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Yo Wants to Know: How Do You Tell Dolphins Apart?

by Lea Daniel

Yo, Kayla, and Auntie Kim go to the aquarium to see the dolphins. Kayla’s favorite is Freddie, but Yo doesn’t know how to tell which one is Freddie or Maria or Mario. Do you know how to tell dolphins apart?

Yo Wants to Know: How Do I Care for a Hamster?

by Lea Daniel

Have you ever met a hamster? Yo’s friend Jennifer has a pet hamster named Harold. Jennifer tells Yo all about how to take care of a pet hamster, like what he eats, where he sleeps, and his favorite exercise.

Yo Wants to Know: Why Do Possums Play Dead?

by Lea and Alan Daniel

What do you do when something scares you? When possums get scared and think a predator is threatening them, they play dead! Yo learns about possums and their survival instincts when he and his dad take their dog for a walk.

Yo Wants to Know: How Do Ants Work Together?

by Alan Daniel Lea Daniel

Yo and Jennifer are learning about an ant community by watching an ant farm! Yo uses a magnifying glass to see the tiny tunnels the ants have made. Yo and Jennifer are excited to see what the ants will do in their rooms next!

Yo Wants to Know: How Do Chicks Hatch?

by Alan Daniel Lea Daniel

There’s a chick ready to hatch at The Green Farm Incubator! Yo wonders why it isn't fluffy! Discover with Yo, and her teacher, how chicks are born by using their beaks to break out of their shells.

Yo Wants to Know: How Do I Make a Compost Bin?

by Alan Daniel Lea Daniel

Yo learns what a composting box is and how it helps recycle scraps of food into soil. Yo is excited to see the Red Wiggler worms have arrived for their composting box! Yo helps his grandfather make the compost bin by mixing shredded paper, dirt, and water together in the bin. Now, the worms are ready for their new home! What will the worms do to help recycle food in the bin?

Yo Wants to Know: What Are Rays?

by Alan Daniel Lea Daniel

Yo’s favorite thing about rays is the way their bodies feel soft and smooth. Yo and her grandmother visit an aquarium full of sharks and rays where Yo learns about rays, like how they flap their wings to swim in the water. Yo thinks the way their back and belly change color to camouflage from predators is a good trick! Learn all about rays with Yo!

Yo Wants to Know: What Is the Rabbit Eating?

by Alan Daniel Lea Daniel

Yo and his grandmother see a rabbit in the yard and watch it quietly. They sit very still. Yo notices the rabbit doesn’t move the same way his dog, Lips, does. Yo learns that the rabbit has powerful short front legs and long, powerful back legs. Lips decides to dash for the rabbit! Will Lips catch the rabbit? What other ways are Lips and the rabbit different? How are they alike?

Yo Wants to Know: What Should Dogs Not Eat?

by Alan Daniel Lea Daniel

Yo learns about foods that are poisonous for dogs to eat. Yo and her grandfather learn what the most dangerous human food is for dogs using their computer. How many types of food will Yo and her grandfather find to keep Lips safe?

Yo Wants to Know: Where Are the Geese Going?

by Alan Daniel Lea Daniel

Have you ever seen a flock of geese flying in the sky? Yo and her grandfather spot lots of geese flying South to escape the winter’s snow and ice. Yo is excited to watch the geese begin their long journey home.

Yo Wants to Know: Why Do We Feed the Birds?

by Alan Daniel Lea Daniel

Yo and her mother go outdoors to fill the bird feeders with birdseed. Yo wonders if they should feed wild animals too. What will happen if Yo leaves birdseed out for other animals? Will Yo and her mother decide to feed the other animals?

Yoga for Kids

by Lorena V. Pajalunga Anna Forlati

A little boy begins taking yoga lessons at the zoo, where he learns that he can mimic the animals there with simple yoga poses. When he returns home after his lessons, he practices with his cat, Nino. With an illustration of each animal pose and a description of how to do it, this enchanting book makes the perfect instruction guide for even the smallest yogi.

Yoga Frog: Reflections From The Lily Pond

by Mark Chambers Nora Carpenter

Learn Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses with a Meditative, Mindful FrogFrog loves to practice yoga. And he will inspire kids to enjoy doing yoga, too. Follow Frog's yoga flow, from warming up to cooling down. Start with the mountain and chair poses, then work into giraffe, cat-cow, downward-facing dog, butterfly, and bridge. End with the quieting happy baby and savasana poses to help your muscles relax before going to bed or starting your day. For fans of Yoga Bunny and I Am Yoga, Yoga Frog's simple, meditative text is complemented by playful yet instructive illustrations by Mark Chambers to teach youngsters how to start their very own yoga practice--and to have fun while doing so, too.

