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The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice

by Todd Henry

You go to work each day tasked with (1) inventing brilliant solutions that (2) meet specific objectives by (3) defined deadlines. If you do this successfully you get to keep your job. If you don't, you get to work on your résumé. The moment you exchange your creative efforts for money, you enter a world where you will have to be brilliant at a moment's notice. (No pressure, right?)" Many of us assume that our creative process is beyond our ability to influence, and pay attention to it only when it isn't working properly. For the most part, we go about our daily tasks and everything just "works. " Until it doesn't. We treat our creative process like a household appliance. It's just expected to work quietly in the background, and we lose sight of how much we depend on it until the day we're stuck with dirty socks. Adding to this lack of understanding is the rapidly accelerating pace of work. Each day we are faced with escalating expectations and a continual squeeze to do more with less. We are asked to produce everincreasing amounts of brilliance in ever-shrinking amounts of time. There is an unspoken (or spoken!) expectation that we'll be accessible 24/7, and as a result we frequently feel like we're "always on. " Now business creativity expert Todd Henry explains how to unleash your creative potential. Whether you're a creative by trade or an "accidental creative," this book will help you quickly and effectively integrate new ideas into your daily life. Born out of his consultancy and his popular podcast, the book offers a practical method for discovering your personal creative rhythm, whether you're a manager or a consultant, a designer or a performer. As he writes: "The always-on manner with which many creatives approach their work is arrhythmic, but the creative process is naturally rhythmic. Working harder and staring more intently at the problem to achieve better ideas is like trying to control the weather by staring at the clouds. Rather, you need to incorporate practices that instill a sense of structure, rhythm, and purpose into your life. You need to create space for your creative process to thrive rather than expecting it to operate in the cracks of your frenetic schedule. This will not only help you generate better ideas now, but it will also ensure that you are acting on the things that matter most instead of drifting through your days.

The Accidental Business Nomad: A Survival Guide for Working Across a Shrinking Planet

by Kyle Hegarty

"This is the Indiana Jones of international business." - Csaba TothAn unvarnished, story-driven, practical guide to working across cultures. The book features real stories of companies going global and highlights the realities of doing business overseas in a post-globalization world. Each story gives fascinating insights and lessons into the cultural realities and unexpected surprises of modern globalization. The Accidental Business Nomad is for anyone working in a more global environment and who is looking to gain critical insights and communications skills needed for a shrinking world.As Managing Director of TSL Marketing's Leadership Nomad group, Kyle Hegarty has deciphered the culture code of doing business in Asia and the fastest growing markets. Hegarty reports on his triumphs and failures, including tales where unexpected lessons abound. The result is a no-holds-barred, gritty, and unvarnished guide to doing business across cultures. Readers will learn:Why up to 70 percent of international ventures fail due to cultural issues, and how to avoid becoming a casualtyHow to navigate the invisible language of cultural misunderstandingsCross-cultural communications skills everyone in business needs to knowThe art and science of personality profiling and quick short-cuts to understanding peopleWhat outsourced call centers can teach us about the future of global communicationHow to find inspiration and innovation in the most unlikely of places

Access Now! Behind the Line: The Keys to Unlimited Possibilities

by Christopher Ivan Franklin

It's time for career-minded individuals to get beyond whatever imaginary line they're standing behind and live out their own success stories.Christopher Franklin is the founder and CEO of Titan Financial Services, Inc., one of the leading African American-owned financial management firms in the sports industry. Today, he's at the top, managing the financial assets of the rich and famous, and lecturing on wealth management all around the country. But, his road to success was not easy. Coming from a modest upbringing in a small West Virginia town, Franklin encountered plenty of roadblocks along the way. He has managed to change roadblocks to opportunities that have made him a star in his field. In Access Now, Behind the Line, Franklin shares the keys to unlimited possibilities and opportunities--all those things he wishes someone would have told him "way back when."

Access 97 Expert Solutions

by Stan Leszynski

Que's Access 97 Expert Solutions is more than a unique tutorial--it's truly a handbook, covering important topics you won't find in any other book. Beyond creating queries, forms, and reports, discover how to combine Access objects into an expert solution. This book shows you how Access application experts work--their standards, philosophies, and techniques--and how you can apply this knowledge to your own development efforts.

Accepting Myself the Way I Am: learning to go your own way

by Osho Osho International Foundation

We have lost touch with who we are and how we want to live. It started at birth. From birth we are molded according to the beliefs and ideals of others, and our own potential is ignored. It needs immense courage to go your own way, leaving the crowd behind. The moment you do it you are taking responsibility for your life in your own hands. Osho reminds us that it is a step worth taking.

