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30 Modern Monologues

by Roger Karshner

Selected speeches for actors and actresses from the author's successful works - comedy, drama, absurdist - provide a gold mine of contemporary material for amateurs and professionals to use in auditions, workshops, and special readings.

30 Modern Scenes

by Roger Karshner

Contemporary scenes for man/man, woman/woman, and man/woman pairs are written in a language that lives, making them ideal for workshops, auditions, and special readings.

365 Days / 365 Plays

by Suzan-Lori Parks

"Suzan-Lori Parks is one of the most important dramatists America has produced."-Tony Kushner "The plan was that no matter what I did, how busy I was, what other commitments I had, I would write a play a day, every single day for a year. It would be about being present and being committed to the artistic process every single day, regardless of the 'weather.' It became a daily meditation, a daily prayer celebrating the rich and strange process of a writing life."-Suzan-Lori Parks On November 13, 2002, the incomparable Suzan-Lori Parks got an idea to write a play every day for a year. She began that very day, finishing one year later. The result is an extraordinary testament to artistic commitment. This collection of 365 impeccably crafted pieces, each with its own distinctive characters and dramatic power, is a complete work by an artist responding to her world, each and every day. Parks is one of the American theater's most wily and innovative writers, and her "stark but poetic language and fiercely idiosyncratic images transform her work into something haunting and marvelous" (TIME).

39 Microlectures: In Proximity of Performance

by Matthew Goulish

'A series of accidents has brought you this book. You may think of it not as a book, but as a library, an elevator, an amateur performance in a nearby theatre. Open it to the table of contents. Turn to the page that sounds the most interesting to you. Read a sentence or two. Repeat the process. Read this book as a creative act, and feel encouraged.' 39 Microlectures: In Proximity of Performance is a collection of miniature stories, parables, musings and thinkpieces on the nature of reading, writing, art, collaboration, performance, life, death, the universe and everything. It is a unique and moving document for our times, full of curiosity and wonder, thoughtfulness and pain. Matthew Goulish, founder member of performance group Goat Island, meditates on these and other diverse themes, proving, along the way, that the boundaries between poetry and criticism, and between creativity and theory, are a lot less fixed than they may seem. The book is revelatory, solemn yet at times hilarious, and genuinely written to inspire - or perhaps provoke - creativity and thought.

The 39 Steps

by John Buchan Patrick Barlow

From the Movie by Alfred Hitchcock, Licensed by ITV Global Entertainment Limited and an original concept by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon Characters: 3m, 1f Comedy WINNER! 2 Tony® and Drama Desk Awards, 2008 WINNER! BEST NEW COMEDY Laurence Olivier Award, 2007 The 39 Steps, is Broadway's longest running comedy, playing its 500th performance on Broadway, May 19th, 2009! Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have The 39 Steps, a fast-paced whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of theatre! This 2-time Tony® and Drama Desk Award-winning treat is packed with nonstop laughs, over 150 zany characters (played by a ridiculously talented cast of 4), an on-stage plane crash, handcuffs, missing fingers and some good old-fashioned romance! In The 39 Steps, a man with a boring life meets a woman with a thick accent who says she's a spy. When he takes her home, she is murdered. Soon, a mysterious organization called "The 39 Steps" is hot on the man's trail in a nationwide manhunt that climaxes in a death-defying finale! A riotous blend of virtuoso performances and wildly inventive stagecraft, The 39 Steps amounts to an unforgettable evening of pure pleasure! "A wonderful triumph of theatre!" -BBC Radio 4 "It's really not so much about a spoof of Hitchcock, which it is, of course; it's really an homage to the theater. Not the contemporary theater, where mermaids traverse the stage on wheels and gargantuan mechanical sets get bigger applause than the actors, but the nostalgic version that survives on greasepaint and hammy actors. It's a valentine to that kind of creativity and imagination, of doing so much with so little..." -The New York Times "THEATER AT ITS FINEST... Absurdly enjoyable! This gleefully theatrical riff on Hitchcock's film is fast and frothy, performed by a cast of four that seems like a cast of thousands." -Ben Brantley, The New York Times "The most entertaining show on Broadway!" -Liz Smith, The New York Post "INGENIOUS! A DIZZY DELIGHT!" -Joe Dziemianowicz, Daily News "RIOTOUS & MARVELOUS!" -Clive Barnes, The New York Post "Whirlwind funny business!" -Michael Sommers, The Star-Ledger "a giddy display of theatrical invention!" -David Rooney, Variety "comedy of the highest order!" -Roma Torre, NY1 "About the cleverest show on Broadway in a long time!" -David Richardson, WOR Radio "Rollicking Fun! Hugely Entertaining!" -Sunday Times "Clever, very funny, imaginative and brilliantly acted!" -The Guardian "Dizzyingly entertaining show!" -Daily Telegraph

