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Akiak A Tale of the Iditarod

by Robert J. Blake

From the Book Jacket: It is Iditarod day. Fifty-six dog teams will race through 1,151 miles of rugged Alaskan terrain from Anchorage to Nome. Akiak knows these miles well. As lead dog, she has raced the incredible trail before, but never won. She is ten years old: if she is going to win, it must be now. When snow hurts her paw on the fourth day out, Mick, her musher, must leave her behind and continue the race without her. The rules say once a dog is dropped from the race, it may not rejoin the team. But Akiak doesn't know about rules. She is a lead dog, and her place is with the team. Nothing, not blizzards, not breaking ice, not the people out to catch her, will stop Akiak from catching up to her team. The question is, can the team still win? Robert J. Blake's majestic snow-scapes will lead you through this unforgettable tale of a dog with a hero's heart, a dog who will not give up. Akiak will leave you cheering.

Alecia's Challenge

by Sandra Diersch

Alecia's soccer team, the Vancouver Burrards, is the one stable thing in her life. Everything else is new or changing: a new school, a new stepfather. When Anne, Alecia's friend and the Burrards' best player, decides to quit playing, Alecia decides to fight to keep the team together. She soon learns, however, that life's hardest matches are fought off the soccer pitch. Alecia's Challenge shows how the struggles and joys of life and sport are intertwined.

Alex Rodriguez

by Serena Kappes

Learn more about this baseball superstar.

Alex Rodriguez (Revised Edition)

by Jeffrey Zuehlke

Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez of the New York Yankees has been breaking records since he joined the Major Leagues in 1994. In 2007, he made history again by becoming the youngest MLB player ever to hit 500 career home runs. This American League MVP and Gold Glove infielder is consistently at the top of the league in home runs and runs batted in. His amazing combination of offensive and defensive skills has made him one of baseball's highest-paid players. Follow A-Rod from his Miami childhood through his transformation into a superstar.

Alice Cooper, Golf Monster

by Keith Zimmerman Kent Zimmerman Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is hotter than ever, still playing up to 100 gigs a year with his his audiences growing younger. But 300 days a year, he is out on the golf course. That's because Alice credits golf as helping him overcome a self-destructive spiral into alcoholism. It's also because Alice turned out to be almost as good a golfer as he is a rocker. This book blends a rocker's uproarious tales of excess with a no holds-barred account of how Cooper substituted alcohol addiction with the lesser evil of hitting a little white ball. Alice Coopers rock 'n' roll's original misanthrope, the ultimate shock-rock, heavy-metal bad boy. With golf, as in music, he was way ahead of the cultural curve, his passion for the game predating golf's popularity surge among younger folks, hip professional athletes, and indeed Alice's music contemporaries, including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Iggy Pop and Roger Waters. The nearest Alice Cooper has come to writing his autobiography. He is still a major rock touring artist. This title includes the story of his musical career and of his rehabilitation. It is a fascinating self-help programme by an unlikely role model.

All Courses Great And Small

by James W. Finegan

Every golfer dreams of making a pilgrimage to the British Isles, and it sometimes seems as though every golfer is in fact making that pilgrimage, especially when you're trying to book a tee time. The legendary courses of Scotland and Ireland are magnificent shrines, but their fame has obscured the greatness of the golf to be found all across the landscape of England and Wales. From the heathland in the north and center to the linksland on the coasts, England and Wales present an extraordinary variety of great golf experiences. In All Courses Great and Small, James W. Finegan treats the reader to a countries-wide survey of these golfing delights -- some famous, like the Open Championship venues of Royal Birkdale, Royal Lytham & St. Annes, and Royal St. George's; some well known, like Sunningdale, Wentworth, and The Belfry; and some gems that have long been hidden in plain sight, like The Addington (in suburban London) or Southport & Ainsdale (not ten minutes from Royal Birkdale). There are as many outstanding courses in England and Wales as there are in Scotland and Ireland combined, a shocking fact that is easily explained: While Scotland has 5.2 million people and 550 golf courses, and Ireland has 3.5 million people and 400 courses, England and Wales have 50 million people and more than 2,000 courses. Finegan provides a charming guide to the courses and the towns, the inns and the eateries to be found along the way. He highlights the best of the not quite four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire; gives advice about lunch after your round at Sandwich; raises a cup of grog at Gog Magog; and tackles the playing and pronouncing problems posed by Pwllheli. He gives full due to the best-known places such as Rye, Wentworth, Hoylake, and the royals, but he also declares such lesser-known treasures as St. Enodoc, Silloth-on-Solway, Southerndown, and Pennard to be every bit as worthy of your time and attention. His books on the courses of Scotland and Ireland, Blasted Heaths and Blessed Greens and Emerald Fairways and Foam-Flecked Seas, have become invaluable companions to thousands of travelers; All Courses Great and Small is an irresistible and even more essential addition to the touring golfer's shelf and suitcase.

