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Life's Big Instruction Book: The Almanac of Indispensable Information

by Carol Orsag Madigan Ann Elwood

Practical advice on a variety of topics such as parenting, money, pets, first aid, travel, volunteering, and etiquette.

Linnea in Monet's Garden

by Cristina Bjork Joan Sandin

Linnea has visited Claude Monet's garden! In Paris, she got to see many of his actual paintings. Now she understands what it means for a painter to be called an Impressionist.

Little House on a Small Planet: Simple Homes, Cozy Retreats, and Energy Efficient Possibilities

by Shay Salomon

Carpenter and construction manager Salomon presents readers with ideas for saving money, protecting the environment, and improving their livelihood by smart living in small spaces. The author profiles dozens of people around the world whose methods of scaling-down vary as widely as their locations--from single mothers in cooperative housing to homeowners converting to multi-use bathroom/lofts, adding home business spaces, or building from scratch. Floor plans; b&w and color images; and practical advice on legal matters, energy efficiency, creativity, and the importance of common spaces supplement the stories.

A Little Piece of Earth: How to Grow Your Own Food in Small Spaces

by Maria Finn

A hip, eco-friendly guide with fun and easy projects for all levels. Eating locally has so many benefits--for the planet, for your health, and for your taste buds--and you can't get much more local than your very own backyard. But is planting a garden too big a commitment? Then this book is for you. A Little Piece of Earth is all about starting small, with more than fifty self-contained, doable projects. Whether you have a yard, a terrace, a rooftop, or just a windowsill, there are plenty of ideas and inspirations to choose from. Harvest your own precious vanilla pods from a pot indoors. Grow savory shiitakes on a small log in your kitchen. Build a miniature vineyard trellis on your deck or build a raised bed on your patio. Recipes for using your homegrown bounty are sprinkled throughout. Charming illustrations guide you through step-by-step, and there's a complete resources section. This is about making dirt work for you, taking some control over your food supply, and, most important, enriching your life with the quiet, simple pleasures of produce raised organically with your own hands.

Living The Good Life: How One Family Changed Their World from Their Own Backyard

by Linda Cockburn

Inspiring and challenging, this chronicle of a unique household experiment takes readers inside one family's environmental test. Already mindful of the impact human activity has on the environment, the author and her family decided to take a further step towards thoughtful living by aiming for complete domestic sustainability. For six months, the Cockburns grew, bartered for, and made everything they ate; used exclusively solar power; collected rainwater for drinking, cleaning, and cooking; parked the cars and turned to bicycles; and aimed to not spend a single dollar. From just their average home on an average-sized lot, they experienced success, surprises, and challenges in their quest--all while learning about themselves as a family. Whether readers are looking for lessons on adopting some--or all--of the Cockburns' practices or are just curious about what it might take to "do it yourself" even more deeply, this story will bring them along for the ride.

Living More with Less

by Doris Janzen Longacre

What we have needed are good concrete models [of simple living]. This book fills that vacuum. Practical, workable models are here by the score. Nor are they theoretical models conceived by ivory-tower academicians. They are the personal testimonies of ordinary people all over the world who have begun the pilgrimage toward simplicity.

Loom Knitting Pattern Book

by Isela Phelps

For all those who have struggled to knit with needles, loom knitting is an easy craft to master--in only a few hours even the novice knitter can create fabulous accessories, clothes, bags, afghans, and more. Loom knitting is a revolutionary way of knitting that uses a circular or rectangular loom, or a knitting board, consisting of a frame with pegs. Looms are fun and easy to use, even for those with no knitting experience. In her follow-up to the successful LOOM KNITTING PRIMER, Isela offers over 32 projects ranging from simple to advanced, each with illustrations and crystal clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Learn how to make more original, beautiful, and practical items quickly and easily. An essential resource for both the novice loom-knitter and the experienced knitter hungry for new patterns.