3D Printing Basics for Entertainment Design

by Anne E. McMills

Affordable 3D printers are rapidly becoming everyday additions to the desktops and worktables of entertainment design practitioners – whether working in theatre, theme parks, television and film, museum design, window displays, animatronics, or… you name it! We are beginning to ask important questions about these emerging practices: · How can we use 3D fabrication to make the design and production process more efficient? · How can it be used to create useful and creative items? · Can it save us from digging endlessly through thrift store shelves or from yet another late-night build? · And when budgets are tight, will it save us money? This quick start guide will help you navigate the alphabet soup that is 3D printing and begin to answer these questions for yourself. It outlines the basics of the technology, and its many uses in entertainment design. With straightforward and easy-to-follow information, you will learn ways to acquire printable 3D models, basic methods of creating your own, and tips along the way to produce successful prints. Over 70 professionals contributed images, guidance, and never-before-seen case studies filled with insider secrets to this book, including tutorials by designer and pioneer, Owen M. Collins.

4 Beekman

by Ron Clark

ComedyCharacters: 6 male, 3 female (w/ doubling) . Interior set . . Deanne and Robert, a May-December couple, have just returned from their honeymoon, and Deanne is shocked to find that Robert has unwittingly bought the very same apartment that she used to live in with her ex-husband, Skip. Not only that, but Skip has also bought the apartment right next door to theirs. It becomes apparent in time that Deanne and Skip are still in love, and getting the couple back together is facilitated by Robert falling for Deanne's mother, Louella. All ends right in this swift-moving romantic comedy from master comic writer Ron Clark.

4000 Miles and After the Revolution

by Amy Herzog

"After the Revolution is a smart, funny and provocative play. . . . Herzog deftly avoids simple-minded polemics in favor of richly detailed people who are as ready to examine their relationships as they are their consciences."--Variety "A funny, moving new play . . . 4,000 Miles is a quiet meditation on mortality. But it's hardly a downer: Ms. Herzog's altogether wonderful drama also illuminates how companionship can make life meaningful, moment by moment, in death's discomforting shadow."--The New York Times Known for delicately detailed character studies that subtly balance humor and insight, Amy Herzog is swiftly emerging as a striking new voice in the American theater. After the Revolution, an astute and ironic drama about how society appropriates history for its own psychological needs, was heralded by The New York Times as one of the Ten Best New Plays of 2010. Herzog's other critical hit, 4,000 Miles, is a quiet rumination on mortality in which twenty-one-year-old Leo seeks solace from his feisty ninety-one-year-old grandmother Vera in her New York apartment. Amy Herzog received the 2011 Whiting Writers' Award and the 2008 Helen Merrill Award for Aspiring Playwrights. Her plays have been produced or developed at the Yale School of Drama, Ensemble Studio Theater, Arena Stage, Lincoln Center, The Actors Theatre of Louisville, New York Stage and Film, Provincetown Playhouse, and ACT in San Francisco. Her newest play, Belleville, premiered at Yale Rep in fall 2011.

