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Liblouisxml User's and Programmer's Manual

by Abilitiessoft Viewplus Technologies

A user's and programmer's guide for Liblouisxml, a software component for translating XML into braille.

Library Services for Blind and Visually Impaired People

by Priya R. Pillai Neela J. Deshpande

This book deals with the implementation of Disability policy and its need, Details of Web accessibility and copyright issues and Assistive technology.

A Life after Deafness

by George B. Joslin

Novel about a deaf woman escaping from her domineering parents and finding love, marriage, and parenthood.

Life, Animated: A Story of Sidekicks, Heroes and Autism

by Ron Suskind

What if you were trapped in a Disney movie? In all of them, actually from Dumbo to Peter Pan to The Lion King -- and had to learn about life and love mostly from what could be gleaned from animated characters, dancing across a screen of color? Asking this question opens a doorway to the most extraordinary of stories. It is the saga of Owen Suskind, who happens to be the son of one of America's most noted writers, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Ron Suskind. He's also autistic. The twisting, 20-year journey of this boy and his family will change that way you see autism, old Disney movies, and the power of imagination to heal a shattered, upside-down world.

Life As We Know It : A Father, a Family, and an Exceptional Child

by Michael Berube

Jamie was born with Down syndrome. He was immediately subject to the medical procedures, insurance and representations as our society designates him as disabled. This book describes not only the challenges of raising him but the challenge of seeing him as a person.

Life Beyond the Classroom: Transition Strategies for Young People with Disabilities

by Paul Wehman

This classic text, adopted by educators in special and vocational education programs across the country, provides a framework for defining and planning transition, addresses facilitation and support, and discusses ways to individualize transition service delivery for people with specific types of disabilities. Instructors in special and vocational education, and rehabilitation programs love how this text blends theory with practical forms, sample individualized transition plans, and helpful study questions. Photocopiable charts and checklists make it great for the field, as well, so their students will benefit from this text beyond the classroom. The fourth edition is updated with new material on self-determination, inclusion (in schools and the community), high stakes accountability, assistive technology, job carving, social security benefits issues, and application for youth with autism spectrum disorders.

Life Beyond the Classroom: Transition Strategies for Young People with Disabilities (Fifth Edition)

by Paul Wehman

For more than two decades, the trusted Life Beyond the Classroom text has shaped the practices of thousands of professionals helping students make a smooth transition from school to adulthood. Now this landmark textbook is in a NEW fifth edition--updated with the cutting-edge information professionals need in today's changing world, as young people with disabilities face unprecedented financial, family, employment, and educational challenges. A definitive compendium of up-to-date, evidence-based transition research, this expanded new edition takes Life Beyond the Classroom to the next level. Future professionals will get all the latest best practices and timely research on the full spectrum of transition topics, from assessment and assistive technology to social skills and self-determination. With this comprehensive revision of a pioneering text, the next generation of professionals will be fully prepared to give young people with disabilities appropriate, effective, and individualized support as they navigate our increasingly complex society. WHAT'S NEW: New chapters on critical topics: working with families multicultural transition planning teaching social skills secondary curriculum options

Life Happens Next

by Terry Trueman

Stuck in Neutral, a Printz Honor Book, introduced the world to Shawn McDaniel, a fourteen-year-old kid with cerebral palsy. But what happens next? Shawn's got a new perspective on life. But no one has a clue. That's because they can see only his wheelchair, his limp body, his drool. What they don't see? His brain, with perfect auditory memory. And his heart, which is in love with a girl. And his fierce belief that someday someone will realize there's way more to him than his appearance. How do you connect with others when you can't talk, walk, or even wave hello? In the sequel to Stuck in Neutral, which ALA Booklist called "an intense reading experience," Shawn McDaniel discovers a new definition of "normal" and finds that life happens next for everyone.

Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal

by Scott Benner

2013 Mom's Choice Awards® WinnerMEN: Ever wonder about stay-at-home dads? What in the name of testosterone do they DO all day with those kids? I mean, are they really men at all, or are they some strange, invasive alien species, sent to Earth to defy and destroy all gender stereotypes?.WOMEN: Ever dream about stay-at-home dads? Do they really wash clothes, pick up after themselves, take great care of your kids, and have dinner waiting for you when you get home? There must be horrible, secret downside that they don't warn you about, right?.Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal provides a rare glimpse into the natural habitat of this most mysterious and splendid of creatures, the North American Stay-at-Home Father (Paternus domesticus). Learn what motivates a man to pursue this noble occupation. Discover the countless joys and periodic sorrows that come with raising a family..Witness the life and family of Scott Benner, author, activist, humorist, and 12-year stay-at-home dad. When Scott's daughter, Arden, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of two, his world took a sharp turn, but his positive outlook on life did not waver..Scott's colloquial wisdom will warm your heart while it challenges your ideas about parenting and gender roles in today's household. Written from a truly unique point of view in a style both poignant and playful, Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal is an honest portrait of the modern family.

A Life Not with Standing

by Chava Willig Levy

"A Life Not with Standing" chronicles the adventures-by turns exhilarating, agonizing and amorous-of an iron lung alumna. It shatters stereotypes about people with disabilities, enabling others to view disability with pride, not prejudice. It celebrates family, faith, music, perseverance, idealism and indignation. The author's Orthodox Judaism is woven throughout, an equal part of her life. (A glossary of Jewish and Hebrew terms is included at the end of the book.) But most of all, "A Life Not with Standing" tells a story beyond Chava Willig Levy's polio chronicle: how calamities can befall innocent people and how those calamities can evolve into and, in fact, become ingredients of and prerequisites for ensuing joy.

Life On Wheels: For the Active Wheelchair User

by Gary Karp

This book offers an initial road map to the lifelong, complex, and fascinating road of the disability experience. This book is primarily a guidebook for those with a mobility disability, with practical information about how to adapt your home, choose a wheelchair, explore your sexuality, take care of your body. This book is designed to help people make their adjustments sooner and more completely by explaining how one adapts to disability, and by addressing misconceptions that only delay your ability to adapt. Throughout it I have tried to foster the principles of choice, of control, and of your right to pursue your interests and convictions. Life on Wheels is also an effort to explain that inclusion is an innate right for everyone and that people with disabilities are excluded for reasons not based on a balanced or realistic understanding of what is possible. It's time our world caught up with the reality, closed that gap, and allowed millions of people with disabilities to play their full role in society.

Life Rolls On (2nd Edition)

by Rich Ochoa Duane Hale

When he was four years old, doctors told Duane Hale's parents that their son had Spinal Muscular Atrophy and that he wouldn't live past his teens. That was forty-two years ago and he has now outlived some of those doctors. What happens to a rambunctious little boy whose disease turns him into a man who can't move? How does such a man graduate high school as Student of the Year, work twenty years for the police department, buy a house, get married, father and raise a son?This is the story of a man and the strength he derives from his family and his community. Even as the disease paralyzes more of his body every day his spirit stays strong and Life Rolls On.

Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs

by Darlene Mannix

Ready-to-use lessons for teaching basic life skills to adolescents with special needs This book offers teachers and parents a unique collection of more than 200 worksheets to help adolescents with special needs build the life skills they need to achieve independence and succeed in everyday life. The book provides 22 complete teaching units focusing on basic life skills such as handling money, succeeding at school, using the Internet safely, getting and keeping a job, and much more. The book contains 90 reproducible worksheets for teaching students how to apply these life skills to real-life situations. A revised and updated edition of the classic book for teaching basic life skills to adolescents with special needs Includes complete teaching units with reproducible worksheets and discussion questions that teach basic life skills Offers ideas for fostering skills like using the Internet, handling money, succeeding at school, getting and keeping a job, and more Mannix is the best-selling author of Social Skills Activities for Special Children, Life Skills Activities for Special Children, and Writing Skills Activities for Special Children

Life's Journeys According to Mister Rogers: Things to remember along the way

by Fred Rogers

From the book: An inspiring collection of things to take with us on the path we travel in life. For all the roads we choose to travel, and even those we don't, Fred Rogers has an observation, a story, some insights to share. Whether you're facing graduation, a new job, a new baby, marriage, any change in your life--expected or not--the wisdom that Mister Rogers offers can contribute mightily to the grace with which you handle the change.

