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Power, Plain English and the Rise of Modern Poetry

by David Rosen

David Rosen offers a radically new account of modern poetry and revises our understanding of its relation to Romanticism. British poets from Wordsworth to Auden attempted to present themselves simultaneously as persons of power and as moral voices in their communities. The modern lyric derives its characteristic complexities--psychological, ethical, formal--from the extraordinary difficulty of this effort. The low register of our language--a register of short, concrete, native words arranged in simple syntax--is deeply implicated in this story. Rosen shows how the peculiar reputation of "plain English" for truthfulness is employed by Modern poets to conceal the rift between their (probably irreconcilable) ambitions for themselves. With a deep appreciation for poetic accomplishment and a wonderful iconoclasm, Rosen sheds new light on the innovative as well as the self-deceptive aspects of Modern poetry. This book alters our understanding of the history of poetry in the English language.

Power, Politics and Crime

by William J. Chambliss

Argues that panic over crime has been manufactured by the media, law enforcement bureaucracies, and the private prison industry. Draws on ethnographic observations, analysis of census data, and historical research to show that criminal justice bureaucracies have seen unprecedented expansion. This edition is updated to reflect changes since 1999, and includes discussion of the "declining crime rate," recent scandal in the Los Angeles Police Department, white collar crime, and state crime. Chambliss teaches sociology at George Washington University. Annotation c. Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Power, Politics, and Organizational Change: Winning the Turf Game (Second Edition)

by David Buchanan Richard Badham

`Many books on management are sanitized, cleanly technical accounts of the unreality of managerial life and work. Politics hardly feature. This book tells it like it is: it dishes the dirt, gets low-down, into the funky and fascinating politics of organizational life' - Stewart Clegg, Aston Business School and University of Technology, Sydney Combining a practical and theoretical guide to the politics of organizational change, this book provides an exceptional resource to students of change management, and organizational behaviour. Buchanan and Badham show how the change agent who is not politically skilled will fail, and that it is necessary to be able and willing to intervene in the political processes of the organization. This revised edition includes a range of excellent new material and features, including: - a new chapter on gender in approaches to organization politics - a full range of teaching materials including case studies, incident reports, self-assessments, and more - Each chapter recommends a feature film (or DVD) to illustrate aspects of organization politics - fresh research evidence - recent literature on the nature of entrepreneurial politics; - a model of political expertise, and how that can be developed This lively and engaging book is key to MBA and other Masters degree candidates taking courses in change management, and organizational behaviour. It will also be valuable for practising managers on tailored executive programmes in organization politics.

Power Trains: A Service, Testing, and Maintenance Guide for Power Trains in Off-road Vehicles, Trucks, and Buses (7th edition)

by John Deere Company

This manual is aimed at helping experienced mechanics, shop trainees, vocational students and lay readers to service, test and maintain power trains.

The Powerful Ephemeral: Everyday Healing in an Ambiguously Islamic Place

by Carla Bellamy

The violent partitioning of British India along religious lines and ongoing communalist aggression have compelled Indian citizens to contend with the notion that an exclusive, fixed religious identity is fundamental to selfhood. Even so, Muslim saint shrines known as dargahs attract a religiously diverse range of pilgrims. In this accessible and groundbreaking ethnography, Carla Bellamy traces the long-term healing processes of Muslim and Hindu devotees of a complex of dargahs in northwestern India. Drawing on pilgrims' narratives, ritual and everyday practices, archival documents, and popular publications in Hindi and Urdu, Bellamy considers questions about the nature of religion in general and Indian religion in particular. Grounded in stories from individual lives and experiences, The Powerful Ephemeral offers not only a humane, highly readable portrait of dargah culture, but also new insight into notions of selfhood and religious difference in contemporary India.

Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition

by Heather Hedrick Fink Lisa A. Burgoon Alan E. Mikesky

Fink (educational services, National Institute for Fitness and Sport) et al. explain the link between diet and athletic performance showing how essential nutrients, energy metabolism, and sports performance interact. Chapters explain macronutrients, micronutrients, and water, and their relationships to athletic performance; practical and applied aspects of sports nutrition, including behavior change through consultations and weight management; endurance, strength/power, and teams; and jobs in the field. This edition has new 2010 dietary guidelines, the MyPlate initiative, and new calcium and vitamin D recommendations; more meal planning and snack ideas; a new sports beverage comparison chart; and updated research on carbohydrate intake and performance. It also has an expanded section on weight gain. The companion website contains a BMI calculator, a chemistry review, an interactive glossary, links and journals, quizzes and other learning tools, and recipes.

Practical Business Math Procedures

by Jeffrey Slater Sharon M. Wittry

Kiplinger's Personal Finance is the most trustworthy source of advice and guidance available today on managing your money: how to make and save more of it, invest it profitably, spend it wisely, make it work harder for you, and much more.From our annual economic forecast issue to our ranking of the best mutual funds... from new ways to slash taxes, to the best ways to boost your credit score ... Kiplinger's Personal Finance is devoted to helping you make more money and keep more of the money you make!

Practical Business Math Procedures (9th Edition)

by Jeffrey Slater

This book uses mathematical techniques to illustrate their application in business aspects.

Practical Digital Wireless Signals

by Earl Mccune

Do you need to know what signal type to select for a wireless application? Quickly develop a useful expertise in digital modulation with this practical guide, based on the author's experience of over 30 years in industrial design. You will understand the physical meaning behind the mathematics of wireless signals and learn the intricacies and tradeoffs in signal selection and design. Six modulation families and 12 modulation types are covered in depth, together with a quantitative ranking of relative cost incurred to implement any of 12 modulation types. Extensive discussions of the Shannon Limit, Nyquist filtering, efficiency measures and signal-to-noise measures are provided, radio wave propagation and antennas, multiple access techniques, and signal coding principles are all covered, and spread spectrum and wireless system operation requirements are presented.

Practical DV Filmmaking (2nd Edition)

by Russell Evans

Written for the beginner, Practical DV Filmmaking guides you thorough the process of making a film with low-cost digital equipment: from development through to production, post-production and distribution. While the technical tools you need are fully explained, the book concentrates on filmmaking principles throughout, illustrating how these tools can be used to achieve stylistic approaches for innovative filmmaking. The book assumes no background knowledge in either technology or filmmaking and is divided into four key areas: *DEVELOPMENT: turn your idea into a workable script, storyboard and schedule. *PRODUCTION: develop skills to shoot original short films and turn a zero-to-low budget to your advantage. *POST-PRODUCTION: learn basic editing techniques to enhance your original idea using iMovie, Premiere and other popular tools. *DISTRIBUTION: set up a website and use the internet to promote your film. Includes numerous links to useful websites. Plus, top tips for how to enter a film festival and a new chapter on developing a career. Projects enable you to master each step of the process taking you through different aspects of filmmaking today. Gradually you will find out where your strengths lie and how to make the most of them. The book also encourages stylistic development by intruding theoretical approaches to filmmaking. A glossary of terms plus an appendix of resources make this guide a one-stop essential handbook to DV filmmaking practice for beginners and student filmmakers.

Practical Ethics (3rd Edition)

by Peter Singer

For thirty years, Peter Singer's Practical Ethics has been the classic introduction to applied ethics. For this third edition, the author has revised and updated all the chapters, and added a new chapter addressing climate change, one of the most important ethical challenges of our generation. Some of the questions discussed in this book concern our daily lives. Is it ethical to buy luxuries when others do not have enough to eat? Should we buy meat from intensively reared animals? Am I doing something wrong if my carbon footprint is above the global average? Other questions confront us as concerned citizens: equality and discrimination on the grounds of race or sex; abortion, the use of embryos for research, and euthanasia; political violence and terrorism; and the preservation of our planet's environment. This book's lucid style and provocative arguments make it an ideal text for university courses and for anyone willing to think about how she or he ought to live.

Practical Fiber Optics

by Edwin Wright David Bailey

This book gives both the novice and the experienced user a solid grasp of the principles and practical implementation of fiber optic cabling for industrial applications.

