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Running the Table: The Legend of Kid Delicious, the Last Great American Pool Hustler

by L. Jon Wertheim

Running the Table spins the outrageous tale of Kid Delicious, an affable skilled pool shark from New Jersey, and his studly if less talented setup man, Bristol Bob. Wertheim follows this mismatched pair of sidekicks as they go underground to learn the art of the hustle while experiencing the highs and lows of life on the road. Their four-year odyssey takes them from podunk pool halls to slick urban billiard rooms across America, some nights taking down as much as $30,000 and others ending up with just enough gas money to get home. With every stop the action gets hotter, the calls get closer, and Delicious's prowess with a cue stick becomes more widely known. Ultimately the Kid sheds his cover, becoming perhaps the biggest sensation in professional pool since Minnesota Fats. Wertheim paints a lasting portrait of an insanely talented and magnetic hustler who is literally larger than life.

Running with the Kenyans: Discovering the Secrets of the Fastest People on Earth

by Adharanand Finn

"A dusty road stretches into the distance like a pencil line across the arid landscape. Lions, rhino, and buffalo roam the plains on either side. But I haven't come to Kenya to spot wildlife. I've come to run." Whether running is your recreation, your religion, or just a spectator sport, Adharanand Finn's incredible journey to the elite training camps of Kenya will captivate and inspire you. Part travelogue, part memoir, this mesmerizing quest to uncover the secrets of the world's greatest runners--and put them to the test--combines practical advice, a fresh look at barefoot running, and hard-won spiritual insights. As a boy growing up in the English countryside, Adharanand Finn was a natural runner. While other kids struggled, he breezed through schoolyard races, imagining he was one of his heroes: the Kenyan long-distance runners exploding into prominence as Olympic and world champions. But as he grew up, pursued a career in journalism, married and had children, those childhood dreams slipped away--until suddenly, in his mid-thirties, Finn realized he might have only one chance left to see how far his talents could take him. Uprooting his family of five, including three small children, Finn traveled to Iten, a small, chaotic town in the Rift Valley province of Kenya--a mecca for long-distance runners thanks to its high altitude, endless running paths, and some of the top training schools in the world. Finn would run side by side with Olympic champions, young hopefuls, and barefoot schoolchildren . . . not to mention the exotic--and sometimes dangerous--wildlife for which Kenya is famous. Here, too, he would meet a cast of colorful characters, including his unflappable guide, Godfrey Kiprotich, a former half marathon champion; Christopher Cheboiboch, one of the fastest men ever to run the New York City Marathon; and Japhet, a poor, bucktoothed boy with unsuspected reservoirs of courage and raw speed. Amid the daily challenges of training and of raising a family abroad, Finn would learn invaluable lessons about running--and about life. Running with the Kenyans is more than one man's pursuit of a lifelong dream. It's a fascinating portrait of a magical country--and an extraordinary people seemingly born to run.

Ryan Howard

by Jeff Savage

Pitchers fear Ryan Howard. That's because the Philadelphia Phillies slugger is one of the strongest players in the major leagues. When he hits a baseball, it often flies over the outfield fence. Even as a kid, Ryan was a dangerous hitter and a top athlete. But Ryan has never just relied on his natural talent. He works hard every day to be the best, and his positive attitude and great sense of humor have made him a fan favorite. Learn more about this likable superstar.

S. O. R. Losers

by Avi

Each member of the South Orange River seventh-grade soccer team has qualities of excellence, but not on the soccer field.

Sabotage Season (The Kicks #2)

by Alex Morgan

The Kicks' championship hopes are being sabotaged in the second book in a series that celebrates confidence and teamwork, from star soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan. Things are going wrong left and right for the Kentville girls' soccer team, and Devin's sure the girls from their rival team, the Pinewood Panthers, are behind the many mishaps. Can Devin get to the bottom of the mystery and stop the sabotage before her team's championship hopes disappear for good?