Light a Single Candle

by Beverly Butler

After fourteen-year-old Cathy Wheelerloses her sight, she learns to cope through the help fo her supportive family, the effective but Spartan school for the blind, and ultimately her new guide-dog, Trudy.

The Light on Hogback Hill

by Cynthia Defelice

When she investigates the mysterious light up on Hogback Hill, eleven-year-old Hadley finds and befriends a hunchbacked old woman with a tragic past.

Lights Out

by Baynard Kendrick

When Larry joined up during World War II, he didn't expect to have terible things happen to him. One minute he was traveling down a snow ridden road, the next minute he saw nothing. This story follows Larry as he goes through rehabilitation and adapts to his new life as a blinded veteran. This book is a must read for anyone interested in the Blinded Veterans of America, or in the history of Rehabilitation of blind people.

Like Normal People

by Karen E. Bender

From the book Jacket: A tour de force of emotional resonance, Like Normal People is a debut that has earned exceptional early attention. Portions of the novel have been published in The New Yorker, Granta, and Story magazine. An excerpt chosen for The Best American Short Stories by Annie Proulx was recorded by Joanne Woodward and aired on NPR's Selected Shorts. Like Normal People charts a family constellation that revolves around an off- kilter center: Lena, who is forty-eight but mentally locked in childhood. Moving deftly between present and past, the novel follows Lena's day-long escape from her residential home with her troubled twelve-year-old niece. While this odd couple takes refuge on a honky-tonk southern California beach, Lena's widowed mother, Ella, goes in search of them. In the process, Ella relives her own life's dreams and disappointments: her marriage to a sweet, loving shoe salesman; her discovery of Lena's handicap and her aching attempts to give her daughter a "normal" childhood. For so long, Lena has been the focus of Ella's world. When Lena at last finds approximate normalcy - by marrying a man much like herself - Ella must contend with letting her daughter go. Covering three entire lifetimes in the course of one day, Like Normal People is tender, hilarious, and heartbreaking. Bender brilliantly enters into the consciousness of three women at very different stages of life, each on a private search for love and acceptance. Like Normal People is a novel about desire, about what constitutes normality, and, most poignantly, about the ways in which a family finds its strength in the face of adversity. Portions of Karen E. Bender's Like Normal People appeared in The Best American Short Stories 1997 and in The New Yorker. Bender's fiction has also appeared in Granta, Story, the Iowa Review, and the Kenyon Review and has been -reprinted in Pushcart Prize XVIII and other anthologies. The recipient of the prestigious Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer's Award, Bender lives in New York City with her husband, the writer Robert Anthony Siegel, and their son.

Like Sound Through Water

by Edward M. Hallowell Karen J. Foli

Ben was a bright, happy little boy. Yet he was easily distracted, he wouldn't make eye contact, and he couldn't comprehend the simplest things said to him. At age three he still hadn't started talking. Finally, Karen Foli knew she had to act, and she took her son to a speech and hearing clinic. What the clinicians reported chilled her: Ben's speech and language were delayed by one to two years. Testing results and speech therapists suggested problems that included the words "probably retarded and perhaps autistic." But Karen, trusting her mother's intuition, knew that Ben was intelligent and that he was frustrated by his inability to communicate, so she continued to try to help her son. She discovered that he possessed the hallmarks of auditory processing disorder, the aural equivalent of dyslexia. Like Sound Through Water is the story of Karen's struggle to get Ben the help he needed to learn the most basic skill of all: to communicate with the world. She ran the gauntlet of medical disbelievers and pediatric therapists who refused to understand the very new Þndings of auditory processing disorder. Even her husband, a psychiatrist specializing in children's afÞictions, had never heard of APD. Despite this, he kept a steadfast faith in his son. Now, after years of intensive treatment for APD, Ben is an academically successful, hardworking little boy with a bright future to look forward to. Like Sound Through Water is a testament to a mother's love and her devotion to her son's care; it is also an instructive journey for those who are discovering the world of APD and a guidebook to negotiating the land mines of its treatment. Above all, it is a beautifully written tale of hope and optimism.

