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The Wisdom of Leo Tolstoy (Wisdom)

by The Wisdom Series

Follow the renowned novelist&’s journey to his own peace Leo Tolstoy was born to an aristocratic Russian family, became a world-famous influential novelist, and then chose to lead the simple life of a peasant. Dating from this last part of his life, Tolstoy&’s influential book, What I Believe, takes readers along on the path to a life modeled literally on Jesus Christ&’s &“Sermon on the Mount&” and the teachings of the Gospels. In revealing and frank essays he reimagines a faith without dogma, centered solely on Jesus&’s doctrine of love, humility, and self-denial. This collection of chapters from What I Believe includes examinations of Resist Not Evil, Judge Not Thy Neighbor, Letting Go of Fear, and Allowing Forgiveness.

The Wisdom of Leonardo da Vinci (Wisdom)

by The Wisdom Series

An intriguing look inside the mind of the Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci stood on a bridge between medieval thought and the modern mind. In this selection of entries from his dozens of coded notebooks and unpublished manuscripts, his unending curiosity in the universe and deep knowledge come through in his energetic style. The self-educated da Vinci developed a philosophical system that set him apart from his contemporaries and marked him as the oracle of a new age, and his vivid imagination and straightforward writing style capture the reader&’s attention whether he is writing about his scientific analysis, his opinion of necromancy, discoveries in nature, or the nature of man. Accompanied by a thorough introduction, The Wisdom of Leonardo da Vinci unveils the man&’s deepest thoughts and musings and proves why he remains an intriguing and enduring figure.

The Wisdom of Mark Twain

by Seymour Barofsky

The men and women who shaped our world—in their own words. The Wisdom Library invites you on a journey through the lives and works of the world’s greatest thinkers and leaders. Compiled by scholars, this series presents excerpts from the most important and revealing writings of the most remarkable minds of all time. THE WISDOM OF MARK TWAIN “Let me make the superstitions of a nation and I care not who makes its laws or its songs either.” Mark Twain was a figure larger than life, and he remains to this day the most universally revered American writer of all time. In such classics as Life on the Mississippi, Tom Sawyer, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn he crafted stories of heroism, adventure, tragedy, and comedy that reflected the changing America of the time. He was also one of our greatest wits, a satirist and humanist who used humor and twists of the tongue to reveal his controversial opinions and trademark irreverent spirit. Ernest Hemingway called Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, “the best book we’ve ever had. There was nothing before. There’s been nothing as good since.” And author Russell Banks wrote that Twain “makes possible an American literature which would otherwise not have been possible.” Here in these pages is the inimitable and invaluable insight of Mark Twain gathered from his many books, short stories, essays, sketches, and speeches, as well as from travel writing and autobiographical pieces—a treasure trove of wisdom from one of American literature’s most beloved figures. “Love your enemy; it will scare the hell out of them.”

The Wisdom of Oscar Wilde (Wisdom)

by the Wisdom of

A comprehensive selection of his quips, aphorisms, and witOne of the most well known personalities of his day, Oscar Wilde charmed and beguiled readers and audiences with his eloquent and biting observations, his smart quips, and the witticisms peppering his own speech and the speech of his characters. The Wisdom of Oscar Wilde collects both his best-loved quotes and longer excerpts, revealing a man wise to human nature and his times, and never shy with his searing comments on men, women, art, behavior, children, politics, youth, and a range of other topics. Drawing from his plays, articles, reviews, speeches, letters, and other works, this definitive volume is an entertaining immersion into the world of this charming genius.

The Wisdom of Sartre (Wisdom)

by The Wisdom Series

An invaluable introduction to the leading French intellectual of the twentieth century The Wisdom of Sartre offers key excerpts from the eloquent French writer, playwright, and philosopher&’s masterpiece, Being and Nothingness. From this collection, readers will discover the strongest themes in his early philosophical work: an ontological account of what it means to be human, and the role of perception, knowledge, and consciousness in the practical demands of life. Sartre&’s view that man&’s freedom is a unique source of both misery and pleasure and that the question of which will prevail depends on man&’s awareness and commitment to his freedom is both thought provoking and timely.

