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by Earl Emerson

In his pulse-pounding thrillers, Earl Emerson takes readers into the heart of the world's most dangerous profession, where the next alarm might bring sudden death. Based on stunning, actual events in the author's life, this electrifying new novel is a frightening duel between a Seattle firefighter and a man who wants to burn him down. . . . To a firefighter, there's nothing worse than a nuisance arsonist. His multiple fires keep a station up at night, running in circles, and more vulnerable at th...

Q.E.D. Queen's Experiments in Detection

by Ellery Queen

16 bafflers: 1 dying message novelette, 4 contemporary problems in deduction, 8 mysteries, 2 puzzles, and 1 historical detective story.

Q Is For Quarry

by Sue Grafton

She was a "Jane Doe," an unidentified white female whose decomposed body was discovered near a quarry off California's Highway 1. The case fell to the Santa Teresa County Sheriff's Department, but the detectives had little to go on. The woman was young, her hands were bound with a length of wire, there were multiple stab wounds, and her throat had been slashed. After months of investigation, the case remained unsolved. That was eighteen years ago. Now, the two men who found the body, both nearing the end of long careers in law enforcement, want one last shot at the case. Old and ill, they need someone to do the legwork for them, and they turn to Kinsey Millhone. They will, they tell her, find closure if they can just identify the victim. Kinsey is intrigued with the challenge and agrees to work with them. But revisiting the past can be a dangerous business, and what begins with the pursuit of Jane Doe's real identity ends in a high-risk hunt for her killer.

Quaker Silence (Elizabeth Elliot Quaker Mystery #1)

by Irene Allen

[from the book jacket:] "What happens when murder strikes at the heart of the nonviolent Quaker community? Here is the debut of a refreshing and beguiling mystery series with a new sleuth who has a brilliant deductive style that's all her own. Elizabeth Elliot is a widow of some years and considerable moral authority. Since girlhood she has drawn inner strength from her beloved Quaker worship and just recently has been elected to serve as clerk of the Quaker Meeting in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Elizabeth's worries about her ability to carry out the everyday duties of the job--leading the congregation in prayerful meditation, balancing the budget, etc.--are put aside, though, when she receives the shocking news that a prominent member of the meeting has been found murdered in his garden! The victim is John Hoffman, a wealthy businessman near retirement who is just preparing, he has announced to the entire congregation, to alter his will. Obviously many people would rather he did not leave most of his estate to charity, yet the police focus their investigation on Tim, a young homeless man who attends the meeting and whom John Hoffman occasionally hired to work in his garden. Not surprisingly, Tim is unable to supply a convincing alibi, yet Elizabeth is certain that he is innocent. She rises to the occasion, standing up to the police, who are eager to convict an indigent man, and doing some wildly inventive and daring detective work that makes surprising use of Quaker practices and philosophy. Before she finally confronts the killer, Elizabeth will sift through a myriad of red herrings and seemingly unrelated clues and secrets. For within the blessed "Quaker silence" is greed, forbidden love, and vengeful anger struggling to find a voice. Mixing timeless philosophy with contemporary concerns, Irene Allen's Quaker Silence marks the beginning of an outstanding mystery series."

Quaker Testimony (Elizabeth Elliot Quaker Mystery #3)

by Irene Allen

[from the dust jacket:] "Widow Elizabeth Elliot lives a simple life in the bustling town of Cambridge, Massachusetts. As Clerk of the Quaker Meeting, she takes care of the daily business of running the Meeting and leads the congregation in prayerful meditation. She also serves as a moral authority. So when murder strikes at the heart of the nonviolent Quaker community, Elizabeth becomes a delightfully unconventional sleuth. Hope and Sheldon Laughton, a young Quaker couple, refuse to pay war taxes. The IRS plans to repossess the Laughton house due to their debts, so Elizabeth goes to the house to offer moral support. She is horrified to discover Hope murdered, lying in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor. The crime threatens to tear the community apart when suspicion falls upon a number of Quakers. Could the killer be Otto, a young Quaker and dear friend of the Laughtons, who also happened to have had a not-so-secret crush on Hope? Or could it be Sheldon himself, due to unseen strains in their marriage? Even Elizabeth is a suspect, and she is forced to spend a night in jail! Determined to discover the identity of the murderer, Elizabeth combines her quiet wisdom with perseverance as she makes her way to a shocking, disturbing discovery."

