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The Short Forever (Stone Barrington Series #8)

by Stuart Woods

Hired by an odd client previously unknown to him, Stone arrives in London, on a mission he thinks he understands, but doesn't. Soon he finds himself out of his territory!

Short Straw (Ed Eagle #2)

by Stuart Woods

Set in the shimmering heat of the desert Southwest, Short Straw marks the return of the six-foot-seven-inch take-no-prisoners Santa Fe lawyer Ed Eagle, in a complex thriller that delivers the kind of sexy, fast-paced suspense that readers have come to expect from Stuart Woods. Ed Eagle, Santa Fe's preeminent trial lawyer, first introduced in Woods's Santa Fe Rules, finds himself in extreme domestic difficulties. On the morning of his fiftieth birthday, as he is about to open his elegant new law offices, Eagle learns that he is in the sort of trouble usually reserved for his unluckiest clients. Quickly marshaling his resources, which include two private detectives, an accused murderer, and an ace ex-IRS agent, he begins a campaign to save his law practice, his wealth, his reputation, and his self-respect from the astonishing machinations of the person closest to him. The action takes Eagle's team across the Southwest-through the lush southern California world of the very, very wealthy, with the delights of exclusive spas and secluded hotels; to the U.S.Mexico border, and its ever-present dangers; and deep into parts of Mexico where no one can be trusted, least of all the police-always pitted against a wily and completely ruthless adversary. Full of double-crosses and unexpected twists, Ed Eagle's life is one of heightened risks-and pleasures. Witty, action-packed, and compulsively readable, Short Straw is the kind of story that only Stuart Woods could tell.

The Short-Wave Mystery (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #24)

by Franklin W. Dixon

When thieves hijack a collection of stuffed animals from a country auction, Frank and Joe Hardy pursue the getaway car and are drawn into a thrilling mystery.

A Shot in the Dark

by Anne Schraff

When Don's brother, Julio, is shot and killed, Don is determined to find out who killed him. Don finds clues and uses them to get to the truth of his brother's murder.

Shoveling Smoke

by Austin Davis

Reveling in outrageous shenanigans and hilariously off-kilter characters, Shoveling Smoke does for East Texas what Carl Hiaasen's novels do for South Florida. Burned-out corporate lawyer Clay Parker chucks it all and moves from Houston to a tiny firm in a dusty small town, searching for his lost integrity and a simpler life. Instead, he lands in the middle of a bungled fraud case defending the disreputable and downright nasty Bevo Rasmussen, accused of torching the stables housing his over-insured thoroughbreds. Immediately confronted with corrupt officials, crazed survivalists, an incompetent hit man, an emu, and a naked county clerk, along with an assortment of vengeful wives and great barbecue, Clay discovers that nothing is what it seems to be. By the end, our hero gets way more than he bargained for, justice (Texas-style) gets served, and the reader gets a laugh-out-loud first novel.

Show Business Is Murder

by Stuart Kaminsky

Twenty five short stories about Show Business and Murder.

Show Business Kills

by Iris Rainer Dart

A hard-driving movie executive, a beloved soap opera diva, a screenwriter nominated for an Oscar, and a well-known actress married to TV's King of Late Night. Four friends who have led charmed Hollywood lives facing middle age. They have always shared a "Girl's Night Out", but suddenly it becomes a painful vigil as three of the women watch their friend fight for her life in an intensive care unit. She has been attacked by a stalker who is obsessed with all four women. Will the bonds of friendship that have linked them together for years enable them to survive this chilling night?

Show Me a Hero

by Alfred Coppel

When a US Ambassador and his staff are kidnapped, 18 months pass before they are discovered being held at an oasis in the Libyan desert. Major K. C. Quary is told to rescue them.

Show No Fear

by Marliss Melton

Lucy Donovan always gets her man. As a fiercely independent CIA agent, she's survived hundreds of death-defying missions. But her latest may just get her killed. Weighed down with a secret she's desperate to keep, the last thing Lucy needs is to be sent undercover with a man who brings out the best--and the worst--in her. Navy SEAL Gus Atwater never turns down an assignment, even if it means working with the only woman he's ever loved and lost. So with a volatile mix of desire and distrust, Lucy and Gus confront their tangled past. Pretending to be man and wife is risky enough, but now the clock is running out. As their mission escalates from desperate to deadly, will Lucy's secret expose them both?