The Wisdom of Shakespeare

by Joyce Henry

If the transparent pictures of a cinematograph roll were found clipped apart in a medley of separate pictures, the test of their reunion in a reconstituted film would be the air of life in the moving picture thrown from it on the shimmering screen. <P><P>And so it is with those elements of a living portrait to be found in the extra-dramatic bits of Shakespeare's work. This statement has been made before; has been supported; has been denied. The present writer says merely Read and judge.

The Wisdom of Steve Jobs

by Carol Kelly-Gangi

Hundreds of quotations from the revolutionary Apple founder on topics from innovation and design to hiring and firing to family and personal fulfillment.During a career that spanned more than thirty-five years, Steve Jobs forever changed the way people communicate, listen to music, and watch video, among other things. This book brings together hundreds of quotations drawn from interviews, appearances, and media coverage over decades. Organized thematically, the selections reveal his insights and philosophies on everything from hiring, firing, and the workplace to competitors, family, and friends. In these selections, Jobs:Reflects on the goals, successes, and challenges of his business careerShares his deeply held views about the true meaning of design and product innovationSpeaks frankly about the high expectations he sets for colleagues as well as himselfOffers keen insights into how to live life to the fullest—both personally and professionallyIn more personal excerpts, the fiercely private Jobs recalls his childhood and the valuable lessons his parents taught him; his adolescent years; and his early passion for electronics, while also speaks lovingly about his wife and family. In addition, the book includes an assortment of quotations from world leaders, industry giants, politicians, journalists, and friends who share their insights.

Wisdom of the Bible: Inspiration for Everyday Living (Little Book. Big Idea.)

by Tonia Jenkins

A collection of your favorite Bible verses organized for any occasion, Wisdom of the Bible is an invaluable resource. Wisdom of the Bible provides day-to-day insights and hope from the greatest story ever told. Too often in life, we struggle with uncertainty and anxiety; it is in these times that we can turn to the Scriptures for comfort and guidance. Presented in a clear, elegant format, Wisdom of the Bible draws on the Scriptures to provide words of advice and inspiration on relationships, love, family, and more. Taking as its credo that the best life is one that follows the principles of the Scriptures, Wisdom of the Bible brings these ages-old words of wisdom to life, along with practical advice from Pastor Tonia Jenkins' personal and professional experience. Wisdom of the Bible brings God's guidance to those who need it most. These words of wisdom and advice have guided countless lives for centuries; this book directs these perfect words of Scripture to those areas of life where they are needed most: matters of love and family, health and prayer, and even life and death. Providing insight not only into one's personal life, but also offering advice on how best to trust in God's wisdom and let his plan follow its plotted course, Wisdom of the Bible is the book to reach for whenever you need a word of wisdom. A great gift idea."Happy is the man that finds wisdom, and the man that gets understanding." --Proverbs 3:13

The Wisdom of the Celts

by Gina Sigillito Dr Patrica King

The Wisdom of the Celts

The Wisdom of the Kabbalah (Wisdom)

by The Wisdom Series

Explore the third of the great literatures in Judaism While many readers may have heard of Kabbalah in recent years, how many understand the origins and unique perspective of this collection of Jewish mystical beliefs? Handed down in the oral tradition for thousands of years and transcribed in fourteenth-century Spain, the Kabbalah is the classical expression of Jewish mysticism. This collection draws from the main work of Kabbalah—Sepher ha-Zohar, or The Book of Splendor—and offers insight into the great body of Hebrew literature that sprang up and grew parallel to the traditional writings of rabbinical literature. Written in the dialectic style as a commentary to the Torah, the Kabbalah examines man&’s mystical union with God in thoughts of wisdom and deeds of kindness through a symbol-laden examination of the God before creation. A mix of ethics and mysticism, Kabbalah&’s wisdom is frequently imparted through gematria, or a symbolic language based in numbers that correspond with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This ebook features a new introduction, image gallery, and index of the Hebrew alphabet.

The Wisdom of the Koran: The Wisdom Of The Torah, The Wisdom Of The Talmud, The Wisdom Of The Koran, The Wisdom Of Muhammad, And The Wisdom Of Buddha (Wisdom)

by The Wisdom Series

Discover the beliefs and lessons of Islam&’s sacred textThe Koran, the sacred text at the heart of the second-largest religion in the world, is regarded by Muslims as the exact word of God as revealed to the prophet Muhammad. Representing the ultimate authority on almost every issue related to Muslim life, the Koran&’s lessons and parables offer the faithful moral and spiritual guidance. In The Wisdom of the Koran, readers will discover a selection of key chapters such as &“The Night Journey&” and &“The Cave,&” footnotes to convey context and meaning, as well as several stories from Judeo-Christian history. This invaluable anthology is an excellent step toward greater understanding of one of the finest pieces of Arabic prose and the Muslim faith.

