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America Latina. Entre Trump y China: El cambio esperado 1658997 Luis Alberto Lacalle 9789974748996 2017 Contains images
Pacific Crossing 627680 Elizabeth Sinn 9789888139712 2013 Contains images
Early China Coast Meteorology 447743 P. Kevin Mackeown 9789888028856 1882 Contains images
Emprender para cambiar el mundo: El impacto social de la innovación 1747098 Andy Freire Santiago A. Sena 9789877351828 2017 Contains images
Perspectives on Social Sustainability and Interior Architecture 1393338 Dianne Smith Marina Lommerse Priya Metcalfe 9789814585392 2014 Contains images
Earthquake Phenomenology from the Field 1404463 Zhongliang Wu Changsheng Jiang Xiaojun Li Guangjun Li Zhifeng Ding 9789814585156 2014 Contains images
Holocene Sea-level Scenarios in Bangladesh 1389823 Towhida Rashid 9789814560993 2014 Contains images
Decision Making Algorithms for Hydro-Power Plant Location 1358859 Mrinmoy Majumder Soumya Ghosh 9789814451635 2012 Contains images
Advances in Hydroinformatics: SIMHYDRO 2012 – New Frontiers of Simulation (Springer Hydrogeology) 2139535 Philippe Gourbesville Jean Cunge Guy Caignaert 9789814451420 2014 Contains images
Reef-Platform Coral Boulders 1385524 James P Terry Samuel Etienne A Y Lau 9789814451338 2012 Contains images
Governments' Responses to Climate Change: Selected Examples From Asia Pacific 1358858 Nur Azha Putra Eulalia Han 9789814451123 2014 Contains images
ICCOEE2020: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Civil, Offshore and Environmental Engineering (ICCOEE2020) (Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering #132) 3758462 Bashar S. Mohammed Nasir Shafiq Shamsul Rahman M. Kutty Hisham Mohamad Abdul-Lateef Balogun 9789813363113 2021 Contains images
A Historical Survey of the Yellow River and the River Civilizations (Understanding China) 3765662 Jianxiong Ge Yunsheng Hu 9789813344815 2021
Motions of Ice Hydrometeors in the Atmosphere: Numerical Studies and Implications (Atmosphere, Earth, Ocean & Space) 3699956 Pao K. Wang 9789813344310 2021 Contains images
Message Dissemination Techniques in Opportunistic Underwater Sensor Networks 3754744 Ran Wang Linfeng Liu Jiagao Wu 9789813343818 2021 Contains images
Water Footprint: Assessment and Case Studies (Environmental Footprints and Eco-design of Products and Processes) 3777505 Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu 9789813343771 2021 Contains images
Modern Classification Theory of Superconducting Gap Nodes (Springer Theses) 3734454 Shuntaro Sumita 9789813342644 2021 Contains images
Rural Built Environment of Sichuan Province, China 3734144 Yibin Ao Igor Martek 9789813342170 2020 Contains images
Phnom Penh Water Story: Remarkable Transformation of an Urban Water Utility (Water Resources Development and Management) 3723715 Asit K. Biswas Cecilia Tortajada Pawan K. Sachdeva 9789813340657 2021 Contains images
Urban Heat Island: Hot and Humid Regions (Advances in 21st Century Human Settlements) 3734078 Ursula Eicker Napoleon Enteria Matteos Santamouris 9789813340503 2021 Contains images
Order and Fluctuations in Collective Dynamics of Swimming Bacteria: Experimental Exploration of Active Matter Physics (Springer Theses) 3407054 Daiki Nishiguchi 9789813299986 2020 Contains images
Actioning the Global Goals for Local Impact: Towards Sustainability Science, Policy, Education and Practice (Science for Sustainable Societies) 2968066 Isabel B. Franco Tathagata Chatterji Ellen Derbyshire James Tracey 9789813299276 2020 Contains images
Wildness and Wellbeing: Nature, Neuroscience, and Urban Design 2959538 Zoë Myers 9789813299238 2020 Contains images
Manual of Digital Earth 3647984 Michael F. Goodchild Huadong Guo Alessandro Annoni 9789813299153 2020 Contains images
Magnetic Material for Motor Drive Systems: Fusion Technology of Electromagnetic Fields (Engineering Materials) 2968065 Keisuke Fujisaki 9789813299061 2019 Contains images

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