The SABR Baseball List & Record Book

by Lisa Hochstein

From the authority on baseball research and statistics comes a vast and fascinating compendium of unique baseball lists and records. The SABR Baseball List & Record Book is an expansive collection of pitching, hitting, fielding, home run, team, and rookie records not available online or in any other book. This is a treasure trove of baseball history for statistically minded baseball fans that's also packed with intriguing marginalia. For instance, on July 25, 1967, Chicago's Ken Berry ended Game Two of a doubleheader against Cleveland with a home run in the bottom of the sixteenth inning -- Chicago's second game-winning homer of the day. The comprehensive lists include Most Career Home Runs by Two Brothers (Tommie and Hank Aaron have 768), Most Seasons with 15 or More Wins (Cy Young and Greg Maddux each have 18), and Highest On Base Percentage in a Season by a Rookie (listing every rookie above . 400). Unlike other record books that only list the record holders -- say, most RBI by a rookie, held by Ted Williams with 145 -- SABR details every rookie to reach 100 RBI. Other record books might note the last pitcher in each league to steal home; here SABR has included every pitcher to do it. The book also includes a number of idiosyncratic features, such as a rundown of every player who has hit a triple and then stolen home, or every reliever who has won two games in one day. Many of the lists include a comments column for key historical notes and entertaining trivia (Bob Horner hit four home runs in a 1986 game, but his team lost). This is a must-have for every fan's library. Edited by Lyle Spatz, Chairman of the Baseball Records Committee for SABR.

Sacking Obesity: The Team Tiger Game Plan for Kids Who Want to Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Win on and off the Playing Field

by Tiger Greene

According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity now affects up to 37% of all children and adolescents in the United States, triple the rate from just one generation ago. A young visionary, 13-year-old (now 14) Tiger Greene partnered with National Football League great Marcus Stroud to create Sacking Obesity camps for kids and families. In Sacking Obesity, Tiger presents his weight loss and wellness program, the same one he's famously promoted across the country in partnership with Team Tiger and support from friends and NFL stars such as Matt Ryan and Brian Finneran of the Atlanta Falcons. Through his words and inspiration, Tiger, an NFL Fuel Up to Play 60 National Ambassador, is dedicated to helping end childhood obesity in America.

The Sacred Acre: The Ed Thomas Story

by Mark Tabb

On a Sunday in May 2008, an F-5 tornado struck the town of Parkersburg, Iowa, killing eight people and destroying 250 homes and businesses within 34 seconds. The next day, Parkersburg's beloved football coach, Ed Thomas, made a stunning prediction: 'God willing, we will play our first home game here on this field this season. ' One hundred days later, the home team scored a victory on the field they dubbed 'The Sacred Acre,' serving as a galvanizing point for the town to band together and rebuild. But just as Parkersburg was recovering, another devastating tragedy struck. While working with a group of football and volleyball players early one morning, one of Ed's former students walked in and gunned him down point blank. Ed Thomas was 58. The murder of this hometown hero spread across national news headlines. Ed's community and family reeled from shock. Yet the story doesn't end here. What happened next proves that even a double tragedy is no match for faith, love . . . and the power of forgiveness.

Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior

by Phil Jackson Hugh Delehanty

An inside look at the higher wisdom of teamwork from Chicago Bulls' head coach Phil Jackson. At the heart of the book is Jackson's philosophy of mindful basketball -- and his lifelong quest to bring enlightenment to the competitive world of professional sports, beginning with a focus on selfless team play rather than "winning through intimidation".

Safe at First (Angel Park All-Stars #11)

by Dean Hughes

The Dodgers are worried about one of their rookies who keeps messing up for no apparent reason.

Safe at Home (A Comeback Kids Novel)

by Mike Lupica

Playing baseball was the one thing that made twelve-year-old Nick Crandall feel at home until he found acceptance with adoptive parents, but he faces a new struggle to fit in when he becomes the first seventh-grader ever to make the varsity baseball team.


