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The Dollhouse Murders

by Betty Ren Wright

Twelve-year-old Amy knows there is some connection between Aunt Claire's old dollhouse in the attic and a deadly secret from years ago.

The Dollhouse Mystery (Nancy Drew Notebooks #58)

by Carolyn Keene

Is Nancy a dollhouse thief? It's volunteer week at Carl Sandburg Elementary School, and Nancy is very excited about her job. She will be walking Mrs. Rutledge's dog, Baby. Mrs. Rutledge owns the biggest, fanciest house in River Heights. And she also owns the smallest one -- a beautiful antique dollhouse. Nancy loves the tiny furniture and little windows of the dollhouse almost as much as she loves walking Baby. But one day, five pieces of doll furniture are missing, and Mrs. Rutledge thinks Nancy took them! But Nancy is a detective, not a thief. . . right? This time Nancy must use her very best detective skills to get herself out of trouble! Picture descriptions included.

A Dollhouse to Die For

by Cate Price

Daisy Buchanan thinks of her shop, Sometimes a Great Notion, as more than just a business. For her, it's a haven of vintage sewing notions and other treasures, excellent coffee, and camaraderie. But when an antique dollhouse provokes some bizarre behavior on the part of a customer, Daisy makes it her business to find out what secrets are hidden behind its tiny doors... At an estate auction, Daisy is delighted to find the perfect present for a young girl she knows--a charming dollhouse in need of restoration. But when local collector Harriet Kunes tries to strong-arm Daisy into selling it, she's in for a shocking--and deadly--surprise. After an intruder breaks in and tries to steal the dollhouse, Daisy wonders why everyone has developed such an obsession over it. As she builds her collection of clues, she suspects that the miniature Victorian holds the key to a second unsolved murder, and soon she stumbles across much more than she bid on... Includes creative tips for vintage notions!


by J. Robert Janes

A high-ranking German sailor is accused of petty, brutal murderAs Allied bombers rain death on the German submarine pens of occupied France, police inspectors Jean-Louis St-Cyr and Hermann Kohler stumble through the darkness to a crime scene. A shopkeeper lies dead, head bashed in with a railway tie, surrounded by fragments of a shattered porcelain doll. It appears to be an open-and-shut case, which would make the detectives' job simple if the obvious suspect weren't a decorated U-Boat commander. Feared by the British, beloved by his crew, Kapitän Kaestner is a killer with a hobby: the manufacture of high-quality dolls. Before World War I ruined their business, generations of Kaestners produced the finest dolls on the continent. The shopkeeper's death comes not long after he and Kaestner fail to revive the dollmaking trade. Now, shrouded by a blackout, St-Cyr and Kohler begin the unenviable task of pinning a murder on the pride of the German fleet.

The Dollmaker

by Amanda Stevens

In Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, a terrible secret is about to be uncovered by a woman whose daughter vanished seven years ago without a trace...And now a new clue has surfaced...a doll that is the spitting image of Claire Doucett's missing child, right down to the tiny birthmark on the girl's left arm. A chance sighting of the eerily lifelike doll in a French Quarter collectibles shop leaves Claire shaken to her core...and more determined than ever to find out what happened to her beloved Ruby.When the doll is snatched and the store's owner turns up dead, Claire knows the only person she can turn to is ex-husband Dave Creasy, a former cop who has spent the past seven years imprisoned by his own guilt and despair. He let Claire down once when she needed him the most. Can she make him believe the doll really exists? She'll have to if they're to survive an encounter with a brutal psychopath-the dollmaker-who stole their future to feed an obsession that will never die.

The Dollmaker's Daughters

by Abigail Padgett

Warning: many words in French, Cajun dialect, Spanish, Celtic Irish, and Latin. This one keeps you guessing until the end. Characters from previous books are incorporated and their personalities are further developed. A young teen girl is found in trauma shock at a Goth nightclub near Bo's beachfront home. The girl has a lovely doll attached to her wrist and neck by chains. She calls the doll Kimmy, and knows that it is important but has no idea why. Bo feels a kinship to the girl, knowing that without careful handling (which also means going against Madge Aldenhoven's constant orders, the girl will develop a mental illness. Bo and Andy LaMarche's relationship continues to develop. His teen niece comes to visit from the bayous and brings a freshness with her Cajun vocabulary and outgoing personality. Estrella gives birth near the end of the book. There is no hint that this is the end of the series. Wish there were more books in this series to see how current relationships pan out, but Padgett started a new series that only made it through 2 books.

