic comedy…where all&’s fair in love and bowling.This is how love rolls…For teacher Ava Williams, some subjects are not up for debate. Like history—specifically, the one she has with Grace Jones, bowling pro and local celeb. Who is now, for no identifiable reason, teaching at the same small-town Georgia high school as Ava. Once upon a time, they were thick as thieves, best friends, rivals who pushed each other, and total bowling nerds. Then they shared a kiss, sweet and confusing…and after that, they split and nothing was ever the same.Ava is pretty sure she has every reason to hate Grace. Especially when the school&’s soggy potato of a principal announces—finally—that the students can have the bowling team Ava has been pushing for, for years…only to hand it to Grace.Now they&’re expected to be partners and lead their new bowling team to victory in six months. And with that, their rivalry is back. Fierce, ultracompetitive…and with an undeniable attraction that pushes, pulls and crashes together. It&’s history. It&’s chemistry. And it&’s just a matter of time before it explodes…one way or the other.

The Absinthe Underground

by Jamie Pacton

Moulin Rouge meets Holly Black in a thrilling sapphic friends-to-lovers romantasy!This lavish and decedent LGBTQ+ fantasy romance will leave fans of Divine Rivals and Emily Wilde's Encyclopedia of Faeries utterly enchanted!&“A romantic and thrilling story of ambition, magic, and peril.&”—Publishers Weekly, Starred ReviewAfter running away from home, Sybil Clarion is eager to embrace all the freedom the Belle Époque city of Severon has to offer. Instead, she&’s traded high-society soirées for empty pockets. At least she has Esme, the girl who offered Sybil a home, and if either of them dared, something more. While Esme would rather spend the night tinkering with her clocks and snuggling her cats, Sybil craves excitement and needs money. She plans to get both by stealing the rare posters that crop up around town. But when she&’s caught selling a poster by none other than its subject, Maeve, the glamorous girl invites Sybil and Esme to The Absinthe Underground, the exclusive club she co-owns, and reveals herself to be a Green Faerie, trapped in this world. Maeve wants to hire thieves for a daring heist in Fae and is willing to pay enough that Sybil and Esme never have to worry about money again. It&’s too good of an offer to pass up, even if Maeve&’s tragic story doesn&’t quite add up, and the secrets could jeopardize everything the girls have so carefully built.Jamie Pacton, author of The Vermilion Emporium, dazzles in this whimsical and daring romantic fantasy. Fans of Fae lore, slow-burn sapphic pining, and decadently magical worlds will find The Absinthe Underground as ensorcelling as a fairy delight.

The Abyss: A Novel

by Fernando Vallejo

Finally, the Colombian Fernando Vallejo’s masterpiece, The Abyss, is available in English in a stunning translation by Yvette Siegert Winner of the Rómulo Gallego Prize, The Abyss is a caustic masterwork of incredible power and force, an unforgettable autobiographical work of queer fiction. The novel tells about the demise of a crumbling house in Medellín, Colombia. Fernando, a writer, visits his brother Darío, who is dying of AIDS. Recounting their wild philandering and trying to come to terms with his beloved brother’s inevitable death, Fernando rants against the political forces that cause so much suffering. Vallejo is the heir to Céline, Thomas Paine, and Machado de Assis. He hurls vitriolic, savagely funny insults at his country (“I wipe my ass with the new Constitution of Colombia”) and at his mother (“the Crazy Bitch”) who has given birth to him and his many siblings. Within this firestorm of pain, Fernando manages to get across much beauty and truth: that all love is painful and washed in pure sorrow. He loves his sick brother and the family’s Santa Anita farm (the lost paradise of his childhood where azaleas bloomed); and he even loves his country, now torn to shreds. Always, in this savage masterpiece about loss—as if in the eye of Vallejo’s hurricane of talent—we are in the curiously comforting workings of memory and of the writing process itself, as, recollecting time, it offers immortality.