Quaker Witness (Elizabeth Elliot Quaker Mystery #2)

by Irene Allen

[from the dust jacket:] "The Clerk of a Quaker Meetinghouse has many important duties, ranging from presiding over interminable business meetings and answering difficult mail to helping keep the budget in balance. For Elizabeth Elliot, a lifelong member of the Quaker Meeting in Cambridge, being Clerk also means solving a murder or two." "Elizabeth is an intelligent and compassionate widow whose life once revolved around simple religious work and such domestic tasks as baking bread. These days, however, she finds herself developing new and somewhat unusual talents - including surreptitiously eavesdropping in hallways, interrogating graduate students about poisonous gas, and rooting out a ruthless killer - as the mild-mannered Quaker feels increasingly called to the grim avocation of crime-solving." "First introduced to us by Irene Allen in Quaker Silence, the capable Clerk has already proven that no obstacle that stands in the way of truth is too daunting for her to overcome. Now that she is familiar with murder investigations, not even mighty Harvard University, the Meeting's powerful neighbor just up Brattle Street, can intimidate her." "When an eminent paleontologist is found murdered in his lab at Harvard, suspicion automatically falls on a young graduate student, the professor's only female advisee, who has, coincidentally, just filed sexual harassment charges against him. Not surprisingly, the university is eager to handle both the murder and the troublesome student quietly and quickly, the matter as an open-and-shut case. Only Elizabeth who befriended the accused just before the murder, is convinced of the young woman's innocence." "Combining wisdom and patience with uncanny perception, Elizabeth carefully threads her way through a web of clues and contradictions to arrive at several disturbing conclusions that prove greed and corruption can thrive anywhere, even in the world of pure scientific research. Lovers of intelligent mysteries will thrill to this singular heroine and her subtle but effective ways of triumphing over evil. With Quaker Witness, Irene Allen once again offers compelling testimony to the possibility of decency and integrity in today's complex world." Bookshare has books one and three in the Elizabeth Elliot series: Quaker Silence and Quaker Testimony.

Quantico (Quantico #1)

by Greg Bear

It's the second decade of the twenty-first century, and terrorism has escalated almost beyond control. New weapons are being spawned in remote basement labs, and no one feels safe. In North America, the FBI uses cutting-edge technology to thwart domestic terrorists. The War on Terror has reached a deadly stalemate. The FBI has been dispatched to deal with a new menace. Like the anthrax threat of 2001, a plague targeted to ethnic groups has the potential to wipe out entire populations. But the FBI itself is under political assault. There's a good chance that agents William Griffin, Fouad Al-Husam, and Jane Rowland will be part of the last class at Quantico. As the young agents hunt a brilliant homegrown terrorist, they join forces with veteran bio-terror expert Rebecca Rose. But the plot they uncover--and the man they chase--prove far more complex than anyone expects. Quantico is a selection of: Book-of-the-Month Club, Science Fiction Book Club, Military Book Club, Mystery Guild, American Compass Book Club, and Quality Paperback Book Club.

Quantico Rules

by Gene Riehl

Puller Monk's job is to investigate the background of Judge Brenda Thompson, a presidential nominee to the Supreme Court and an African-American.