Loom Knitting Primer

by Isela Phelps

From the Book jacket: If you have struggled to knit with needles, loom knitting is an easy craft to master-children and adults alike can learn in a few hours. Loom knitting is a revolutionary way of knitting that uses a circular or rectangular loom, or knitting board, consisting of a frame with pegs. Looms are easy and fun to use, even without conventional knitting experience. You can create almost anything, from knitted tubes for hats or socks to flat panels for scarves, shawls, and sweaters. This book is designed as an essential reference and a hands-on project resource for the loom knitter. Throughout the book you will find loom-knitting techniques for both round and rectangular looms, together with practice projects. An inspiring design section presents more than 30 patterns to get you started in your new loom-knitting adventure. Also included is a guide to the similarities between loom knitting and needle knitting, and a glossary of techniques. Everything you need to master loom knitting quickly and easily, from technical know-how to instantly appealing designs. An essential loom-knitting manual to supplement the often scant instructions supplied with the looms. More than 30 nifty, no-needle, quick-and-easy patterns for sweaters and accessories, including projects to felt. About the Author: Isela Phelps is a graduate of Utah State University where she received a degree in business administration. She is part of the Decor Accents, Inc. team, a manufacturer of knitting looms. Isela also teaches knitting loom classes at Yarn Today, a Utah yarn store, and owns and moderates two knitting loom online community groups. Isela has been loom knitting for five years, during which time she has created instructions, patterns, and visual aids to teach others her art. She also maintains a loom-knitting website.

Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking

by Yamuna Devi

From the book: From appetizers, soups and salads to light meals and savories, beverages and sweets here are easy-to-follow instructions for glorious foods, simply prepared in an American kitchen.

The Magic Loop

by Bev Galeskas

This book explains a simple way to knit seamless socks, sleeves, neckbands, baby sweaters, mittens, and gloves using one long circular needle instead of double pointed needles. 3 projects: Ruffled Wristlets, Winter Socks, and Toe-up Baby Socks. 20 pages.

The Magical Household: Empower Your Home with Love, Protection, Health and Happiness

by Scott Cunningham David Harrington

Recognize and celebrate the magic of life with timeless rites and spells. Create a magical household--a haven of harmony, safety, spirituality, security, and romance. The benefits include a happier existence, protection against thieves, improved health, restful sleep, satisfying spiritual experiences, and a perfect environment for positive magic. This warm and wise guide by much loved author Scott Cunningham has been helping people create sacred space in their homes and gardens for nearly twenty years.

Mail-Order Homes

by Rebecca Hunter

At the turn of the last century, the American middle class was expanding rapidly as homesteaders moved west and as trains took travellers across the country, where they established themselves in the depot towns that erupted along train lines. With that growth came the demand for new homes, and from that demand grew a new industry: mail-order homes. Sold by such makers as Sears, Roebuck & Co., Aladdin, and Montgomery Wards, these kit homes were shipped by train, arriving in two boxcars, which then were off-loaded by the purchasers, usually with a team of horse and wagon. In the boxcars was absolutely everything needed to assemble a house, whether it be a vacation cottage, modest bungalow, or two-and-a-half storey home. Literally tens of thousands of these affordable homes were sold in the early 1900s, with most built between 1910-40. In Mail-Order Homes, historical architectural researcher Rebecca Hunter brings to life the history of these charming homes, many of which still stand in communities across the country. From the manufacturers of mail-order homes to the customers who bought and built them, and from the styles and designs to the boom and bust of the industry, Hunter explains the history of these forgotten homes. Filled with illustrations from mail-order home catalogs and contemporary photos, this book tells the story of a bygone era of residential architecture.

Making Natural Liquid Soaps

by Catherine Failor

Using a simple double-boiler technique, readers will make elegant and soothing liquid soaps. Dozens of recipes using oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients to create hand soaps, shower gels, bubble baths, conditioning shampoos and even baby and pet shampoos.

