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The Secret of Family Happiness

by Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of New York Inc.

A Bible-based publication on how to have a successful and happy family life. Includes the following 16 topics: Is There a Secret of Family Happiness? Preparing for a Successful Marriage Two Keys to a Lasting Marriage How Can You Manage a Household? Train Your Child From Infancy. Help Your Teenager to Thrive Is There a Rebel in the House? Protect Your Family From Destructive Influences Single-Parent Families Can Succeed! When a Family Member Is Sick Maintain Peace in Your Household You Can Overcome Problems That Damage a Family If Marriage Is at the Breaking Point Growing Older Together Honoring Our Elderly Parents Secure a Lasting Future for Your Family

The Secret of Happiness

by Billy Graham

Happiness. It's what we all long for, what all human beings seek in our jobs, our relationships, our activities. We try so hard to be happy, and all too often we end up empty and unsatisfied. Why? Because, says Billy Graham in this classic work, we are looking for happiness in all the wrong places. We haven't learned the secret Jesus taught in the Beatitudes - that true, lasting happiness simply isn't to be found by seeking it directly. Happiness is a by-product, a bonus that comes when we seek what is really important. And the things that will bring us the satisfaction we long for are not necessarily what the world considers meaningful.Jesus did not have to have an outward stimulus to make Him happy, Billy Graham points out. "He had learned a secret that allowed Him to live above the circumstances of life and fear of the future. He moved with calmness, certainty, and serenity through the most trying circumstances - even death! What was His secret? He gave it to us in the Beautitudes."Presented with Billy Graham's characteristic vigor and simplicity in this landmark book, it is a secret that can transform your life.

The Secret of Life: Commonsense Advice for the Uncommon Woman

by Elizabeth Wurtzel

Though she might not always follow her own advice, Elizabeth Wurtzel knows certain things to be true: Doing copious amounts of drugs leads nowhere you want to be; trying to be friends with your ex is always a bad idea; if you can't afford to hire a mover, you can't afford to move; and always doing the best you can is always good enough. Here are Wurtzel's succinct and clever rules for living your best life. Fulfillment is within everyone's reach. Grasping it takes enjoying your mistakes, being strong, and having opinions. Today's woman should: * Be Gorgeous. Make the absolute most of what you've got. Believe that you are gorgeous, and you will be. It's the only trick that really works. * Embrace Fanaticism. Harness joie de vivre by pursuing insane interests, consuming passions, and constant sources of gratification that do not depend on the approval of others. * Use All Available Resources. Let the M.D.s and the Ph.D.s help you solve your problems so that you don't become everyone else's problem. * Never Clear the Table at a Dinner Party Unless the Men Get Up to Help First. Cleanup should not be gendered. Change the world, one dinner table at a time. Hold a sit-in. One of the fiercest, funniest, and best-known essayists of her generation, Elizabeth Wurtzel infuses this modest gem of a rule book with a sharp wit and a real candor.

The Secret of Perfect Vision: How You Can Prevent or Reverse Nearsightedness

by Otis Brown David De Angelis Lee Anthony De Luca

Author David De Angelis's search for a cure for nearsightedness was both professional and personal, since he suffered from the disease himself. An expert in muscular work dynamics, he discovered through extensive testing and an immersion in decades of scientific studies that working the extrinsic ocular muscles could preserve sight and re-educate the eyes toward better vision. He came to understand the importance of retinal defocus for transforming ocular refractive status. In this book, the author shares both the science and the "secret"-progressive retinal defocus technique-of how he was able to reverse his own myopia. The system's efficacy, he says, comes from the fact that it directly intervenes with the causes that generate myopia onset and development (overaccommodative/near-point stress). When adequately stimulated by the simple exercises presented in the book, ocular refractive capability leads to gradual strengthening of focusing capability and gradual decreasing of refractive error. Written in straightforward language, and featuring an extensive section on the scientific research in this field, The Secret of Perfect Vision offers a proven program of healing to the millions of people afflicted with this condition.From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Secret To Low Carb Success!: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Low Carbohydrate Diet

