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The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence

by Carl Sagan

Dr. Carl Sagan takes us on a great reading adventure, offering his vivid and startling insight into the brain of man and beast, the origin of human intelligence, the function of our most haunting legends--and their amazing links to recent discoveries.<P><P> Pulitzer Prize Winner

Dream Hikes Coast to Coast

by Jack Bennett

Starting in April 2000, Jack Bennett logged thousands of miles over seven years in his search for America's best hikes. In Dream Hikes Coast to Coast, Bennett shares how each hike looked and felt; what weather and animals were encountered; and the emotional impact of every event and panorama. Individual hikes are accompanied by maps showing the trailhead, routes, and topographic landmarks. Camping, lodging, fees, and contact information are also presented for each hike.

Dreaming of Dry Land: Environmental Transformation in Colonial Mexico City

by Vera S. Candiani

Not long after the conquest, the City of Mexico's rise to become the crown jewel in the Spanish empire was compromised by the lakes that surrounded it. Their increasing propensity to overflow destroyed wealth and alarmed urban elites, who responded with what would become the most transformative and protracted drainage project in the early modern America--the Desagüe de Huehuetoca. Hundreds of technicians, thousands of indigenous workers, and millions of pesos were marshaled to realize a complex system of canals, tunnels, dams, floodgates, and reservoirs. Vera S. Candiani's Dreaming of Dry Land weaves a narrative that describes what colonization was and looked like on the ground, and how it affected land, water, biota, humans, and the relationship among them, to explain the origins of our built and unbuilt landscapes. Connecting multiple historiographical traditions--history of science and technology, environmental history, social history, and Atlantic history--Candiani proposes that colonization was a class, not an ethnic or nation-based phenomenon, occurring simultaneously on both sides of an Atlantic, where state-building and empire-building were intertwined.

Dreaming of Lions: My Life in the Wild Places

by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas has spent a lifetime observing other creatures and other cultures, from her own backyard to the African savannah. Her bestselling books The Hidden Life of Dogs and The Tribe of Tiger, among others, have transported millions of readers into the mysterious lives of animals. Now she transports us into her own remarkable life and delivers a memoir that is both insightful and inspirational. Dreaming of Lions traces Thomas's life from her earliest days, including when, as a young woman in the 1950s, she and her family traveled to the Kalahari Desert to study the Ju/Wa Bushmen The experience taught her not only how to observe but also how to navigate male-dominated fields like anthropology and animal science and to do what she cared about most: spending time with animals and people in wild places, and relishing the people and animals around her at home. Readers join Thomas as she returns to Africa, married and with children, ending up in the turmoil leading to Idi Amin's bloody coup. Throughout this memoir, she invites us into her family life, her writing, and her fascination with animals--elephants in Namibia, dogs in her kitchen, and cougars near her farmhouse in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire. She also recounts personal struggles, writing about her own life with the same fierce honesty that she applies to the surrounding world.


by Derrick Jensen

Jensen's furthest-reaching book yet, Dreams challenges the "destructive nihilism" of writers like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris who believe that there is no reality outside what can be measured using the tools of science. He introduces the mythologies of ancient cultures and modern indigenous peoples as evidence of alternative ways of understanding reality, informed by thinkers such as American Indian writer Jack Forbes, theologian and American Indian rights activist Vine Deloria, Shaman Martin Prechtel, Dakota activist and scholar Waziyatawin, and Okanagan Indian writer Jeannette Armstrong. He draws on the wisdom of Dr. Paul Staments, author of Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World, sociologist Stanley Aronowitz, who discusses science's lack of accountability to the earth, and many more. As in his other books, Jensen draws heavily from his own life experience living alongside the frogs, redwoods, snails, birds and bears of the upper northwest, about which he writes with exquisite tenderness.Having taken on the daunting task of understanding one's dreams as a source of knowledge, Jensen achieves the near-impossible in this breathtakingly brave and ambitious new work.