All-Star Fever (A Peach Street Mudders Story)

by Matthew F Christopher

Bus Mercer, shortstop for the Peach Steet Mudders, wants desperately to be picked for the county all-star team, but he breaks his parents' rules for riding his new bike, and feelings of guilt affect his game.

All That Jazz (Pink Parrots #2)

by B. B. Calhoun

Jasmine "Jazz" Jaffe, a member of the all-girl baseball team the Pink Parrots, must choose between her friends on the team and the popular crowd at school who make fun of the team members.

All Together Now (Angel Park All-Stars #14)

by Dean Hughes

The Dodgers make their way to the regional championship, up against the toughest team in California.

Allen and Mike's Really Cool Backcountry Ski Book: Traveling and Camping Skills for a Winter Environment

by Allen O'Bannon Mike Clelland

Allen & Mike are back with totally updated information and first-hand advice for all aspects of backcountry skiing and winter camping. Learn how to choose the right equipment, avoid hazards such as avalanches and extreme cold, build snow shelters, and have fun while staying safe and minimizing the impact on the wilderness. These two National Outdoor Leadership School instructors offer lots of tried-and-true tricks and useful tips drawn from years of experience.

Allie's Basketball Dream

by Barbara E. Barber

Determined in her effort to play basketball, a young Afro-American girl gives it one more shot with the help of a special friend.

Allison, Shape Up (Girl Talk #34)

by L. E. Blair

[from the back cover:] "Will Allison's new swim team take her away from her friends? Allison is a little nervous when she joins the swim team at the Y after failing the fitness exam at school. But things turn out to be great when she makes a neat new friend, Tory Wickers, and they sign up for a Synchronized Swimming exhibition. Soon Allison becomes so busy that she doesn't have time for anything--not even Randy, Katie, or Sabrina!" Once you get to know Sabrina, Allison, Katie and Randy you'll want to get in on all of their girl talk. There are over 30 more books in the Girl Talk series in the Bookshare Collection so you can start from the beginning with book #1, Welcome to Junior High, and continue with: #2 Face Off!, #3 The New You, #4 Rebel Rebel, #5 It's All in the Stars, #6 The Ghost of Eagle Mountain, #7 Odd Couple, #8 Stealing The Show, #9 Peer Pressure, #10 Falling in Like, #11 Mixed Feelings, #12 Drummer Girl, #13 The Winning Team, #14 Earth Alert!, #15 On The Air, #16 Here Comes The Bride, #17 Star Quality, #18 Keeping The Beat, #19 Family Affair, #20 Rockin' Class Trip, #21 Baby Talk, #22 Problem Dad, #23 House Party, #24 Cousins, #25 Horse Fever, #26 Beauty Queens, #27 Perfect Match, #28 Center Stage, #29 Family Rules, #30 The Bookshop Mystery, #31 It's A Scream!, #32 Katie's Close Call, and #33 Randy and the Perfect Boy. More Girl Talk books are on the way.

