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Reading Wonders, Level 1. 5

by J. David Cooper John J. Pikulski

An easy to read English book.

Reading Workbook (Grade 4)

by Spectrum

Spectrum Reading grade 4 has engaging, lively passages in curriculum content areas. Recently updated to current national reading standards, including more nonfiction reading passages and activities. This book for children ages 9 to 10 contains proven instructional methods for developing reading proficiency. Reading skills include: ~Cause and effect ~Character analysis ~Reading comprehension ~Context practice ~Research skills Our best-selling Spectrum Reading series features grade-appropriate books for Preschool to 6. Developed with the latest standards-based teaching methods that provide targeted practice in reading fundamentals to ensure successful learning.

Reading, Writing, and Learning in ESL: A Resource Book for Teaching K-12 English Learners (6th Edition)

by Suzanne F. Peregoy Owen F. Boyle

Reading, Writing, and Learning in ESL: A Resource Book for Teaching K-12 English Learners, Sixth Edition, is a comprehensive, reader-friendly resource book that provides a wealth of teaching ideas for promoting oral language, reading, and writing development in English for K-12 English learners. The book provides up-to-date language acquisition theory, classroom organization, teaching strategies, and assessment procedures for effective English learner instruction.

The Reading Zone: How to Help Kids Become Skilled, Passionate, Habitual, Critical Readers

by Nancie Atwell

Long an advocate of frequent, voluminous reading in schools, the author draws on evidence gathered in twenty years of classroom teaching to make the case for reading workshop more powerful than ever. The book establishes the top ten conditions for making engaged classroom reading possible for students at all levels and provides the practical support and structures necessary for achieving them.

Readings For Sociology (Seventh Edition)

by Garth Massey

Readings for Sociology provides students with engaging selections that reveal the complexities of our social world and offer insights into sociological analysis. Garth Massey includes selections from popular and academic journals as well as lively book excerpts. All of the selections help students reach a new level of sociological understanding. While Readings for Sociology is comprehensive in its scope, offering a wide range of selections on the standard topics in the introductory course, its emphasis is particularly on social inequality and race, class, and gender.

Readings for Writers

by Jo Ray McCuen-Metherell Anthony C. Winkler

This text offers some 100 readings from multiple genres, including poems, newspaper columns, diary entries, formal arguments, and instructional texts, as well as memoirs, speeches, and short stories. New chapters on critical reading and rhetorical modes as tools for inquiry are included, and examples of actual student writing are given in this 11th edition. McCuen is affiliated with Glendale College. Author information on Winkler is not given. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Readings in American Government (5th Edition)

by Steffen W. Schmidt Mack C. Shelley Erica Merkley

This reader is updated to include the latest issues in American political debate. You will find numerous readings that deal with controversial issues, legal conflicts, and ethical judgment calls directly related to academia and students.

Readings in Ancient History: Thought and Experience from Gilgamesh to St. Augustine (7th edition)

by Nels M. Bailkey Richard Lim

This primary source reader covers the entire span of ancient history, providing helpful editorial material and carefully selected sources to promote learning.

Readings in Cognitive Psychology: Applications, Connections, and Individual Differences

by Greg L. Robinson-Riegler Bridget Robinson-Riegler

This reader offers articles that students can relate to several different facets of cognition, as well as other sub-disciplines of psychology. Topics such as the distinction between top-down and bottom-up processing, divided attention, proactive interference, language learnability, and expertise are presented in these up-to-date, highly informative, and interesting articles. This is a research reader students will find interesting, applicable, and extremely relevant to their course and lives. Students will get a good deal of exposure to the fundamental concepts that have helped define the field of cognitive psychology.

Readings in Comparative Politics: Political Challenges and Changing Agendas (2nd Edition)

by Mark Kesselman

With a collection drawn from a variety of published, unpublished, and electronic sources, the book offers students a good sample of the wide range of popular and scholarly views relevant to the major topics presented in introductory comparative courses. The book contains seven Chapters, viz., Introduction, States and Regimes, Governing the Economy, the Democratic Challenge, Collective Identity, Political Institutions and Political Challenges and Changing Agendas.

Readings in Database Systems (4th edition)

by Joseph M. Hellerstein Michael Stonebraker

This text provides both students and professionals with a grounding in database research and a technical context for understanding recent innovations in the field. The readings included treat the most important issues in the database area; the basic material for any DBMS professional.