Dreams of Duneland: A Pictoral History of the Indiana Dunes Region

by Kenneth J. Schoon

The towering sand dunes along Lake Michigan not far from Chicago are one of the most unexpected natural features of Indiana. Dreams of Duneland is a beautifully illustrated introduction to the Dunes region, its history, and future prospects. This area of shifting sands is also a place of savanna, wetland, prairie, and forest that is home to a wide diversity of plant and animal species. The preserved area of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore sits by residential communities, businesses, and cultural attractions, evidence of a long history of competition for the land among farmers, fur traders, industrialists, conservationists, and urban and recreational planners. With more than 400 stunning images, the book brings to life the remarkable story of this extraordinary place.

Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi

by Mark Boyle

More than ever, people are longing for deep and meaningful change. Another world is not only possible; it is essential. Yet despite our creative and determined efforts to attain social justice and ecological sustainability, our global crises continue to deepen.In Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi, best-selling author Mark Boyle argues that our political and economic system has brought us to the brink of climate catastrophe, ransacking ecosystems and unraveling communities for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. He makes a compelling case that we must "rewild" the political landscape, as history teaches us that positive social change has always been wrought by movements prepared to use any means available.The time has come for pacifists, revolutionaries, and freedom fighters to work together for the creation of a world worth sustaining. Eloquent, visionary, and beautifully written, this incendiary manifesto strikes at the heart of the world's crises and reframes our understanding of how to solve them, signaling a turning point in our journey towards an ecologically just society.The three R's of the climate change generation--reduce, reuse, and recycle--are long overdue for an upgrade .Welcome to resist, revolt, rewild.Mark Boyle is the author of The Moneyless Man and The Moneyless Manifesto. He lived completely without money for three years, and is a director of the global sharing community

Driven by Demand: How Energy Gets its Power

by Jimmy Y. Jia Jason Crabtree

Energy plays a central role in shaping our society and infrastructure, making it increasingly important for today's leaders to understand the impact of energy decisions. Discussions about energy often neglect important historical lessons about previous energy transformations and provide inadequate consideration of context - Driven by Demand takes a fresh approach by exploring the emergence of energy systems, outcomes and priorities. It outlines select historical and current events, challenges, and developing energy trends using a range of case studies. Readers will gain foundational knowledge about energy flows and end-uses, helping them to become more conversant about energy outcomes and priorities. This accessible book paves the way for broader discussions about societal resilience, privacy, and security concerns associated with the move towards 'smart' infrastructure. This is a must-read for business executives, policymakers and students working in energy policy, energy management and sustainable business.

Driving Sustainability to Business Success

by M. Jayne Pilot

Efficient, compliant management systems pave the road to sustainability through integration and automationThe book addresses the many definitions of sustainability and why CEOs need the links between sustainability, business value, and performance. Business leaders are committed to leading the way, and the book outlines the support of a management system structure and business principles that will drive the accomplishment of their mission. Stakeholder demands on CEOs include many challenges. Investors are assessing companies for financial performance. The shrinking talent pool of employees is looking to work with organizations that support social, environment, and economic operating practices and principles.Great leaders are those that ask questions, who are creative to drive innovation for growth of their company. The Assess-Reflect-Act section on international business principles defined in the book will ask you as the leader thought provoking questions to stimulate action within your organization to bring people, processes, and technology together for business success.Leaders need to transition to smart decisions that are data driven. The company's management system structure is important to build a strong framework for business process operations and automation for global competitiveness. Topics include:Business plans vs management systemsManagement system frameworks: standardization, ISO standards: Quality -- ISO 9001, Environment -- ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Integrated Management SystemsThree Steps for Process Development: Identify, Insure, ImproveFocus for the Organization: Compliance Costs, Best Practices, Strategic PlanningSupport -- Resources: Innovation, Engagement, Succession PlanningData as a Valuable ResourceOperation: Process Risks, Management System Control Plan, E-commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Green Awareness-Eco Design, Automated Controls, Cloud ComputingPerformance Evaluation -- Monitor, Measure, Analyze, Audit, Management ReviewCompetitive LandscapeThe constant need to improve internal processes and move toward business sustainability and quality standards is a major stressor for governments and businesses. With one-third of the workforce retiring in the next five to ten years, the need has become more immediate, and the focus has shifted to building a strong framework for business process operations and automation for global competitiveness. This book provides a roadmap to efficient, compliant systems, showing businesses how to build toward sustainability goals and capture key knowledge of the employees involved in the process.