by Laura Richard

Low carbohydrate living is easier than you think, and the results can be impressive. But the sheer volume of reduced carbohydrate diet programs can make it difficult to discover which is the best for you. Finally, there's help! Author Laura Richard is a registered nurse who struggled for years to find her own solution to constant dieting. In this well-researched and informative book, updated to include the latest expert advice and diet resources, she discusses all the major programs available, guiding you through the benefits and pitfalls of each and showing you exactly how to create a low carbohydrate lifestyle that works for you. She tells you exactly what to expect from your low carb diet, and relates advice and personal success stories from low carb dieters who have changed their bodies and their lives forever. She teaches you how to harness the power of the Internet for valuable support and insight, and provides you with the research that confirms the benefits of the low carb life. Find out how simple changes to your sleep habits, fluid intake, and daily habits can speed weight loss, and learn how to use the power of low carb dieting to eat less, prevent binges, and break those inevitable plateaus. Not just another diet book, THE SECRET TO LOW CARB SUCCESS! sets you on the road to healthy weight loss, while giving you a better chance for long-term success.

Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic

by Susan Shapiro

Ever since her former boss introduced her to her handsome, brilliant husband-to-be, Susan Shapiro has been on a marital mission. So far, she's fixed up twelve marriages and countless couples. Unlike all those "relationship experts" who are incapable of having a real relationship, or who took off their first ring to pledge their vows to their second or third life partner, Shapiro has witnessed--and scored--on all sides of the setup spectrum. She learned to charm her own blind dates, walk down the aisle with her personal Mr. Perfect, keep her first and only marriage rapturous, and expertly set up dozens of other duets. Now the author of the acclaimed memoirsLighting UpandFive Men Who Broke My Heart, and a self-proclaimed "diehard romantic optimist," shares her honest, provocative, and sometimes downright subversive slant on every stage of dating, sex, and domestic relations. She'll show you how to: * Fix yourself up first so you're really ready to be fixed up fabulously * Recognize raw marriage material and not let a good one get away * Break through your fears, insecurities, and dating defenses to land true love * Find love mentors who will set you up and help you close the deal * Decide which love and marriage myths to lose if you want to win * Keep fixing up your relationship so it stays warm and loving forever From the Trade Paperback edition.

Secrets Of A Fashion Therapist: What You Can Learn Behind The Dressing Room Door

by Betty Halbreich Sally Wadka Geoffrey Beene

Go from clueless to confident in the dressing room. If you're a "fashion buff," then this book is for you. Betty Halbreich, the legendary director of personal shopping services at New York's chicer-than-chic Bergdorf Goodman, draws on her exquisite fashion sense and years of experience to help you dress to feel beautiful, confident, and perfectly at home in your own personal style. As your fashion therapist, Betty will give you valuable tips on: shopping like a pro in an enormous store (even if the prices seem high and the salespeople haughty), getting the help you need from the store's sales force, dressing for any occasion, and much more! Witty, warm, and wonderfully illustrated, this guide to shopping and dressing is the perfect accessory to any wardrobe.

The Secrets of Happiness: Three Thousand Years of Searching for the Good Life

by Richard Schoch

Unhappy is the story of happiness. More than two thousand years ago, when the ancient Greeks first pondered what constitutes "the good life," happiness was considered a civic virtue that demanded a lifetime's cultivation. Not just mere enjoyment of pleasure and mere avoidance of suffering, true happiness was an achievement, not a birthright. Now, in an age of instant gratification and infinite distraction, history professor Richard Schoch takes a refreshingly contemplative look at a question that's as vital today as ever: What does it mean to be happy? Schoch consults some of history's greatest thinkers -- from Aristotle to Thomas Aquinas to Buddha -- in his quest to understand happiness in all its hard-won forms. Packed with three thousand years' worth of insights, many long forgotten, The Secrets of Happiness is a breath of ancient wisdom for anyone who yearns for the good life.

The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit: How to Bounce Back from Life's Hardest Hits