Althea Gibson: Young Tennis Player (Childhood of Famous Americans Series)

by Beatrice Gormley

Althea Gibson (1927-2003) was the first black tennis player ever to compete in the U.S. Open and at Wimbledon in England. This fictionalized biography focuses on Gibson's spirited childhood and highlights the traits that later made her a champion.

Always by My Side: A Father's Grace and a Sports Journey Unlike Any Other

by Jim Nantz Eli Spielman

Autobiography by sportscaster Jim Nantz, who tells behind-the-scenes stories of some of the most dramatic moments in American sports, while paying tribute to his inspiration, his father.

Amazing But True Fishing Stories

by Allan Zullo Bruce Nash

A school of fish raining from the sky . . . anglers catching eighty-three sailfish in one day-fish tales? No, Amazing but True Fishing Stories. In the tradition of Nash and Zullo's Amazing but True Golf Facts and The Sports Hall of Shame book series comes a compendium of true tales, angling antics, and fish facts. This is a book that once again demonstrates how truth can be stranger than fiction. Consider: the Frenchman who caught 590 fish in one hour with a single pole; the angler who used his rod and reel to hook and save a drowning woman; the man who lost his thumb in a boating accident-and found it seven months later, in the belly of a trout! These and many more terrific tales, crazy catches, and daring duels can be found in Amazing but True Fishing Stories.

Amazing & Extraordinary Facts: Cricket

by Brian Levison

This essential companion for all cricket lovers documents the illustrious history of the gentleman's game. It is crammed full of fascinating feats, sticky wickets and intriguing trivia, so even if you don't like cricket, you'll love this. From the worst batsman in the world to the record innings that almost wasn't, this compelling collection of balls, bails, bats and blockholes is guaranteed to enthral. The amazing and extraordinary facts series presents interesting, surprising and little-known facts and stories about a wide range of topics which are guaranteed to inform, absorb and entertain in equal measure.

Amazing Women Athletes

by Jill Bryant

Ages 9 to 12 years. This collection features ten women from Canada and around the world, amazing athletes who have gone the distance in their own way. The book profiles our own largely forgotten Olympian, Bobbie Rosenfeld, considered by many experts to be Canada's most accomplished female athlete of the first half of the twentieth century. Other remarkable women athletes include Annie Smith Peck, a trailblazing American mountain climber; the powerful wheelchair athlete Chantal Petitclerc; determined Chinese figure skater Chen Lu; and many other pioneers and champions. An inspiring book with an introduction, photographs and boxed and illustrative material.

The Amazing World of Sports

by Sports Illustrated for Kids

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, kids, its time to get out your calculators! The Amazing World of Sports is the most amazing, most awesome, most jaw-dropping collection of sports photos you've ever seen! From diving catches to high-flying leaps, from bone-crunching hits to graceful landings, the most incredible sports photos we could find are in here. Readers will travel in photos throughout the world of sports. Visit the Super Bowl, the Olympic ski slopes, baseball spring training, the coolest California skate parks, and more. We will put you right in the game with thrilling, stunning, and memorable sports photos by some of the greatest shooters on the planet. But that's not all. Each photo comes with a descriptive and informative caption, a fun fact, and a brain-testing trivia question. The Amazing World of Sports is for fans of all sports and for fans of all sports. Whether you turn right to your favorite sport or discover a great new sport to love, you'll find something to marvel at in The Amazing World of Sports.

American Icon: The Fall of Roger Clemens and the Rise of Steroids in America's Pastime