Readings In Development Microeconomics, Volume 1: Micro-Theory

by Pranab Bardhan Christopher Udry

These two volumes of readings attempt to bring some degree of structure to a relatively diffuse field. Because of the sheer volume of high-quality work in development economics research, they are intended as a sampling of work at the frontier of the field, rather than as a comprehensive overview. Volume 1: Micro-Theory focuses on theoretical work. Topics covered include sharecropping as a principle-agent problem, fragmented duopolies, credit market imperfections, poverty traps, peer monitoring in credit cooperatives, coordination failures, human capital accumulation as an engine of growth, and environmental issues in development.

Readings in Family Theory

by Thomas R. Chibucos Randall W. Leite David L. Weis

Readings in Family Theory provides undergraduate and graduate students with an excellent introduction to family theory.

Readings in Machine Translation

by Sergei Nirenburg Yorick Wilks Harold Somers

The field of machine translation (MT)--the automation of translation between human languages--has existed for more than fifty years. MT helped to usher in the field of computational linguistics and has influenced methods and applications in knowledge representation, information theory, and mathematical statistics. This valuable resource offers the most historically significant English-language articles on MT. The book is organized in three sections. The historical section contains articles from MT's beginnings through the late 1960s. The second section, on theoretical and methodological issues, covers sublanguage and controlled input, the role of humans in machine-aided translation, the impact of certain linguistic approaches, the transfer versus interlingua question, and the representation of meaning and knowledge. The third section, on system design, covers knowledge-based, statistical, and example-based approaches to multilevel analysis and representation, as well as computational issues.

Readings in Social Theory: The Classic Tradition to Post-Modernism, 4th edition

by James Farganis

This anthology of primary readings in sociological theory covers the major theorists and schools from classic to contemporary, modernist, and postmodernist, in a chronological organization. Its comprehensive coverage makes this book appealing as a main text for professors who want to encourage students to read and interpret original sources or as a supplement for those who use a traditional main text.

Ready New York CCLS 2014 English Language Arts Instruction Grade 4

by Curriculum Associates

This book uses best-practice teaching strategies and routines to help students in early grades develop reading comprehension skills assessed by the Common Core.

Ready to Write 1: A First Composition Text (3rd Edition)

by Karen Lourie Blanchard Christine Baker Root

Ready to Write 1, Third Edition, is a revision of Get Ready to Write, the first book in the highly-successful three-book Ready to Write series. The book teaches beginning students the composition skills they need to be successful writers in and out of the classroom. A fresh new design, updated content throughout, and a host of new activities reinforce the approach that has made the Ready to Write series a classroom favorite for more than two decades. Features: Updated examples and model paragraphs illustrate organizing elements such as topic sentences, supporting details, and signal words. Step-by-step activities guide students in comparing and contrasting, describing, analyzing data, writing test answers, and summarizing. Varied, contextualized writing tasks help students with real-life tasks. Editing and proofreading exercises encourage students to refine their writing skills. New Grammar Guide section presents important grammar points and practice items to boost accuracy. Ready to Write also includes: Ready to Write 2 Ready to Write 3

Real Collaboration: What It Takes for Global Health to Succeed

by Mark L. Rosenberg William H. Foege Elisabeth S. Hayes Margaret H. Mcintyre Nancy Neill

Essential reading for those who work in global health, this practical handbook focuses on what might be the most important lesson of the last fifty years: that collaboration is the best way to make health resources count for disadvantaged people around the world. Designed as a learning resource to catalyze fresh thinking, Real Collaboration draws from case studies of teams struggling to combat smallpox, river blindness, polio, and other health threats. In honest appraisals, participants share their missteps as well as their successes. Based on these stories, as well as on analyses of many other enterprises, this accessible, engaging book distills the critical factors that can increase the likelihood of success for those who are launching or managing a new partnership. Features a solutions-oriented approach; Covers leadership skills, management approaches and lessons from experienced project teams; Information is clearly presented in graphics, sidebars, checklists, and other useful features; Supplementary teaching aids including a DVD and additional online resources.

