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The Godfather

by Mario Puzo

Since its first publication in 1969, Mario Puzo's epic The Godfather has earned a permanent place in the American psyche and culture. In this story of family, loyalty, and the men who rule the American underworld, Puzo introduced a cast of singularly crafted characters, and offered an unforgettable look into the world of organized crime no writer has been able to duplicate since.

Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang

by Joyce Carol Oates

the story of a 1950's girl gang

With Healing in His Wings

by Sally Krueger

Christian romance taking place in Kenya, East Africa, in the 1920's.

If He Hollers Let Him Go

by Chester Himes

This story of a man living every day in fear of his life for simply being black is as powerful today as it was when it was first published in 1947. The novel takes place in the space of four days in the life of Bob Jones, a black man who is constantly plagued by the effects of racism. Living in a society that is drenched in race consciousness has no doubt taken a toll on the way Jones behaves, thinks, and feels, especially when, at the end of his story, he is accused of a brutal crime he did not commit.

All for Love

by Ved Mehta

Ved Mehta joined the staff of The New Yorker in the 1960s, blind since the age of four and already on his way to a career as a writer. In a series of four relationships he demanded that his lovers, like him, pretend he could see. With lyrical and stirring accuracy, Mehta revisits these love affairs today, tracing the links between his denial of his disability and the cruel transformations that each of his lovers underwent. “Poignant and occasionally hilarious.”-The New York Times Book Review. “This elegant volume remains a striking piece of insight into the nature of love.”-Publishers Weekly. “[An] excoriatingly truthful and heartbreaking account of the pursuit and loss of love. ...”-The Times of London. “A mesmerizing account ... the most arresting passages are Mehta’s mind-expanding descriptions of how he perceives the world. ”-Booklist.

The Gilda Stories: A Novel

by Jewelle Gomez

Important and compelling book with lesbian vampires as main characters; explores diverse cultures.

Meet Me with a Promise

by Joann A. Grote

Christian romance set in Minnesota during the Spanish-American War period. Sequel to Hold On My Heart which is already on Bookshare.

The Coming of Cassidy—And the Others

by Clarence E. Mulford

Buck Peters put everything he owned into the Bar-20 and thought he could make a go of it. It looked pretty good too, until he fell in with that gang of renegade buffalo hunters. They were after his spread, his cattle, his life. And they swore to let nothing stand in their way. Nothing. And then they met a cowhand named Cassidy.

Years of Grace

by Margaret Ayer Barnes

Years of Grace is the story of forty years and the changes wrought in two generations. Set in Chicago, the novel focuses on Jane Ward, daughter of a socially prominent family, who grows up in the repressed, pseudo-genteel society of the 1880s and 1890s. In her youth, indeed, throughout her life, Jane is a model of decorum. She refuses to marry a young artist whom she loves, because her parents disapprove. She accepts a family-approved husband because it is expected of her. She avoids an affair later in life because it might disgrace husband and family. Twenty years later, Jane's daughter Cicily encounters the identical decisions, but being a product of the war years, when marriage is fast and divorce easy, Cicily cares little for reputation, and lives her life accordingly. Through it all. Mrs. Barnes maintains a scrupulous neutrality, presenting each life as a reflection of the times, never presuming to judge or moralize. If a change in attitude is apparent between generations, it represents only a portion of the total evolvement of society during the forty year period; and Mrs. Barnes reflects in minute detail, changes in fashion, architecture, and interior decor as well as history and social conditions. <P><P> The author's first novel, Years of Grace won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 1931.

Strong and True 3rd Edition

by Laurel Hicks

Selections from the Bible, Aesop, Longfellow, and Stevenson are among the character-building stories and poems in this reader. Exercises to improve vocabulary and reading comprehension skills are included.

A Love to Lean On

by Betty Blocklinger

Will Hazel marry Danny? Will the criminals murder Toty? What really happened to the sheriff? This is a captivating novel. It is a good mystery and a good love story, too.