Practical Financial Management

by William R. Lasher

The author William R. Lasher captivates readers with unique insights into the issues and challenges facing financial managers every day. rom a look at hidden agendas and the biases of decision makers in the firm to the analyses of financial proposals, Lasher's practical, relevant presentation keep students reading. This edition examines the latest financial developments, including the financial crisis of 2008-2009. You will find an engaging, complete presentation perfectly matched to the needs of today's business students, from the use of everyday math, rather than advanced math in theory sections, to numerous worked-out examples and graphical and intuitive presentations.

The Practical Geologist

by Dougal Dixon Raymond I. Bernor

From exploring the basic principles of geology to starting a rock and mineral collection, The Practical Geologist is the perfect introduction to the world of earth science. Beginning with a history of the earth's formation and development, this book explores the substances that compose the planet, movements within the earth, the surface effects of weather and water, and underground landscapes. It shows you how to search for, identify, and extract samples of various rocks and minerals, and for each rock and mineral type there is a brief mineralogy and explanation of its locations. There are also sections on mapping, preparing, and curating specimens, and geological sites on the six continents. Packed with more than 200 full-color illustrations, this comprehensive guide is the essential practical companion for natural science enthusiasts everywhere.

A Practical Guide to Early Childhood Curriculum: Linking Thematic, Emergent, and Skill-based Planning To Children's Outcomes

by Evelyn A. Petersen

This comprehensive book offers easy and practical systems to organize and integrate interest-based and skill-based curriculum ideas and to effectively plan for young children. It makes ongoing lesson plans easier to write, implement and monitor, and links lesson planning to both curriculum objectives and children's outcomes in all learning domains. The book provides comprehensive information on the setting of daily schedules, long and short range lesson planning, guidance/classroom management, and trends and priorities in the field. Diagrams, lesson plan forms, illustrations, and developmentally sequenced activity tables help teachers organize scaffolded experiences in all learning domains. The book also describes implementation that meets the diverse and changing needs of every child from the beginning to end of the year.

A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming

by Mark G. Sobell

"First Sobell taught people how to use Linux . . now he teaches you the power of Linux. A must-have book for anyone who wants to take Linux to the next level. " -Jon "maddog" Hall, Executive Director, Linux International New Chapters on Python and MySQL-Covers Perl, too! Learn from hundreds of realistic, high-quality examples, and become a true Linux command-line guru! NEW! Covers busybox, Midnight Commander, screen, and sshfs/curlftpf Covers the Mac OS X command line and its unique tools 295-page reference covers 98 utilities, including Mac OS X commands! For use with all popular versions of Linux, including Ubuntu(tm), Fedora(tm), openSUSE(tm), Red Hat®, Debian, Mageia, Mint, Arch, CentOS, and Mac OS X, too! The Most Useful Tutorial and Reference, with Hundreds of High-Quality Examples for Every Popular Linux Distribution Linux is today''s dominant Internet server platform. System administrators and Web developers need deep Linux fluency, including expert knowledge of shells and the command line. This is the only guide with everything you need to achieve that level of Linux mastery. Renowned Linux expert Mark Sobell has brought together comprehensive, insightful guidance on the tools sysadmins, developers, and power users need most, and has created an outstanding day-to-day reference. This title is 100 percent distribution and release agnostic. Packed with hundreds of high-quality, realistic examples, it presents Linux from the ground up: the clearest explanations and most useful information about everything from filesystems to shells, editors to utilities, and programming tools to regular expressions. Use a Mac? You''ll find coverage of the Mac OS X command line, including OS X-only tools and utilities other Linux/UNIX titles ignore. Sobell presents a new MySQL chapter. There''s even an expert introduction to Python-today''s most valuable tool for automating complex, time-consuming administration tasks. A Practical Guide to Linux® Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming, Third Edition, is the only guide to deliver A MySQL chapter to get you started with this ubiquitous relational database management system (RDBMS) A masterful introduction to Python for system administrators and power users New coverage of the busybox single binary collection of utilities, the screen terminal session manager/multiplexer, and the mc (Midnight Commander) textual file manager, plus a new chapter on using ssh for secure communication In-depth coverage of the bash and tcsh shells, including a complete discussion of environment, inheritance, and process locality, plus coverage of basic and advanced shell programming Practical explanations of 98 core utilities, from aspell to xargs, including printf and sshfs/curlftpfs, PLUS Mac OS X-specific utilities from ditto to SetFile Expert guidance on automating remote backups using rsync Dozens of system security tips, including step-by-step walkthroughs of implementing secure communications using ssh and scp Tips and tricks for customizing the shell, including step values, sequence expressions, the eval builtin, and implicit command-line continuation High-productivity editing techniques using vim and emacs A comprehensive, 295-page command reference section covering 98 utilities, including find, grep, sort, and tar Instructions for updating systems using apt-get and yum And much more, including coverage of BitTorrent, gawk, sed, find, sort, bzip2, and regular expressions.