Dolls and Dues

by Orrie Hitt

What kind of woman was Paul's wife? She was a company doll with a bankroll for a heart, and a body that denied a man nothing - except love!What kind of man was Paul? He was a union boss, magnetic, handsome, a leader of men - and irresistible to women. He was also ruthless, greedy, and completely lustful.So everywhere in his vicious world of the fast buck and faster dames he sought the love his wife denied him. He picked it up from tramps and debutramps, from trollops, even from nice girls . . . And all the while he built his monstrous machine to bleed business dry and squeeze the working man. For Paul Jackson was driven by naked lust - for wealth . . . lust for power . . . above all, lust for women!

Doll's Eyes

by Bari Wood

"You're psychic; you can go places, see things no one else can . . . and that's fabulous and awesome and most of all useful." Eve Tilden Dodd Klein, thirtysomething scion of a rich Connecticut family, has inherited a powerful and fearsome legacy from her mother: clairvoyance. But she doesn't see her power as fabulous or awesome or useful or anything except a curse that has robbed her of her emotional peace and driven her husband away. She follows him to a small town in the Adirondacks in an attempt at reconciliation, and, through the hated clairvoyance, "witnesses" a murder in the woods. She is the only one who's seen the killing, and is inexorably drawn into the violent, horrifying web of the killer's dementia. Police Lieutenant Dave Latovsky, the tough but charming local cop who has been tracking the murderer, has no leads--until Eve gives him a fragment of a description. "His eyes are light brown. Same color as his hair. And they're empty. Never saw eyes like that--empty . . . dead . . . glassy. Like a doll's eyes." Those words lead Detective Latovsky closer to the killer, and in turn, the killer closer to Eve. Before long, the price of Eve's power may prove too high. "He's looking for me. Hunting for me." But both Eve and Latovsky are wrong about why--and can't imagine what the killer with doll's eyes would do if he found her. Doll's Eyes adds up to a first-class, spine-chilling suspense thriller that confirms Bari Wood's place as a master of the genre.

The Doll's House

by Evelyn Anthony

A female Intelligence agent is dispatched to spy on a group of retired spooks engaging in international terrorism in this post-Cold War thriller After three decades serving king and country, fifty-one-year-old Harry Oakham is put out to pasture with a miserly pension. But the former civil servant has his own ideas for his so-called retirement. He settles into a luxury hotel in the English countryside and rounds up a disgruntled crew of the world's most brilliant ex-spooks, including a German expert in counter-espionage and interrogation, a KGB tactician, a former Mossad terrorist, and a lethal blond killer. Hiring themselves out to the highest bidder, their first job is the assassination of a Saudi prince. Meanwhile, still smarting from a recent divorce, undercover diplomat-turned-agent Rosa Bennet has been dispatched to the Doll's House to spy on Oakham and make sure the retired agent is adapting to civilian life. The last thing the Intelligence agent expects is to fall in love with her target. And when Oakham's recruits get wind of his affair with Rosa--and her true identity--they will devise a plan to eliminate the traitor in their midst.

The Doll's House

by M. J. Arlidge

Detective Helen Grace is on the trail of a twisted serial killer in this riveting thriller in the "gripping"* international bestselling series.Ruby wakes up in a strange room. Her captor calmly explains that no one is looking for her. No one wants her. Except him.When the body of a woman is found buried on a secluded beach, Detective Helen Grace is called to the scene. She knows right away that the killer is no amateur. The woman has been dead for years, and no one has even reported her missing. But why would they? She's still sending text messages to her family. Helen is convinced that a criminal mastermind is at work: someone very smart, very careful, and worst of all, very patient. But as she struggles to piece together the killer's motive, time is running out for a victim who is still alive...From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Doll's House

by Louise Phillips

**Winner of Crime Fiction Book of the Year Award (BGE Irish Book Awards 2013)** The past is waiting... Thirty-five years ago Adrian Hamilton drowned. At the time his death was deemed a tragic accident but the exact circumstances remain a mystery. His daughter Clodagh now visits a hypnotherapist in an attempt to come to terms with her past, and her father's death. As disturbing childhood memories are unleashed, memories of another tragedy begin to come to light. Meanwhile criminal psychologist Dr Kate Pearson is called to assist in a murder investigation after a body is found in a Dublin canal. And when Kate digs beneath the surface of the killing, she discovers a sinister connection to the Hamilton family. Time is running out for Clodagh and Kate. And the killer has already chosen his next victim . . .hosen his next victim . . .