by Azim Khamisa Jillian Quinn

In Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit, internationally honoured promoter of peace, Azim Khamisa, and inspirational speaker Jillian Quinn reveal the 30 keys to emotional resiliency and the corresponding strategies they themselves have used to transcend their own heart-wrenching personal losses. Everyone is vulnerable to life's physical, emotional and financial hits, but there are some people who seem emotionally thicker skinned, undeterred, and perhaps even empowered by setbacks. People with this kind of super-resiliency don't have better luck or better karma. They lose jobs, relationships, health, and money just like the rest of us. But they think differently: they understand what kinds of responses and behaviours contribute to spiritual fragility and which ones breed strength; they make life-affirming choices instead of defeatist ones; they look for and find purpose where most of us see meaningless loss. Fortunately, their valuable and powerful kind of thinking can be learned. Secrets of the Bulletproof Spiritopens with Azim's and Jillian's own personal stories and they are heart-wrenching indeed: Azim Khamisa's son was caught in the cross-fire of gang violence, but instead of seeking revenge or harbouring bitter anger, Azim reached out to the shooter and his family because he was sure there were 'victims at both ends of that gun'. Azim and the shooter's grandfather give a moving and cautionary presentation to school kids regularly. When Jillian Quinn lost her daughter late in pregnancy, she recovered and moved on by travelling to China to adopt a daughter who had lost her mother. 'Here we find the wisdom, practical help, and comfort we need to rebound from any kind of hardship, crisis, or adversity. This book is a gift to anyone in need of solace; I pray it finds its way to every heavy heart. ' - Marianne Williamson, bestselling author of Everyday Grace

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

by T. Harv Eker

This book helps individuals change their way of thinking about money by exploring their financial blueprint. Author asserts that more than contacts, luck, or education, one's success is based on this blueprint. Fortunately, after one identifies his/her blueprint, one can work to change it through implementing Eker's strategies.

Secrets of the Southern Belle: How to Be Nice, Work Hard, Look Pretty, Have Fun, and Never Have an Off Moment

by Phaedra Parks

Who is always perfectly put together and never at a loss for words? Who is professional, courteous, and harder working than anyone else? Whose Christmas cards arrive the day after Thanksgiving, year after year? Y'all know she's got to be a Southern Belle. A Southern Belle takes care of herself and makes sure people treat her right. She "always" gets her way, even if her man thinks it was his idea. (That's a win for you both.) But, darling, you don't have to be raised in the South to be the same fun-loving package of looks, charm, and determination that makes a Belle a Belle. That's what this delightful little book is for. Ladies, take it from Phaedra Parks, the smart, confident, and always poised star of "The Real House-wives of Atlanta." Life as a Belle is simply better--for you and for the people around you. So let's imagine you're rocking on the front porch, with a tall glass of sweet tea and a plate of ladyfingers, because Phaedra's got a thing or two to tell you.

Secrets of the Vine: Breaking Through to Abundance

by Bruce H. Wilkinson

"Abundance-that beautiful overflow of true worth in a person's life-is exactly what you and I were born for. No wonder we so deeply desire it! Yet millions of Christians settle for less because they misunderstand and resist Gods ways of bringing it about. In The Prayer ofjabez, I showed readers how to ask for a life of abundant impact and significance for God. In Secrets of the Vine, I want to show you how God works in your life to answer that prayer-and what you can do to cooperate with Him to make it happen. You'll be surprised to discover how much God wants abundance for you. And you'll be relieved to know that you never need to misread His ways in your life again." An excellent devotional.

Secrets of the Vine for Women: Breaking Through to Abundance

by Darlene Marie Wilkinson

Darlene Marie Wilkinson, author of the New York Times bestseller The Prayer of Jabez for Women, explores Jesus' last teachings in John 15 and their special relevance for women. This thought-provoking book is a valuable feminine approach to the message of her husband's national bestseller Secrets of the Vine. Each woman who understands these secrets to intimately abiding in Jesus will become stronger, more joyful, and more effective than ever - confident that God is actively intervening in her life for her greatest good and His highest glory

Seducing the Boys Club: Uncensored Tactics from a Woman at the Top

by Nina Disesa

Fact #1: Forty years after the feminist revolution, fewer than 2 percent of Fortune 1000 CEOs are women. Fact #2: The playing field is not level. Fact #3: You need to get over this. Chairman of the flagship office of the largest advertising agency network in the world, Nina DiSesa is a master communicator, a ceiling crasher, and a big-time realist. In Seducing the Boys Club, DiSesa shows you how S&M-seduction and manipulation-is the secret to winning over (and surpassing) the big guys. She asserts that women need to meld their "female" characteristics (nurturing, compassion, intuition) with "male" traits (decisiveness, focus, confidence, humor) to expand their professional horizons. DiSesa also shares her practical, outrageous, and even controversial maxims for making it, including * Learn to appreciate men. Men like women who like them. * Remember that women are biologically wired to succeed. * If you want to make a name for yourself, find a mess and fix it. A secure and comfortable job only holds you back. * Act brave and you will look brave. * Screw the rules. Make up your own. Whether dead-on funny or deadly serious, DiSesa is always on her game, always on message, and absolutely on target as she arms women (men, too!) with the can-do confidence and no-compromises attitude they need to climb as high as their ambition can carry them-while keeping their standards impeccable and their integrity intact.

