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Multiple Sclerosis: Current Status And Strategies For The Future

by Institute of Medicine

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic and often disabling disease of the nervous system, affecting about 1 million people worldwide. Even though it has been known for over a hundred years, no cause or cure has yet been discovered-but now there is hope. New therapies have been shown to slow the disease progress in some patients, and the pace of discoveries about the cellular machinery of the brain and spinal cord has accelerated.This book presents a comprehensive overview of multiple sclerosis today, as researchers seek to understand its processes, develop therapies that will slow or halt the disease and perhaps repair damage, offer relief for specific symptoms, and improve the abilities of MS patients to function in their daily lives.The panel reviews existing knowledge and identifies key research questions, focusing on: Research strategies that have the greatest potential to understand the bio- logical mechanisms of recovery and to translate findings into specific strategies for therapy. How people adapt to MS and the research needed to improve the lives of people with MS. Management of disease symptoms (cognitive impairment, depression, spasticity, vision problems, and others). The committee also discusses ways to build and financially support the MS research enterprise, including a look at challenges inherent in designing clinical trials. This book will be important to MS researchers, research funders, health care advocates for MS research and treatment, and interested patients and their families.

Multiple Sclerosis: Understanding the Cognitive Challenges

by Nicholas Larocca Rosalind Kalb

Written by two clinical psychologists with contributions from two neuropsychologists -- each an MS specialist -- Multiple Sclerosis: Understanding the Cognitive Challenges answers all questions patients may have about their condition, including: A definition of cognition and discussion of the processes that underlie human thought The emotional and social impact of cognitive changes The neuropsychological evaluation of cognitive symptoms Detailed overview of treatment options Vignettes describing the real-life experiences of people with cognitive dysfunction Extensive references to the scientific literature Combining detailed, referenced advice with hands-on strategies for living, this is the only book to provide in-depth information about cognitive dysfunction. It will be an invaluable reference to patients, families, and caregivers, as well as to health professionals who care for people with MS.

Multiscale Modeling of the Skeletal System

by Marco Viceconti

Integrative approaches to biomedical research promise to advance our understanding of the human body and physiopathology of diseases. In this book, the author focuses on the skeletal system, demonstrating how multiscale modeling can determine the relationship between bone mechanics and disease. Introductory chapters explain the concept of integrative research, what a model is, predictive modeling, and the computational methods used throughout the book. Starting with whole body anatomy, physiology and modeling, subsequent chapters scale down from bone and tissue levels to the cellular level, where the modeling of mechanobiological processes is addressed. Finally, the principles are applied to address truly complex, multiscale interactions. Special attention is given to real-world clinical applications: one in pediatric skeletal oncology and one on the prediction of fracture risks in osteoporotic patients. This book has wide interdisciplinary appeal and is a valuable resource for researchers in mechanical and biomedical engineering, quantitative physiology and computational biology.

Muscles Testing and Function with Posture and Pain (5th Edition)

by Florence Peterson Kendall Elizabeth Kendall Mccreary Patricia Geise Provance Mary Mcintyre Rodgers William Anthony Romani

This book intends to provide rehabilitation professionals with a wealth of knowledge and background in the all-important aspect of the patient/client examination process.

The Muscular System: The Insider's Guide to the Body

by Katherine White

Now more than ever, teens are proactive in their attempts to be healthy and fit. This book guides teens in understanding all of the components of their muscular systems and the relationship between muscles and the rest of their bodily functions, such as digestion and heartbeat. Includes intriguing facts, ways to keep muscles healthy, and discussions on muscular diseases.

Musculoskeletal Assessment: Joint Motion and Muscle Testing (Third Edition)

by Hazel M. Clarkson

A comprehensive textbook that contains the principles and methodology of joint Range of Motion (ROM) and manual muscle strength evaluation in one volume.