The Doll's House: A Novel

by Tania Carver

The new psychological thriller in Tania Carver's harrowing crime series--and one that delivers a surprise unlike any other in modern detective fiction. From the outside, the house was unremarkable. Just one of many on an ordinary, suburban estate. But inside was a different matter. With pink ribbons and pink walls, stuffed toy animals everywhere and a dining table laid out for a tea party, it was a doll's house. The doll was sitting at the table. Life size, with blonde, pigtailed hair and rosy red cheeks, dressed in her best pink party dress. Her finger and thumb curled round the handle of a fine china teacup. An adult woman. Covered in blood. Eviscerated. Dead. In all his years on the force, Detective Inspector Phil Brennan of the Major Incident Squad has never encountered a scene like it. As he investigates he uncovers more bizarre revelations and knows that he must act fast; the next murder has already been planned and the victim is closer to home that he realizes . . .

Dolly and the Bird of Paradise (Johnson Johnson #6)

by Dorothy Dunnett

Johnson Johnson, portrait painter (and secret agent for British Intelligence), and his yacht Dolly gets tangled up in international intrigue with a beautiful bird named Rita Geddes.

Dolly and the Cookie Bird (Johnson Johnson #2)

by Dorothy Dunnett

Johnson Johnson, with the Cookie Bird, investigates the death of her father on the island of Ibiza. Humorous and a bit sexy.

Dolly and the Doctor Bird (Johnson Johnson #3)

by Dorothy Dunnett

A Doctor Bird and a British spy. Outlandish, likable characters. Well written. Very British.

Dolly and the Nanny Bird (Johnson Johnson #5)

by Dorothy Dunnett

The intrepid and attractive bird is Joanna - a fully qualified, gold-medalled nanny, who is mysteriously snowbound on an ostensibly innocent skiing trip in Manitoba. This is only the beginning of a perilous journey from New York to Cape Cod to Yugoslavia, involving a fantastic array of characters - Eskimos, anthropologists, Beautiful People, and of course, portrait painter Johnson Johnson and his sailing yacht Dolly.

Dolly and the Singing Bird (Johnson Johnson #1)

by Dorothy Dunnett

Johnson Johnson and his lovely yacht Dolly are the principal players in the Dolly mysteries. In this book, a romantic rendezvous uncovers not coloratura soprano Valentina Rossi's lover but a corpse.

Dolly and the Starry Bird (Johnson Johnson #4)

by Dorothy Dunnett

Johnson Johnson and his yacht Dolly are in Rome, trying to solve the mystery of a headless camera thief.

The Dolphins of Laurentum (Roman Mysteries Book V)

by Caroline Lawrence

In the fifth volume of the popular series of historical mysteries, a ragged stranger and the prospect of losing her family's fortune lead Flavia Gemina and her friends, Jonathan, Lupus, and Nubia to a seaside villa. There, they discover a shipwreck and sunken treasure--and that someone else is after the treasure, too. As they solve the riddle of the wreck, the four friends also stumble across the terrible mystery of Lupus's past.


by Steve Alten

[From the back cover] For 32 years, archeaologist Julius Gabriel has investigated the Mayan calendar, a 2,500-year-old enigma that predicts the end of humanity. Julius believes the sites of the ancients, placed all around the globe, represent ancient pieces of a puzzle linked to the salvation of our species. Miami, September 2012: Psychologist Dominique Vazquez is assigned a special patient-Mick Gabriel, a paranoid schizophrenic with a high IQ, who attempts to charm her into believing his father's theories of the Apocalypse so he can escape. Fall Equinox: As it has done for a thousand years, a serpent's shadow appears on the northern balustrade of the Kukulcan Pyramid ... a rare galactic alignment occurs, and a space transmission reaches Earth.

Domestic Malice, A Murder She Wrote Mystery

by Donald Bain Jessica Fletcher

Jessica is volunteering at the Cabot Cove women's shelter when a woman walks in bruised physically and mentally. Her husband is a well-respected businessman in town. Could this paragon of virtue be abusing his wife? Despite Jessica's support and advice, the woman refuses to stay at the shelter or press charges.


by Will Lavender

THE PROCEDURE HAS BEGUN . . . Fifteen years earlier. Jasper College is buzzing with the news that famed literature professor Richard Aldiss will be teaching a special night class called Unraveling a Literary Mystery--from a video feed in his prison cell. In 1982, Aldiss was convicted of the murders of two female grad students; the women were killed with axe blows and their bodies decorated with the novels of notoriously reclusive author Paul Fallows. Even the most obsessive Fallows scholars have never seen him. He is like a ghost. Aldiss entreats the students of his night class to solve the Fallows riddle once and for all. The author's two published novels, The Coil and The Golden Silence, are considered maps to finding Fallows's true identity. And the only way in is to master them through a game called the Procedure. You may not know when the game has begun, but when you receive an invitation to play, it is an invitation to join the elite ranks of Fallows scholars. Failure, in these circles, is a fate worse than death. Soon, members of the night class will be invited to play along . . . Present day. Harvard professor Alex Shipley made her name as a member of Aldiss's night class. She not only exposed the truth of Paul Fallows's identity, but in the process uncovered information that acquitted Aldiss of the heinous 1982 crimes. But when one of her fellow night class alums is murdered-- the body chopped up with an axe and surrounded by Fallows novels--can she use what she knows about Fallows and the Procedure to stop a killer before each of her former classmates is picked off, one by one?

