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Diabetic Athlete's Handbook

by Sheri R. Colberg-Ochs Sheri Colberg

Colberg (exercise science, Old Dominion U.) recommends guidelines for monitoring blood glucose levels while exercising, taking supplements, preventing injuries, and adjusting diet and medication when engaging in fitness activities, endurance sports, power sports, and outdoor recreation. Originally published in 2001, the second edition adds athlete profiles and boxes about diabetic athlete-related organizations.

The Diamond Champs

by Matt Christopher

An aura of intrigue surrounds a baseball coach obsessed with the idea of turning a bunch of handpicked beginners into champions in one season.

A Diamond in the Desert

by Kathryn Fitzmaurice

For Tetsu, baseball is so much more than just a game On December 6, 1941, Tetsu is a twelve-year-old California boy who loves baseball. On December 7, 1941, everything changes. The bombing of Pearl Harbor means Tetsu's Japanese-American family will be relocated to an internment camp. Gila River camp isn't technically a prison, but with nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no time frame for leaving, it might as well be. So when someone has the idea of building a baseball diamond and starting a team, Tetsu is overjoyed. But then his sister gets dangerously sick, forcing him to choose between his family and his love of the game. This is an impeccably researched, lyrical story about baseball, honor, and a turbulent period in U. S. history. .

Diamond Ruby

by Joseph Wallace

Seventeen-year-old Ruby Thomas, newly responsible for her two young nieces after a devastating tragedy, is determined to keep her family safe in the vast, swirling world of 1920s New York City. She's got street smarts, boundless determination, and one unusual skill: the ability to throw a ball as hard as the greatest pitchers in a baseball-mad city.From Coney Island sideshows to the brand-new Yankee Stadium, Diamond Ruby chronicles the extraordinary life and times of a girl who rises from utter poverty to the kind of renown only the Roaring Twenties can bestow. But her fame comes with a price, and Ruby must escape a deadly web of conspiracy and threats from Prohibition rumrunners, the Ku Klux Klan, and the gangster underworld.Diamond Ruby "is the exciting tale of a forgotten piece of baseball's heritage, a girl who could throw with the best of them. A real page-turner, based closely on a true story" (Kevin Baker, author of Strivers Row).

The Diamond War

by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

Introducing the Castle Court Kids from three-time Newbery Honor author Zilpha Keatley Snyder. Fast-paced and funny, with lots of dialogue, this is the first in a four-book series about a neighborhood group of ethnically-diverse kids that will also look at contemporary issues.

The Diamond War

by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

It's the girls against the boys when the fight for a baseball diamond erupts into an all-out warFifth graders Eddy Wong, Carlos Garcia, and Bucky "Buckaroo" Brockhurst all live in the Castle Court apartment complex. They're part of a special club called the PROs. They plan to build a baseball diamond on the site of the deserted Dragoman property and are already picking out balls, mitts, and bats.Kate Nicely and Aurora and Athena Pappas also live at Castle Court. They believe the vacant lot is a magical grove and a perfect haven for unicorns. No way are they letting those insensitive boys cut down their precious trees. The girls hold a council meeting in the Pappas gazebo to plot their next move. Families take sides. And the full-scale battle to claim the land begins.This ebook features an extended biography of Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