by C. W. Anderson

From the Book jacket: "If I only knew someone who would give him a good home." The owner of a fine horse, just crippled on the track, made the remark and Peter overheard him. Peter was ten and his father had taken him to his first race at Saratoga. He had always loved horses-Mohawk's owner could tell that from the way he acted. Could he take the horse? His father said he could, so a few days later Mohawk came home. Happy, busy days followed for both Peter and Mohawk, for no horse ever received more tender care. He grew strong and lively too. And when another year came around, he ran again and won $500. Perhaps you can guess what Peter did with his money. ... He bought a yearling, and, most exciting of all, Salute was a grandson of the great Man o' War. The artist's beautiful lithographs were all drawn directly on the zinc plates, a technique which gives them a rich depth in tone and quality. C. W. ANDERSON "Young horse lovers are extremely fond of C. W. Anderson's books. They have handsome horse portraits, and they tell in simple, straightforward fashion of the experience of children with horses." -New York Herald Tribune C. W. Anderson grew up in Wahoo, Nebraska, and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. His first book, Billy and Blaze, was published by Macmillan in 1936. Since then more than half a million Billy and Blaze Books have been sold, and Mr. Anderson has come to be recognized as America's foremost author- illustrator of horse stories. He has written such favorites for young readers as A Filly for Joan and High Courage, as well as books for horse enthusiasts of all ages such as Heads Up, Heels Down, C. W. Anderson's Complete Book of Horses and Horsemanship, and Twenty Gallant Horses. Horses still dominate Mr. Anderson's life as an artist and sportsman. He has a country home in Mason, New Hampshire, where he rides, and a studio in Boston.

Sammy Sosa

by Jeff Savage

"Slammin" Sammy Sosa is one of baseball's most exciting sluggers. A two-time home run champion, the Chicago Cubs right fielder is the only player to hit more than 60 home runs in a season three times. Sammy's all-out hustle and joyful style of play have made him a fan favorite throughout his career. Follow Sammy's amazing story as he goes from a childhood of poverty in the Dominican Republic to becoming one of baseball's biggest stars.

Samurai Shortstop

by Alan Gratz

While obtaining a Western education at a prestigious Japanese boarding school in 1890, sixteen-year-old Toyo also receives traditional samurai training which has profound effects on both his baseball game and his relationship with his father.

Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy

by Jane Leavy

In an era when too many heroes have been toppled from too many pedestals, Sandy Koufax stands apart and alone, a legend who declined his own celebrity.

The Santa Season

by Linda Ford

[from the back cover] "To get home safe Nick and Marcia need a grand slam of a plan. Ever since Nick and Marcia found out that their grandfather is Santa Claus, their lives have been anything but ho-hum. So, when Nick brings home a strange contraption from the North Pole workshop, he should know it will be trouble. With one accidental pull of a lever, Nick and Marcia hurtle back through time. They find out that things are different in the 1800s, but even though there isn't indoor plumbing, there is still baseball... and Santa. If only there were an easy way home." All of Nick and Marcia's funny and exciting adventures as Santa's grandchildren are in the other four books in this series and you'll find them in the Bookshare library. They are: Santa Claus, Inc., Santa S.O.S., The Santa Solution and The Santa Contest

Sasquatch in the Paint

by Raymond Obstfeld Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Eighth-grader Theo Rollins' growth spurt has Coach Mandrake trying to transform him into a basketball star, but training time is hurting the science club's chances of winning the "Aca-lympics".

Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend

by Larry Tye

He is that Rare American Icon who has never been captured in a biography worthy of him. Now, at last, here is the superbly researched, . spellbindingly told story of athlete, showman, philosopher, and boundary breaker Leroy Satchel Paige.

Saturday Night Dirt

by Will Weaver

It's a sizzling summer Saturday, and Headwaters Speedway has suddenly become the place to be. Thanks to rain outs across the state, this small-town dirt track is drawing both big-time stock cars and local drivers. There's Trace Bonham, whose Street Stock Chevy is acting up in a big way. And Beau Kim, whose "stone soup" Modified has been patched together from whatever parts he could scrape up. And no one could forget Amber Jenkins, a strawberry blonde who has what it takes to run rings around them all. Keeping everyone on track is Melody Walters, who knows that the impending rain might be exactly what they need to keep her father's speedway afloat--or sink it for good. In Will Weaver's high-revving novel, the first in the Motor series, a cast of car-obsessed teens and adults are all out to prove themselves, both on and off the quarter-mile track, as they move through their day on a collision course to meet on Saturday night dirt.

Saving the Team

by Alex Morgan

From star soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan comes the first book in an empowering, fun-filled middle grade series about believing in yourself and working as a team.Devon moves to Berryvale, California, just in time to start seventh grade. She wants to try out for the middle school soccer team, but she's afraid she won't make the cut. After all, Californians are notoriously crazy for soccer. There's sure to be stiff competition. But at tryouts, Devon quickly discovers that the Berryvale Bobcats are terrible. She easily makes the team, but the Bobcats get pulverized in their first match against their biggest rival, the Pinewood Panthers, and they quickly become the school laughingstock. Not even their coach cares whether they win or lose. At least Devon becomes part of a group of friends--Jessi, Zoe, and Emma--who call themselves the Kicks. When the team's rematch against Pinewood rolls around, Devon decides she's sick of their team being treated like a joke. She convinces the coach to get behind them and, with the Kicks' help, rallies the team together. Do the Berryvale Bobcats have a shot at winning after all?


by Monique Polak

Becky was once a promising young skating star, but these days she feels numb, disconnected, and very lonely. The only way she knows to relieve pressure is to cut herself. Will Becky have the strength to save another young athlete who's skating down the same path?

