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Dolphin Healing

by Horace E. Dobbs

The book describes the history of man's interaction with dolphins and the positive benefits of this relationship. The science of dolphin healing and the healing power of sound is also explained clearly. Horace recounts some of the many amazing examples of dolphin healing he has encountered and examines the success of organised dolphin healing around the world including the work of the famous Dolphin Healing Centre in Kyoto, Japan. Finally the book explores ways in which we can all experience dolphin healing, including the use of photography, film and audio tapes.

Domestic Violence: Intersectionality and Culturally Competent Practice

by Fran S. Danis Lettie L. Lockhart

Experts working with twelve unique groups of domestic abuse survivors provide the latest research on their populations and use a case study approach to demonstrate culturally sensitive intervention strategies. Chapters focus on African Americans, Native Americans, Latinas, Asian and Pacific Island communities, persons with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, women in later life, LGBT survivors, and military families. They address domestic violence in rural environments and among teens, as well as the role of religion in shaping attitudes and behavior. Lettie L. Lockhart and Fran S. Danis are editors of the Council of Social Work Education's popular teaching modules on domestic violence and founding co-chairs of the CSWE symposium on violence against women and children. In their introduction, they provide a thorough overview of intersectionality, culturally competent practice, and domestic violence and basic practice strategies, such as universal screening, risk assessment, and safety planning. They follow with collaborative chapters on specific populations demonstrating the value of generalist social work practice, including developing respectful relationships that define issues from the survivor's perspective; collecting and assessing data; setting goals and contracting; identifying culturally specific interventions; implementing culturally appropriate courses of action; participating in community-level strategies; and advocating for improved policies and funding at local, state, and federal levels. Featuring resources applicable to both practitioners and clients, Domestic Violence forms an effective tool for analysis and action.

The Dominance Factor: How Knowing Your Dominant Eye, Ear, Brain, Hand and Foot Can Improve Your Learning

by Carla Hannaford

Neuroscientist and educator Dr. Carla Hannaford fascinating frontier (study) of knowledge about ... and its impact on learning and thinking at an ages. Her earlier book, Smart Moves, