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Traditional Foods: History, Preparation, Processing and Safety (Food Engineering Series) 2895602 Mohammad Shafiur Rahman Mohammed Al-Khusaibi Nasser Al-Habsi 9783030246204 2019 Contains images
Health and Safety Aspects of Food Processing Technologies 2956602 Abdul Malik Zerrin Erginkaya Hüseyin Erten 9783030249038 2019 Contains images
How Fermented Foods Feed a Healthy Gut Microbiota: A Nutrition Continuum 2966423 M. Andrea Azcarate-Peril Roland R. Arnold José M. Bruno-Bárcena 9783030287375 2019 Contains images
Food Emulsifiers and Their Applications 2957335 Richard W. Hartel Gerard L. Hasenhuettl 9783030291877 2019 Contains images
Vegetable Fats and Oils: The Utilisation Of Volatile Compounds In The Characterisation Of Vegetable Oils And Fats And In Reducing The Bacterial Count Of Ambient Air 3479040 Sabine Krist 9783030303143 2020 Contains images
Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices 3456995 Diana Noland Jeanne A. Drisko Leigh Wagner 9783030307301 2020 Contains images
Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindfulness: An Evidence-Based Guide for Clinicians (Nutrition and Health) 3400754 Jaime Uribarri Joseph A. Vassalotti 9783030308926 2020 Contains images
Preconception Health and Care: A Life Course Approach 3479234 Jill Shawe Eric A. P. Steegers Sarah Verbiest 9783030317539 2020 Contains images
Nanotechnology for Food, Agriculture, and Environment (Nanotechnology in the Life Sciences) 3397631 Jeyabalan Sangeetha Ram Prasad Devarajan Thangadurai 9783030319380 2020 Contains images
Rehabilitation interventions in the patient with obesity 3456147 Paolo Capodaglio 9783030322748 2020 Contains images
METABIOTICS: PRESENT STATE, CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES 3401363 Christine Lang Boris A. Shenderov Alexander V. Sinitsa Mikhail M. Zakharchenko 9783030341671 2020 Contains images
Management of Fungal Pathogens in Pulses: Current Status and Future Challenges (Fungal Biology) 3404775 Krishna Kumar Bhim Pratap Singh Garima Singh S. Chandra Nayak N. Srinivasa 9783030359478 2020 Contains images
Whole-Wheat Bread for Human Health 3409883 Yosef Dror Ephraim Rimon Reuben Vaida 9783030398231 2020 Contains images
Sustainable Food Drying Techniques in Developing Countries: Prospects and Challenges 3409740 Azharul Karim Mahadi Hasan Masud Anan Ashrabi Ananno Asif Ahmed 9783030424763 2020 Contains images
Food Safety Engineering (Food Engineering Series) 3410256 Hao Feng Ali Demirci Kathiravan Krishnamurthy 9783030426606 2020 Contains images
Why Gut Microbes Matter: Understanding Our Microbiome (Fascinating Life Sciences) 3384234 Harry J. Flint 9783030432461 2020 Contains images
Nano-Food Engineering (Food Engineering #1) 3555361 Shivendu Ranjan Nandita Dasgupta Raghvendra Kumar Mishra Umesh Hebbar 9783030445522 2020 Contains images
Nutrition in Kidney Disease (Nutrition and Health) 3547918 Laura D. Byham-Gray Jerrilynn D. Burrowes Csaba P. Kovesdy 9783030448585 2020 Contains images
Dietary Supplement Regulation in the United States 1348221 Taylor C. Wallace Douglas Mackay Rend Al-Mondhiry Haiuyen Nguyen James C. Griffiths 9783319015026 2013
Biosystems Engineering: Biofactories For Food Production In The Century Xxi (Advances In Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Ser. #Vol. 139) 2104998 Ramon Guevara-Gonzalez Irineo Torres-Pacheco 9783319038803 2014 Contains images
A Kaizen Approach to Food Safety: Quality Management in the Value Chain from Wheat to Bread (Contributions to Management Science) 2105052 Victoria Hill 9783319042503 2014 Contains images
Leadership and Communication 1362270 Sinan Ünsar 9783319052489 2014 Contains images
Bacterial Diversity in Sustainable Agriculture (Sustainable Development and Biodiversity #1) 2105241 Dinesh K. Maheshwari 9783319059365 2014 Contains images
Production and Breeding of Chilli Peppers (Capsicum spp.) 1368958 Elizanilda Ramalho do Rêgo Mailson Monteiro do Rêgo Fernando Luiz Finger 9783319065328 2016 Contains images
Chemistry and Technology of Yoghurt Fermentation (SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science) 2105358 Ettore Baglio 9783319073774 2014 Contains images

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Showing 18,226 through 18,250 of 18,706 results