Adoración del Pene: ¡25 Maneras de VENERAR a tu AMO y su PENE como el MARICÓN realmente eres!

by Mike Watson

EL libro sobre la adoración del pene que siempre quisiste, y EL libro, y el contenido que NUNCA se ha publicado, hasta ahora. Contiene AMBOS mis libros mundialmente famosos y (¡como ha dicho la gente!) "que cambian la vida" sobre la adoración de penes: "Adoración de penes para maricas y maricones" y "Central del Pene". NUNCA volverás a mirar un pene de la misma manera y nunca volverás a SENTIR lo mismo por un pene después de leer este curso. Sumérgete y escribe sobre tus experiencias. ¡Las compartiremos con el mundo!

Affirmations for Queer People: 100+ Positive Messages to Affirm, Empower, and Inspire

by Jess Vosseteig

Celebrate your resilience and bravery in the face of discrimination and empower yourself and your community with these 100+ affirmations for queer people that celebrate being LGBTQIA+.Queer people are essential members of society—trailblazing for positive change and building up a stronger and more vibrant community every day. It&’s time to affirm these truths and so many more with Affirmations for Queer People. In this book, discover more than 100 affirmations to empower yourself, emphasize your self-worth, care for your mental health and emotional well-being, and so much more. You can use these affirmations and the accompanying texts to reflect on your own life and your future. You&’ll find amazing, inclusive artwork throughout that speaks to the beauty, bravery, and diversity of this incredible community. With Affirmations for Queer People, celebrate being a queer person, affirm your talent and worth, and bring your dreams to fruition.

The Agony of Joy

by Red Haircrow

Former model-turned-actor Adrian Lee can barely list age range 23–29 on his résumé anymore, nor stand his life of empty social events and appearances, meaningless roles, and casual partners. When he meets Alexander Skizetsky by clever arrangement of his agent, the enigmatic yet infinitely attractive Russian kindles a little light of hope in his aching heart. Yet even the beginnings of a friendship and love beyond his wildest dreams cannot stop a life spiraling out of control.The long estrangement from his devout Irish Catholic parents and family and the dark secrets they all share combine to drive Adrian to the brink of despair, though Alexander becomes determined to stay by his side. After locking away his own memories of betrayal and loss, Lexx had decided never to love again, but something in Adrian spurs the noblest intentions in his formerly jaded heart.Returning in pilgrimage to Alexander’s homeland, on a journey of rebirth, revelation, and redemption, can they escape the ghosts of their pasts to find true love together?NOTE: This book contains references to childhood sexual assault that might disturb some readers.

Aidan's Journey

by CJane Elliott

Sequel to Serpentine WallsThe star of the University of Virginia theater department, Aidan Emery is lusted after and admired for living out and proud. He uses his talent and good looks to his advantage and never sleeps with the same guy twice. But his glamorous patina has been carefully honed to hide the pain he carries inside. Aidan wasn't always such a player. He starts college naively romantic, hungry for the attention he can’t get from his workaholic father and mentally ill mother. Unfortunately, that leaves him ripe pickings for predatory professor Rodney Montgomery. Rodney’s flattering regard seduces Aidan into a dysfunctional relationship that destroys his innocence.Life looks up for Aidan when he finally breaks free of Rodney’s pull and moves to New York City to make it as an actor. Meeting sweet fellow actor Patrick Jaymes seems like the start of a fairy tale. But before Aidan can rebuild his life into happily ever after, family secrets rip him wide open, leaving him easy prey when Rodney decides he’s not willing to let Aidan go.NOTE: This book contains references to mental illness, depression, suicidal ideation but not actual suicide, and emotional abuse from an unequal power dynamic.


by Dianne Hartsock

Alex is twenty and confused. He always is. The world presses on him with its horrors and pain, with scintillating auras that bewilder his eyes and drive the migraines deeper. He hears the cries of the children, sees the brutal images of tortured victims. He feels out of control and his mind slips ...Severely abused as a child, he is left with horrible scars on his body and even worse scars within his mind. Even though it puts him in danger, he’s compelled to help those who call to him. He’s driven, motivated by his visions to rescue them and hopefully uncover the killer. When he can, he helps the police; yet some detectives suspect he’s involved. Often, Alex finds himself alone and afraid in a world he doesn’t always understand.