The Real Environmental Crisis: Why Poverty, Not Affluence, Is the Environment's Number One Enemy

by Jack M. Hollander

Drawing a completely new road map toward a sustainable future, Jack M. Hollander contends that our most critical environmental problem is global poverty. His balanced, authoritative, and lucid book challenges widely held beliefs that economic development and affluence pose a major threat to the world's environment and resources. Pointing to the great strides that have been made toward improving and protecting the environment in the affluent democracies, Hollander makes the case that the essential prerequisite for sustainability is a global transition from poverty to affluence, coupled with a transition to freedom and democracy. The Real Environmental Crisis takes a close look at the major environment and resource issues--population growth; climate change; agriculture and food supply; our fisheries, forests, and fossil fuels; water and air quality; and solar and nuclear power. In each case, Hollander finds compelling evidence that economic development and technological advances can relieve such problems as food shortages, deforestation, air pollution, and land degradation, and provide clean water, adequate energy supplies, and improved public health. The book also tackles issues such as global warming, genetically modified foods, automobile and transportation technologies, and the highly significant Endangered Species Act, which Hollander asserts never would have been legislated in a poor country whose citizens struggle just to survive. Hollander asks us to look beyond the media's doomsday rhetoric about the state of the environment, for much of it is simply not true, and to commit much more of our resources where they will do the most good--to lifting the world's population out of poverty.

Real Essays with Readings: Writing Projects for College, Work, and Everyday Life

by Susan Anker

Real Essays is the essay-level book in Susan Anker's highly successful series of writing texts that motivate students with their message that writing is an essential skill in college and in real life-and that this skill is achievable. It maintains its emphasis on what really matters by focusing on the four most serious errors (fragments, run-ons, subject-verb agreement problems, and verb form problems) and gives students what they need to succeed in college and become stronger academic writers.

Real Estate and Property Law for Paralegals

by Neal R. Bevans Bevans

Real Estate and Property Law for Paralegals provides a solid foundation in the basics including the practicalities of daily legal work. Its broad coverage of all the key topics that paralegals need to know includes basic elements of real property, different methods used to record and describe property, transfer of title, the rights associated with real estate ownership,elements of real estate contracts, landlord/tenant law, deeds, mortgages,restrictions on land use, title insurance and title examinations, the closing process, and tax implications. Practical skills are emphasized throughout the book so that students will develop a true understanding of what it is like to practice in the real world. An easy-to-read and engaging style utilizes numerous examples and illustrations, always emphasizing the practical nature of real estate law. Each chapter opens with objectives and closes with Key Terms, Review Questions, and Practical Applications exercises. In every chapter, an "Issue at a Glance" box summarizes important legal concepts, and"Skills You Need in the Real World" sections highlight particular paralegal skills. Marginal definitions; numerous figures, tables, and forms; and case excerpts that discuss legal theory and applications round out the significant pedagogy. Additionally, Websites that can help students gather more information are strategically placed. An in-depth Instructor's Manual includes a test bank, lesson plans, suggested syllabi, web resources, additional assignments and PowerPoint slides for each chapter. The revised Third Edition provides a wealth of updated forms and cases. New website references make the book current, and fine-tuned text discussions have been expanded where appropriate. A new interactive workbook is available at the website to accompany the book.

Real Estate Development: Principles and Process

by Mike E. Miles Marc A. Weiss Gayle L. Berens Mark J. Eppli

Ideal for anyone new to real estate development, the fourth edition of this bestselling book covers each stage of the process step by step, explaining the basics of idea conception, feasibility, planning, financing, market analysis, contract negotiation, construction, marketing, and asset management. Thoroughly updated, the book includes material on financing and marketing.

Real Indians: Identity and the Survival of Native America

by Eva Marie Garroutte

An insightful and original analysis of the competing ways that Indian identity is defined, followed by a discussion of a new way of defining Indian-ness, which the author calls "indigenous theory."

Real Options and Investment Under Uncertainty: Classical Readings and Recent Contributions

by Eduardo S. Schwartz Lenos Trigeorgis

The study of investment under uncertainty was stagnant for several decades, until recent developments in real options provided the tools to revitalize the field. The techniques and insights derived from option pricing can now be used to quantify the elusive elements of managerial operating flexibility and strategic interactions ignored or underestimated by conventional Net Present Value and other quantitative approaches. Topics covered include the reasons for the under-investment problem and conceptual frameworks for viewing productive investment opportunities as real options; useful valuation building blocks; the quantifying of various types of real options separately and in combination; strategic aspects of investment under uncertainty; numerical analysis techniques; a variety of applications, including the valuing of natural resources, R&D and pioneer ventures, land development, strategic acquisitions, government subsidies, power plants and pollution options, flexible manufacturing, and multinational operations; and empirical evidence from oil leasing, land prices, and discontinued operations.

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