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Florian: The Emperor's Stallion

by Felix Salten

A Lipizzan stallion's extraordinary life, as pampered favorite of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, until the onset of World War One reduces his circumstances to that of a common cab horse. No one can resist Florian's charm. A pure Lipizzan stallion raised and trained to perform in the elite Spanish Riding School, his exceptional talent has no trouble getting the attention of everyone who sees him. His two friends, Anton, a loyal and loving stable worker, and Bosco, an energetic and comical fox terrier, accompany him throughout his life. Together, the trio travel together through a changing and increasingly harsh world in the years from 1901 through World War I, and after. Felix Salten's story of a beautiful Lipizzan horse and his extraordinary life is vividly depicted in this book, which was written shortly before his acclaimed book, Bambi.

Marthanda Varma

by C. V. Raman Pillai B. K. Menon

Through what Subhadra does or what happens to her, the author is projecting a vision of the New Women in the Indian context.

That Thou Art

by Dhruv Bhatt Anjani Naravane

A young Indian University student in America is sent to India by his professor to live with the tribals in the forests on the banks of Narmada, and send reports to the professor as part of a project.

The Summer Queen

by Joan D. Vinge

Volume 3 in the Snow Queen Cycle The long-awaited sequel to Vinge's enormous The Snow Queen (1980), an interstellar tug-of-war between the far-from-benevolent Hegemony and the backward-but-indispensable planet Tiamat. It is now Summer on Tiamat; the Hegemony has withdrawn, leaving the planet in the hands of the Snow Queen's clone, Moon. Numerous--too numerous--subplots get underway. Moon's former lover, BZ Gundhalinu, will be sent to World's End, where a wrecked Old Empire ship has spilled semi-sentient stardrive plasma; if Gundhalinu can control the plasma, faster-than-light travel will again be possible, ending Tiamat's periodic isolation. Elsewhere, Reede Kullervo, a researcher with a rebuilt brain, addicted to his own supercharging designer drug, will be ordered by the leader of the supercriminal Brotherhood to seek the immortality elixir whose only source is Tiamat. Meanwhile, Moon struggles to control Tiamat's rebellious factions, knowing that the planet's intelligent sea-dwelling mers'' are the source of the elixir, and that the ancient computer that links the galaxy's clairvoyant sibyls in an information network lies buried under Tiamat's chief city, Carbuncle; she dares not permit the Hegemony to control either the sibyl network or the elixir. Pledged to forever end offworld exploitation and save the mers, the Lady of Tiamat, also known as Moon Dawntreader, finds her job made difficult by Summer tribes and the treacherous Winters.

The Drought

by J. G. Ballard

The rain has ceased. Radio-active waste has stopped the sea evaporating. The sun beats down on the parching earth, and on the parching spirit of man. A warped new mankind is bred out of the dead land -- bitter, murderous, its values turned upside down. Idiots reign. Water replaces currency and becomes the source of a bleak new evil.

Ships of Merior (Wars of Light and Shadow #2)

by Janny Wurts

As the prophecy foretold, the art of power over light and dark was channeled through two princes: And the fogs that had smothered Athera's skies were dispersed. But in defeat, the Mistwraith set its two royal captors at odds under a powerful curse of vengeance. Now, locked in deadly enmity, the princes -- Lysaer, the Lord of Light, and Arithon, the Master of Shadow -- hold the fates of nations and the balance of the world's mystical powers entangled in the throes of their blood feud.

And Now Let Me Sleep

by K. C. Sarasamma P. K. Balakrishnan

The book is based upon 'Vyasa Bharata' an acclaimed book for over two thousand years. The character of 'Karna' and 'Draupadi' is symbolically narrated in a philosophical dimension.

The Mallen Girl (Mallen #2)

by Catherine Cookson

Even as a child Barbara was beaufiful. But as her beauty grew, so did the affliction which shadowed it. She was becoming more and more deaf. Yet, living in an almost silent world, Barbara was protected from the knowledge which might otherwise have destroyed her-the secret of her own origins. Her governess, Anna Brigmore, was haunted by this knowledge, and by the thought that it must one day be revealed to the girl she cherished as her own daughter. THE MALLEN GIRL is the second novel in the compelling trilogy which follows the fate of the Mallens through succeeding generations.

Margaret Truman's Undiplomatic Murder: A Capital Crimes Novel

by Margaret Truman Donald Bain

Private investigator Robert Brixton has always hated Washington. Against his better judgment, he decides to stick around and take a job as an agent in a new State Department security agency headed by his former boss at the Washington P.D. After work one day he meets his youngest daughter, Janet, for a drink at an outdoor cafe. Shockingly, a young Arabic woman blows herself up, killing Janet and a dozen others. Seeking revenge for his daughter, Brixton follows the tracks of the bomber to a powerful senator's son.

Cherry Ames, Army Nurse (Cherry Ames #3)

by Helen Wells

It is War time, the Allied forces are at war with Germany and Japan, and Cherry Ames, who has recently graduated from nursing school, wants to do her part to help win the war. She joins the Army Nurse Corps, but can she be all that she has to be to be in the Army? And will her heart let her make tough decisions even if it might mean being removed from the Army? Let's find out in this the third in the Cherry Ames series.

Uda Ja re Sua (Dare to Be Free)

by Shanti Bhardwaj Rakesh Neeta Banerjee

Chemeli is sired by a Thakur but borne by a concubine. This girl takes on the rulers and the society singlehandedly. How she breaks all the shackles and comes out into the open sky to fly higher, is the theme of this bold but sensitive story.