Mandy Sue Day

by Roberta Karim

From the Book jacket: The harvest is in, and the Indian summer air is crisp and clear. As a reward for hard work, Papa and Mama are giving each of their children a whole day free from chores to spend any way they want. This perfect day is Mandy Sue's very own to spend with her best friend: her horse Ben. Together they drink in the sounds, tastes, smells, and feel of autumn as they trot through the cool woods and gallop across the plain. And when they get home, there's a mouth-watering treat-Mama's freshly baked donuts. Mandy Sue Day, with Roberta Karim's sprightly, poetic language, complemented by Karen Ritz's vivid illustrations, tells of a blind girl's love for her horse and the exuberance and closeness that only two can share. When Roberta Karim was six, she won a pony. On carefree afternoons she brushed, rode, and napped on her pony (and later her horse). On not-so-carefree Saturdays she cleaned out the stable. Recalling that time, Ms. Karim realized that her memories were based not just on seeing, but on the sounds, smells, tastes, and feel of a day spent with her horse. From that idea came the inspiration for Mandy Sue Day. Roberta Karim earned her B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan University and her M.A. from Purdue University. She lives in Bay Village, Ohio, with her husband and two young sons. Karen Ritz earned a degree in children's literature and illustration from the University of Minnesota. She has illustrated over twenty children's books, including Earthquake in the Third Grade by Laurie Myers. Ms. Ritz lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Marijuana for Everybody!

by Elise Mcdonough

Marijuana is more widely available and accepted than ever before, with more people coming to the plant every day for a range of reasons. From the experts at High Times magazine--the world's most trusted name when it comes to getting stoned--here is an authoritative, accessible guide to marijuana, its uses, and culture. This illustrated handbook offers clear and friendly primers on subjects such as what pot is and how it works, tips on getting high and managing the experience, cooking with pot, and FAQs as well as an "I'm High, Now What?" selection of activities and amusements for the freshly baked. Part manifesto, part party invitation, Marijuana for Everybody! is an informative and entertaining read for the uninitiated and practiced users alike.

Mastering Peyote Stitch: 15 Inspiring Projects

by Melinda Barta

With interest in beadweaving on the rise, Mastering Peyote provides a much-needed look into the most integral technique - peyote stitch. With 15 styles in all, beading geniuses will finally have an accessible, easy-to-understand guide to one of the fundamentals of beadweaving, brought to you courtesy of Beadwork Editor Melinda Barta.In the "Peyote Basics" chapter, you will learn the basics of creating flat peyote bands, then advance to circular and tubular variations, eventually learning to fashion dimensional jewelry pieces. Once you've mastered the basics, Melinda dives into designing dimensional jewelry pieces. Additional chapters cover combining peyote with other popular beadweaving techniques (right-angle weave, herringbone, and bead embroidery) and creating unique edgings and embellishments for finished pieces. Melinda, together with Beadwork's Designers of the Year, including Jean Campbell, Lisa Kan, Carole Ohl, Melanie Potter, Jean Power, Cynthia Rutledge, and Sherri Serafini, demonstrates a range of styles in 15 beautiful jewelry projects.

Messie No More - Practical Steps to Put the Messie Lifestyle Behind You

by Sandra Felton

Discover why your house is out of control and develop a mindset that permanently overcomes messiness. This book has many practical ideas and requires some written participation that is essential to triumph over messiedom.

Messies 2 - New Strategies to Restoring Order in Your Life and Home

by Sandra Felton

Fight against the habits and attitudes that lead to disorder. Make the change in your house permanent by learning that you are too valuable to live in clutter. "If you can conceive it, you can achieve it!"

The Messies Manual: The Procrastinator's Guide to Good Housekeeping (Messies #1)

by Sandra Felton

Do you panic when unexpected guests arrive? Do you fight an avalanche every time you open a closet door? The Messies Manual will provide humorous, helpful guidance and painless, practical tips you need to break away from chronic messiness! Learn how to organize closets, bathrooms, kitchens and even all those little pieces of paper that you wrote lists on. Sandra Felton even helps make meal planning easier!