The Practical Guide to Special Educational Needs in Inclusive Primary Classrooms

by Richard Rose Marie Howley

`A well-written and thought-provoking book for teachers. It offers many ideas to improve inclusive practice in primary schools, to the benefit of all pupils, not only those with additional or different learning needs' - Special magazine Written for newly-qualified teachers and students approaching the end of their training courses, this practical and accessible text is an introduction to working with children of a range of abilities in inclusive primary classrooms. The book draws on recent research and innovation in the education of pupils with special educational needs to provide practical examples and advice on how to meet the challenges of developing effective teaching and learning in inclusive settings. Chapters cover: " becoming an inclusive teacher " pupils giving cause for concern " teaching and learning styles " creating inclusive classroom environments and teaching teams " learning from pupils " looking beyond school " developing further as a professional With advice on building positive attitudes, developing specific teaching strategies and adapting a personalising teaching approaches, the book helps teachers to build upon their earlier training in both practical and reflective ways. Richard Rose is Professor of Special and Inclusive Education and Director of the Centre for Special Needs Education and Research at University College Northampton. Marie Howley is senior lecturer in the Centre for Special Needs Education and Research at University College Northampton, teaching on both undergraduate and post graduate courses and in continuing professional development for teachers.

Practical Gynaecological Ultrasound

by Jane Bates

Devoted solely to gynecological ultrasound, this book covers normal anatomy and physiology as well as pathological processes. With excellent diagrams and halftones it illustrates the key technical and diagnostic steps needed by both the trainee and established radiographer, radiologist and gynecologist, providing clear guidance on the optimum management of patients undergoing gynecological investigation by ultrasound. Key topics include: normal anatomy and physiology; pathology of the uterus, ovaries and related pelvic structures; the acute pelvis; ovarian screening; infertility; pediatric gynecological ultrasound; and management of the gynecological patient.

Practical Healthcare Epidemiology

by Ebbing Lautenbach Keith F. Woeltje Preeti N. Malani

In recent years, issues of infection prevention and control, patient safety, and quality-of-care have become increasingly prominent in healthcare facilities. Practical Healthcare Epidemiology takes a practical, hands-on approach to these issues, addressing all aspects of infection surveillance and prevention in clear, straightforward terms. This fully revised third edition brings together the expertise of more than fifty leaders in healthcare epidemiology who provide clear, sound guidance on infection prevention and control for the full range of patients in all types of healthcare facilities, including those in settings with limited resources. A powerful resource for practitioners in any branch of medicine or public health who are involved in infection prevention and control, whether they are experienced in healthcare epidemiology or new to the field. "A handy desk reference and an up-to-date primer for trainees and experts alike" --The Journal of the American Medical Association "An essential for anyone in the field. "--Thomas R. Talbot, Chief Hospital Epidemiologist, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Practical Healthcare Epidemiology (3rd edition)