Wisdom of the Presidents: The Wisdom of FDR, The Wisdom of Theodore Roosevelt, The Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln, and The Wisdom of Thomas Jefferson

by Philosophical Library

The collected writings and wisdom of four great US presidents: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Featuring both official and personal letters, documents, speeches, and articles, this brilliant anthology is filled with the ideas and observations of four iconic leaders who not only guided their nation through trying times, but also left a legacy of wisdom to guide future generations.The Wisdom of FDR What made Franklin Delano Roosevelt an effective leader? His policies and decisions changed our nation's and the world's history. But more than his skill as a savvy politician and progressive thinker, FDR's ability to voice his thoughts on national concerns, social change, and humanity directly and eloquently spoke to the hearts of the people. His observations and opinions cover everything from faith, war, and peace to religion, freedom, and the very definition of what it is to be an American. The essays included here--"The Four Freedoms," "We Belong to Many Races," "True Education," "The Rights of the Common Man," "Dynamic Democracy," and "Government with a Soul"--illustrate how a great American president communicated a changing worldview.The Wisdom of Theodore Roosevelt Few American presidents are remembered for such a vivid personality as Teddy Roosevelt. In this fascinating portrait of one of America's most dynamic figures, the vibrant thinker, politician, and outdoorsman relays his passionate feelings on a wide array of subjects, showcasing his evolving beliefs on topics including his strenuous life, the bully pulpit, childhood, imperialism, religion, and even his daughter, Alice. Through his own words, the modern reader comes to understand how Roosevelt saw deeply into American society and its problems and willed the people to mobilize and deal with issues head on.The Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln Remembered for his leadership during the dark years of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln remains one of the most studied and intriguing figures in American history. The Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln examines the sixteenth president's statements on politics, the Civil War, slavery, education, law, Reconstruction, and his private life, offering both his most notable remarks in their original context and insight on a variety of earlier and less explored historical events. His wry and self-deprecating humor comes through whether he is speaking of his own election or writing to his wife, and his quotes reflect his evolution from humble small-town politician to a leader facing his nation's greatest internal crisis and massive social change.The Wisdom of Thomas Jefferson Statesman. Diplomat. Politician. Scholar. Inventor. Architect. President. Few men exemplify the Enlightenment ideal more than Thomas Jefferson. Here, his dynamic personality and insatiable curiosity jump off the page and draw the reader into the young country he so greatly influenced. Whether the topic is the right to freedom or the future of Native Americans, westward expansion or the political climate in France, his personal impressions of historical luminaries or his architectural preferences, his financial troubles or his feelings about religious freedom, Jefferson's convictions are brilliantly explained and often ahead of their time. The Wisdom of Thomas Jefferson paints a detailed and revealing portrait of the mind of an American Renaissance man.

The Wisdom of the Saints

by Suzanne Clores

The Philosophical Library presents the most important thinkers through the ages and their most influential writings THE WISDOM OF THE SAINTS “There is more value in a little study of humility and in a single act of it than in all the knowledge of the world.” —Saint Teresa of Avila The saints’ lives represent the divine will on earth, and their words offer hope when we are uncertain, security when we feel unsafe, and wisdom when we need it most. Here on these pages is a treasury of inspirational guidance on such diverse subjects as work, love, money, fear, indecision, peace, freedom, compassion, politics, health, and more. Drawn from the traditions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, The Wisdom of the Saints offers enlightenment that transcends all boundaries—hope that speaks to all of us, no matter what faith we follow. “The most deadly poison of our times is indifference.” –Saint Maximilian Kolbe

The Wisdom of the Talmud

by Madison C. Peters

"The house that does not open to the poor shall open to the physician." "To have no faithful friends is worse than death." "Too many captains sink the ship." "Good deeds are better than creeds." "The sensible man drinks only when he is thirsty." "The noblest of all charities is in enabling the poor to earn a livelihood." "He who wishes to be forgiven must forgive." These and over 500 other proverbs and adages come together in this delightful collection, arranged under 22 headings such as adversity, ambition, ancestry, anger, business, charity, death, friendship, home life, honesty, immortality, labor, love, money, and truth.