The Messies Superguide (Messies #3)

by Sandra Felton

This hands-on workbook gives you everything you need to live an organized life and create order out of chaos. The author, founder of Messies Anonymous, tells how you can start your own self-support group! Included are: 100 helpful hits for "Messies". thoughts on how to design rooms yourself.

Michigan Family Farms and Farm Buildings: Landscapes of the Heart and Mind

by Hemalata C. Dandekar

"Thoughtfully documenting the voice and emotions of many who might otherwise remain unheard, Hemalata Dandekar provides in-depth accounts and insights, underpinned by quietly rigorous analysis, about family interactions and the perceptions, understandings, and memories of family members . . . a tribute to the indomitability of the human spirit as an enduring force in sustaining farm life on the Michigan farms. " ---Anatole Senkevitch, Jr. , Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan Michigan's family farms form the backbone of the state. One need only see the Centennial Farm signs that dot the sides of the state's country roads to understand that. Hemalata Dandekar shows in her new book just how connected those family farm buildings are to the families that inhabit them. Fifteen family-farm case studies display farm buildings' relationship to the land they sit on, their function on the farm, the materials they're made with, the farm enterprises themselves, and the families who own them. Photographs, plans, elevations, and sections of typical, exemplary traditional farm buildings show the aesthetic and architectural qualities of those types of buildings across the state. The ways in which the buildings serve the productive activities of the farm, shelter and nourish the people and livestock, yield a living, and enable the aspirations of farm people are shown in the words and photographs of the farmers themselves. The buildings form a window into the lives of Michigan's family farms and into the hearts and minds of the people who have lived and worked in them their entire lives. Hemalata C. Dandekar is Department Head of City and Regional Planning at California Polytechnic State University. She specializes in urbanization, urban-rural linkages, rural development, and gender and housing. She developed her love of Michigan farmers and farm architecture during her years as a student and professor at the Urban Planning program of the A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan. She was Director for the Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies and Associate Vice President for Research at the University of Michigan.

Modern Expressions: Creating Fabulous and Fashionable Jewelry with Easy-to-find Elements

by Fernando Dasilva

Modern Designs. Fabulous Results. It's all about the jewelry, dah-ling! Designer Fernando Dasilva puts the spotlight on high fashion with necklaces, bracelets and earrings that exude elegance and radiate haute couture. Drawing inspiration from vibrant color palettes, 80s art deco and fashion-forward findings, these pieces won't just enhance your wardrobe-they'll make it!25 designer projects that fuse popular findings, such as crystals, gemstones and heavy chain, with unique and exotic elements, such as sponge beads, puzzle beads and crystal yarn. 15 fashion sketches show you not just how to wear the pieces but totally rock them. Pair these daring pieces with an outfit that's already in your closet with easy-wear tips. Helpful techniques and designer tips make it easy to create funky, fashionable and fabulous pieces!Create your own collection of glamorous pieces, and walk (and rock) your own runway!

Money-Wise Makeovers: Modest Remodels and Affordable Room Redos That Add Value and Improve the Quality of Your Life

by Jean Nayar

A guide for thrifty and efficient DIY remodeling project suggestions for your home. It's easy to improve your home on a small budget!

More Layer Cake, Jelly Roll & Charm Quilts

by Nicky Lintott Pam Lintott

Pam and Nicky Lintott have sold over 250,000 books all over the world - testament to their extraordinary talent for creating great quilt designs with easy to follow instructions. Here Pam and Nicky bring you a fresh collection of 14 brand new quilt patterns, each with a beautiful variation design. Uses a range of ModaTM pre-cuts, including the new fat eighth bundle!

More Work for Mother: The Ironies of Household Technology from the Open Hearth to the Microwave

by Ruth Schwartz Cowan

This book has a dual focus. As its title is meant to suggest, it is a history not just of housework but also of the tools with which that work is done: household technology. Human beings are tool-using animals; indeed, some anthropologists believe that, along with speech,, the ability to use and to refine our tools is precisely what sets us apart from other species of primates.

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