All Friends Are Necessary: A Novel

by Tomas Moniz

In this &“tender and open-hearted novel," (Nina LaCour, author of Yerba Buena) Tomas Moniz—a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway and Lambda Literary awards—delivers a commanding new story about the power of friendship, community, and the families we create for ourselves. Efren &“Chino&” Flores has just moved back to the Bay Area from Seattle, jumping from sublet to sublet. In Washington, he was an adored middle school biology teacher with a loving wife, and a child on the way—that is, until a stunning loss upended his life. Now he&’s working temp jobs, terrified of commitment, and struggling to put himself back out into the world. But there to nurture Chino is a coterie of new and old friends and lovers who form a protective web around him. Closest to him are Metal Matt, a red-haired metalhead with a soft spot for Courtney Love and a rangy dog named Sabbath, and Mike and Kay, a couple whose literary edge is matched only by the success of their secret OnlyFans account. As Chino begins to date more men and women—and to open himself up again to love—his bonds with those around him grow both rich and profound. Like a fern blooming in the wake of a forest fire, new life comes after even the most devastating upheaval. With gorgeous, heartrending detail and a seemingly infinite catalogue of tender, unexpected interactions, Tomas Moniz has created a striking mosaic of desire and belonging. An anthem to both queer and platonic love, All Friends Are Necessary evinces the wonder of friendship and the joy of giving yourself up to the essential force of community."Vibrant, alive, and absolutely devastating in its beauty, All Friends Are Necessary is like a late-night phone call with your best friend—exuberant, confessional, and above all, honest."—Chelsea Bieker, author of Godshot and Madwoman

All That Jazz

by Lynn Townsend

Finn Riordan's life is upended when he discovers his boyfriend having sex with Hector Lange, the legendary local playboy. Five years later, Hector appears in Finn's life once again, this time to cheat Finn out of the painting he’s bidding on at an art auction.Hector Lange has no complaints about his life. He has a good career, plenty of friends, and while he doesn't believe in true love, he never lacks for companionship. Everyone loves the easygoing and gregarious Hector. Which is why it’s so startling when he finds himself assaulted by a furious and beautiful man.When Hector realizes he inadvertently outbid Finn for a painting intended for Finn's brother, a recovering veteran, he wants to make amends. Hector's latest ex had backed out of a vacation they planned to take together, so Hector invites Finn instead as something of an apology. A win for all involved, right?The trip will do more than merely reconcile the two, opening both Finn's and Hector's eyes in unexpected ways. But will those newfound discoveries and feelings follow them home?

All the World Beside: A Novel

by Garrard Conley

From the New York Times bestselling author of Boy Erased, an electrifying, deeply moving novel about the love story between two men in Puritan New England.Cana, Massachusetts: a utopian vision of 18th-century Puritan New England. To the outside world, Reverend Nathaniel Whitfield and his family stand as godly pillars of their small-town community, drawing Christians from across the New World into their fold. One such Christian, physician Arthur Lyman, discovers in the minister&’s words a love so captivating it transcends language.As the bond between these two men grows more and more passionate, their families must contend with a tangled web of secrets, lies, and judgments which threaten to destroy them in this world and the next. And when the religious ecstasies of the Great Awakening begin to take hold, igniting a new era of zealotry, Nathaniel and Arthur search for a path out of an impossible situation, imagining a future for themselves which has no name. Their wives and children must do the same, looking beyond the known world for a new kind of wilderness, both physical and spiritual.Set during the turbulent historical upheavals which shaped America&’s destiny and following in the tradition of Nathaniel Hawthorne&’s The Scarlet Letter, All the World Beside reveals the very human lives just beneath the surface of dogmatic belief. Bestselling author Garrard Conley has created a page-turning, vividly imagined historical tale that is both a love story and a crucible.