Seducing Your Woman

by Sydnee Steele Luke Chao

Sydnee Steele is one of the most recognized faces (and bodies) in the porn world! She has worked with the top stars and is under contract with the biggest adult company. If anyone knows the art of seduction, you can't find a better teacher than Sydnee. Whether you feel unattractive, or unworthy, Sydnee will show you results that will AMAZE you!

See You At The Top

by Zig Ziglar

THE END Perhaps an unusual way to start a book - but this is an "unusual" book. It's about you, your family, your future, and how you can get more out of all of them by giving more to each of them. We believe that this is "the end," or at least the beginning of the end, of negative thinking, negative action, and negative reaction; the end of defeatism and despondency; the end of settling for less than you deserve to have and are capable of obtaining; the end of being influenced by little people, with little minds thinking little thoughts about the trivia that is the stock and trade of Mr. & Mrs. Mediocrity. In short, it is the end for you of the world's most deadly disease - "Hardening of the Attitudes." Welcome to The Richer Life.

Seeds of Grace: Reflections on the Spirituality of Alcoholics Anonymous

by Molly Monahan

Sister Molly Monahan had been drinking, quietly and compulsively, for years when she finally decided to attend her first AA meeting. There she found the emotional support that AA is famous for-but she also found a surprising source of spiritual strength.<P><P> In this unique book, she reflects on how a nonreligious group brought about such a powerful reawakening of faith-and explores gratitude, community, forgiveness, prayer, and many more subjects of interest not only to alcoholics but to anyone on a spiritual quest.

Seeing What Others Don't: The Remarkable Way We Gain Insights

by Gary Klein

Insights-like Darwin's understanding of the way evolution actually works, and Watson and Crick's breakthrough discoveries about the structure of DNA-can change the world. We also need insights into the everyday things that frustrate and confuse us so that we can more effectively solve problems and get things done. Yet we know very little about when, why, or how insights are formed-or what blocks them. In Seeing What Others Don't, renowned cognitive psychologist Gary Klein unravels the mystery.Klein is a keen observer of people in their natural settings-scientists, businesspeople, firefighters, police officers, soldiers, family members, friends, himself-and uses a marvelous variety of stories to illuminate his research into what insights are and how they happen. What, for example, enabled Harry Markopolos to put the finger on Bernie Madoff? How did Dr. Michael Gottlieb make the connections between different patients that allowed him to publish the first announcement of the AIDS epidemic? What did Admiral Yamamoto see (and what did the Americans miss) in a 1940 British attack on the Italian fleet that enabled him to develop the strategy of attack at Pearl Harbor? How did a "smokejumper" see that setting another fire would save his life, while those who ignored his insight perished? How did Martin Chalfie come up with a million-dollar idea (and a Nobel Prize) for a natural flashlight that enabled researchers to look inside living organisms to watch biological processes in action?Klein also dissects impediments to insight, such as when organizations claim to value employee creativity and to encourage breakthroughs but in reality block disruptive ideas and prioritize avoidance of mistakes. Or when information technology systems are "dumb by design" and block potential discoveries. Both scientifically sophisticated and fun to read, Seeing What Others Don't shows that insight is not just a "eureka!" moment but a whole new way of understanding.

Seek God Everywhere: Reflections on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

by Anthony De Mello

In this inspiring work, the author of "Awareness" provides his unique insight into the "Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius," one of the great masterpieces of Christian spirituality.

SELECT Series: Microsoft Word 2002, Brief Volume

by Yvonne Johnson

The Select Series: Steps for Success, Projects for Perspective. The Select family of texts boasts a lively look and feel that takes a step-by-step approach to teaching Word 2002 tasks. Not only does the student step through the tasks, but the emphasis on projects in this series gives the student practical knowledge of Word 2002. Microsoft Certified to the EXPERT level, these texts contain the depth of coverage your students need.

