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Husserl and the Sciences: Selected Perspectives (Philosophica) 2013293 Richard Feist 9780776618661 0004 Contains images
The Evolving Physiology of Government: Canadian Public Administration in Transition (Governance Series) 2013087 O. P. Dwivedi Tim A. Mau Byron M. Sheldrick 9780776618173 0009 Contains images
Basic Writings of Existentialism 273595 Gordon Marino 9780307430670 0019 Contains images
Christmas Conversation Piece 299997 Bret Nicholaus Paul Lowrie 9780307414755 0019 Contains images
Expect Nothing 1020989 Clarice Bryan 9781462916825 0200 Contains images
The Anti-Christ 1936196 H. L. Mencken Friedrich Nietzsche 9781937276928 1731
The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche 1936118 H. L. Mencken 9781937276126 1731
Manifest animalista: La causa animal com a camí per a un nou humanisme 1878286 Corine Pelluchon 9788416930418 1776 Contains images
The Cambridge Companion to Utilitarianism 753990 Dale E. Miller Ben Eggleston 9781139861731 1780 Contains images
Engaging Nature 1014572 Peter F. Cannavò John Barry Joseph H. Lane Jr. 9780262526562 1786
The Age of Reason: Being An Investigation Of True And Fabulous Theology - Primary Source Edition 2050370 Thomas Paine 9781504044424 1794 Contains images
Bruce Lee The Tao of Gung Fu: A Study in the Way of Chinese Martial Art 1358951 John Little Bruce Lee 9781462917884 1832 Contains images
Japanese Culture: The Religious and Philosophical Foundations 1341501 Roger J. Davies 9781462918836 1832 Contains images
Ingenious Genes 440810 Roger Sansom 9780262195812 1838 Contains images
Kierkegaard's Writings, XXII 1579702 Howard V. Hong Edna H. Hong Søren Kierkegaard 9781400832392 1846 Contains images
Vita Sexualis: Karl Ulrichs and the Origins of Sexual Science 1377474 Ralph M. Leck 9780252098185 1848 Contains images
The Illustrated Walden: Thoreau Bicentennial Edition 1395944 Henry David Thoreau 9781101993262 1855 Contains images
Nietzsche on Language, Consciousness, and the Body 1376385 Christian J. Emden 9780252091094 1870
Nietzsche's Philosophical Context: An Intellectual Biography 1376260 Thomas H Brobjer 9780252090622 1871 Contains images
Primitive Culture Volume I 1934727 Edward Burnett Tylor 9780486813899 1871 Contains images
Primitive Culture, Volume II: Researches Into The Development Of Mythology, Philosophy, Religion, Art, And Custom, Volume 2 - Primary Source Edition (Cambridge Library Collection - Anthropology) 2055647 Edward Burnett Tylor 9780486813905 1871 Contains images
The Albert Einstein Collection: Essays in Humanism, The Theory of Relativity, and The World As I See It 2214380 Albert Einstein 9781504040310 1879 Contains images
Philosophers Behaving Badly 1930257 Mel Thompson Nigel Rodgers 9780720613681 1880 Contains images
The Communist Manifesto 791651 Friedrich Engels Karl Marx Gareth Stedman Jones 9781101077955 1883
A Theologico-Political Treatise and A Political Treatise 1459116 Benedict De Spinoza Francesco Cordasco R. H. Elwes 9780486119366 1883 Contains images

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Showing 1 through 25 of 18,978 results