Show No Fear

by Perri O'Shaughnessy

A brand-new Nina Reilly thriller takes readers back to Nina's first murder investigation, to the case that ignites her passionate commitment to fighting for justice. As a single mom working as a paralegal and attending law school at night, Nina has her hands full fighting for custody of her young son Bob and overseeing a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of her mother. But when a woman falls to her death off a bridge near Big Sur and witnesses disappear, Nina suspects there is more to the "accident" than the authorities are saying. With the help of homicide cop Paul van Wagoner, she rushes to uncover the truth. Show No Fear illumines what makes the brilliant Nina Reilly tick -- and, in this fascinating prequel to an illustrious career, begins a love affair for her fans and readers of complex, gripping thrillers everywhere!

Show No Mercy and Take No Prisoners

by Cindy Gerard

SHOW NO MERCY: Black Ops bad boy Gabe Jones will never forget journalist Jenna McMillan, the brash redhead he rescued in Buenos Aires just months ago. . . or the passionate kiss they shared before he sent her packing. Now, forced together by a bombing at the National Congress, Jenna and Gabe confront their urgent longings as a ruthless enemy stalks them with deadly precision. The question is, if they make it out alive, will Gabe turn his back on her... again? TAKE NO PRISONERS: Blackjack dealer Abbie Hughes has no time for romantic adventures -- until the night a mysterious stranger places a wager at her table. Though former Black Ops agent Sam Hughes suspects Abbie helped her younger brother make a lucrative gem-smuggling deal with a ruthless multimillionaire, their attraction is undeniable. Then her brother disappears, and together they search the wild Honduras backcountry to find him. With danger on their trail, they must trust each other completely or face certain death alone.

Show of Evil

by William Diehl

This is a sequel to Primal Fear. Murders are occurring that bear an eerie similarity to those for which Aaron had been found innocent.


by Tilly Bagshawe

From the acclaimed author of the "New York Times" bestseller "Adored" comes a wickedly entertaining tale of love, seduction, and blinding ambition, set in the most glamorous horse racing capital of the world.

Shrink Rap (A Sunny Randall Novel, #3)

by Robert B. Parker

Sunny Randal is hired to provide security for a best selling novelist, who is being stalked by her ex-husband and ex-psychiatrist.

Shroud for the Archbishop: A Mystery of Ancient Ireland (Sister Fidelma Mystery #2)

by Peter Tremayne

"Wighard, Archbishop designate of Canterbury, has been found dead, garroted in his chambers in Rome's Lateran Palace in the autumn of A.D. 664. His murderer seems apparent to all, since an Irish religieux was arrested by the palace guards as he fled Wighard's chamber, but the monk denies responsibility for the crime, and the treasures missing from Wighard's chambers are nowhere to be found." "The bishop in charge of affairs at the Lateran Palace suspects a political motive and is wary of charging anyone without independent evidence. So he asks Sister Fidelma of the Celtic Church to look into Wighard's death. Fidelma (an advocate of the Brehon Court), working with Brother Eadulf of the Roman Church, quickly finds herself with very few clues, too many motives, a trail strewn with bodies - and very little time before the killer strikes again."--BOOK JACKET. Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Shroud of the Lion (Accidental Detectives #5)

by Sigmund Brouwer

A TRIP TO HOLLYWOOD MEANS NO WORRIES, JUST FUN IN THE SUN ... OR DOES IT? An invitation to be extras in a movie is a thrilling surprise for Ricky Kidd and his friends. And getting to stay with famous movie star JERICHO STONE is pretty exciting. But being kidnapped upon their arrival in Hollywood is more of an adventure than the Accidental Detectives had bargained for! Despite Jericho's reassurances, Ricky isn't convinced the kidnapping was just a mix-up. And when Ricky discovers that Jericho is hiding dark secrets from his past, the mystery becomes even more ominous. Jericho's secrets may threaten not just the actor's career--the lives of the Accidental Detectives could be at risk, too! * WHY IS JERICHO STONE BEING BLACKMAILED? * WHERE DOES THE CIA FIT INTO ALL OF THIS? * IS THERE ANYBODY THE ACCIDENTAL DETECTIVES CAN TRUST?