Quantum Web

by Tom Grace

DECEIT, BETRAYAL, DEATH, THEY'RE ALL RELATIVE. In 1948, a young German emigre reached the threshold of an incredible scientific discovery: a blueprint for the construction of the universe that could surpass the theories of Einstein. But the scientist's secret past catches up to him with a vengeance, and he and his work are seemingly lost forever. Now, buried knowledge has been rediscovered -- and whoever controls it holds the key to the future. Two sides, American and Russian, are in a ruthless fight for the ultimate fight for the power of the new millennium -- quantum technology -- and ex-Navy SEAL Nolan Kilkenny finds himself caught in the crossfire. To stop the fate of the world from being hijacked, Kilkenny must wage a war across two hemispheres as he races to solve a decades-old mystery -- if the solution doesn't kill him first.

A Quarter for a Kiss (The Million Dollar Mysteries, 4)

by Mindy Starns Clark

With a touch of romance and a strong heroine, A Quarter for a Kiss offers more of the fast-paced and suspenseful inspirational writing found in A Penny for Your Thoughts, Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels, and A Dime a Dozen. In this fourth book of the Million Dollar Mysteries, Mindy Starns Clark weaves another tale of mystery and God's touch on the lives of those who seek Him. As a young widow, Callie Webber finds strength in her faith in God and joy in her growing romance with her employer, Tom Bennett. When their friend and mentor, Eli Gold, is shot, the search for answers as to who and why leads Tom and Callie to the beautiful Virgin Islands. There they face a sinister enemy among the ruins of an old sugar plantation--an enemy who's willing to do anything to keep his identity secret and the past deeply buried.

Queen of Ambition (Ursula Blanchard Mystery Series #5)

by Fiona Buckley

Ursula and her small daughter, Meg, are at their Sussex manor house, Withysham, when Ursula is summoned to court. The queen will soon set out on a Royal Progress to Cambridge, the university town known for its Protestant sympathies. Accompanied by a huge entourage and two hundred wagonloads of goods, Her Majesty will spend five nights at King's College, where she will be kept in comfort and entertained in style. Nothing must go wrong. But Sir William Cecil, the secretary of state, is worried. Some students plan to welcome the queen to Cambridge with a farcical playlet involving kidnapping and swords. Cecil would prohibit all violence and swords near the queen's person, but she insists on letting the students have their fun. Or is it the queen who is having fun playing with her courtiers' concerns? With the spirited, thirty-year-old queen, it's always hard to tell. Or, a more serious possibility, is the playlet being used?

The Queen of Bedlam

by Robert Mccammon

His epic masterwork, Speaks the Nightbird, a tour de force of witch hunt terror in a colonial town, was hailed by Sandra Brown as "deeply satisfying... told with matchless insight into the human soul." Now, Robert McCammon brings the hero of that spellbinding novel, Matthew Corbett, to eighteenth-century New York, where a killer wields a bloody and terrifying power over a bustling city carving out its identity -- and over Matthew's own uncertain destiny. The unsolved murder of a respected doctor has sent ripples of fear throughout a city teeming with life, noise, and commerce. Who snuffed out the good man's life with the slash of a blade on a midnight street? The local printmaster has labeled the fiend "the Masker," adding fuel to a volatile mystery... while young law clerk Matthew Corbett has other obsessions in mind. Earnest and hardworking, Matthew spends his precious spare time attempting to vindicate the abuses he witnessed growing up in the Sainted John Home for Boys, at the hands of its monstrous headmaster. But Matthew's true calling lies not in avenging the past but salvaging the future -- for when the Masker claims a new victim, Matthew Saul is lured into a maze of forensic clues and heart-pounding investigation that will both test his natural penchant for detection and inflame his hunger for justice. In the strangest twist of all, the key to unmasking the Masker may await in an asylum where the Queen of Bedlam reigns -- and only a man of Matthew's reason and empathy can unlock her secrets. From the seaport to Wall Street, from society mansions to gutters glimmering with blood spilled by a deviant, Matthew's quest will tauntingly reveal the answers he seeks -- and the chilling truths he cannot escape.

Queen of Swords (Wilderness, Book 5)

by Sara Donati

Gripping historical adventure set in the 1800s from the French Antilles to the tumultuous battle for New Orleans. It is the late summer of 1814, and Hannah Bonner and her half brother Luke have spent more than a year searching the islands of the Caribbean for Luke's wife and the man who abducted her. But Jennet's rescue, so long in coming, is not the resolution they'd hoped for.