Amante a metà: Lei ama il suo fratellastro...un po troppo

by S. A. West

Quando Max scopre che la sorellastra Mel ha invitato a casa le sue amiche cheerleader per la festa di compleanno, spera di trascorrere una serata molto divertente. Tuttavia, quando un malinteso viene usato contro di lui, scopre fino a che punto la sorellastra è disposta a spingersi per esprimere il suo amore per lui. Questo breve racconto erotico è la storia di amore proibito, lussuria e profondo desiderio carnale.

The Amphitheater of Souls

by Patrick Bryce Wright

When a plague ravages his village, the shaman Cian sails to the land of the dwarves for a cure. During the voyage, he meets and allies with Thanyan, a beautiful male elf who is a bard. Upon reaching the dwarven cleric whom Cian has been tasked with consulting, they uncover a dangerous secret: the plague resulted from blood magic. To undo this forbidden magic, they must travel to the island nation of the centaurs and visit The Amphitheater of Souls, the ancient temple where the blood magic was cast.Cian and Thanyan hire a female dwarven warrior, Loquin, as a bodyguard for protection against the instigator of the plague. However, they still find themselves stalked, assaulted with magic, and tangled in secrets. On the voyage to the island, a sea serpent attacks, nearly destroying their ship, and when they arrive at the island, the spellcaster launches further attempts to kill them so they can’t lift the blood curse causing the plague. With the help of centaur priestesses, the group fights to untangle a dark affair that is revealed to span decades.As Cian and Thanyan become embroiled in this dangerous mission to capture the rogue spellcaster, they grow to love each other. But with their lives at risk, can they save the village and live out their lives together in love?

Animal God

by R. G. Hendrickson

Forever-young Oscar, in a present-day prison cell, tells a story from his early life. As Diver, one of the first Homo sapiens, he’s the sole survivor of our people when our original home, Lake Makgadikgadi, dries up. Searching in vain for others, desperately lonely, he encounters a stranger with burning eyes, whose uncommon beauty calms Diver’s fears.Fiery-eyed Geb is a godlike being allied with animals. At first, he’s charged with orchestrating Diver’s death. Nothing personal, he likes Diver, but duty comes first. For the moment, Diver is the last of our kind, and Geb is tasked with keeping it that way.Before Diver outwits the prehistoric animals sent to kill him, Geb shows him their lives through the animals’ own eyes. When he defeats the animals, Diver regrets their loss. This opens Geb’s heart. He works to earn Diver’s trust, a difficult task considering their history and Geb’s spiritual constraints.Courting Diver, Geb forsakes his duty and makes a big sacrifice to prove his love. Diver learns the secret of how our people might resurface, and Geb promises to always be with him.In his cell, Oscar suffers a flawed romance, gives his blood for experiments, and meets a strange computer program, John Doe, struggling with amnesia. This AI being loves Oscar’s story of two ancient enemies becoming lovers and saving humanity. When John remembers his lost identity, he helps Oscar escape.

Another First Chance

by Robbie Couch

They Both Die at the End meets You&’ve Reached Sam, in this heart-stopping speculative young adult novel from New York Times bestselling author Robbie Couch that explores all the different ways love can live on after tragedy.It&’s been a year since eighteen-year-old River Lang&’s best friend died in a car accident. And every day since, he&’s had to pass by the depressing billboard that appeared as a result: a texting and driving PSA that reduces Dylan to a cautionary tale and River to the best friend of the dead kid at school. Dylan was so much more than a statistic, though, and River hates that everyone in town seems to have forgotten. When he&’s caught improving (a.k.a. vandalizing) Dylan&’s billboard, River is blackmailed into joining the Affinity Trials—a research study that&’s observing teens who are &“struggling socially.&” But as soon as he arrives, River&’s social struggles only worsen as he&’s thrown together with the last person he wants to spend an entire week with: his ex-best friend and Dylan&’s former girlfriend, Mavis, who&’s the only one who knows the truth about the night Dylan died. During the Trials, River befriends a charming quarterback named Nash, and it doesn&’t take long for romantic feelings to start bubbling to the surface. But so do bizarre developments within the Trials that make him wonder what researchers are actually studying while monitoring his every move. And when suspicions lead him to a bombshell discovery, River will have to decide just how far he&’s willing to go for another chance at first love.