Diary of a Heartbreak Kid

by Craig Tello

It's the week of Wrestlemania, an event that began the same year as Shawn Michaels' decorated career, an annual spectacular that The Heartbreak Kid seized time after time as his personal stage of excellence. Such a grand setting could not be more appropriate for WWE's one and only Showstopper to add "Mr. Hall of Fame" to his myriad monikers. From his debut in 1984 to his final WWE match in 2010, the world has seen Michaels allure audiences and perform like no other entertainer in history. But that's inside the ring. What if you could walk beside the incomparable Heartbreak Kid outside the squared circle, beyond the curtain and spend four days with the man living a boyhood dream? Diary of a Heartbreak Kid shadows Shawn Michaels for an immensely poignant occasion of reflection, introspection and celebration as The Heartbreak Kid is inducted into the esteemed WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 2, 2011. In a moment-to-moment narrative, Diary captures the raw emotions and unfiltered candor of The Heartbreak Kid as he's reunited with family, friends and a veritable who's who of squared circle lore - Triple H, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Ric Flair, The Rock, Vince McMahon - all of whom have crossed and shaped Michaels' path to the Hall of Fame. With his beautiful wife, two jubilant children, time tested faith and nearly three decades of four-cornered memories, the retired Michaels steps back into the warmth of the limelight during the weekend of WWE's grandest extravaganza to experience the greatest honor in sports-entertainment. And with Diary of a Heartbreak Kid, you're riding shotgun.

Diary of an Anorexic Girl

by Morgan Menzie

Morgan Menzie takes readers through a harrowing but ultimately hopeful and inspiring account of her eating disorder. Her amazing story is told through the journals she kept during her daily struggle with this addiction and disease. Her triumphs and tragedies all unfold together in this beautiful story of God's grace. Features include: daily eating schedule, journal entries, prayers to God, poems, and what she wished she knew at the time. It's the true story of victory over a disease that is killing America's youth.

Dick Enberg

by John Mcenroe Dick Enberg Jim Perry

How did the most recognizable voice in broadcasting get his start? By asking for a mop. In this humorous, poignant, and well written autobiography, Dick Enberg shares the stories behind the voice of sports in America. A tireless worker whose boyish enthusiasm for athletics has never diminished, Enberg ?rst walked into a radio station in 1956 to apply for a janitorial position. He wound up on the air instead and a legend was created. In the half-century that Enberg has been in the sportscasting business he has called everything from the World Series to the Super Bowl. Traveling across the country and around the world, Enberg has called football games in weather so frigid that his coffee froze before he could drink it, been challenged to a ?ght by an irate baseball player, led the Notre Dame band in a rendition of "The 1812 Overture," and been threatened with ejection at Wimbledon because he was shouting too loudly into his microphone. Those stories and hundreds more are told in Dick Enberg: Oh My! with wit and candor, as Enberg not only relives some of sports' greatest moments, but takes readers into the booth and behind the camera. "Sportscasting is a kid's dream come true," he says, "which is one of the reasons that I keep doing it. I can't let my dream go. I'm still in love with what I do."

Dick Vitale's Living A Dream

by Dick Weiss Mike Krzyzewski Dick Vitale

Since joining ESPN in 1979, Dick Vitale has become the senior spokesman for college hoops. In Living A Dream, Vitale reveals details about his start at ESPN and shares his feelings about the most important people in the college basketball world. A must-have for any basketball fan.

The Dickson Baseball Dictionary (Third Edition)

by Paul Dickson Skip Mcafee

The definitive work on the language of baseball--one of the "Five Best Baseball Books" (Wall Street Journal). Hailed as "a staggering piece of scholarship" (Wall Street Journal) and "an indispensable guide to the language of baseball" (San Diego Union-Tribune), The Dickson Baseball Dictionary has become an invaluable resource for those who love the game. Drawing on dozens of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century periodicals, as well as contemporary sources, Dickson's brilliant, illuminating definitions trace the earliest appearances of terms both well known and obscure. This edition includes more than 10,000 terms with 18,000 individual entries, and more than 250 photos. This "impressively comprehensive" (The Nation) book will delight everyone from the youngest fan to the hard-core aficionado.

Did Babe Ruth Call His Shot? And Other Unsolved Mysteries of Baseball

by Paul Aron

"Ruth did not point at the fence before he swung," Root insisted. "If he had made a gesture like that, well, anybody who knows me knows that Ruth would have ended up on his ass." What really happened? That's the question this book asks, not just about Ruth's called shot but also about Ed Delahanty's death and Moe Berg's spying and Satchel Paige's age and Fidel Castro's tryout. This is not the place to find out who the best first basemen were or what were the greatest teams or whether Pete Rose or Joe Jackson belong in the Hall of Fame. Those are important and fascinating issues, well worth discussing. But whatever your opinion on these issues, it's undeniably a matter of opinion. Here, instead, are the facts.

