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The Namo Story: A Political Life 1105834 Kingshuk Nag 9788174369383 2013
Amma's Daughters: A Memoir (Our Lives: Diary, Memoir, and Letters) 2149085 Meenal Shrivastava 9781771991971 2018 Contains images
The Beaver Hills Country 1731905 Graham A. Macdonald 9781897425381 2009 Contains images
Champagne and Meatballs: Adventures of a Canadian Communist 1731980 Larry Hannant Bert Whyte 9781926836348 2011 Contains images
Dustship Glory 1731990 Don Kerr Andreas Schroeder 9781926836393 2011 Contains images
Hobohemia and the Crucifixion Machine: Rival Images of a New World in 1930s Vancouver 1732017 Todd Mccallum 9781926836638 2014 Contains images
Leaving Iran: Between Migration and Exile 1639559 Goldin Farideh 9781771991391 2015 Contains images
Man Proposes, God Disposes: Recollections of a French Pioneer 1732008 Robert Wardhaugh Vivien Bosley Pierre Maturié 9781926836577 2013 Contains images
A Metaphoric Mind: Selected Writings of Joseph Couture 1732007 Virginia Mcgowan Ruth Couture 9781926836546 2013 Contains images
Mission Life in Cree-Ojibwe Country: Memories of a Mother and Son 1731953 Jennifer S. Brown E. Ryerson Young Elizabeth Bingham Young 9781771990059 2014 Contains images
My Decade at Old Sun, My Lifetime of Hell 1639582 Arthur Bear Chief Frits Pannekoek Judy Bedford 9781771991773 2016 Contains images
Northern Rover: The Life Story of Olaf Hanson 1613924 A. L. Karras Olaf Hanson 9781897425169 2008 Contains images
Reading Vincent van Gogh: A Thematic Guide to the Letters 1639584 Patrick Grant 9781771991896 2016 Contains images
Rocks in the Water, Rocks in the Sun: A Memoir from the Heart of Haiti 1639509 Vilmond Joegodson Déralciné Paul Jackson 9781771990134 2015 Contains images
Roy & Me: This Is Not a Memoir 1731970 Maurice Yacowar 9781926836119 2010 Contains images
The Teacher and the Superintendent: Native Schooling in the Alaskan Interior, 1904-1918 1639606 George E. Boulter II Barbara Grigor-Taylor 9781927356524 2015 Contains images
A Very Capable Life: The Autobiography of Zarah Petri 1731955 John Leigh Walters 9781897425428 2009 Contains images
The Wolves at My Shadow: The Story of Ingelore Rothschild 1639542 Dennis Listort Darilyn Stahl Listort 9781771990646 2017 Contains images
A Woman of Valour: The Biography of Marie-Louise Bouchard Labelle 1731956 Claire Trépanier 9781897425855 2010 Contains images
Xwelíqwiya: The Life of a Stó:lō Matriarch 1732087 Richard Daly Rena Point Bolton 9781927356586 2013 Contains images
Bizitza eredugarriak 1441880 Jesus Mari Txiliku Olaizola Lazkano 9788490271636 2006 Contains images
Egiari zor 1442060 Iulen Madariaga 9788497469173 2014 Contains images
Gustav Stresemann: The Crossover Artist (Studies in German History #23) 2561257 Karl Heinrich Pohl 9781789202182 2019 Contains images
History In The Plural 789576 Niklas Olsen 9780857452962 2012
José Antonio Primo de Rivera: The Reality and Myth of a Spanish Fascist Leader (Studies in Latin American and Spanish History #3) 2558137 Joan Maria Thomàs 9781789202090 2019

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