Like Sound Through Water : A Mother's Journey Through Auditory Processing Disorder

by Karen J. Foli

A mother's account of her family's struggle with APD (Auditory Processing Disorder) in her oldest son, Ben.

Limbo: A Memoir

by A. Manette Ansay

From childhood, acclaimed novelist A. Manette Ansay trained to become a concert pianist. But at nineteen, a mysterious muscle disorder forced her to give up the piano, and by twenty-one, she couldn't grip a pen or walk across a room. She entered a world of limbo, one in which no one could explain what was happening to her or predict what the future would hold. At twenty- three, beginning a whole new life in a motorized wheelchair, Ansay made a New Year's resolution to start writing fiction, rediscovering the sense of passion and purpose she thought she had lost for good. "Writing fiction began for me as a side effect of illness, a way to live beyond my body when it became clear that this new, altered body would be mine to keep. A way to fill the hours that had once been occupied by music. A way to achieve the kind of closure that, once, I'd found in prayer." Limbo takes its title from the Catholic belief in a place between heaven and hell that is neither, one that Ansay imagines as a gray room without walls, a gray floor, a gray bench .... You wouldn't know how long you'd been in that room, or how much longer you had to go." Thirteen years and five books later, still without a firm diagnosis or prognosis, Ansay reflects on the ways in which the unraveling of one life can plant the seeds of another, and considers how her own physical limbo has challenged--in ways not necessarily bad her most fundamental assumptions about life and faith.

The Limits of Hope: An Adoptive Mother's Story

by Ann Kimble Loux

Mark andAnn Kimble adopt two sisters and bring them into their family of five. Because professionals did not share information about these two children, the family has its share of trials and tribulations before coming into acceptance of themselves and each other.

Lincoln's Flying Spies: Thaddeus Lowe and the Civil War Balloon Corps

by Gail Jarrow

On June 1, 1862, Thaddeus Lowe floated above a fierce Civil War battle in a silk hydrogen balloon. From the wicker basket dangling a thousand feet above ground, he telegraphed a message to Northern generals on the ground: Union troops were finally driving back the Confederate forces. Lowe's message was transmitted to the War Department in Washington, where President Abraham Lincoln read his flying spy's good news with relief. For two years during the Civil War, a corps of balloonists led by Thaddeus Lowe spied on the Confederate army. They counted rebel soldiers, detected troop movement, and directed artillery fire against enemy positions. Lowe and his aeronauts provide valuable intelligence to the Union army, even after the balloons became targets of Confederate shooters and saboteurs. Using Civil War photographs and primary sources--including Lowe's papers in the Library of Congress and the writings of Confederate and Union soldiers--Jarrow reveals the dangers, personality clashes, and other challenges faced by the nation's first air force in this Voice of Youth Advocates Nonfiction Honor List book.

The Linguistics of British Sign Language

by Bencie Woll Rachel Sutton-Spence

This is the first detailed explanation of the way British Sign Language works and is the product of many years' experience of research and teaching sign linguistics to deaf and hearing people. It assumes no previous knowledge of linguistics or sign language, and is not structured around traditional headings such as phonology, morphology and syntax. Instead it is set out in such a way as to help learners and their teachers understand the linguistic principles behind the language. There are sections on BSL grammar and also on the use of BSL, including social acceptability in signing, variation, and poetry and humour in BSL. Technical terms and linguistic jargon are kept to a minimum, and the text contains many examples from English, BSL, and other spoken and sign languages. The book is amply illustrated and contains exercises, as well as a reading list for further study. An accompanying 90-minute DVD is available from Talk With Sign Books. To find out more, visit http://www. talkwithsign. com/linguistics-british-sign-language-p-741. html.

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