Antes de que él se convirtiese en música

by B. Levin

Gunter es un músico exigente y reservado que se encuentra al borde del colapso, ante una grave crisis psicológica motivada por dificultades en su carrera. En estas condiciones, conoce a Niko, un joven atractivo y misterioso, impregnado de secretismo en muchos aspectos, especialmente en su forma de ganarse la vida, cuyas intenciones a menudo no son lo suficientemente claras. Comienza una implicación que lo sumerge en una trama en la que la pasión, la obsesión, la lucha por la expresión creativa, la desconfianza y la traición se manifiestan en paralelo al avance de un enemigo interno silencioso, una mezcla que amenaza su integridad mental y que puede llevarlo a transgredir límites peligrosos. Una obra en la que el romance psicológico, el erotismo y el suspense se entrelazan en distintos matices.

AntoloGaia: Queering the Seventies, A Radical Trans Memoir (Other Voices of Italy)

by Porpora Marcasciano

In this stirring memoir by a member of the first generation of LGBTQ+ activists in Italy, Porpora Marcasciano tells her story and shares the struggles and accomplishments of her fellow activists who achieved so much in the 1970s yet suffered devastating losses during the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s. AntoloGaia offers an insider’s look at the beginnings of the gay liberation movement in Italy and reveals how it was intimately intertwined with other forms of left-wing activism. At the same time, it powerfully conveys the queer joy of a young person from a small village first encountering the vibrant sexual minority communities of Naples, Bologna, and Rome. As Marcasciano starts to embrace her trans identity, she meets the famous anthropologist Pino Simonelli, who introduces her to Naples’s unique femminielli subculture and gives her the name Porporino, which she later shortens to Porpora. In keeping with this story of gender, sexual, and political discovery, AntoloGaia is the first piece of Italian life-writing to use gender-neutral and mixed-gender language.

Anyone's Ghost: A Novel

by August Thompson

&“Anyone&’s Ghost is about so very many things: the pains of growing up, friendship and pining, drugs, sex, the frustrations of masculinity and the thrill of testing death itself. But more than any of that, it is an overwhelmingly beautiful love story. This book will make you cry.&” —Jonathan Safran Foer&“You know those books that you take with you everywhere? That you won&’t stop talking about to your friends? That bring it all back? That change you? Anyone&’s Ghost is that book. Thompson has fired a literary flare into the black night of the universe and the illumination is spectacular.&” —Junot Díaz An extraordinary debut novel in which the transforming love and friendship between two young men during one unforgettable teenage summer in rural New England haunts them into adulthoodIt took three car crashes to kill Jake.Theron David Alden is there for the first two: the summer they meet in rural New Hampshire, when he&’s fifteen and anxious, and Jake&’s seventeen and a natural; then six years later in New York City, those too-short, ecstatic, painful nights that change both their lives forever—the end of the dream and the longing for the dream and the dream itself, all at once.Theron is not there for the third crash.And yet, their story contains so much joy and self-discovery: the glorious, stupid simplicity of a boyhood joke; the devastation of insecurity; the way a great song can distill a universe; the limits of what we can know about each other; the mysterious, porous, ungraspable fault line between yourself and the person you love better than yourself; the beautiful, toxic elixir of need and hope and want.Brimming with rare, radioactive talent, August Thompson has written a love story that is electrically alive and exquisitely tuned.In the words of Jonathan Safran Foer, &“This book will make you cry.&”