Accepting Greatness: Planning for Success on Your College Journey

by Adetokunbo Fatoke

Accepting Greatness Planning for Success on Your College Journey First Edition

Acceptance Therapy

by R. W. Alley Lisa O Engelhardt

For those who have trouble letting go, for those who struggle to reconcile themselves to life's brokeness, here is a delightful, inspiring, liberating guide to spiritual and psychological wellness and serenity!

Accept This Gift

by Frances Vaughan Walsh Roger

Since 1976, the channeled writings of A Course in Miracles have touched millions of readers, seekers, and students of self-development. The widely regarded spiritual and psychological scholars Frances Vaughan, Ph. D. , and Roger Walsh, M. D. , Ph. D. , distilled the most poignant passages from the Course in their beloved volume Accept This Gift-now returned to print in this Tarcher Cornerstone Edition. This slender, immensely powerful book provides the perfect gleanings for anyone at any level of interest in A Course in Miracles. .

Accept, Reflect, Commit: Your First Steps to Addiction Recovery (The Adams Recovery Center series #2)

by Adams Recovery Center

Are you mired in active addiction and struggling to find a way out? Are you concerned for a loved one whose life is being controlled by drugs or alcohol? Accept, Reflect, Commit: Your First Steps to Addiction Recovery offers the resource you need to prepare for treatment, choose the right recovery program, and successfully achieve and sustain sobriety. Based on expert clinical experience, Accept, Reflect, Commit gets readers ready for the recovery journey, enabling them to take inventory of their lives and start thinking about concepts such as: *Trusting the process *The victim mentality *People-pleasing *Forgiveness With reflection questions and room for written responses, Accept, Reflect, Commit is a practical guidebook to help you or someone you love make the first steps toward health, hope, and healing.

Accelerated Learning: How To Learn Any Skill Or Subject, Double Your Reading Speed and Develop Laser Sharpe Memory - Instantly

by James Horton

Do you find learning difficult? Do you struggle with poor memory, distractions, and interruptions, consumed by procrastination and wandering mind? Do you ever wish you could get really good at something quickly, smoothly and effortlessly?Or maybe you hate to study? Do you find it slow and boring? Would you like to read faster and get more out of your study sessions? If you answered YES to any of those questions then you need to read this book.

The Academic Job Search Handbook, Fifth Edition

by Jennifer S. Furlong Julia Miller Vick Rosanne Lurie

The Academic Job Search Handbook is the comprehensive guide to finding a faculty position in any discipline. Building on the groundbreaking success and unique offerings of earlier volumes, the fifth edition presents insightful new content on aspects of the search at all stages. Beginning with an overview of academic careers and institutional structures, it moves step by step through the application process, from establishing relationships with advisors, positioning oneself in the market, learning about job openings, preparing CVs, cover letters, and other application materials, to negotiating offers. Of great value are the sixty new sample documents from a diverse spectrum of successful applicants. The handbook includes a search timetable, appendices of career resources, and a full sample application package. This fifth edition features new or updated sections on issues of current interest, such as job search concerns for pregnant or international candidates, the use of social media strategies to address CV gaps, and difficulties faced by dual-career couples. The chapter on alternatives to faculty jobs has been expanded and presents sample résumés of PhDs who found nonfaculty positions. For more than twenty years, The Academic Job Search Handbook has assisted job seekers in all academic disciplines in the search for faculty positions at different kinds of institutions from research-focused universities to community colleges. Current faculty who used the book themselves recommend it to their own students and postdocs. The many new first-person narratives provide insight into issues and situations candidates may encounter such as applying for an international job, combining parenting with an academic career, going from an administrative job to a faculty position, and seeking faculty positions as a same-sex couple.