A Drop Around the World

by Barbara Shaw Mckinney Michael S. Maydak

Presents the water cycle through the journey of a raindrop around the world, in sky, on land, underground, and in the sea, in its liquid, solid, and vapor forms, as it supports life everywhere.

Drops of Life

by Esko-Pekka Tiitinen Nikolai Tiitinen

An adaptation of Esko-Pekka Tiitinen's internationally known children's play, the story of endangered species from all over the world coming together to save the planet instills in children the importance of being environmentally conscious. An elderly owl and a whale help a dove make the long journey home to Africa, but once they arrive, they find that a desert has taken over the once-lush forest. With the cooperation of other animals, a human, the sun, the water, and a favorable wind, they can sow the seeds of life again. This beautifully illustrated fable deals with many themes, including solidarity, respect for nature, overcoming obstacles by helping one another, and the benefits of teamwork.

Drought-Adapted Vine

by Donald Revell

"Donald Revell writes with a drunken equipoise among the weedy flowers and bees of roadside museums and vacant churches. . . .[Here] are poems that border the hereafter and revive the child's play of prophecy. What miraculous assistance they provide!"--Dean YoungDonald Revell pushes boundaries between words and music, transcending our current notion of beauty and innocence. Personal memory, the visionary, the eccentric, and the divine intertwine between networks of stories that connect past and present through paint strokes, composition, and pastoral lyric. Pure of heart poems lie down in a vibrant field of paradox, basking gratefully in the sun of unknowing.From "Beyond Disappointment":Hence and farewell valediction: "life's journey."It makes no sense. The children mock us with it.A typewriter beneath the Christmas treeCalls to the icecaps. Illustrated monthliesBurn in the wasps' burnt nest. It isSuch perfections make the sun to rise. Donald Revell has authored eleven collections of poetry, most recently Tantivy (2012) and The Bitter Withy (2009). Winner of the PEN USA Translation Award and two-time winner of the PEN USA Award for Poetry, he has also won the Academy of American Poets' Lenore Marshall Prize and is a former Fellow of the Ingram Merrill and Guggenheim Foundations. Additionally, he has twice been awarded fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts. Former editor-in-chief of Denver Quarterly, he now serves as poetry editor of Colorado Review. Revell is the director of graduate studies and professor of English at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Droughts (Dangerous Weather)

by Michael Allaby

Ducks and geese fell from the sky, choked to death by the dust through which they flew. People called the storms "black blizzards." This was the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, site of one of the worst droughts in history. Perhaps the most insidious and terrifying form of dangerous weather, the absence of rain can bring slow, lingering death to crops, animals, and humans. In Droughts readers will discover why ordinary water is the most precious substance on earth; how global climate change might affect the frequency and severity of droughts; how droughts can occur anywhere; and how to use and conserve water wisely. Stories of droughts past and recent are also recounted. The Dangerous Weather series imparts fundamental weather science to readers through author Michael Allaby's vivid descriptions of extreme weather systems. The series focuses on the five most dangerous kinds of weather activity; diagrams related meteorological, climatological, and environmental basics in clear, compelling language; chronicles the history of each form of dangerous weather; and offers safety precautions for extreme weather conditions. Fully illustrated and indexed, the Dangerous Weather series is an invaluable tool for student research. Other volumes include: blizzards, hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. Michael Allaby is the author of more than 40 books, mainly on science, natural history, ; environmental topics. A few of his previous works include Basics of Environmental Science, How It Works: The Environment, and The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Ecology. He is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, among other professional affiliations.