The Scholastic Encyclopedia of Sports in the United States

by Kevin Osborn

This volume explores the fascinating history of American sports, from being the Devil's pastime in Puritan New England to the celebrity-filled big business it is today. Readers will learn about many stars as well as less famous athletes, and the personal attributes of players that make them outstanding and influential people.

Schooled (Bluford Series, #15)

by Paul Langan

Lionel desperately wants to be on the high school basketball team, but he's not allowed to until he brings his grades up. With his mom far away on an army base and his dad working long hours as a truck driver, Lionel has difficulty dealing with his reading troubles on his own. Soon he is longing to drop out of school, but can he do that and still live his dreams?


by Saddleback Educational Publishing Staff

Themes: Hi-Lo, Family life, adventure, travel. These traditional reads are brimming with spirited characters and positive values--but with a little extra excitement and bite, so hold on to your hats! Written expressly for the middle grade struggling reader, the series does not contain strong language, edgy themes, or dysfunctional families. In fact, family is the main theme of these titles. And one particular Latino family is the focus with their uncanny knack for finding humor, hope, and colorful personalities--even in unusual circumstances. Written at the lowest reading levels, the 50-page story structure is straightforward and moves the reader through the text quickly and efficiently. The ball was snapped. Franco got the ball. He ran to his right. Every Mustang player ran after him. But just before he was tackled, Franco tosses the ball.

The Scorecard Always Lies: A Year Behind the Scenes on the PGA Tour

by Chris Lewis

As Tiger Woods broke down in tears on the 18th green at Royal Liverpool Golf Club, legions of spectators strained their eyes to read the emotion on his face. Like the millions watching on television, they knew that Tiger had just won the British Open, and that his father had recently died. Beyond that, however, they knew precious little -- only that he played with a Nike golf ball, carried an American Express card in his wallet, and, presumably, drove a Buick. They were hungry for more, but everything else about his off-course life, and those of his fellow pros, was forbiddingly well-guarded. Until now. InThe Scorecard Always LiesveteranSports Illustratedgolf correspondent Chris Lewis reaches past the results, stats, and sound-bites to focus on the personalities and personal lives of the sport's top players. While embracing all the drama and excitement of the 2006 PGA Tour season, he takes us inside the locker rooms, hotel rooms, and private planes to deliver an unrivaled, behind-thescenes look at the Tour and the men who play it. Lewis spent thirty weeks of the 2006 season on the road with the best golfers in the world, exploring their backstories, motivations, and preoccupations, and collecting telling, character-revealing tales. He bore witness to both the hard work and the privilege that frame their lifestyles. But he also discovered a Tour that to this point remained largely unknown -- one where a player while pursuing dreams of glory might also be suing his agent, going through a messy divorce, or looking to throw down in the locker room with one of his peers. There's John Daly trying to explain how his wife has just been taken off to jail. There's Chris Couch making a midnight, barefoot run through a derelict district of New Orleans, fearing he was about to be kidnapped, and taking refuge in a tattoo parlor. We watch as Tiger Woods tries to deal with losing his father to cancer, while refusing to abandon his fondness for blue humor. We see Phil Mickelson hanging with rock stars, sharing a Masters victory gift with a national championship-winning college football coach, and hooking up a sportswriter with a would-be groupie's phone number. All in all, we get a rare glimpse of the off-course lives of the Tour's stars and their supporting cast. At turns humorous, touching, and insightful, the book sheds new light on every aspect of Tour life, from easygoing Tuesday practice rounds to feverpitch Sunday showdowns, always taking care to show how their off-course concerns inform their every swing. Fans will savor the fullest portrait yet of a group of players who, throughout their successes and struggles, remain unfailingly smart, funny, and engaging, and make up the most intriguing subculture in all of sports.

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