Yogi Bear and the Three Pies

by Horace J. Elias

Yogi Bear is on a rampage in Jellystone Park. How will the Park Ranger and Boo Boo must find a way to stop him before the higher authorities kick him out? Learn how three pies made all the difference.


by Rosemary Wells

Mmm, Yoko's mom has packed her favorite for lunch today: sushi! But her classmates don't think it looks quite so yummy. "Ick!" says one of the Franks. "It's seaweed!" They're not even impressed by her red bean ice cream dessert. Of course, Mrs. Jenkins has a plan that might solve Yoko's problem. But will it work with the other children in class? Now in paperback for the first time, this tender story from Rosemary Wells demonstrates the author's uncanny understanding of the pleasures and pains of an ordinary school day.

Yorkshire Terrier

by Rachel Keyes

The experts at Kennel Club Books prsent the world's largest series of breed-specific canine care books. Each criticaly acclaimed Comprehensive Owner's Guide covers everything from breed standards to behavior, from training to health and nutition. With nearly 200 titles in print, this series is sure to please the fancier of even the rarest breed!

Yorkshire Terrier (Kennel Club Book)

by Muriel P. Lee

Despite the Yorkshire Terrier's diminutive size, he is a lively, plucky dog who thinks that he is much larger than he actually is and, when necessary, is able to hold his own. This is a complete guide about Yorkshire Terrier--how to choose a puppy, how to groom it, how to care for it and other helpful information.

Yorkshire Terrier (Smart Owner's Guide)

by Dog Fancy Magazine

Celebrating the world's most popular and beloved toy breed, the Yorkshire Terrier, this Smart Owner's Guide, created by the editors at Dog Fancy magazine, offers the most up-to-date and accurate information every dog owner needs to become a well-informed caregiver for his dog.<P><P> Illustrated with color photographs of adorable puppies and handsome adults, this easy-to-read primer is designed in a modern, lively manner that readers will find user-friendly and entertaining.Each Smart Owner's Guide offers a description of the breed's character and physical conformation, historical overview, and its attributes as a companion dog. The reader will find informative chapters on everything he or she needs to know about acquiring, raising, and training this remarkable purebred dog, including: finding a breeder and selecting a healthy, sound puppy; preparing for the puppy's homecoming, shopping for supplies, and puppy-proofing the home; house-training; veterinary and home health maintenance; feeding and nutrition; and grooming. Obedience training for basic cues (sit, stay, heel, come, etc.) and solving potential problem behaviors (barking, chewing, aggression, jumping up, etc.) are addressed in separate chapters, as are activities to enjoy with the dog, including showing, agility, therapy work, and more.Entertaining tidbits and smart advice fill up colorful sidebars in every chapter, which the editors call "It's a Fact," "Smart Tip," "Notable & Quotable," and "Did You Know?" Real-life heroes and rescue stories are retold in full-page features called "Pop Pups" and "True Tails." Recipes, training, and care tips are highlighted in the "Try This" feature pages.The Smart Owner's Guide series is the only series that offers readers an online component in which dog owners can join a breed-specific online club hosted by At Club Yorkie, owners of the breed can find forums, blogs, and profiles to connect with other breed owners, as well as charts and checklists that can be downloaded. More than just 20,000 pages of solid information, there's a host of fun to be had at the club in the form of downloadable breed-specific e-cards, screensavers, games, and quizzes.The Resources section of the book includes contact information for breed-related organizations and rescues, as well as practical guidance on traveling with dogs, identification, and locating qualified professionals to assist the dog owner, such as pet sitters, trainers, and boarding facilities. This information-packed Smart Owner's Guide is fully indexed.

Yorkshire Terriers Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever)

by Elaine Landau

What's that dog with the smooth, silky fur; bright, brown eyes; and sweet but spunky spirit? It's the Yorkshire terrier! Yorkies are tiny, but they have big personalities. Their owners think they are the best dogs ever--and it's easy to see why. If you're a Yorkie fan, you'll want to learn all about this breed, from its gleaming coat and glamorous looks to its history as a rat-catching dog in England's factories. You'll also want to find out how to care for the Yorkie. So check out this go-to guide for Yorkie lovers--and learn all about why Yorkies are the best breed there is! THE BEST DOGS EVER BEAGLES ARE THE BEST! BOXERS ARE THE BEST! GERMAN SHEPHERDS ARE THE BEST! LABRADOR RETRIEVERS ARE THE BEST! PORTUGUESE WATER DOGS ARE THE BEST! YORKSHIRE TERRIERS ARE THE BEST! Picture captions and descriptions present.