Ducks (Down on the Farm)

by Sally Morgan

You may think you know what noise a duck makes, but did you know that * only female ducks quack? * ducks' feathers are waterproof? * ducks cannot feel the cold through their feet? Each book in the lively Down on the Farm series introduces young children to a different farm animal. Large, entertaining photographs help draw children into the easy-to-read facts. Children will learn about the animal's body, its life cycle, different breeds, why it lives on a farm, and animal-related customs from around the world. Each title also features a fun activity page.

Ducktown Smoke: The Fight Over One of the South's Greatest Environmental Disasters

by Duncan Maysilles

It is hard to make a desert in a place that receives sixty inches of rain each year. But after decades of copper mining, all that remained of the old hardwood forests in the Ducktown Mining District of the southern Appalachian Mountains was a fifty-square mile barren expanse of heavily gullied red hills--a landscape created by sulfur dioxide smoke from copper smelting and destructive logging practices. In Ducktown Smoke, Duncan Maysilles examines this environmental disaster, one of the worst the South has experienced, and its impact on environmental law and Appalachian conservation. Beginning in 1896, the widening destruction wrought in Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina by Ducktown copper mining spawned hundreds of private lawsuits, culminating in Georgia v. Tennessee Copper Co. , the U. S. Supreme Court's first air pollution case. In its 1907 decision, the Court recognized for the first time the sovereign right of individual states to protect their natural resources from transborder pollution, a foundational opinion in the formation of American environmental law. Maysilles reveals how the Supreme Court case brought together the disparate forces of agrarian populism, industrial logging, and the forest conservation movement to set a legal precedent that remains relevant in environmental law today.

Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class, and Environmental Quality (3rd Edition)

by Robert D. Bullard

To be poor, working-class, or a person of color in the United States often means bearing a disproportionate share of the country's environmental problems. Starting with the premise that all Americans have a basic right to live in a healthy environment, Dumping in Dixie chronicles the efforts of five African American communities, empowered by the civil rights movement, to link environmentalism with issues of social justice. In the third edition, Bullard speaks to us from the front lines of the environmental justice movement about new developments in environmental racism, different organizing strategies, and success stories in the struggle for environmental equity.

E Is for Environment

by Ian James Corlett

From the author of E IS FOR ETHICS, 26 stories with eco-friendly messages, accompanied by illustrations, discussion questions, and conservation tips.

An Eagle Named Freedom

by Jeff Guidry

From the moment Jeff Guidry saw the emaciated baby eagle with broken wings, his life was changed. For weeks he and the staff at Sarvey Wildlife Care Center tended to the grievously injured bird. Miraculously, she recovered, and Jeff, a center volunteer, became her devoted caretaker. Though Freedom would never fly, she had Jeff as her wings. And after Jeff was diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2000, Freedom returned his gift. Between sessions of debilitating chemotherapy, Jeff went back to Sarvey and began taking Freedom for walks that soothed his spirit and gave him the strength to fight. When he learned he was cancer free, Jeff's first stop was Sarvey to walk with Freedom. Somehow this special bird seemed to understand the significance of the day. For the very first time she wrapped both her wings around Jeff, enveloping him in an avian hug. In March 2008, Jeff shared his extraordinary experience with his friend Gayle in an e-mail of eight hundred words: When Freedom came in she could not stand. Both wings were broken, her left wing in 4 places. . . . We here at the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center made the decision to give her a chance at life. . . . That e-mail would unexpectedly circle the globe and inspire countless fans eager to know more. In An Eagle Named Freedom, Jeff tells the full story of his bond with Freedom and introduces the other wildlife and volunteers who have been saved by Sarvey. A tender tale of hope, love, trust, and life, this moving true story is an affirmation of the spiritual connection that humans and animals share.

Eagles (First Reports)

by Mary K. Dornhoffer Robert F. Scherrer

A children's introduction to eagles.

Eagles (Nature's Children)

by Tim Harris

How many kinds of eagles are there? How big are eagles? How fast can eagles fly? How far can eagles see? Find the answers to these questions, and learn much more about the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and lives of eagles.