Shrouds of Holly (Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery #15)

by Kate Kingsbury

[from the back cover] "It's the holiday season, and Cecily Sinclair Baxter is decorating the Pennyfoot's ballroom for a Christmas reception. She sends her husband, Baxter, and stable manager, Samuel, into the woods to cut some fresh boughs of holly. An hour later their one-horse open carriage returns with the horse, the holly...and the unwelcome gift of a dead body. Baxter and Samuel are nowhere to be found. The dead man is Gavin Hargrove, the recent heir to a wealthy estate. The police pin the blame on a shadowy London syndicate, but Cecily fears the trouble may be closer to home. Meanwhile, Samuel has returned, with no memory of the events in the woods beyond a fleeting image of bending over a fallen Baxter. Cecily is determined to find her husband and solve the mystery of Gavin Hargrove's death. After all, it's a season of celebrating with friends and family, and Cecily means to reunite hers-even if a killer leads her in a merry measure..." Amid the hubbub of the Christmas celebrations and risky investigations, there's time for three romances to bud and blossom among Cecily's friends and employees.


by R. J. Pineiro

A faulty computer chip causes a fatal train accident, sending its manufacturer into a downward spiral. When the chip is traced to sabotage, an FBI agent and a hacker team up to investigate before the next shutdown.

Siamese in the Sun (Animal Ark #40)

by Ben M. Baglio

All animals and animal lovers are welcome at the Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic. At Animal Ark, Mandy Hope helps her parents treat animals of all shapes and sizes. Even outside the clinic, Mandy can't resist helping any animal in need. Mandy and James have gone to Jersey with Mandy's mom and dad to look after a local veterinary clinic. They spot a Siamese cat made of china in the window of the antiques shop -- but they soon discover that Sud Su Ming is a real cat! Mandy thinks the beautiful purebred could be entered into a prestigious island cat show but how can she -- and Ming -- persuade her reluctant owner?

The Siamese Twin Mystery

by Ellery Queen

Ellery Queen solves two murders three times before ending the Siamese twin mystery.

The Side Effect

by Bob Reiss

It's the night the President has resigned. In a Manhattan town house, the head of Lenox Pharmaceuticals, the world's most powerful drug company, lies dead. Through the morning darkness, security chief Mike Acela drives his BMW to the scene. Mike's job has been to defend the Chairman against all enemies. But this street-smart, battle-hardened former FBI agent is about to find out how little he knows about his mentor, his job, or the dangers swirling all around him. Somewhere within Lenox's global web of government contracts and cutting-edge medications, the Chairman kept a terrible secret. A secret that has already started changing the world. To find out how the Chairman really died, Mike must uncover the truth behind Project HR-109. But what the Lenox scientists discovered is worth killing for. And the killing has just begun.

Side Effects

by Michael Palmer

Kate Bennet. A bright hospital pathologist with a loving husband and a solid future. Until one day her world turns dark. A strange, puzzling illness has killed two women. Now it endangers Kate's closest friend. Soon it will threaten Kate's marriage. Her sanity. Her life. Kate has uncovered a horrifying secret. Important people will stop at nothing to protect it. It is a terrifying medical discovery. And its roots lie in one of the greatest evils in the history of humankind.From the Paperback edition.


by Charles Willeford

Hoke Moseley has had enough. Tired of struggling against alimony payments, two teenage daughters, a very pregnant, very single partner, and a low paying job as a Miami homicide detective, Hoke moves to Singer Island and vows never step foot on the mainland again. But on the street, career criminal Troy Louden is hatching plans of his own with a gang including a disfigured hooker, a talentless artist, and a clueless retiree. But when his simple robbery results in ruthless and indiscriminate bloodshed, Hoke quickly remembers why he is a cop and hurls himself back into the world he meant to leave behind forever.A masterly tale of both mid-life crisis and murder, Sideswipe is a page-turning thriller packed with laughs, loaded with suspense, and featuring one of the truly original detectives of all time.

Sidetracked to Danger (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #130)

by Franklin W. Dixon

Frank and Joe are accompanying their friend Jackson to Indianapolis to view the train collection of one of the most well-known collectors in the U.S. While visiting, they assist the train collector in keeping his building from being demolished, and rescue him when he is kidnapped, as well as solving the theft of his entire train collection.

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