Mutual Aid Groups, Vulnerable and Resilient Populations, and the Life Cycle (3rd Edition)

by Alex Gitterman Lawrence Shulman

This completely revised and updated third edition examines the role of mutual aid groups and social workers in helping members of oppressed, vulnerable, and resilient populations regain control over their lives. New chapters included in this volume illustrate the power of mutual aid processes in dealing with children traumatized by the events of September 11, adult survivors of sexual abuse, parents with developmentally challenged children, people with AIDS in substance recovery, and mentally ill older adults.

My Anxious Mind: A Teen's Guide to Managing Anxiety and Panic

by Michael A. Tompkins Katherine A. Martinez

Written for teens who are experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, this guide provides simple strategies and tools that can reduce these feelings and behaviors in roughly 30 minutes. Tompkins and Martinez are both licensed psychologists and practitioners at a San Francisco center for cognitive therapy, and they provide concise and effective tips that include breathing and relaxation exercises, nutrition, sleep, exercise and facing fears "one step at a time." Additional chapters deal with knowing when to ask for help, and when medication may be a viable option for dealing with these stressful situations.

My Body Belongs to Me

by Jill Starishevsky

"Dear Reader, Among the first things we teach children is to name the various parts of their bodies. As they grow older, this conversation should go a step further - some parts of their bodies are private and belong just to them. Just as we teach youngsters what to do in case of fire, we must teach them what to do if someone touches them inappropriately. The overriding message in My Body Belongs to Me is that if someone touches you, tell. Sadly, the overwhelming majority of sexually abused children don't immediately disclose the abuse. As a result, the abuse often escalates. There are many reasons for a child's silence: Perhaps the abuser says it's a secret. Maybe the child believes that he or she is at fault. Without being taught that his or her body has boundaries, a child may be too young to understand that the abuse is wrong. Parents often don't know when or how to approach this topic with their children. Written for 3-to-10-year-olds, My Body Belongs to Me is a tool that aims to facilitate this difficult discussion in a straightforward yet sensitive manner."

My Body Is Mine!

by Peter Deji Osilaja

Ages 4-10. 6-year-old Michael is just as nervous about attending his first sleepover party, as his mom and dad are concerned for his safety. As Michael experiences being away from home for the first time, he learns critical lessons about sexual abuse, Internet dangers, and self defense. KidSafety of America

My Body, My Self for Boys

by Lynda Madaras Area Madaras

The Madaras growing-up guides are acknowledged by parents, educators, librarians, and doctors for their unique, nonthreatening style, excellent organization, and thorough coverage of both the physical and emotional issues surrounding puberty and adolescence. And kids love them too! As one fan wrote, "Dear Lynda, I can't believe that you, a mom, knew all this stuff!" My Body, My Self for Boys is filled with activities, checklists, illustrations, and plenty of room for journal jottings, plus lots of personal stories in which boys share their concerns and experiences about growing up. For ages 10 and up.

My Body, My Self for Girls

by Lynda Madaras Area Madaras

What's happening to my body? Is this normal? This fact-filled journal and activity book makes it fun for girls to find answers to their many questions about the physical and emotional changes that accompany puberty. With quizzes, checklists, games, and illustrations throughout, My Body, My Self for Girls also includes journal pages and lots of personal stories addressing girls' concerns, experiences, and feelings during this new stage of their lives.

My Doctor Says I Have A Little Diabetes: A Guide To Understanding And Controlling Type 2 Non-insulin-dependent Diabetes

by Sandra Woodruff Martha Hope Mccool

The diagnosis of diabetes can at first be very overwhelming. Your mind may be filled with questions -- questions about what diabetes is, how you can cope with it, and what the possible complications may be. But the truth is that if you are one of the many people who have type 2 diabetes -- also called non-insulin-dependent diabetes -- there are many things you can do to control your diabetes. My Doctor Says I Have a Little Diabetes was designed to help you do just that. Written in easy-to-understand language, this book begins by explaining the basics of diabetes and diabetes care. The authors define exactly what diabetes is, and dispel many common misconceptions about this disorder. Each of the remaining chapters looks at a specific aspect of diabetes care. You'll learn how to effectively monitor your glucose level, how to follow a diet that you can live with (and even enjoy!), and how to use exercise to maximize diabetes control and enhance your well-being. Still other chapters will help you master any diabetes medication you may be taking, assist you in understanding and controlling high and low blood glucose levels, and teach you to prevent complications. You'll even learn how to handle special situations such as illness and travel. Medical researchers have discovered that good diabetes care does indeed make a difference. Let My Doctor Says I Have a Little Diabetes be your guide to living successfully with diabetes.

