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Open Source Intelligence Techniques: Resources for Searching and Analyzing Online Information 4487965 Michael Bazzell 9798794816983 2022
11 Effective Strategies for Teaching Math to Students Who Have Given Up on Learning 5676329 Jordan B. Smith 9798391571414 2023
The Fast Track to Your General Class Ham Radio License: Comprehensive Preparation for all FCC General Class Exam Questions July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2027 5607054 Michael Burnette 9798390983089 2023
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Study Guide 2023-2024 Psychiatric Mental Health RN ANCC© Board Certification 5868288 Test Treasure Publication 9798361955862 2023
Understanding-Oriented Pedagogy to Strengthen Plagiarism-Free Academic Writing: Findings From Studies in China 5948795 Yin Zhang 9789819998449 2024 Contains images
Exploring the Cross-Language Transfer of L1 Rhetorical Knowledge in L2 Writing: Cognitive and Metacognitive Perspectives 5752628 Xing Wei 9789819976379 2023 Contains images
Teachers as Researchers in Innovative Learning Environments: Case Studies from Australia and New Zealand Schools 5913105 Julia E. Morris Wesley Imms 9789819973675 2023 Contains images
Problem Posing and Problem Solving in Mathematics Education: International Research and Practice Trends 5814436 Tin Lam Toh Manuel Santos-Trigo Puay Huat Chua Nor Azura Abdullah Dan Zhang 9789819972050 2023 Contains images
Moving Beyond Grades to Purposeful Learning: Lessons from Singaporean Research (Studies in Singapore Education: Research, Innovation & Practice #5) 5661141 David Wei Loong Hung 9789819947058 2023 Contains images
Ethics in Social Science Research in Indonesia 5452164 Mayling Oey-Gardiner Fandy Rahardi Canyon Keanu Can 9789819911530 2023
Publishing during Doctoral Candidature: Policies, Practices, and Identities 5269087 Jun Lei 9789819909889 2023 Contains images
Unity from Diversity: Pluralist Systemic Thinking for Social and Behavioural Research 6100407 Ray W. Cooksey 9789819734627 2024 Contains images
Determining Outcomes and Impacts of Human Resource Development Programs 5943406 Narong Kiettikunwong Pennee Narot 9789819703951 2024 Contains images
Modern Approach to Educational Data Mining and Its Applications (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology) 3790991 Soni Sweta 9789813346819 2021 Contains images
Writing for Publication: Liminal Reflections for Academics 5093284 Leon Benade Georgina Tuari Stewart Nesta Devine 9789813344396 2021 Contains images
Applying Metascientific Principles to Autism Research 5241386 Matthew Bennett 9789811992407 2023 Contains images
Intellectual Development and Mathematics Learning 5269775 Chongde Lin 9789811987571 2023 Contains images
Grant writing for medical and healthcare professionals 5180762 Subhash Chandra Parija Vikram Kate 9789811970184 2023 Contains images
The Science of Learning: Principles of Educational Thinking Based on the Teaching Practice 5119344 Hanjiang Wen 9789811951060 2022 Contains images
Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education: Developing Academic Literacy 5194530 Mark Brooke 9789811945595 2022 Contains images
Academic Publishing: Processes and Practices for Aspiring Researchers (SpringerBriefs in Education) 4903540 David Coniam Peter Falvey 9789811930652 2022 Contains images
Authoritative Democracies: Need or capitalistic greed? 4702557 Bill K. Koul 9789811920615 2022
Students’ Quality Circles: QC Circles Re-engineered for Developing Student Personality 4674130 Dinesh P. Chapagain 9789811910807 2022 Contains images
On Pedagogical Spaces, Multiplicity and Linearities and Learning: Before, Between, Beyond 4498757 Michael Crowhurst 9789811694004 2022 Contains images
Academic Self-efficacy in Education: Nature, Assessment, and Research 4504671 Myint Swe Khine Tine Nielsen 9789811682407 2022 Contains images

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