The Die-Hard Fan's Guide to Buckeye Football

by Mark Rea

Do You Bleed Scarlet and Gray?Then The Die-Hard Fan's Guide to Buckeye Football by Mark Rea is the book you've been waiting for; it's the guidebook to and through one of the greatest college football programs in history.The Diehard Fan's Guide to Buckeye Football takes you back to the humble beginnings of football at The Ohio State University and works its way "Across the Field" through nearly 120 years of Buckeye football legends, including complete coverage of the national championship seasons and Heisman Trophy winners. Along the way, Rea also reveals: the rich history of Ohio Stadium along with recounts of the Horseshoe's greatest games; the person to whom Woody Hayes referred to as his "greatest booster"; exclusive accounts of some of the biggest games in college football's biggest rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan; and much more!Finally, in a tribute to "The Best Damn Fans In The Land," several diehards have penned their favorite memories. They share seminal moments that will alternately bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye. Written for Die-Hard Ohio State fans, this book pays homage to the players, teams, coaches, traditions and fans that comprise the Buckeye Nation.

The Die-Hard Fan's Guide to Longhorn Football

by Geoff Ketchum

Hook em horns!At last, here's the book Longhorn fans have hoped for: the ultimate die-hard fan's guide to one of the greatest college football programs ever.The Die-Hard Fan's Guide to Longhorn Football takes you back to the very beginning of University of Texas football in 1893 when, according to reporters at the time, Texas "wiped up the face of the Earth" with its first opponents.But the guide doesn't stop there. It works its way down the field of 115 years of Longhorn football legends, including complete coverage of Mack Brown's dominating teams, Darrell Royal's thoughts on his greatest players, Emory Bellard's account of how he developed the famed Wishbone offense, and exclusive interviews with Earl Campbell, Steve Worster, and many other Longhorn stars who recall their days playing in burnt orange.Longhorn football teams have long been famous for their colorful characters, and you'll find plenty of them here: Johnny Lam Jones, who emerged out of small-town Lampasas to win an Olympic gold medal and rewrite the Longhorn record books; James Brown, who fired up his teammates--and infuriated his coach--with his famous prediction of a 3-touchdown win over heavily favored Nebraska in 1996; and Ricky Williams, whose controversial personal history has received almost as much media attention as his outstanding on-field talent.Finally, in a tribute to the player who brought Texas its first national championship in more than three decades, a host of former Longhorn players and coaches tell their best Vince Young stories. If you thought you'd heard them all, you've got another thing coming.Written for die-hard Texas fans, this book pays homage to the players, coaches, and fans that comprise the Longhorn Nation.

The Die-Hard Fan's Guide to Sooner Football

by Jim Fletcher

A Tribute to the Sooner NationSooner fans, this is the one you've been waiting for--a book written by a die-hard fan, for die-hard fans. Chock-full of action photos, these pages capture the excitement and the glory of a century of Sooner football.The Die-Hard Fan's Guide to Sooner Football takes you on a tour through the long, proud history of the OU football program, from the birth of Sooner football in Bud Risinger's barber shop, through the dynasties of Bud Wilkinson and Barry Switzer, to Bob Stoops's powerhouse teams of today.Here you will find vintage reports on the Sooners' very first football games, in-depth details about OU's historic Wishbone offense, and a close-up look at OU's seven--count em, seven--national championship teams.You will come face to face with Heisman winners Billy Sims, Billy Vessels, Steve Owens, and Jason White. Additionally, you'll become acquainted with some of the great forgotten players throughout the team's history players who made crucial contributions to excellent Sooner teams, but somehow never earned the recognition they deserve. Read through exclusive interviews conducted with some of the biggest Sooner legends: Lucious Selmon, Darrell Royal, Steve Davis, Joe Washington, Bob Stoops, Jimmy Harris, Billy Sims, Jack Mildren, and the King himself, Barry Switzer. All contribute their thoughts and memories about their time in the limelight at Owen Field.But of course, Sooner football is not just about the players and the coaches; it's about the fans. Here, you will find reminiscences about the good times at OU from a motley collection of die-hard Sooner devotees.You'll meet Bill Horn, who bluffed his way onto the Sooner sideline and became the "unofficial team photographer," as well as Bryan Procter, who expressed his dedication to the team by wearing the same pair of "lucky" underpants to every Sooner game for seven years.A passionate tribute to the winningest college football program of the last sixty years, The Die-Hard Fan's Guide to Sooner Football will rekindle your pride in the Sooner Nation.