My Guy: A Gay Man's Guide to a Lasting Relationship

by Martin Kantor

My Guy offers a step-by-step approach that any gay man can use to take charge of his life, master his flaws through self-awareness and dedicate himself to creating a great relationship.

My Health: An Outcomes Approach

by Rebecca J. Donatelle

The organization of the book into modules allows students to customize their study plan to fit their particular time constraints. Learning outcomes and "Check Yourself" review questions tied to these outcomes are part of each module, so students can learn the information and then test their understanding right away, getting immediate feedback on their progress. My Health's learning outcomes were developed and edited by instructors to ensure that they meet the course's needs nationwide.

My Husband Betty: Love, Sex, and Life with a Crossdresser

by Helen Boyd

Boyd, a journalist, knowingly marries a crossdresser. This book is her stated unbiased overview of crossdressers, their partners, and various issues in their relationships. However, she is very clearly biased in many areas. She often presents conflicting perspectives of her own, which can be confusing to those new to gender studies. If you are new to transgender study, start with her own glossary in the back of the book to see how this author uses specific labels---which may be different from other authors. She stresses need for CD people as a group to "come out" and align themselves with great transgender acceptance movement in order to gain society acceptance and be including in non-discrimination laws. There is also a list of resources: books, groups, websites. Her next book, "She's Not the Man I Married: My Life with a Transgender Husband" (already on Bookshare) is more personalized and answers many of her own questions from this first book. Photos are noted by the word photo within brackets.

My Kind of Sad: What It's Like to Be Young and Depressed

by Kate Scowen

Helping teens deal with depression. "Once you've been through it and you're able to get out of it, then you can handle pretty much anything." - Caroline, age 19. Written to be read by teens themselves, My Kind of Sad lays out the facts on moodiness, depression, and the stresses of teenaged life. From the factors affecting how kids feel to the signs of serious depression, the book explores youth-specific mental health issues and offers teens expert advice on how to find help for themselves or help a friend in need. To help kids differentiate between general worries and something more serious, the topics include: reactive depression (a mood) vs. clinical depression (a mood disorder); bipolar disorder; anxiety disorders (panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder); disordered eating (how food affects mood) vs. eating disorders (diseases that can kill); self-mutilation (cutting); suicide warning signs and treatment options. Along with constructive guidance from professionals and stats from the latest studies, the book shares thoughts and feelings from teens who have experienced different forms of depression. Complete with pages of resources to help learn more, My Kind of Sad is a valuable ally in the battle against hopelessness.

My Life as a Furry Red Monster: What Being Elmo Has Taught Me About Life, Love, and Laughing Out Loud