5 Easy Pieces

by Jason Milligan

5 one act plays by accomplished playwright Jason Milligan. . Contents:. Rituals One Way Street Paul's Ghost The Fire-Breathing Lady and the Sugarplum Fairy Key Lime Pie

El 6º continente: Precedido de Ex enfermo de los hospitales de París

by Daniel Pennac

¿Cómo diablos puede convertirse una familia obsesionada con la limpieza en la fuente de polución más horrenda de la historia de la humanidad? Esta es la incógnita que se resuelve en El 6º continente, la obra teatral creada a partir de las innumerables improvisaciones de un grupo de actores bajo las órdenes de la directora francesa Lilo Baur. Estrenada en el teatro parisino Bouffes du Nord, este drama familiar-planetario es a su vez una ópera bufa que, ante el inevitable desastre ecológico que vaticinan sus páginas, no deja otra salida al espectador (y al lector) que la risa. Precede a esta pieza teatral el monólogo Ex paciente de los hospitales de París, en el que un médico residente de un hospital público de París relata una larga y accidentada noche de guardia, una noche en la que encontró la fe, la perdió, la reencontró y la extravió de nuevo. Con su habitual y aguda ironía, y echando mano del lenguaje escénico, Daniel Pennac nos enfrenta con la realidad de una sociedad posmoderna llena de excesos, inconsciente y egoísta, cuyos integrantes desestabilizan un sistema sanitario precario y un equilibro medioambiental ya prácticamente inexistente. Reseñas:«Divertida, conmovedora, lúcida y bromista.»Le quotidien du médecin «Divertidísimo.»Marie France «El estilo ligero y audaz de Pennac nos ofrece una pléyade de situaciones cómicas y toda una legión de personajes estrafalarios. Es divertida, uno se ríe, pero la melancolía y el cinismo, siempre presentes en Pennac, no pierden su lugar, y provocan de manera imperceptible que el lector ahonde en sus reflexiones y emociones más sombrías.»Le souffleur

6 Essential Questions

by Priscila Uppal

6 Essential Questions tells the story of Renata as she travels to Brazil to reunite with the mother who abandoned her when she was just five years old. In Rio, Renata discovers more than she bargained for in her quest to uncover the truth of who abandoned whom. She is continually tossed about by her undead grandmother and a semi-invisible uncle as they choreograph the ultimate dance of mother and daughter, both of whom must confront their dreams before they can ever attempt to confront each other. Imaginations run wild in this strangely beautiful and funny story loosely based on Uppal’s critically acclaimed memoir, Projection: Encounters with My Runaway Mother, a finalist for both the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction and the Governor General’s Literary Award for Non-Fiction.

7 Stories

by Morris Panych

In this fast-paced, sophisticated and hilarious play, a man contemplating suicide on a seventh-storey building ledge confronts the stories of the people who live inside the building. These "seven stories" lead to a charming and surprising ending.Cast of 2 women and 3 men.

A los pies del David

by Rossella Scatamburlo

Somos el fruto de nuestras relaciones. Nuestro yo es la suma de experiencias, contacto con los demás, lecturas, recuerdos. Cuando nos miramos al espejo, vemos un reflejo efímero de nosotros mismos, ligado a un hic et nunc irrepetible, mientras que, un instante después, no nos parecemos a nosotros mismos porque todo con lo que estamos en contacto nos transforma y nosotros transformamos aquello con lo que nos relacionamos. Así pues, también los objetos que tocamos ya no son los mismos tras haber dejado nuestras huellas como marcas estratificadas e indelebles. En esto pensaba Beatrice Verdi al concluir su proyecto de fin de carrera y después de profundizar en el síndrome de Stendhal. Su investigación la había puesto en contacto con el fascinante Carlo Regis, pero también con el diabólico Stefano Corona, auxiliar de sala de la Galería de la Academia de Florencia, que la había elegido como musa de inspiración para crear su obra maestra y que había urdido un plan terrible a sus espaldas…

The A to Z of Arts Management: Reflections on Theory and Reality

by Ann Tonks

The A to Z of Arts Management, Second Edition covers 97 topics about the management of arts and cultural organisations. Each section offers a theoretical and conceptual introduction to the topic, as well as storytelling and reflections about the meaning and application of such theories in the real world. Drawing on the author’s past as a manager running media and performing arts companies and her present as a consultant helping Boards and managers, this book covers a wide range of topics, from leadership, motivation and cultural policy to passion, coffee and laughter. This second edition includes even more coverage and stories about the challenges of arts management, and new topics such as harassment, philanthropy and venues. Written for arts managers, students and Board members anywhere in the world, The A to Z of Arts Management provides information about research and academic best practice in arts management alongside stories about the reality of working in the arts and cultural industries.