Queen of the Flowers (Phryne Fisher #14)

by Kerry Greenwood

St. Kildas streets hang with fairy lights. Tea dances, tango competitions, lifesaving demonstrations, lantern shows, and picnics on the beach are all part of the towns first Flower Parade. And who should be Queen of the Flowers but the Honourable Phryne Fisher? It seems that the lovely Phryne has nothing to do but buy dresses, drink cocktails, and dine in lavish restaurants. Unfortunately, disappearances during this joyous festival aren't limited to the magic shows. One of Phryne's flower maidens has simply vanished. And so, Phryne is off to investigate aided by Bert and Cec and her trusty little Beretta. When her darling adopted daughter Ruth goes missing, Phryne is determined that nothing will stand in the way of her investigation. Phryne must confront elephants, brothel-life, and perhaps worst of all an old lover in an effort to save Ruth and her flower maiden before it is too late. Queen of the Flowers is the fourteenth book in the Phryne Fisher series, with no sign of Ms. Fisher hanging up her pearl-handled pistol yet.

Queen of the Night (Brandon Walker #4)

by J. A. Jance

The New York Times bestselling author brings back the Walker family in a multilayered thriller in which murders past and present connect the lives of three families Every summer, in an event that is commemorated throughout the Tohono O'odham Nation, the Queen of the Night flower blooms in the Arizona desert. But one couple's intended celebration is shattered by gunfire, the sole witness to the bloodshed a little girl who has lost the only family she's ever known. To her rescue come Dr. Lani Walker, who sees the trauma of her own childhood reflected in her young patient, and Dan Pardee, an Iraq war veteran and member of an unorthodox border patrol unit called the Shadow Wolves. Joined by Pima County homicide investigator Brian Fellows, they must keep the child safe while tracking down a ruthless killer. In a second case, retired homicide detective Brandon Walker is investigating the long unsolved murder of an Arizona State University coed. Now, after nearly half a century of silence, the one person who can shed light on that terrible incident is willing to talk. Meanwhile, Walker's wife, Diana Ladd, is reliving memories of a man whose death continues to haunt her. As these crimes threaten to tear apart three separate families, the stories and traditions of the Tohono O'odham people remain just beneath the surface of the desert, providing illumination to events of both self-sacrifice and unspeakable evil.

The Queene's Cure

by Karen Harper

Karen Harper's crowd-pleasing Elizabeth I Mystery series, hailed as "extraordinary" by the Los Angeles Times, continues with this marvelous, majestic novel. The Queene's Cure transports us into the shadowy world of sixteenth-century medicine, as an enlightened young queen seeks the cures that could heal a realm and transform a land.... In late summer of 1562, within a bedchamber at Whitehall Palace, Elizabeth Tudor prays for the recovery of the delirious, fever-racked friend who has served her for twenty-six of her twenty-nine years. Ten days later, with loyal, handsome Lord Robert Dudley by her side, the queen leads her retinue to London's Royal College of Physicians to enlist two learned doctors in the raging battle against disease and pestilence. She knows she has no trusted allies in Peter Pascal and John Caius, ardent Papist sympathizers with long-standing grievances against the Tudors. Yet even the stalwart queen is shaken when a frighteningly lifelike effigy of herself ravaged by pox turns up in her royal coach. Elizabeth's fear that the counterfeit corpse is a harbinger of impending tragedy comes to fruition when ever more terrifying transgressions penetrate the very heart of her royal precincts. With the help of her Privy Plot Council and an intriguing healer whose curative arts are at odds with the dangerous Royal College, Elizabeth resolves to unmask a murderer who wears a false face and is beset by the vilest humours of the soul. But when she herself falls ill, an entire realm is caught in the grip of a treasonous conspiracy to take a queen's life and throne.Peopled by a rich cast of fascinating figures from the swirling mists of history, The Queene's Cure brings a vibrant, violent age unforgettably to life. Racing to a chilling climax where ordinary men play God and where Elizabeth Tudor could meet the same fate as her mother, Anne Boleyn, this is a gripping and captivating story of an indomitable young monarch...fighting for her life, her realm, and her rightful crown