by Kevin Clash

From the Book Jacket: Hello, Everybody! The furry red monster known as Elmo has charmed his way into hearts and homes throughout the world with his unmistakable laugh, over-the-top enthusiasm, and boundless love. Elmo's appeal is nothing short of magical. Kids adore him, and parents find him irresistible. What is it about this little monster? Meet Kevin Clash, the man behind the Muppet and the unassuming heart and soul of Elmo. At last, the puppeteer who has performed Elmo for nearly twenty years comes out from behind the stage to share his story. Weaving together his memories of growing up with the life lessons gained from his furry red alter ego, Kevin reveals himself to be as caring, and as eager to grow and learn and love, as the very special character he brings to life. You will discover how young Kevin honed his talent entertaining the kids in his mother's home day care with puppets he made from slippers and coat liners; how, as a struggling young artist, he realized his dream to meet and then work for his idol, Muppet creator Jim Henson; and how each and every day of performing Elmo reinforces for him what is most important in life. As Kevin has been inspired by Elmo, now all learn from his furry red ways. Kevin's (and Elmo's) thoughts on love, creativity, friendship, and optimism remind us of life's simple truths and ultimately encourage us all to be a little bit more like Elmo-to live with joy, to love more easily, and to laugh more often. KEVIN CLASH began making his own puppets and performing for live audiences when he was a boy. He turned his childhood obsession into a professional passion, forging a career in television and making an indelible mark on children's imaginations. Kevin has been with Sesame Street for twenty-six years and is coexecutive producer of "Elmo's World." He has won three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series and six for his work as coexecutive producer of an Outstanding Pre-School Children's Series. He has a daughter, Shannon, and lives in New York City.

My Lobotomy: A Memoir

by Howard Dully Charles Fleming

At twelve, Howard Dully was guilty of the same crimes as other boys his age: he was moody and messy, rambunctious with his brothers, contrary just to prove a point, and perpetually at odds with his parents. Yet somehow, this normal boy became one of the youngest people on whom Dr. Walter Freeman performed his barbaric transorbital--or ice pick--lobotomy. Abandoned by his family within a year of the surgery, Howard spent his teen years in mental institutions, his twenties in jail, and his thirties in a bottle. It wasn't until he was in his forties that Howard began to pull his life together. But even as he began to live the "normal" life he had been denied, Howard struggled with one question: Why? "October 8, 1960. I gather that Mrs. Dully is perpetually talking, admonishing, correcting, and getting worked up into a spasm, whereas her husband is impatient, explosive, rather brutal, won't let the boy speak for himself, and calls him numbskull, dimwit, and other uncomplimentary names." There were only three people who would know the truth: Freeman, the man who performed the procedure; Lou, his cold and demanding stepmother who brought Howard to the doctor's attention; and his father, Rodney. Of the three, only Rodney, the man who hadn't intervened on his son's behalf, was still living. Time was running out. Stable and happy for the first time in decades, Howard began to search for answers. "December 3, 1960. Mr. and Mrs. Dully have apparently decided to have Howard operated on. I suggested [they] not tell Howard anything about it." Through his research, Howard met other lobotomy patients and their families, talked with one of Freeman's sons about his father's controversial life's work, and confronted Rodney about his complicity. And, in the archive where the doctor's files are stored, he finally came face to face with the truth. Revealing what happened to a child no one--not his father, not the medical community, not the state--was willing to protect, My Lobotomy exposes a shameful chapter in the history of the treatment of mental illness. Yet, ultimately, this is a powerful and moving chronicle of the life of one man. Without reticence, Howard Dully shares the story of a painfully dysfunctional childhood, a misspent youth, his struggle to claim the life that was taken from him, and his redemption.

My Maggie

by Richard King

My Maggie is a rare and real love story. Rich and Maggie King were two people who never gave up on each other-a testament to a love few have the will to attain. She was his childhood sweetheart and wife of thirty-two years. Diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of four, she wore cumbersome hearing aids and felt the humiliation of being "different." Slowly, an insidious disease robbed her of her vision. She fought three different cancers, changed careers in the middle of her life, and fought to realize her dreams. Yet, underneath these great challenges, there was an incredible love shared by two people. It was cemented by adversity and reached a near perfect spiritual connection. They lived a classic old- fashioned love story. King shares one of the most powerful, complex, and memorable love stories ever written. It is an American story of great heroism, courage, and devotion. Maggie was a woman who understood how to lead a happy life and led it, in spite of the challenges placed in front of her. My Maggie is great drama, great passion, and great fun. It is a book written with a love so immense it almost defies description.