A2 Drama and Theatre Studies: The Essential Introduction for Edexcel

by Alan Perks Jacqueline Porteous

A2 Drama and Theatre Studies: The Essential Introduction for Edexcel builds on the skills developed during the AS year to provide clear and informative guidance to Units 3 and 4 of the specification. The textbook provides further information on rehearsing, performing, directing and textual analysis, together with new material on deconstructing a script, devising theatre and preparing for the final examination. Features of the text include: overviews of specification and assessment requirements written and practical exercises a glossary of useful words and terms in-depth analysis of the three key plays – Dr Faustus, Lysistrata and Woyzeck extension exercises to stretch the more able student worked examples to illustrate best practice sources for further study advice on study after A Level. Written by a chief examiner and a principal moderator, this book and its companion volume for AS Level offer informed and supportive exercises to ensure that students reach their maximum potential in achieving A Level success.

The Abduction

by Billy St. John

Thriller \ 5m, 2f \ Interior \ What begins as a pleasant anniversary dinner for novelist Allen Grant, his wife Sheila and her daughter Cindy ends in terror when Cindy is forced off the road and abducted while driving back to college during a thunderstorm. Cindy and the icily determined kidnapper both speak with Allen and Sheila during the abduction via cell phones, the horrifying voice of the abductor coming through their speaker phone eerily distorted by a synthesizer. Tension mounts as Allen tries to raise the demanded ransom by the kidnapper's deadline. Cindy's boyfriend searches for clues to her whereabouts and Shelia, who never fully recovered from the tragic accident that killed her first husband, Cindy's father, totters on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Unrelenting phone calls and a horrifying "souvenir" from the abductor push this thriller to a shattering climax.

Abe: A New Musical

by Lee Goldsmith

Musical / 16m, 9f "The founding fathers got their own musical with 1776, so why not Abe?" - Abe is a new musical about the early life of Abraham Lincoln. The show explores his youth as a flatboat pilot on the Mississippi, his early love for Ann Rutledge, his troubled marriage to the difficult and mentally fragile Mary Todd, and his attempt to be a good father to his sons. The story follows Abe from his earliest attempts at self-improvement through the 1860 election which made him the 16th president of an already fracturing United States. The score is fully orchestrated and uses bold, melodic and traditional musical theatre styles that embrace the story's period and Americana roots. It can be produced fully staged or as a concert performance. The musical features a large cast and requires strong singers: baritone, soprano, mezzo-soprano, 3 adult male singing roles, 3 male children singing roles, male/female chorus with many speaking roles.

Abelard and Heloise

by Helen Waddell

Historical Drama \ 12m, 9f \ Single Set \ One of the greatest love stories of all time, this play was inspired by Helen Waddell's Peter Abelard and the letters of the 12th century lovers: a monastic scholar and poet and the innocent girl who came to adore him. Abelard loses his heart and his reason to Heloise, has a child by her and, in violation of his vows, enters into a secret marriage. Heloise's vengeful uncle alerts the ecclesiastical authorities. The lovers are separated and Abelard is castrated. She enters a nunnery and he a monastery. They meet again years later when he turns over to her, as abbess, a community he founded at their parting. \ "Will please people who like tragedy with their love and wit with their history." - The New York Times

Abject Performances: Aesthetic Strategies in Latino Cultural Production (Dissident Acts)

by Leticia Alvarado

In Abject Performances Leticia Alvarado draws out the irreverent, disruptive aesthetic strategies used by Latino artists and cultural producers who shun standards of respectability that are typically used to conjure concrete minority identities. In place of works imbued with pride, redemption, or celebration, artists such as Ana Mendieta, Nao Bustamante, and the Chicano art collective known as Asco employ negative affects—shame, disgust, and unbelonging—to capture experiences that lie at the edge of the mainstream, inspirational Latino-centered social justice struggles. Drawing from a diverse expressive archive that ranges from performance art to performative testimonies of personal faith-based subjection, Alvarado illuminates modes of community formation and social critique defined by a refusal of identitarian coherence that nonetheless coalesce into Latino affiliation and possibility.

