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Talking Books: Pioneering and Beyond 1891395 Marilyn Lundell Majeska 9780844405902 0001 Contains image descriptions
In the High Valley (Katy #5) 1139477 Susan Coolidge 1891
The Story of My Life: With Her Letters (1887-1901) And A Supplementary Account Of Her Education, Including Passages From The Reports And Letters Of Her Teacher, Anne Mansfield Sullivan, By John Albert Macy 5889115 Helen Keller 9781480483835 1903 Contains images
The Song of the Stone Wall 16078 Helen Keller 1910
The Miracle Worker: A Play 5902227 William Gibson 9781416559375 1914 Contains images
A Beacon for the Blind: Being a Life of Henry Fawcett 14856 Winifred Holt 9781289655853 1915
The Blind In Industry: 50 Years of Work and Wages 606527 Ben Purse 1925
From Homer to Helen Keller: A Social and Educational Study of the Blind 232719 Richard Slayton French 1932
Skipper The Guide Dog 28643 Arthur C. Bartlett 1933
In the Shadow of the Tower (Dana Girls Mystery #3) 481362 Carolyn Keene 1934
The Light That Did Not Fail 14504 Clarence Hawkes 1935
Beowulf: Guide Dog for the Blind 22783 Ernest Lewis 1937
The Conquest of Blindness: An Autobiographical Review of the Life and Work of Henry Randolph Latimer 234919 Henry Randolph Latimer 1937
The Last Express (Duncan Maclain Mystery #1) 1060770 Baynard Kendrick 1937
The Whistling Hangman (Duncan Maclain Mystery #2) 1060788 Baynard Kendrick 1937
What of the Blind? A Survey of the Development and Scope of Present-Day Work with the Blind: Volume 1 229730 Helga Lende 1938
Franka: A Guide Dog 14045 Walter Johnson 1941
Memoirs of a Midget 1345726 Walter de la Mare 1941
What of the Blind? A Survey of the Development and Scope of Present-Day Work with the Blind: Volume 2 229738 Helga Lende 1941
Dogs against Darkness: The Story of the Seeing Eye 344621 Dickson Hartwell 1942
The World At My Fingertips 20519 Karsten Ohnstad 1942
I Wanted To See 14595 Borghild Dahl 1944
The Influence of Parental Attitudes and Social Environment on the Personality Development of the Adolescent Blind 218897 Vita Stein Sommers 1944
Death Knell (Duncan Maclain Mystery #5) 2613534 Baynard Kendrick 1945
Lights Out 3768515 Baynard Kendrick 1945

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Showing 1 through 25 of 6,958 results