My Own Country: A Doctor's Story

by Abraham Verghese

Nestled in the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee, the town of Johnson City had always seemed exempt from the anxieties of modern American life. But when the local hospital treated its first AIDS patient, a crisis that had once seemed an urban problem, had arrived in the town to stay. Working in Johnson City was Abraham Verghese, a young Indian doctor specializing in infectious diseases. Dr. Verghese became by necessity the local AIDS expert, soon besieged by a shocking number of male and female patients whose stories came to occupy his mind, and even take over his life. Verghese brought a singular perspective to Johnson City: as a doctor unique in his abilities; as an outsider who could talk to people suspicious of local practitioners; above all, as a writer of grace and compassion who saw that what was happening in this conservative community was both a medical and a spiritual emergency. Out of his experience comes a startling but ultimately uplifting portrait of the American heartland as it confronts--and surmounts--its deepest prejudices and fears.

My Path Leads to Tibet: The Inspiring Story of How One Young Blind Woman Brought Hope to the Blind Children of Tibet

by Sabriye Tenberken

Defying everyone's advice, armed only with her rudimentary knowledge of Chinese and Tibetan, Sabriye Tenberken set out to do something about the appalling condition of the Tibetan blind, who she learned had been abandoned by society and left to die. Traveling on horseback throughout the country, she sought them out, devised a Braille alphabet in Tibetan, equipped her charges with canes for the first time, and set up a school for the blind. Her efforts were crowned with such success that hundreds of young blind Tibetans, instilled with a newfound pride and an education, have now become self-supporting. A tale that will leave no reader unmoved, it demonstrates anew the power of the positive spirit to overcome the most daunting odds.

My Reality Check Bounced!: The Twentysomethings' Guide To Cashing In On Your Real-World Dreams

by Jason Ryan Dorsey

It's time to cash your reality check and re-create your life on your own terms. In your twenties you expect to finally live life on your own terms. But it can seem like the world won't cooperate. Roommates drive you crazy (but you can't afford to lose them), entry-level jobs frustrate you ("Four hundred double-sided copies before lunch,"), and even a dream job can take over your nights and weekends, leaving you feeling like you are running hard but going nowhere. Jason Ryan Dorsey helps you turn this coming-of-age crisis into opportunity. He shows you the big secret of the real world-that you don't realize how much control you have over your life until you use it. In My Reality Check Bounced! Jason shows you how to: Find the courage to climb out of your real-world rut Create a Future Picture that gets you off your "buts" Uncover opportunity and build a tag team to make the most of it Live like you mean it, and finally cash your reality check.

My Son ... My Son: A Guide to Healing After Death, Loss or Suicide

by Iris Bolton Curtis Mitchell

This book was inspired by the suicide of the 20-year-old son of the author, Iris Bolton. Mrs. Bolton describes in detail the journey she made from the devastation of losing her son Mitch by suicide to the step by step healing that took place in her life. The book is hopeful and helpful to those who have suffered any loss from death, divorce, or separation. It gives promise of recovery and healing and learning to live with the terrible event. Written in 1983, MY SON...MY SON... is now in its 18th printing. This book ships to countries all over the world, from Australia and New Zealand to England and South Africa. It is being used as a teaching guide for students in colleges from California to Maine. Ministers, priests and rabbis have found the book helpful as they minister to those who have suffered any loss. Originally available only in paperback, the entire book was studio recorded by Iris Bolton in 1995. The audio edition on four cassettes provides an even greater opportunity for those dealing with grief to hear in Iris's own voice the inspiring message of hope, help and health. The book is available in the four cassette audio edition, hardback edition and the paperback edition. MY SON...MY SON... Will Help You If You Are: Bereaved, Grieving or Mourning; A Friend or Acquaintance of Someone in Mourning; A Psychiatrist, Psychologist, or Mental Health Worker; A Physician, Nurse, or Hospital Employee; A Clergyman or Funeral Director; A School Counselor, Teacher or Administrator; An Attorney, Police Officer or Juvenile Justice Worker.

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