Acabe com a fadiga crônica: obtenha de volta sua vida

by Lisa Gibson Rosana Vargas Tradutora

Receber o diagnóstico de SFC pode ser devastador, isso porque há mais perguntas do que respostas sobre essa síndrome. Ela ainda é um mistério para a comunidade médica e por isso é chamada de síndrome. Por isso o diagnóstico é feito normalmente por processo de eliminação e pode até mesmo se tornar um termo geral para sua condição quando os profissionais da saúde não descobrem o que mais pode estar errado. Deste modo, infelizmente muitos podem passar anos ou a vida com esse diagnóstico misterioso enquanto os médicos não esgotarem todas as demais possibilidades. SFC é ainda um enigma para a comunidade da saúde e as pessoas que sofrem por essa condição podem ser percebidas pelos outros como preguiçosas, fracas ou hipocondríacas Quero parabenizá-lo por dar o primeiro passo para melhorar sua vida e realmente descobrir como lidar melhor com os sintomas da fadiga crônica. Entender a doença ou a enfermidade pode trazer novas esperanças e abordagens. Em desespero, gastei rios de dinheiro fora do meu orçamento tentando navegar em um oceano de tratamento de saúde e buscando desvendar as respostas. Isso pode ser muito caro e desgastante. Não desejo que passe por isso.

Acabando Com A Fome Emocional: Dicas e Estratégias Para Acabar a Fome Emocional em 30 Dias

by The Blokehead

Esta publicação tem a intenção de oferecer material útil e informativo. Não objetiva diagnosticar, tratar, curar ou previnir qualquer problema ou condição de saúde, muito menos substituir a recomendação de um médico. Nenhuma ação deve ser tomada exclusivamente sobre o que for lido neste livro. Sempre consulte seu médico ou profissional da saúde qualificado tratando-se de qualquer questão considerando sua saúde.

El abuso verbal en las relaciones (The Verbally Abusive Relationship): Como reconocerlo y como responder

by Patricia Evans

En esta tercera edicion totalmente ampliada y actualizada del clasico exito de ventas, conoceras por que el abuso verbal esta mas extendido que nunca y como puedes lidiar con el. Tendras mas respuestas para reconocer el abuso cuando sucede, para responder a los abusadores de forma segura y adecuada, y lo que es mas importante, llevar una vida mas sana y mas feliz. En dos capitulos totalmente nuevos, Evans revela las situaciones de estres exterior que conducen al aumento del abuso verbal, y te muestra como puedes mitigar sus efectos devastadores en tus relaciones. Evans tambien resume los niveles de abuso que caracterizan este tipo de comportamiento, desde sutiles e insidiosas humillaciones que pueden erosionar tu autoestima hasta las rabietas con insultos, gritos y amenazas que pueden derivar en abuso fisico. A partir de cientos de situaciones reales sufridas por personas reales como tu, Evans ofrece estrategias, ejemplos de situaciones y planes de accion disenados para ayudarte a lidiar con el abuso y con el abusador. Esta nueva edicion oportuna de El abuso verbal en las relaciones te permitira reconocer y responder al abuso verbal, un paso crucial a la vez.

Abuso e espancamento: de vítima a vitoriosa

by Crystal Mary Lindsey Bianca Ferreira de Oliveira

Como ela poderia viver? O medo constantemente a tomava! E ainda sim, como ela continuaria? Se sentia presa! Vivia em constante medo de fazer com que seu esposo ficasse com raiva. Uma garota inocente carente por atenção encontra um belo homem. Desejando que ele preenchesse o vazio de sua vida, ela está disposta a fazer de tudo por ele. Em sua inocência ela acredita que isso o fará ama-la. Seus sentimentos por ela são PODER e DESEJO, não AMOR! Este homem era um narcisista e para permanecer fiel a ele, ela constantemente sofre – traição completa – sendo usada e abusada. Um aborto aos dezesseis anos Um casamento com um homem que só se importa com ele Divergências culturais – medo e vergonha são usados para controla-la. Violência física: batidas, e espancamento nos primeiros sete anos. Controle mental: ele somente a olhava de certo modo e ela congelava. Confiança em si mesma e seu valor sumiram dando lugar a ansiedade e medo. Abuso espiritual: Nenhuma liberdade espiritual. Ela era perseguida e ridicularizada por sua crença em Deus. Ela testemunhou o abuso de seus filhos e quando tentava pará-lo, ele se virava a ela. Ela estava ciente da descrença de seu marido. Nesta história você ouvirá como uma garota solitária cai em uma rede onde parece não haver escape. Este era um tempo no qual problemas em casa não eram falados então ela não fazia ideia para onde correr. Ela também temia contar as autoridades por medo de punição. A sabedoria de Deus diz: “Não vos prendais a um jugo desigual com os infiéis; porque, que sociedade tem a justiça com a injustiça? E que comunhão tem a luz com as trevas?” (2 Coríntios 6:14). Passando por machucados e vergonha, a autora espera que escrevendo a sua história ajude a evitar que outros venham cair em situações semelhantes. Embora, hoje seja uma época diferente com mais educação e discussão, abusos ainda acontecem e as mulheres permanecem