Domination Bid

by Don Pendleton

STONY MAN he elite, covert agents of Stony Man Farm, comprising the best cyber techs and military in the world, act under orders of the President. Whether it's stopping a terror attack overseas or saving civilians closer to home, the teams fight for freedom and peace. DEADLY SCIENCE A cutting-edge electromagnetic pulse weapon sets off a bidding war, and brokers from countries all over the world can't wait to get their hands on it. But when the Libyan rebel behind the auction squeezes out the U.S., red flags are raised in Washington. Determined to keep the weapon of mass destruction away from hostile powers, Stony Man Farm has two choices: steal it from the rebel's headquarters in Greece-or destroy it. While Phoenix Force deploys overseas, Able Team has its own mission. An American paramilitary contractor also wants the EMP device...and he's willing to kill anyone who gets in his way.


by Randy Alcorn

Sweet Revenge? When two senseless killings hit close to home, columnist Clarence Abernathy seeks revenge for the murders-and, ultimately, answers to his own struggles regarding race and faith. After being dragged into the world of inner-city gangs and racial conflict, Clarence is encouraged by fellow columnist Jake Woods to forge an unlikely partnership with a redneck homicide detective. Soon the two find themselves facing dark forces, while unseen eyes watch from above. This re-release of Randy Alcorn's powerful bestseller spins off fromDeadlineand offers a fascinating glimpse inside heaven. Can One Man's Search for Justice Stand Up to the Forces of Evil Threatening to Destroy Him? A shocking murder drags black newspaper columnist Clarence Abernathy into the disorienting world of inner-city gangs and racial conflict. In a desperate hunt for answers to the violence (and to his own struggles with race and faith), Clarence forges an unlikely partnership with redneck detective Ollie Chandler. Despite their differences, Clarence and Ollie soon find themselves sharing the same mission: victory over the forces of darkness vying for dominion. Filled with insight-and with characters so real you'll never forget them-Dominionis a dramatic story of spiritual searching, racial reconciliation, and hope. I don't know when I have read a novel that affected me so profoundly. Randy Alcorn has combined a superb mystery/detective story with a lesson in racial relations in America, gang dynamics and symbols, Christian values, and spiritual warfare. -Dave Kirby, Troy (Alabama) Broadcasting Corporation Even better than its predecessor...Alcorn's writing remains top-notch. -Sean Taylor,CBA Marketplace READER'S GUIDE INCLUDED Story Behind the Book Randy Alcorn thoroughly researched his characters, spending time in the inner city with homicide and gang detectives to better create the scenes for this bestselling novel. He set the story in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, and the main character, Clarence Abernathy, is a black journalist whose unforgettable father played baseball in the old Negro Leagues. Randy has received many letters from readers who assume he is African American due to his accurate portrayals of racial issues. From the Trade Paperback edition.


by C. J. Sansom

At once a vivid, haunting reimagining of 1950s Britain, a gripping, humane spy thriller and a poignant love story, with Dominion C.J. Sansom once again asserts himself as the master of the historical novel. 1952. Twelve years have passed since Churchill lost to the appeasers and Britain surrendered to Nazi Germany. The press, radio and television are tightly controlled. British Jews face ever greater constraints. But Churchill's Resistance soldiers on. And in a Birmingham mental hospital, fragile scientist Frank Muncaster holds a secret that could alter the balance of the global struggle forever. Civil Servant David Fitzgerald, a spy for the Resistance, is given the mission to rescue Frank and get him out of the country. Hard on his heels is Gestapo agent Gunther Hoth, a brilliant, implacable hunter of men, who soon has Frank, along with David's innocent wife, Sarah, directly in his sights. C.J. Sansom's literary thriller Winter in Madrid earned him comparisons to Graham Greene, Sebastian Faulks and Ernest Hemingway. Now, in the first alternative history epic from Sansom in the tradition of Robert Harris's Fatherland and Stephen King's 11/22/63, Sansom doesn't just recreate the past--he reinvents it. In a spellbinding tale of suspense, oppression and poignant love, Dominion dares to explore how, in moments of crisis, history can turn on the decisions of a few brave men and women--the secrets they keep and the bonds they share.

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