by Teri Thompson Nathaniel Vinton Michael O'Keeffe Christian Red

It was an epic downfall. In twenty-four seasons pitcher Roger Clemens put together one of the greatest careers baseball has ever seen. Seven Cy Young Awards, two World Series championships, and 354 victories made him a lock for the Hall of Fame. But on December 13, 2007, the Mitchell Report laid waste to all that. Accusations that Clemens relied on steroids and human growth hormone provided and administered by his former trainer, Brian McNamee, have put Clemens in the crosshairs of a Justice Department investigation. Why did this happen? How did it happen? Who made the decisions that altered some lives and ruined others? How did a devastating culture of drugs, lies, sex, and cheating fester and grow throughout Major League Baseball's clubhouses? The answers are in these extraordinary pages. American Icon: The Fall of Roger Clemens and the Rise of Steroids in America's Pastime is about much more than the downfall of a superstar. While the fascinating portrait of Clemens is certainly at the center of the action, the book takes us outside the white lines and inside the lives and dealings of sports executives, trainers, congressmen, lawyers, drug dealers, groupies, a porn star, and even a murderer-- all of whom have ties to this saga. Four superb investigative journalists have spent years uncovering the truth, and at the heart of their investigation is a behind-the-scenes portrait of the maneuvering and strategies in the legal war between Clemens and his accuser, McNamee. This compelling story is the strongest examination yet of the rise of illegal drugs in America's favorite sport, the gym-rat culture in Texas that has played such an important role in spreading those drugs, and the way Congress has dealt with the entire issue. Andy Pettitte, Jose Canseco, Alex Rodriguez, and Chuck Knoblauch are just a few of the other players whose moving and sometimes disturbing stories are illuminated here as well. The New York Daily News Sports Investigative Team has written the definitive book on corruption and the steroids era in Major League Baseball. In doing so, they have managed to dig beneath the disillusion and disappointment to give us a stirring look at heroes who all too often live unheroic shadow lives.

American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety

by American Red Cross

People are drawn to water. Look at any waterfront and you will likely see boardwalks, beaches, bike paths, marinas and plenty of people enjoying themselves. Couples and students on spring break seek tropical beaches as vacation spots while families flock to waterparks and lake cabins. Commercial fishermen and mariners take to the water for their livelihoods. Water is an important part of our lives.

American Shaolin: Flying Kicks, Buddhist Monks, and the Legend of Iron Crotch: An Odyssey in the New China

by Matthew Polly

Autobiographical account of the author, who was the target of the bullies at school. He wanted to become a strong fighter and so attended the Shaolin temple in China where the martial arts are taught.

America's Best Bass Fishing: The Fifty Best Places to Catch Bass

by Steven D. Price

Largemouth, smallmouth or stripers--bass of all varieties are the number one sport fish across the country, and in America's Best Bass Fishing veteran angler and outdoor writer Steve Price points the way to the very best places to catch them.

America's Last Wild Horses

by Hope Ryden

From the Book Jacket: "A richly researched and written book with an unusual appeal." -Publishers Weekly "This book is a treat for everyone who knows or cares about horses." -Cleveland Amory No wild animal captures the spirit of North America quite so powerfully as the wild horse-nor has any faced such diverse and potent enemies. In this provocative account, Hope Ryden-who helped to ensure the passage of the Wild and Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, which grants mustangs special protection-combs the history of these proud and noble horses; Descended from the Spanish horses ridden by the conquistadors, they evolved into the tough and intelligent ponies that Indians-and later, explorers and cowboys-learned to rely on. From the period when wholesale extermination of the buffalo was underway until recent times, commercial and political interests have sought to eliminate the wild horses as varmints. In the latest update to this classic story Ryden tells of the successes: and failures in the past ten years of regulation, and has added stunning new color photographs. The subject of a front-page article in The New York Times. when it was first published, america's last wild horses continues to be a compelling testament to the life of a uniquely American symbol of grace and wildness, and is a must read for horse lovers and Western history enthusiast everywhere.

Among Warriors: A Woman Martial Artist in Tibet

by Pamela Logan

Pamela Logan, a recognized expert in the martial arts, gives a breathtaking account of her journey across the windswept plateaus and icy mountain passes of eastern Tibet.

The Anatomy of Exercise And Movement: For the Study of Dance, Pilates, Sport and Yoga

by Jo Staugaard-Jones

This book serves as a bridge between biomechanics and the practice of sport, Pilates, yoga, and dance, providing the reader with a complete understanding of how the body functions while exercising.

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