Snobbery Street

by Naa Parthasarathy R. Natarajan

The novel portrays the love of a young playwright of rural moorings with a sophisticated stage heroine amidst intrigues by his film actor host and a foreign contact. Interspersed with candid comments on urban society the plot moves on locales.

Kothe Kharak Singh (A Story of Three Generations)

by Ram Sarup Ankhi Avtar Singh Judge

This book covers a period starting after 1940-42 and goes on to the ushering in of Janata Party's rule after the emergency and then Indira Gandhi's return to power.

Daughters Of An Amber Noon

by Katherine V. Forrest

The lesbian classic Daughters of a Coral Dawn told the story of a group of pioneering women who disappeared from Earth and colonized the planet Maternas. But what became of the sisters they left behind? In this highly anticipated sequel, best-selling author Katherine V. Forrest describes an Earth beyond nightmare ruled by dictator Theo Zedera-known simply as Zed-whose weaponry is invincible. With ruthless determination he seeks the vanished women remaining on Unit Earth. Among these women is the leader of the Unity, the extraordinary Africa Contrera, Zed's childhood friend as well as his colleague and intellectual equal. As Africa struggles to build a world safe for women, she is haunted by her past - a time when she trusted Zed and shared with him the deadly knowledge he now uses to hunt her. What future can there be for the women who call themselves the Unity? How can they possibly conceal themselves from a world of savagery and a man who intends to find them at any cost? Just as she did 18 years ago, Katherine Forrest has created a brilliant, breathtaking, and romantic saga of a divided society and the rebels courageous enough to withstand a brutal new world.

Hard Laughter

by Anne Lamott

Nim and the War Effort

by Milly Lee Yangsook Choi

In San Francisco during World War II, Nim, a Chinese-American, is determined to win the newspaper drive -- although it is the last day. She realizes her closest rival has cheated. Undaunted, she leaves Chinatown and heads to Nob Hill after school, determined to find more paper.<P> An ALA Notable Book. An NCSS-CBC Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies.<P>About the Author: Milly Lee grew up in San Francisco’s Chinatown. She is a retired school librarian and lives in Sonoma County, California.<P>About the Illustrator: Yangsook Choi grew up in Korea and holds an M.F.A. from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she now lives. []

Annie Pat and Eddie

by Carolyn Haywood

This is Annie Pat's story, but Eddie is in it too. When Annie Pat (short for Anna Patricia) announces that she is going to be an actress in a summer theater by the sea, Eddie is skeptical. In fact, he shows no interest in her vacation plans at all. But when he is invited to the seashore with Annie Pat and her family he is delighted. Surprisingly enough, the Children's Theater has a special attraction for Eddie, because he likes to print tickets and paint scenery. Annie Pat gives up on acting as a career but becomes interested in painting for a while. Lacking any real paints, she uses jams, in three flavors, and tooth paste, in three colors. But not until the children set up a museum, known as the "you-see-'em," does Annie Pat really come into her own. Both children have a wonderful summer, and thousands of others will have a wonderful time reading this book. In it Miss Haywood, with ease and grace, exhibits once more her extraordinary gift of invention, which seems to flow forth like the sparkling water from a clear spring.

Son of "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" (Book #2)

by Scott Rice

MORE WRETCHED WRITING FROM THE CONTEST THAT PROVES "NOTHING IS SO POWERFUL AS A BAD IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME." <P><P> Scott Rice, organizer of the notorious-- and hilarious-- Bulwer-Lytton "bad" writing contest, has once again collected the best opening sentences of the worst novels never published. Here, penned by the literary vigilantes who prowl the subways of literature, is a sampling of winning entries: <P><P> "'I want something more in life,' Wesley fumed as the lime-scented Jacuzzi bubbles collected between his secretary's breasts." <P><P> "The November snow was thin and slushy-- almost as if the angels in Heaven were brushing their teeth and dribbling toothpaste over the earth." <P><P> "Fall had come to the city; the trees had turned to yellows and the winos had turned to reds." <P><P> As the Tallahassee Democrat said about It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: "This is a book to be enjoyed one stinky sentence at a time." The great literary tradition continues...

Angel in Heavy Shoes (Katie Rose, Book #5)

by Lenora Mattingly Weber

When the playwriting contest was announced at Adams High, Katie Rose Belford planned to spend the next, few days preparing her entry. She simply would not allow herself to be distracted by anyone else's problems. But fate and Katie Rose's sympathetic nature work against her. First, there was Rita Flood and her impossible family. The two older Flood boys had police records; Mrs. Flood drank too much; and Rita was concerned only about herself and her younger brother, Lennie. She tried to enlist Katie Rose's help in keeping the boy away from Irv, an older brother coming home from reform school. There were problems in the Belford household as well. Stacy, Katie Rose's younger sister, finds her romance with Bruce Seerie heading for the rocks. Bruce, conservative and aloof, cannot adjust to Stacy's goodnatured involvement with everyone she meets. Even reliable old Ben, the man of the fatherless Belford family, is preoccupied and moody. He is suddenly attracted to Holly, a carhop at the drive-in where he works to earn college tuition. Ben knows only too well that Holly is a slinky temptress who could mean trouble for him. Katie Rose's concern for those around her is shared by her quiet, steady friend, Miguel, and by her attractive young mother. In fact, it is Mrs. Belford's suggestion of an "uplift supper party" that brings everyone's problems to a head. Gay, impulsive, compassionate, and at times, a bit selfish, Katie Rose Belford is an engaging and realistic heroine. It is easy to see why each new story about her and her irrepressible family engenders new enthusiasm among the growing numbers of her readers.

A Mountain Europa

by John Fox Jr.

As Clayton rose to his feet in the still air, the tree-tops began to tremble in the gap below him, and a rippling ran through the leaves up the mountain-side.

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