The Wisdom of the Talmud: The Wisdom Of The Torah, The Wisdom Of The Talmud, The Wisdom Of The Koran, The Wisdom Of Muhammad, And The Wisdom Of Buddha (Wisdom)

by The Wisdom Series

Discover the ancient wisdom and historical influence of a cornerstone of Judaism The Wisdom of the Talmud presents a thorough history and overview of the Talmud, the rabbinical commentary on the Torah that was developed in the Jewish academies of Palestine and Babylonia. From the close of the Biblical canon to the end of the fifth century, Jewish scholars studied the scripture and worked to develop—and debate—supplementary understandings of the Torah&’s directions on a variety of topics. From man&’s purpose and miracles, to marriage and wellness, to consciousness and community, the Talmud considers what it means to practice faith on a daily basis and through a changing world. This book is an essential and approachable guide for understanding how interpretation of the Torah has guided Jewish life for thousands of years. This ebook features a new foreword, image gallery, and list of proverbs and sayings of the rabbis.

The Wisdom of the Torah: The Wisdom Of The Torah, The Wisdom Of The Talmud, The Wisdom Of The Koran, The Wisdom Of Muhammad, And The Wisdom Of Buddha (Wisdom)

by The Wisdom Series

Celebrate one of the world&’s greatest collections of pure literature In Hebrew, the word Torah means instruction, and throughout thousands of years this collection of writing has offered just that—instruction in the central beliefs of three world religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. But by observing the Torah, or the Hebrew Bible, as a collected work of multiple authors spanning generations, the modern reader can look beyond its fundamental instruction. The Wisdom of the Torah concentrates on the Hebrew Bible as a book of philosophy and literature and offers some of its most powerful and poetic passages, including &“The Poems of King David,&” &“The Parables of King Solomon,&” and &“The Love Songs of King Solomon.&” In these works, readers find many lyrical and timeless reflections on what it means to have faith and to be a member of the human race. This ebook features a new introduction, image gallery, timeline of the Torah and Judaic history, and index of the Books of the Torah.

The Wisdom of Theodore Roosevelt

by Donald Davidson

The men and women who shaped our world—in their own words. The Wisdom Library invites you on a journey through the lives and works of the world’s greatest thinkers and leaders. Compiled by scholars, each book presents excerpts from the most important and revealing writings of the most remarkable minds of all time. THE WISDOM OF THEODORE ROOSEVELT “Order without liberty and liberty without order are equally destructive.” Politician. Statesman. Conservationist. Historian. Lawman. Soldier. Writer. Husband. Father. These are some of the hats Theodore Roosevelt wore during the course of an extraordinary public life. Though most famous for his two terms as President of the United States, Roosevelt was one of the true renaissance men of our time, and his writings, both published (he authored more than thirty-five books) and private (he kept up a network of correspondences that produced well over 150,000 letters) provide remarkable insight to the depth of his thinking, and his utter commitment to making his country the best it could be. Edmund Morris’s bestselling biography has brought attention to this complex and often controversial figure who, many believe, created the 20th-century presidency. Now, The Wisdom of Theodore Roosevelt presents a carefully culled selection of his words and ideas on a range of subjects, providing a fascinating portrait of Roosevelt’s personality and beliefs as they evolved over time. Here is an essential volume for students, historians, Americans, and all those who agree that “The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.”

The Wisdom of Thomas Jefferson

by Kees De Mooy

The Wisdom of Thomas Jefferson

The Wisdom of Thoreau (Wisdom)

by The Wisdom Series

A collection of wise words on solitude, simplicity, nature, and life at Walden from the leader of the transcendentalist movement. In excerpts collected here from his most important works, Henry David Thoreau documents his experiences in nature and the wisdom he finds in his explorations of sound, reading, solitude, and other aspects of leading a simple life at Walden. A fearless individualist, Thoreau explored not only poetic naturalism but also a number of ideas that were groundbreaking for his day, including civil disobedience and environmentalism. This introduction to one of America&’s great thinkers shows that as an essayist and poet-philosopher Thoreau remains a relevant voice in the never-ending quest of man to understand his place in the natural terrain.