A Different Game

by Sylvia Olsen

Murphy and his three friends, Danny, Jeff and Albert, are making the transition from the tribal elementary school to the community middle school. They are all trying out for the middle school's soccer team, and they're pretty confident that The Formidable Four will all make the team. But once the tryouts begin, Albert, the tribal-school superstar, plays like a second stringer. Murphy's new friend, Molly, is determined to help the boys find out what's wrong with Albert, but when they discover the truth, they realize that Albert is playing a whole different game.

A Difficult Par

by James R. Hansen

The definitive account of modern golf's foremost architect from the New York Times bestselling author of First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong Robert Trent Jones was the most prolific and influential golf course architect of the twentieth century and became the archetypical modern golf course designer. Jones spread the gospel of golf by designing courses in forty-two US states and twenty-eight countries. Twenty U.S. Opens, America's national championship, have been contested on Jones-designed courses. New York Times bestselling biographer James R. Hansen, author of First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong, recounts how an English immigrant boy arrived in upstate New York in 1912, just as golf was emerging as a popular pastime in America. Jones excelled as a golfer, earning admission to Cornell University, whose faculty consented to a curriculum tailored to teach him the knowledge needed to design golf courses. Cornell provided the springboard for an act of self-invention that propelled Jones from obscurity to worldwide fame. Jones believed that every hole should be "a difficult par but an easy bogey." As gifted as he was at golf design, Jones was equally skilled as a salesman, promoter, and entrepreneur. Golf Digest's annual rankings of the 100 Greatest Golf Courses have regularly featured about fifty Jones designs, paving the path for his two sons, Robert Jr., and Rees, whose work would carry on their father's tradition. Hansen examines Jones's legacy in all its complexity and influence, including the fraternal rivalry of Jones's distinguished sons.

The DiMaggios

by Tom Clavin

The untold Great American Story of three brothers--Joltin Joe, Dom, and Vince DiMaggio--and the Great American Game, baseball, that would consume their livesMore than 350 sets of brothers have played in the major leagues since the 1870s. But few have had the skill, the charisma, or the success of the DiMaggio brothers. Joe DiMaggio, "The Yankee Clipper," is an American icon and one of the greatest athletes of the twentieth century. Even his chief rival, Ted Williams, called him the greatest all-around player he ever saw. But two of Joes brothers, also center fielders, were dynamic players in their own right. Dominic, affectionately known as "The Little Professor," was a seven-time All-Star who played for the Boston Red Sox from 1940 through 1953. He hit better than . 300 five times in his career, finished with a . 298 average, and like his big brother, rarely struck out. And Vince DiMaggio, the eldest, made two All-Star teams and in 1941 smacked 21 home runs and drove in 100 RBIs while playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In The DiMaggios, journalist Tom Clavin draws on a wealth of source materials, interviews with family members and teammates, and in-depth reporting to reveal how three kids from an immigrant family of eleven found their way to the upper echelons of American sports and popular culture. A vivid portrait of a family and the ways in which their shifting fortunes and status shaped their relationships, it is also a transporting exploration of an era and a culture, using baseball as a lens to view and understand American society in the twentieth century.