Eagles (WorldLife Library)

by Rebecca L. Grambo

From the Book jacket: Majestic and powerful, the eagle is a symbol of freedom. So it's no wonder the long-endangered eagle is one of the most popular birds in North America. Rebecca Grambo's concise text, combined with superb four-color photography by some of the world's best nature photographers, makes Eagles a compelling general introduction to the natural history of these majestic birds. Focusing on eagles of North America and Europe, it places a special emphasis on bald and golden eagles. No nature lover's collection is complete without Eagles. Discover the world's animals in the WorldLife Library from Voyageur Press. This highly acclaimed series brings you the latest research from leading naturalists, along with stunning color photographs of your favorite animals.

Early Childhood Activities for a Greener Earth

by Patty Born Selly

More than 100 classroom activities to help children learn about and care for the earthEducate young children about the environment through experience and play. These activities encourage children to develop a sense of wonder, curiosity, and joy for nature. Each chapter focuses on a common and important environmental topic-from waste reduction and recycling to air quality, weather and climate change, and energy reduction-and provides information to help you present these topics to children in developmentally appropriate ways. Early Childhood Activities for a Greener Earth will help you excite children, engage families, and encourage your community to be green.Early Childhood Activities for a Greener Earth is a 2014 Teachers' Choice Award for the Classroom winner!

Early Days in the Range of Light

by Daniel Arnold

It's 1873. Gore-Tex shells and aluminum climbing gear are a century away, but the high mountains still demand your attention. Imagine the stone in your hands and thousands of feet of open air below you, with only a wool jacket to weather a storm and no rope to catch a fall. Daniel Arnold did more than imagine - he spent three years retracing the steps of his climbing forefathers, and in Early Days in the Range of Light, he tells their riveting stories. From 1864 to 1931, the Sierra Nevada witnessed some of the most audacious climbing of all time. In the spirit of his predecessors, Arnold carried only rudimentary equipment - no ropes, no harness, no specialized climbing shoes. Sometimes he left his backpack and sleeping bag behind as well, and, like John Muir, traveled for days with only a few pounds of food rolled into a sack slung over his shoulder.In an artful blend of history, biography, nature, and adventure writing, Arnold brings to life the journeys and the terrain traveled. In the process he uncovers the motivations that drove an extraordinary group of individuals to risk so much for airy summits and close contact with bare stone and snow.

Early Warming

by Nancy Lord

In Shishmaref, Alaska, new seawalls are constructed while residents navigate the many practical and bureaucratic obstacles to moving their entire island village to higher ground. Farther south, inland hunters and fishermen set out to grow more of their own food-and to support the reintroduction of wood bison, an ancient species well suited to expected habitat changes. First Nations people in Canada team with conservationists to protect land for both local use and environmental resilience.In Early Warming, Nancy Lord takes a cutting-edge look at how communities in the North-where global warming is amplified and climate-change effects are most immediate-are responding with desperation and creativity. This beautifully written and measured narrative takes us deep into regions where the indigenous people who face life-threatening change also demonstrate impressive conservation ethics and adaptive capacities. Underpinned by a long acquaintance with the North and backed with scientific and political sophistication, Lord's vivid account brings the challenges ahead for us all into ice-water clarity.

Earth Alert! (Girl Talk #14)

by L. E. Blair

The earth is in trouble, but we can save it! Kids at Bradley Junior High can make a difference. Kids all over the world can make a difference!" --says Allison Cloud, speaking at the Earth Alert Fair. When Allison is elected chairperson of the seventh-grade Earth Alert Fair, she's determined to get the kids at Bradley Junior High concerned about the earth. But things almost turn into a disaster when Stacy the Great decides that she wants to run the fair--her way! Stacy spends the money for the fair on a roller coaster and ferris wheel which are energy hogs. Will anyone want to come to the fair Allison and her friends have planned with Native American games and natural foods? And there's something else on Allison's mind. The new kid from California flirts with her and asks her on a date and Billy, the kid she really likes, isn't speaking to her. Find out what goes on in seventh grade. Look for the other Girl Talk books in the Bookshare collection.

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