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パブロの嘆願 3098371 Erick Carballo 9781071527009 2020 Contains images
A los pies del David 3098645 Rossella Scatamburlo 9781071527467 2020 Contains images
Acting Queer: Gender Dissidence and the Subversion of Realism 3116679 Conrad Alexandrowicz 9783030293185 2020
An Actor's Guide—Making It in New York City, Third Edition: Everything a Working Actor Needs to Survive and Succeed in the Big Apple 3076926 Glenn Alterman 9781621536970 2020 Contains images
Adapting Endings from Book to Screen: Last Pages, Last Shots (Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies) 2853983 Armelle Parey Shannon Wells-Lassagne 9780429536557 2020 Contains images
The Affects, Cognition, and Politics of Samuel Beckett's Postwar Drama and Fiction: Revolutionary and Evolutionary Paradoxes (New Interpretations of Beckett in the Twenty-First Century) 3118033 Cristina Ionica 9783030349028 2020
After the Long Silence: The Theater of Brazil’s Post-Dictatorship Generation (Routledge Advances in Theatre & Performance Studies) 2730960 Claudia Tatinge Nascimento 9780429881886 2020 Contains images
Alice By Heart: Victim Sidekick Boyfriend Me; Journey To X; Little Foot; Prince Of Denmark; Socialism Is Great; The Grandfathers; Alice By Heart; Generation Next; So You Think You’re A Superhero?; The Ritual (Play Anthologies Ser.) 3076500 Steven Sater 9780451478153 2020 Contains images
Application of the Michael Chekhov Technique to Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Soliloquies and Monologues 2977570 Mark Monday 9781000732863 2020
Arts-Based Research, Resilience and Well-being Across the Lifespan 3024393 Susanne Garvis Georgina Barton Loraine McKay Viviana Sappa 9783030260538 2020 Contains images
Arts Entrepreneurship: Creating a New Venture in the Arts 3030478 Richard Andrews 9781317495529 2020 Contains images
Automated Performer Flying: The State of the Art 2948651 Jim Shumway 9781351131490 2020 Contains images
Bad for me 3098569 Divino B'Atista 9781071527320 2020 Contains images
The Best Animal in the Forest: A Play (Into Reading, Level E #73) 2860049 Phillip Simpson Jo Thapa 9781328539069 2020 NIMAC restricted Contains images
The Bible and Modern British Drama: From 1930 to the Present Day (Routledge Advances in Theatre & Performance Studies) 2898786 Mary F. Brewer 9781000691511 2020
Bodies and Transformance in Taiwanese Contemporary Theater 3046841 Peilin Liang 9781000477870 2020 Contains images
Casting a Movement: The Welcome Table Initiative 2840029 Claire Syler Daniel Banks 9780429948275 2020 Contains images
Choreographing Shakespeare: Dance Adaptations of the Plays and Poems 2911415 Elizabeth Klett 9781351238663 2020 Contains images
Collaborative Playwriting: Polyvocal Approaches from the EU Collective Plays Project 2984335 Paul Castagno 9781000709551 2020
A Concise Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes: Concise Edition 2993375 Richard Kostelanetz 9781351266864 2020
Contemporary Circus: Conversations With Creators 2705040 Katie Lavers Louis Patrick Leroux Jon Burtt 9781317190134 2020 Contains images
Cultures of Participation: Arts, Digital Media and Cultural Institutions (Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies) 2861988 Carsten Stage Birgit Eriksson Bjarki Valtysson 9781000707939 2020 Contains images
Cybernetic-Existentialism: Freedom, Systems, and Being-for-Others in Contemporary Arts and Performance 2940214 Steve Dixon 9780429632389 2020 Contains images
Dance and Light: The Partnership Between Choreography and Lighting Design 2835334 Kevin Dreyer 9781000649857 2020 Contains images
Designing with Light: An introduction to Stage Lighting 2931278 J. Michael Gillette Michael McNamara 9780429815782 2020 Contains images

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