The Queen's Gambit (Leonardo da Vinci Mystery #1)

by Diane A. S. Stuckart

The first book in an exciting new series featuring Leonardo da Vinci and his young apprentice. Court Engineer Leonardo da Vinci conjures a living chess game for the Duke of Milan using his royal court as chess pieces. But when one 'piece' is murdered, da Vinci's scrupulous eye for detail is needed to find the killer.

The Queen’s Necklace

by Frances Mossiker

This book is a fascinating true-crime story involving Marie-Antoinette, set in the period of Revolutionary France.

Queen's Ransom (Ursula Blanchard Mystery Series #3)

by Fiona Buckley

Long live the Queen! A magnificent Queen Elizabeth I reigned in the movie Shakespeare in Love, but it is the younger queen of the film Elizabeth whom we meet in Fiona Buckley's acclaimed Ursula Blanchard mystery series. It's 1562 and Catholic Spain threatens the stability of Protestant England. In France, the Protestant Huguenots also face threats from the powerful Catholics. Fearing that such pro-Catholic movements might spread to England, Elizabeth hopes to mediate a peace between the two French factions. Enter Ursula Blanchard, twenty-seven-year-old Lady of the Presence Chamber, who has a special mandate from Sir William Cecil, Secretary of State, to spy on behalf of the queen. Nearly the same age as Elizabeth, Ursula has already proved herself worthy of the queen's gratitude in difficult and dangerous situations. The queen wants Ursula to go to France, where civil war may break out at any moment, to hand-carry a letter from Elizabeth to France's queen mother and regent, Catherine de Médicis. To keep her mission secret, Ursula will ostensibly accompany her former father-in-law, Luke Blanchard, a man she neither likes nor trusts, when he travels to France to fetch his young ward, Helene, to the safety of England. Ursula has the queen's protection and she has with her her faithful servants Brockley and Dale. But she soon realizes that sinister forces threaten her. Is someone trying to prevent her from delivering the letter? Whom can she trust? Luke Blanchard? Helene? Her servants? Anthony Jenkinson, the blithe merchant adventurer whose path crosses hers and who has enemies of his own? Can she be sure even of the queen? What will happen to Meg, her little daughter left behind in England, if she fails to return? Perhaps the most poignant of all, Ursula's second husband, Matthew, a Frenchman and an enemy of Elizabeth, is somewhere in France, but can she see him without bringing disaster on both of them? There is powerful chemistry between them but what is their destiny? Ursula soon learns that she faces an enemy who will stop at nothing -- not murder, not torture, not charges of heresy that may lead to burning at the stake -- to destroy her. To prevail, she must undertake a desperate new mission of her own, with an innocent life at risk. Murder, treason, treasure, passion -- they all combine to make a compelling historical mystery from an author whose vast knowledge of the period adds depth and color to this riveting new series.

The Quest

by Wilbur Smith

In this sequel to River God and Warlock, Egypt has been struck by a series of disasters, killing its crops and crippling its people. Then the ultimate disaster befalls them.The Nile fails. The waters that nourish and sustain the land dry up. The pharaoh sends Taita, the only man who might be able to find his way through the hazardous territory to the source of the Nile and discover the cause of all their woes.

The Quest of the Missing Map (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #19)

by Carolyn Keene

This book is about a young detective named Nancy Drew and how she comes upon a mystery about a hidden map. Nancy must find clues to lead her to the lost map and then to the buried treasure of her friend's relatives.