Dingo Creek Challenge (Adventures Down Under #4)

by Robert Elmer

Book 4 in the Adventures Down Under series for middle-grade readers. Patrick and Becky find themselves in the middle of a dangerous confrontation between the town troublemakers and the local aborigines. Can they win the battle?

Dirk Nowitzki

by Jeffrey Zuehlke

At the towering height of 7' 0", forward Dirk Nowitzki is one of the tallest players in the NBA. But Dirk also has a light touch and is one of the best shooters in the league. Born in Germany where soccer is king, Dirk didn't begin playing basketball until he was almost a teenager. In his short time in the game, Dirk has proven himself to be one of the best players in the world. Learn more about this athlete's life and amazing career.

Dirt Bike Racer

by Matthew F. Christopher

Is Ron's luck on the track about to run out? When Ron finds a dirt bike at the bottom of a lake, he can't believe his luck. But the bike needs fixing up and that takes money. When he takes a job doing yard work for a former dirt bike racer, he's convinced he's finally going to make his dream of racing come true. Little does he suspect that the job will lead him to the one person who can threaten his dream....

Dirt Bike Runaway

by Matt Christopher

A shy, unhappy sixteen-year-old with a talent for working with motorcycles runs away from his foster home and gets involved with a variety of people, both bad and good.

Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly

by Conrad Wesselhoeft

Seventeen year-old dirt-bike-riding daredevil Arlo Santiago catches the eye of the U.S. military with his first-place ranking on a video game featuring drone warfare, and must reconcile the work they want him to do with the emotional scars he has suffered following a violent death in his family. Adios, Nirvana author Conrad Wesselhoeft, takes readers from the skies over war-torn Pakistan to the dusty arroyos of New Mexico's outback in this young adult novel about daring to live in the wake of unbearable loss.

Dirt Track Chassis and SuspensionHP1511

by The Editor of Circle Track Mag

Don't just make it fast-make it state-of-the-art. Comprehensive and fully illustrated, this technical guide covers all aspects of setup and design for dirt track racing.

The Disaster Diaries

by Sam Sheridan

Sam Sheridan has traveled the world as an amateur boxer and mixed martial arts fighter; he has worked as an EMT, a wilderness firefighter, a sailor, a cowboy at the largest ranch in Montana, and in construction under brutal conditions at the South Pole. If he isn't ready for the Apocalypse and the fractured world that will likely ensue, we are all in a lot of trouble. Despite an arsenal of skills that puts many to shame, when Sam became a father he was beset with nightmares about being unable to protect his son. With disaster images from movies, books, and the nightly news filling his head, he was slowly being driven to distraction. If a rogue wave hit his beach community, would he be able to get out? If the power grid went down and he was forced outside the city limits, could he survive in the wilderness? And let's not even talk about plagues, zombie hoards, and attacking aliens. Unable to quiet his mind, Sam decides to face his fears head-on and gain as many skills as possible. The problem is each doomsday situation requires something unique. Trying to navigate the clogged highway out of town? Head to the best stunt driving school in the country. Need to protect your family, but out of ammunition? Learn how to handle a knife. Is your kid hurt or showing signs of mental strain? Better brush upon emergency medicine and the psychological effects of trauma. From training with an Olympic weight lifter to a down and dirty apprenticeship in stealing cars with an ex-gang member, from a gun course in the hundred-degree heat of Alabama to agonizing lessons in arctic wilderness survival, Sam leaves no stone unturned. Will it be enough if a meteor rocks the earth? Who's to say? But as Sam points out, it would be a damn shame to survive the initial impact only to die a few days later because you don't know how to build a fire. A rollicking narrative with each chapter framed by a hypothetical catastrophic scenario, The Disaster Diaries is irresistible armchair adventure reading for everyone curious about what it might take to survive a cataclysmic event and those who just want to watch someone else struggling to find out. .

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