Mrs. Easter and the Storks

by V. H. Drummond

Mrs Easter is outwardly a very respectable Kensington lady in a neat blue suit with immaculate hair. Despite the respectable veneer she enjoys fantastic adventures. This is the 1957 Kate Greenaway award book.

Flames of Deceit

by Rosey Dow Andrew Snaden

Christian romance/intrigue/courtroom drama

Spirit Woman

by Margaret Coel

When Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley look into the disappearance of a history professor who was visiting the Wind River Reservation, they are led into a twenty-year-old mystery involving the disappearance of another historian, and then even further into the past-as they unravel a controversy surrounding the young Shoshone woman named Sacajawea...

The Flight To Brassbright

by Lori Holuta

Constance is a wild, stubborn young girl growing up poor in a small industrial town. But beneath her thread-worn exterior beats the heart of a dreamer and a wordsmith. She feeds her hunger for reading by picking the lock on the local bookstore late at night to enjoy her own private reading room. But at age twelve, she's orphaned. With no relatives to take her in, the local authorities scheme to take charge of the bewildered girl's life. Running away to join the circus--like kids do in adventure books--seems like such a brilliant idea... or is it? That was six long years ago. Now, Constance is eighteen, fed up with the constraints of life under the big-top, and despairing for her future. She's ready to dust off her old dreams, but first she's going to need another cunning escape plan. Can a young, newly-freed woman travel the road to her dreams and a place to call home? Step back in time to 1895 and take a wild, occasionally hilarious ride with Constance and the friends she meets along the way, as she travels the dirt roads and blue skies of a country called Industralia. Her journey winds through towns and cities bursting with creative eccentrics, high-flying airships, dazed automatons, brilliantly cracked inventors and more than a few kindred spirits. With allies like these, what could possibly go wrong?

The Steamkettle Kids Save The Day

by Lori Alden Holuta

Welcome to the busy, industrial port city of Steamkettle Bay, the second-largest city in all of Industralia. It’s filled with manufacturing factories, airship docks, inventors, artists, and lots and lots of streetwise, clever kids. It’s a warm Saturday in the summer of 1872, and somewhere in Steamkettle Bay, bad things are happening. Can Paisley Pockets and Christopher Cogan stop a crime in progress? They may be just a couple of kids, but where there's a will and, some smarts, there just might be a way.

Bachelors Get Lonely

by A. A. Fair Erle Stanley Gardner

[from the back cover] ""You're bait. You're window undressing." Stripper Daffidill Lawson thought it over for a moment. "Tell me more." "You check into the motel," Donald Lam said. "I'll be half a block away watching your room through binoculars. You forget to pull the shade and start stripping--slowly. If anybody shows up and starts watching, I'll turn on a red light. If you see that red light, you move slowly over to the telephone and call the police." "Then what?" "Then the police come and catch him, and then they knock on your door and say, 'Lady, you shouldn't undress with the curtains up.'" "And what do I say?" "You tell them," Donald said, "that your agent thought if you could hold a murderer spellbound until the police arrived, it would be a service to humanity and swell publicity.""

The Man From Bar-20

by Clarence E. Mulford

A stranger has come to the little cow town of Hastings. The storekeeper sends him to CL Ranch for work, remarking that he looks like the ranch foreman, Logan. When Logan asks for his story, the stranger admits he is Johnny Nelson, aka the Kid, originally from the BAR-20. Upset when Hopalong and the others married, Johnny left his domesticated friends for adventure. Logan gives it to him--tracking rustlers.

Gaudenzia, Pride of the Palio

by Marguerite Henry

Georgio wanted nothing more than to be a fantino in the great Palio of Siena. But being a peasant farmer's son, and living in Montecello, his dreams were just that - dreams. But this is the story based on true accounts of Giorgio Terni's chances to become a famous fantino, and of the Palio, of the race of centuries' traditions, and of dreams and fate. It is also the story of a mare, a half Arabian, born as a cart horse, who with the right training, kind hands, and a willing heart became one of the most famous horses to win the Palio, and win it four times.

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