April May June July: A Novel

by Alison B. Hart

A triumphant family story and sharply observed exploration of privilege, identity, and love in all its forms, following four estranged siblings whose lives collide in the lead-up to a family wedding, when new clues surface about their long-missing father&“Truly a great American novel that does the very best of what fiction can do: sink us into other people&’s lives, show us new worlds, make our hearts pound and our breath catch. Superb.&” —Julia PhillipsApril, May, June, and July Barber don&’t have much in common anymore. An upcoming family wedding will place the four siblings in the same room for the first time in years. But shortly before, when April spots their father, who went missing while serving overseas a decade ago, their reunion becomes entirely more complicated.While the siblings&’ search for the truth about their father forces them back into each other&’s lives, it also intensifies their private dramas. April loves her husband, but seeks excitement outside their marriage. May had big dreams for the future, but she&’s still stuck living at home. June is eager to marry her girlfriend, so why does she need a drink at every wedding-related event? And then there&’s baby brother July, whose unrequited love for his straight roommate has him more confused than ever.Confronting the past together, April, May, June, and July will find not only answers about their father, but new romance, hope, and understanding as they learn to embrace the beauty of their shared history.

Ariel Crashes a Train

by Olivia A. Cole

&“A gorgeously kind, wonderfully gentle, and unfailingly compassionate depiction of OCD...bursting with light.&”— Ashley Woodfolk, critically acclaimed author of NOTHING BURNS AS BRIGHT AS YOUExploring the harsh reality of OCD and violent intrusive thoughts in stunning, lyrical writing, this novel-in-verse conjures a haunting yet hopeful portrait of a girl on the edge. From the author of Dear Medusa, which New York Times bestselling author Samira Ahmed called &“a fierce and brightly burning feminist roar.&”Ariel is afraid of her own mind. She already feels like she is too big, too queer, too rough to live up to her parents' exacting expectations, or to fit into what the world expects of a &“good girl.&” And as violent fantasies she can&’t control take over every aspect of her life, she is convinced something much deeper is wrong with her. Ever since her older sister escaped to college, Ariel isn't sure if her careful rituals and practiced distance will be enough to keep those around her safe anymore. Then a summer job at a carnival brings new friends into Ariel&’s fractured world , and she finds herself questioning her desire to keep everyone out—of her head and her heart. But if they knew what she was really thinking, they would run in the other direction—right? Instead, with help and support, Ariel discovers a future where she can be at home in her mind and body, and for the first time learns there&’s a name for what she struggles with—Obsessive Compulsive Disorder—and that she&’s not broken, and not alone.


by K. L. Noone

Evander Roche doesn’t want to kill anyone. But he’s one of the Queen’s bowmen, and the kingdom’s been invaded. Now Van, and his loyal best friend Milo, and their fellow soldiers, are standing at the brink of war.Fortunately, the greatest magician in the world has shown up to help. Lorre will either win a war or prevent it -- after all, he always gets what he wants. And tonight he wants Van for company.The magician’s beautiful and powerful. The invitation’s an honor. But Milo’s only concerned about Van getting hurt -- and Van’s starting to realize just how much Milo cares.On the edge of a battlefield, tempted by magic, Van will discover what he really wants ... and the person he truly loves.

As Many Stars

by K. L. Noone

Blake Thornton -- or, as rumor likes to call him, the Earl of Thorns -- has a secret. Or two.London society knows Blake as an adventurer and traveler. His tales and memoirs have made him a celebrity. But when Blake thinks of home, he thinks of his best friend Ashley Linden, brilliant Oxford scholar of classical poetry -- and the man Blake’s been silently in love with for years.But Blake’s discovered feelings for someone else as well: Cameron Fraser, the handsome Scottish doctor he’s met on his travels, who knows him like no one ever has. Blake doesn’t expect to see Cam again, despite how much he’d like to.But when he returns home to find Ashley ill, Blake has a reason to send for Cam, and together, Blake, Ash, and Cam will discover a new adventure.

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