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Title Author ISBN Copyright Features Action
Modern Swahili Grammar 28289 M. A. Mohammed 9789966467614 2001
A Dictionary of Hong Kong English 447788 Patrick J. Cummings 9789888083305 2011 Contains images
El hijo del acordeonista 26875 Bernardo Atxaga 9789870400103 2004
Worlding a Peripheral Literature (Canon and World Literature) 2887361 Marko Juvan 9789813294059 2019
Embodied Conceptualization or Neural Realization: A Corpus-Driven Study of Mandarin Synaesthetic Adjectives (Frontiers in Chinese Linguistics #10) 2811143 Qingqing Zhao 9789813293151 2020 Contains images
From Minimal Contrast to Meaning Construct: Corpus-based, Near Synonym Driven Approaches to Chinese Lexical Semantics (Frontiers in Chinese Linguistics #9) 3010481 Qi Su Weidong Zhan 9789813292406 2020 Contains images
Exploring Innovative Pedagogy in the Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Foreign Language 1372548 Robyn Moloney Hui Ling Xu 9789812877727 2016 Contains images
Southern Min (Hokkien) as a Migrating Language 1617159 Picus Sizhi Ding 9789812875945 2016 Contains images
Multilingualism in the Australian Suburbs 1369342 Ruth Fielding 9789812874535 2015 Contains images
Key Concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine 2864459 Li Zhaoguo Wu Qing Xing Yurui 9789811391361 2019
Management Careers Made in Germany: Studying at Private German Universities Pays Off 2837666 Ajit Varma Alexander P. Hansen Annette Doll 9789811371356 2019 Contains images
Translating Film Subtitles into Chinese: A Multimodal Study 2407003 Yuping Chen 9789811361081 2019 Contains images
Computational and Corpus Approaches to Chinese Language Learning (Chinese Language Learning Sciences) 2422143 Xiaofei Lu Berlin Chen 9789811335709 2019 Contains images
Language Ideology and Order in Rising China 2414990 Minglang Zhou 9789811334832 2019 Contains images
The Diachrony of Tone Sandhi: Evidence from Southern Min Chinese (Frontiers in Chinese Linguistics #6) 2243130 Qing Lin 9789811319396 2019 Contains images
Diachronic Changes Underlying Synchronic Distribution: Scalar Inferences And Word Order (Studies In East Asian Linguistics Ser.) 2282115 I-Hsuan Chen 9789811301704 2018 Contains images
Teaching Chinese Language in Singapore: Retrospect And Challenges 2187028 Kay Cheng Soh 9789811088605 2016 Contains images
Mother-Tongue in Modern Japanese Literature and Criticism: Toward a New Polylingual Poetics 2138705 Takayuki Yokota-Murakami 9789811085123 2018 Contains images
Developing Critical Thinking in EFL Classes: An Infusion Approach 2281273 Yue Lin 9789811077845 2018 Contains images
Chinese as a Second and Foreign Language Education: Pedagogy and Psychology 2138429 Qiao Yu Cai 9789811074431 2018 Contains images
Chinese Middle Constructions: Lexical Middle Formation (Frontiers in Chinese Linguistics #2) 2138092 Jiajuan Xiong 9789811061875 2018 Contains images
A Lexical Semantic Study of Chinese Opposites (Frontiers in Chinese Linguistics #1) 2138091 Jing Ding 9789811061844 2018 Contains images
Inclusive Teaching Strategies for Discipline-based English Studies 1670203 Hing Wa Helena Sit 9789811047084 2017 Contains images
Chinese as a Second Language Assessment (Chinese Language Learning Sciences) 2137343 Dongbo Zhang Chin-Hsi Lin 9789811040894 2017 Contains images
A Grammar of Kam Revealed in Its Narrative Discourse 2137046 Tongyin Yang 9789811022630 2017 Contains images

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Showing 1 through 25 of 2,571 results