The Quest Of The Missing Map (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories revised #19)

by Carolyn Keene

Beginning in the late 1950s, the Nancy Drew books were condensed and revised. This is the revised version. Follow Nancy as she traces a missing twin brother, a lost treasure map, thieves, and a treasure! For cliff-hanging suspense and thrilling action read The Nancy Drew Mystery StoriesR-the world's most popular mystery series for young readers! Millions of fans have matched wits with Nancy Drew, helping her solve more than fifty baffling cases-from The Secret of the Old Clock to the haunting mystery of The Thirteenth Pearl. Join the fun! Start your collection of original hardcover Nancy Drew Mysteries today! #1 The Secret of the Old Clock #2 The Hidden Staircase #3 The Bungalow Mystery #4 The Mystery at Lilac Inn #5 The Secret of Shadow Ranch #6 The Secret of Red Gate Farm 50 additional titles in hardcover! See complete listing inside. Picture descriptions ad captions included.

A Question of Blood (Inspector Rebus #14)

by Ian Rankin

A few days into a murder inquiry following the brutal death of an Edinburgh art dealer, Rebus blows up at his superior, DCS Gill Templer, and is sent for 'retraining' - Last Chance Saloon. Rebus and a group of similar officers are given an old unsolved case to work on. It will hopefully teach them the merits of teamwork, while they are assessed. But there are those in the team who have their own secrets - secrets not unconnected to the very case they've been given - and they'll stop at nothing to protect them. A shooting incident at a private school just north of Edinburgh. Two seventeen-year olds killed by an ex-Army loner who has gone off the rails. Ex-Army himself, Rebus becomes fascinated by the killer, and finds he is not alone. Army investigators are on the scene, and won't be shaken off. The killer had friends and enemies to spare - ranging from civic leaders to the local Goths - leaving behind a legacy of secrets and lies...FLESHMARKET CLOSEAn illegal immigrant is found murdered in an Edinburgh housing scheme: a racist attack, or something else entirely? Rebus is drawn into the case. Meanwhile, Siobhan Clarke is drawn into helping the family of a missing teenager, which will mean coming dangerously close to a convicted rapist. Then there's the small matter of the two skeletons found buried beneath a concrete cellar floor in Fleshmarket Close. The scene begins to look like an elaborate stunt - but whose, and for what purpose?

A Question Of Guilt (Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys SuperMystery #26)

by Carolyn Keene

AMERICA'S TOP TEEN DETECTIVES TEAM UP TO FIND THE BOTTOM LINE IN A MURDEROUS FINANCIAL DISPUTE NANCY DREW and her father, Carson, have come to Philadelphia to attend a meeting of the Vidocq Society, a group dedicated to the investigation of unsolved crimes. One of Carson's clients, Buff Bellamy, was recently tried for the slaying of Laurel Kenway, the ward of his uncle, real estate king Stafford Bellamy. Carson managed to get his client off on a technicality, but everyone -- except the Drews -- believes Buff got away with murder. Nancy's out to prove his innocence ... beyond a question of a doubt. Meanwhile... FRANK and JOE HARDY, and their father, Fenton, have come to the same meeting. Why? To prove beyond a doubt that Buff is guilty. Fenton investigated the crime, and the brothers found the evidence that convinced the district attorney to bring Buff to trial. It's a high-profile case in which Nancy, Frank, and Joe all have something to lose. But they all want the same thing: To find the real killer...

A Question of Identity

by June Thompson

The archaeological society had been let into George Stebbing's lower meadow to unearth Anglo-Saxon relics. What they dug up was a corpse. Not fresh, but certainly not ancient, thought Detective Inspector Rudd as he peered into the grave where the mysterious body had lain for several years. Not enough flesh remained for fingerprints. There were no teeth to help with identification, and certainly no way to tell what the man looked like except for strands of brown and gray hair. It would take all of Rudd's experience from his years with the Chelmsford C.I.D. to identify this poor soul, to discover how he was murdered ... and to find who killed him. But Rudd already had his suspicions. They began with a crucifix on a chain and led back into the past to buried secrets, passion, and revenge.

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