Abundant Simplicity: Discovering the Unhurried Rhythms of Grace

by Jan Johnson

Which activities give you energy and connect you with God? Do you know what behaviors are life-draining for you, separating you from God? Simplicity is about choosing the engaging, relational life we were meant to live. It means shedding obligation and pretension. It means spending time energy money in ways that help us become clear-headed. It means being intentional about what we do and how we live. These choices allow God's power to move through us and bless others as we have space to do good. In each chapter Jan Johnson provides small experiments with simplicity as well as questions for discussion or reflection to get you started. Come and discover the unhurried rhythms of grace.

Abundant Living: 364 Daily Devotions

by E. Stanley Jones

The business of life is to live and to live well. But in this day and age we know almost everything about life except how to live it. We can dissect life and explain its parts and then fail to put it together again in such a way that it becomes a coordinated, harmonious whole. Through the vibrant writings of E. Stanley Jones, discover not only how God desires more for us than we could ever think or imagine but how He freely gives us that abundant life. Abundant Living, the sequel to Victorious Living, continues the journey toward extraordinary life through the power of trusting God and His Word. Written in 1942 by one of the greatest Christian leaders of the day, experience this classic devotional with a new forward by Leonard Sweet

The Abundance Project: 40 Days to More Wealth, Health, Love, and Happiness

by Derek Rydall

From the author of the acclaimed book Emergence comes a step-by-step guide to design and create abundance in any area of life, including money, time, love, creativity, and more.The Abundance Project is about having more than enough in every area of your life—more than enough money, time, love, creativity, happiness—regardless of the circumstances you’ve been through or are currently facing. This may sound like wishful thinking, but once you understand what you’re really made of, and what the source of real abundance is, you will increase your capacity and unleash your divine inheritance. Built on universal, proven principles, The Abundance Project breaks you out of the unsustainable buying/consuming loop created by the mindset that fulfillment comes from outside ourselves. Instead, Derek Rydall—international life coach and integrative therapist—shows you that the infinite-sum reserve that’s already in you will provide all that you need. Rydall teaches the laws of giving and circulation that will release the channels of abundance-creating energy in your life through his Seven Gifts that Give You Everything; he will help you identify Abundance Blind Spots and Shadows that get in the way; and he walks you through the step-by-step Abundance Boot Camp so you can design and master the life you’ve envisioned. The Abundance Project is a way of living that turns life from transactional to transformational.

The Abundance of Less: Lessons in Simple Living from Rural Japan

by Andy Couturier

Andy Couturier captures the texture of sustainable lives well lived in these ten profiles of ordinary—yet exceptional—men and women who left behind mainstream existences in urban Japan to live surrounded by the luxuries of nature, art, friends, delicious food, and an abundance of time. Drawing on traditional Eastern spiritual wisdom and culture, these pioneers describe the profound personal transformations they underwent as they escaped the stress, consumerism, busyness, and dependence on technology of modern life. This intimate and evocative book tells of their fulfilling lives as artists, philosophers, and farmers who rely on themselves for happiness and sustenance. By inviting readers to enter into the essence of these individuals’ days, Couturier shows us how we too can bring more meaning and richness to our own lives.