by Ebbing Lautenbach Keith Woeltje Preeti Malani

In recent years, issues of infection prevention and control, patient safety, and quality-of-care have become increasingly prominent in healthcare facilities. Practical Healthcare Epidemiology takes a practical, hands-on approach to these issues, addressing all aspects of infection surveillance and prevention in clear, straightforward terms. This fully revised third edition brings together the expertise of more than fifty leaders in healthcare epidemiology who provide clear, sound guidance on infection prevention and control for the full range of patients in all types of healthcare facilities, including those in settings with limited resources. A powerful resource for practitioners in any branch of medicine or public health who are involved in infection prevention and control, whether they are experienced in healthcare epidemiology or new to the field. "A handy desk reference and an up-to-date primer for trainees and experts alike" --The Journal of the American Medical Association "An essential for anyone in the field. "--Thomas R. Talbot, Chief Hospital Epidemiologist, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Practical Horticulture (5th edition)

by Laura Williams Rice Robert P. Rice

A textbook for a course in horticultural design for non-majors, and a reference for both amateur and professional ornamental gardeners. Explains the fundamentals of horticulture and techniques for growing plants inside and outside. Updated from the 1993 edition (first in 1986) with new photographs and bibliographical references, and new information on floral arrangements and pesticides. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Practical Law Office Management (3rd Edition)

by Brent Roper

Practical Law Office Management, third edition focuses on law office management from a practical standpoint. Designed for the paralegal student interested in day-to-day law office management topics, this text focuses on client relations and communication skills; legal fees, timekeeping, and billing, client trust funds and law office accounting; calendaring, docket control, and case management; legal marketing; and file and law library management. This revised edition offers an extended focus on technology, including a full demonstration of Thomson's ProLaw software and in-depth software tutorials. It includes up-to-date charts and graphs that present material in an easy-to-understand context. Each chapter now includes thought-provoking questions, and expanded and interesting case studies that deal with unique facts specific to practicing paralegals appear after most chapters. To expand the technology focus of the text, Excel exercises appear in the timekeeping and billing and trust account chapters. In addition, this revised text has a strong ethics focus throughout, with ethics-related cases included at the end of nearly every chapter.

Practical Logic: An Antidote for Uncritical Thinking (5th edition)

by Douglas J. Soccio Vincent E. Barry

The Fifth Edition of PRACTICAL LOGIC continues its tradition as a breakthrough introductory text by de-emphasizing symbolic logic and scientific method, instead presenting the practical aspects of logic and critical thinking. The text does not mistake technical apparatus (charts, decision trees, and models) for clarity, and consequently does not burden students with confusing and unnecessary barriers to critical assessment of arguments and claims. PRACTICAL LOGIC combines clear writing and a wealth of everyday examples to make logic accessible and relevant to the beginning student. Logic and critical thinking are even easier to understand in this streamlined new edition. With its clear language and interesting, realistic examples, students learn to recognize clear arguments and to employ critical thinking in all areas of study. Full treatment of knowledge claims (epistemology) addresses issues of expertise, authority, and relativity. Over 1200 exercises include open-ended discussion questions as well as standard exercises that help students review and assimilate concepts.

Practical Newspaper Reporting (Fourth Edition)

by Geoffrey Harris David B. Spark

Now in its fourth edition, this classic textbook has grown up alongside the newspaper industry. Today, as ever, it provides students of newspaper journalism with a toolkit for gathering news and filling ever-increasing space with first-rate copy for print and online. Detailed and down-to-earth, this book delivers: * Guidance on news gathering, from government and business to sport and religion * Guidance on news writing, drawing on over 300 examples that have appeared in print, discussing why they work or how they could have been better * Guidance on feature writing, including profiles, comment, leading articles, obituaries and reviews * Specific chapters on ethical reporting and the possibilities and pitfalls of investigative journalism * A review of the new financial realities that the internet is imposing on the media. Informed by over half a century's professional experience and fully revised to give a nuanced account of the skills required in an online environment, this book is an essential companion for your journalism degree and beyond.

A Practical Reader in Universal Design for Learning

by Anne Meyer David H. Rose

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) stands at the forefront of contemporary efforts to create universal access to educational curricula for all students, including those with disabilities. The universal in UDL does not mean there is a single optimal solution for everyone.

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