Yorkshire Terriers For Dummies

by Tracy Barr Peter F. Veling

So you want to adopt or are thinking about adopting a Yorkshire Terrier. The 6th most popular dog in the U. S. , Yorkies are energetic, playful, and loving companions-and they're cute as a button! But it's wise to know enough about the breed to determine whether or not a Yorkie is the right dog for you. This fun, friendly guide helps you decide if a Yorkie suits your lifestyle and gives you expert advice on keeping your dog healthy and content. Yorkshire Terriers For Dummies is for you if you're thinking about getting a puppy or adult Yorkie and want to know the best way to take care of this perky little pet. This guide gives you the straight facts on everything you need to know about the health and well being of your Yorkie, featuring expert guidance in: Finding the right Yorkie for you Preparing your home for the new arrival Managing nutrition and health Exercising and entertaining your Yorkie Handling behavioral problems From feeding and training to socializing, you'll see how to meet a Yorkshire Terrier's special needs and develop a long and positive relationship with your dog. You'll discover the most important questions to ask a breeder and how to select the perfect Yorkie, as well as choose the right supplies. Then, you'll see how to acclimate a Yorkie to your home and your family, housetrain him, and set up a daily routine that works for both of you. You'll also find savvy tips on: Making it through the first night with your Yorkie Finding a veterinarian Teaching the most important commands Grooming your Yorkie's gorgeous long coat Spotting symptoms of common health problems in Yorkies Breeding or showing your Yorkie Complete with an immunization schedule, a guide to puppy-proofing your home, a list of online resources, and an 8-page full-color insert, Yorkshire Terriers For Dummies is the fun and easy way® to keep your little Yorkie happy and healthy!


by Vladimir Radunsky

For a charming girl and an endearing mutt, friendship is just around the . . . hedge. These two lonely souls sit just opposite each other: She pining after a parade of passing dogs, he pining after a parade of passing owners. Until--finally--the girl and the mutt spot each other. You? they ask. You! they shout.

You and Your Horse: How to Whisper Your Way Into Your Horse's Life

by Dandi Daley Mackall

Do you love horses? Author Dandi Daley Mackall does, and has written a book full of tips, ideas, and tricks for really getting to know and love your horse - and getting some love back. Whether you ride every day or once a year, this is the book for you!

You Are A Dog: Life Through the Eyes of Man's Best Friend

by Terry Bain

A hilarious, captivating commentary that gives us--finally--a true dog's-eye view of the world. - The Sofa: "The sofa is Position One. The sofa makes you feel as if you are with your people even when your people are gone. " - The Toilet: "The advantage of drinking from the toilet is that the water is always fresh. " - The Baby: "Often known as She Who Randomly Flings Food from the Table, the baby has the most flavorful, ever-changing face of all your people. " "After reading "You Are a Dog, you will start thinking like a dog. " --Bash Dibra, celebrity pet trainer and author of "DogSpeak ""You Are a Dog should be the talk of every dog run in the U. S. With humor, and more bite than one might expect, Terry Bain helps us to see the world through the eyes of our dogs, and to look at their lives in fresh and insightful ways. " --Jon Katz, author of "A Dog Year, "The New Work of Dogs, and "The Dogs of Bedlam Farm "Terry Bain has cracked the canine code to demystify those charming, endearing, and,occasionally bizarre habits our beloved dogs exhibit. "You Are a Dog is equal parts witty and warm, sweet and sympathetic--read this and be destined to meet your dog at a richer, deeper level. "--Dr. Marty Becker, veterinary contributor for "Good Morning America, author of "The Healing Power of Pets

You Are My Baby: Meadow

by Lorena Siminovich

A new title in this series of charming and inventive board books! Readers will find a little book nestled inside a bigger one. Turn the pages to match the baby meadow animals to their parents, and learn early concepts along the way.

You Are My Baby: Garden (You Are My Baby)

by Lorena Siminovich

The artist behind Chronicle's bestselling In My finger puppet books and the Petit Collage line of children's décor has turned her talents to a brand new series of charming books. Here readers will find a beautiful little book: Turn the pages to find the baby animals matched with their parents, and learn some early concepts along the way. Plus, this is the fixed-format version, which looks nearly identical to the print version.

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