The Wisdom of W.E.B. Du Bois

by Aberjhani

The men and women who shaped our world—in their own words. The Wisdom Library invites you on a journey through the lives and works of the world’s greatest thinkers and leaders. Compiled by scholars, this series presents excerpts from the most important and revealing writings of the most remarkable minds of all time. THE WISDOM OF W.E.B. DU BOIS “Throughout history, the powers of single blacks flash here and there like falling stars, and die sometimes before the world has rightly gauged their brightness.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote of W.E.B. Du Bois, “History cannot ignore [him] because history has to reflect truth, and Dr. Du Bois was a tireless explorer and a gifted discoverer of social truths. His singular greatness lay in his quest for truth about his own people.” Du Bois was the first African-American to receive a Ph.D. from Harvard (1896). A brilliant writer and speaker, he was the outstanding African-American intellectual of his time. His lifelong active struggle for racial equality and civil rights resulted in the founding of both the Niagara Movement and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). As editor of the NAACP’s magazine, The Crisis, Du Bois presented the literary genius of many of the Harlem Renaissance’s most compelling voices; and his own works—the sociological study The Philadelphia Negro and his famous 1903 treatise, The Souls of Black Folk—eloquently delineated the African-American struggle for identity in America. During his lifetime, Du Bois was a powerful force in academia, literature, civil rights, and the peace movement. Using excerpts from his many books as well as from articles, essays, poems, letters, and speeches, The Wisdom of W.E.B. Du Bois provides a telling portrait of the man and his groundbreaking ideas. It is a tribute to a voice that would not be silenced and to a pioneer who, in his passion for justice movingly declared, “the cost of liberty is less than the price of repression.”

The Wisdom Paradox

by Elkhonon Goldberg

The Wisdom Paradox explores the aging of the mind from a unique, positive perspective. In an era of increasing fears about mental deterioration, world-renowned neuropsychologist Elkhonon Goldberg provides startling new evidence that though the brain diminishes in some tasks as it ages, it gains in many ways. Most notably, it increases in what he terms "wisdom": the ability to draw upon knowledge and experience gained over a lifetime to make quick and effective decisions. Goldberg delves into the machinery of the mind, separating memory into two distinct types: singular (knowledge of a particular incident or fact) and generic (recognition of broader patterns). As the brain ages, the ability to use singular memory declines, but generic memory is unaffected-and its importance grows. As an individual accumulates generic memory, the brain can increasingly rely upon these stored patterns to solve problems effortlessly and instantaneously. Goldberg investigates the neurobiology of wisdom, and draws on historical examples of artists and leaders whose greatest achievements were realized late in life.

Wise Women: Wit and Wisdom from Some of the World’s Most Extraordinary Women

by Carole McKenzie

'A woman is like a teabag - only when in hot water do you realise how strong she is' - Nancy ReaganWomen are never at a loss to express themselves, and smart women will have something to say for every occasion.Wise Women is a hilarious, ribald and revealing collection of observations and inspirational quotations reflecting the wit and intelligence of women across the ages. Those quoted range from Dorothy Parker to Joan Rivers, Mae West to Joan Collins, Queen Victoria to Princess Diana, Joanna Lumley to Pamela Stephenson, Beyoncé to Adele, and Cheryl Cole to Lady Gaga.The famous and infamous of theatre, film, politics, philosophy and literature are featured, waxing lyrical on numerous topics from affairs, ageing, men and motherhood to sex, work and what women want!

Wise Words and Country Ways: Traditional Advice And Whether It Works Today

by Ruth Binney

Have you ever wondered why red sky at night is a shepherd's delight? If eating your crusts will make your hair curl? Whether it really works to put white wine on a red wine stain? Or why you should blow out your birthday candles with one breath? The distillation of generations of life experience in one handy volume, Wise Words and Country Ways has the answers.

Wise Words from Black Icons: Quotes to Empower, Uplift and Inspire

by Edgar Chekera

The world is full of Black heroes whose talent, strength and vision should inspire us all. Their wise words are a timeless reminder to break down barriers and believe in ourselves, as we stride in the direction of our dreams.

Wise Words from Black Icons: Quotes to Empower, Uplift and Inspire

by Edgar Chekera

The world is full of Black heroes whose talent, strength and vision should inspire us all. Their wise words are a timeless reminder to break down barriers and believe in ourselves, as we stride in the direction of our dreams.

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