Selected Tips from Heloise

by Heloise

This book contains many useful hints for making our lives easier. I can vouch for the effectiveness of this one: To get rid of ants, wipe down counters and other surfaces with vinegar. It will take four or five days to discourage the ants. Broken glass? "To sweep up broken glass, place a damp paper towel over the debris first. The tiny shattered pieces will cling to the paper and all can be easily swept up. Works with pet hair, too." Do you have "big terry cloth oven mitts? Great for wiping splatters off kitchen walls, the terry cloth loops scrub right into the depressions in textured paint. They also scrub vinyl floors in a flash --a huge area wipes clean in one swipe. In addition, the mitts slurp up spills, do dusting, and, if slightly dampened, pick up pet hairs from upholstery." Some items keep better in the refrigerator if turned upsidedown--jelly, relish, pickles. Be sure lids are tight. When finished, throw the mitts into the washer-- they come out clean and ready for

Selecting A College Major: Exploration And Decision Making

by Virginia N. Gordon Susan J. Sears

This innovative text simplifies the process of choosing a major from a sometimes overwhelming array of majors and related career fields. It will assist not only the "undecided" student with selecting a major, but also the "major-changer" who is exploring alternative options. A step-by-step process leads students through personal and academic assessment as well as occupational information searches. Through thought-provoking activities, they can explore their academic, career, and personal interests and goals. Students can investigate academic majors from many perspectives, including a search of majors in general, majors on their campus, and majors based on their academic and occupational interests. Highlights of this text include: *A Natural Decision-Making Progression. Students are directly and personally involved in activities that involve exploration, reflection, and choice. *Extensive Major Exploration. Three distinct approaches help students narrow their list to realistic alternatives. *Incorporation of Academic and Career Interests, Abilities, and Values. Self-assessment gives students information on which to base their choice of a major. *Formulation of a Graduation Plan. Students use their academic transcripts to summarize all they have learned and develop a plan for the future. Features include: *Majors Exploration *Career Advice *Web Links *Tips from Successful Students *Student Bulletin Boards *Faculty Resources

A Self-Assessment Library: Insights in Your Skills, Abilities and Interests (second edition)

by Stephen P. Robbins

"The Self-Assessment Library 2.0 has been created to help you to learn more about yourself so that you might become "enlightened." It draws on numerous instruments that have been developed by behavioral researchers that tap into your skills, abilities, and interests. This new edition has eight instruments that were not included in the first version; and I deleted four from the first edition that user feedback indicated were not very effective. Additionally, in response to user comments, the interpretation sections have been expanded. They now describe underlying concepts in greater detail and provide more elaborated discussions of what results mean. Here's a summary of changes you'll find in this second edition: - Four tests have been deleted and eight new ones added. - A matrix for relating tests to management and OB topics has been added. - Tests which assume current working experience are now identified. - Approximate quantitative cut-off scores, when not included by the tests' authors, have been provided to help students better understand the meaning of their results. - Where appropriate, remedial actions or references have been suggested to help students improve areas of weakness. "This Library of behavioral questionnaires has been designed to supplement a wide range of college courses. These include: Introduction to Management, Organizational Behavior, Supervision, Interpersonal Skills, Introduction to Business, Careers in Business, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Social Psychology. It works best when questionnaires are completed separately (rather than doing the whole set at one time) and when they're completed in sync with text readings on complementary topics."

Self Care for Life

by Meera Lester Carolyn Dean Skye Alexander

The best way to take care of your self is to take care of your Self. With its unique three-fold approach, this book helps you nurture and nourish the mind, body, and spirit within the natural course of every day: Mind Take a break from the (bad) news. It's hard to find spiritual sustenance and renewal in a world rocked by tension. So turn off the television and radio, stay off the Internet, and stop the daylong bombardment of negativity from virtually every media outlet. Body Drink a cup of gyokuro tea. Theanine is an amino acid that increases alpha brainwave activity--and gyokuro tea is chock full of it. One cup of this Japanese green tea and you'll be calmer and wiser for up to four hours. Spirit Choose a natural talisman. A talisman is a token chosen to create a certain effect. Crystals, stones, and feathers are natural talismans you can use to protect yourself from anxiety, relieve stress, and remind you who you really are. From alternative medicine and ayurvedic nutrition to chakra healing and tantric sex, this book allows you to weave self-care into the weft and woof of your lives, transforming your lives--moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day.

Self-Coaching: The Powerful Program to Beat Anxiety and Depression (2nd edition)

by Joseph J. Luciani

The simple, untold truth about anxiety and depression is that they are habits of insecurity--and, like all habits, they can be broken. In this new edition of the highly successful Self-Coaching, Dr. Joseph Luciani shows you how to change your way of thinking and develop a healthy, adaptive way of living through his proven Self-Talk strategy for coaching yourself back to health.

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