Abundance Now

by Janet Switzer Lisa Nichols

Reject Scarcity And Embrace Abundance TodayYou have a breathtaking future ahead of you. You can create a reality where you are empowered, enriched, engaged, and full of excitement about the possibilities. You can build a business, with multiple streams of income, that fills your heart and your bank account. You can be surrounded by friends who support you, teach you, and act as role models for you as you push yourself to grow. You can have positive relationships with your family, grounded in love and mutual respect. You can dictate your legacy, starting today, through the choices you make and the example you set. You can go from a place of SCARCITY, feeling like you don't have enough, don't know enough, or somehow aren't enough, to a place of PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE by maximizing four key areas of your life:* Enrichment* Enchantment* Engagement* EndowmentLisa Nichols is your guide in Abundance Now. She has lived a life that has spanned waiting in line for government assistance to care for her infant son, to realizing her dreams and goals as CEO of her own multi-million-dollar business, as well as working with Steve Harvey, appearing on Oprah Winfrey's show, traveling the world, and transforming the lives of millions. By harnessing her potential and pursuing her purpose, Lisa discovered the key to overcoming pain, betrayal, and hardship. In turn, she achieved clarity and perseverance and found peace, happiness, and passion.In Abundance Now, Lisa shares her wisdom and her formula for success so that YOU can start living a life of ABUNDANCE . . . TODAY!Find YOUR Abundance . . . In 1994, on government assistance with just $11.42 left in her bank account, Lisa Nichols resolved to break out of the mindset, behaviors, and habits that keep us from enjoying life's riches. So what does it take to go from the shame and desperation of the welfare line to the riches and self-worth of building something bigger? What's it like to live abundantly--without waiting to first create substantial financial wealth? Lisa will tell you.Here is Lisa Nichols's unique formula--The 4 Es that are the key to helping you find your breathtaking and inspiring life assignment.Enrichment - Techniques for developing your SELF--including the personal skillset you need to create the compelling life experiences you want.Enchantment - Step-by-step guidelines to improve, attract, and empower rocket-boosting RELATIONSHIPS that grow you, empower you, and nurture you.Engagement - Ways to make your WORK, career, or business a powerful investor in your breathtaking life--from providing the money you need to becoming the platform for your vision.Endowment - Strategies for creating a life of MONEY and other privileged circumstances that allow you to pursue your work, family activities, lifestyle, social change--in fact, anything you want to do.

The Abundance Mind-Set: Success Starts Here

by Joel Osteen

Go beyond the ordinary and break out into the extraordinary life God designed for you through a mentality of abundance with help from #1 New York Times bestselling author and Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen!We all have a vision of our lives and ourselves. What does your picture look like? Do you see yourself rising higher, overcoming obstacles, and living an abundant life? Or do you have a picture of yourself struggling, defeated, addicted, overweight, and never getting good breaks? The pictures you allow in your mind will determine what kind of life you live.God's dream for your life is that you would be blessed in such a way that you could be a blessing to others. Dare to have a big vision for an abundant life, and trust God to bring it to pass. Through The Abundance Mind-Set, Joel can help you change your defeatist mind-set so that one day soon, instead of just having a dream, you'll be living the dream. Your vision will become reality.

Abundance Decrees (1 #3)

by Vicente S. Moreno R.

You have to believe or burst. there is no silence that the cosmos does not understand, nor sadness that he does not know. there is no love he ignores, no tears he doesn't value. the cosmos blesses the hands of those who open this message, it also illuminates the eyes of those who read it.

The Abundance Book

by John Randolph Price

Consciousness is the key to life, and nothing is impossible, including the manifestation of unlimited wealth.

The Abundance Book

by John Randolph Price

In this newly revised version of John Randolph Price’s international bestseller, he draws from personal experience to demonstrate that consciousness is the key to life, and that truly, nothing is impossible—and that includes the manifestation of unlimited wealth and financial independence!In this enlightening yet very practical book, John provides a road map to the Land of Affluence within each one of us.Also included is an audio download link to THE 40-DAY PROSPERITY PLAN, which will expand your consciousness and help you create a more abundant life!

An Absorbing Errand: How Artists and Craftsmen Make Their Way to Mastery

by Janna Malamud Smith

An Absorbing Errand uses stories of artists' lives, personal anecdotes, and insights from the author's work as a psychotherapist to examine the psychological obstacles that prevent people from staying with, and relishing, the process of art-making. Each chapter is devoted to a problem intrinsic to the creative process and illustrates how these very obstacles, once understood, can become prime sources of the energy that actually fuels the mastery of art-making.Ultimately, An Absorbing Errand provides a philosophical, historical, and analytical look at the creative impulse and how certain artists from a wide field mastered their craft. From Julia Child to Charlie Chaplin, Lady Gaga to Michael Jackson, famous painters to established writers, Smith shows us how each overcame the obstacles they faced in the pursuit of their creative visions.Many people carry within their hearts an aching sense that they have something they want to express through art; or that they will not feel complete until they've brought out some hidden part of themselves. Yet they cannot begin to do the work of bringing their creative idea into the world. Or, maybe they've begun over and over, but they can't stay with their labor long enough to finish it. An Absorbing Errand is a supportive companion, an enlightened and compassionate ballast, a guide for anyone who has ever picked up a pencil to write, or a paint brush to paint, or any tool -from chisel to loom- to pursue any serious craft, and then put it down again frustrated, discouraged, and unable to continue.An Absorbing Errand is unlike any book about creating art of any kind, and aspiring and working artists alike will find it both original and invaluable.

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