Above the Clouds

by Karen Leon Anne Flounders Kitty Higgins

Perform this script about a weather reporter's turbulent ride in a hot air balloon.

Abraham Lincoln Goes to the Theatre

by Chantal Bilodeau Larry Tremblay

Absurd, hilarious and haunting, Abraham Lincoln Goes to the Theatre is an unforgettable mystery that asks the question: How can we ever know who we are and what is true when the world we know is shifting beneath us? Its answer is simple: John Wilkes Booth was the ?rst American star-the actor who kidnapped reality to transform it into theatre.

The Absent One: Mourning Ritual, Tragedy, and the Performance of Ambivalence

by Susan L. Cole

Here is presented a new theory of the origins of tragedy, based on its perceived kinship with mourning ritual. Mourners and tragic protagonists alike journey through dangerous transitional states, confront the uncanny, express themselves in antithetical style, and, above all, enact their ambivalence toward their beloved dead. Elements common to both tragedy and mourning ritual are first identified in actual Chinese, African, and Greek funerary rites and then analyzed in tragedies by Aeschylus, Sophocles, Shakespeare, Racine, Ibsen, O'Neill, Miller, Beckett, and Ionesco. Included is a firsthand account of exploration of the tragedy-mourning link in the rehearsal process of the great experimental theater director, Joseph Chaikin. Opening her first chapter, Dr. Cole says, "The grave is the birthplace of tragic drama and ghosts are its procreators. For tragedy is the performance of ambivalence which ghosts emblematize: what we fear in particular--the revenant, the ghost returning to haunt us--is also what we desire--the extending of life beyond the moment of death. "

Abstract Expressions

by Theresa Rebeck

After a scathing review 15 years ago, a once-celebrated painter faded into impoverished obscurity. Can one chance encounter resurrect this volatile artist from obscurity and re-launch him to overnight success? Theresa Rebeck skillfully compares the gritty urban realities of lives lived on the edge with the capricious intrigues of the uptown gallery scene where fame might just be a matter of who you know and reputations can be bought and sold.

Academia Nuts

by Gregg Kreutz

Comedy \ 2m, 2f \ Interior \ Professor Peter Smedforson lives in a quiet New England college town in the former home of poet E.R. Lennox, whose writings are the subject of his scholarly life's work. Reclusive Peter finds his sedate life is suddenly turned upside down when he is invaded by Tammi, a free spirit from Atlantic City whose luck has run out, by Judith, another Lennox scholar determined to unearth a lost manuscript in his home, and by Stuart, Judith's reprehensible ex-husband who is trying to beat her to the manuscript. Peter is confronted with house breakers, mistaken identities, hide and seek chases and unexpected romance. Laughter abounds as Tammi Life won't leave me alone and Peter Life? Sorry, I'm busy find each other amid the chaos created by the manuscript hunting rivals. The discovery of the manuscript and the revelation of its surprising secret provide a hilarious climax to this urbane and quick witted comedy by the author of the popular farce Bottoms Up! \ "Double over with laughter funny." WSTV/WRKY.

Accidents Happen

by J. Michael Deangelis John P. Dowgin Pete Barry

Collection of short playsComedyWinner! 2009 NJACT Perry Award for Outstanding Production of an Original Play Seven of The Porch Room's best short plays collected together into an evening of comedy that proves that no matter what you plan for - accidents happen.Shorts include: Accidents Happen - Please beware of all safety procedures and take note of the emergency exits. Nine Point Eight Meters Per Second Per Second - Balthazar Kent, ejected from an airplane, tries to regain control of his life through his cellphone. Reunion Special - A desperate former child actor reunites with his now adult co-stars at a funeral. The Clive Way - A motivational speaker mistakenly tries to empower a group of newly rehabilitated anger-management patients. Hangman - A budding teenage philosopher-scientist searches for the truth by experimenting on his friend with a hallucinogenic cocktail. Tricks of the Trade - Ralph teaches Eddie how to sell your soul for success. The Banderscott - An infomercial marketer is pitched an astonishing product. The shorts can be performed together as a full-length show or on their own as one acts.

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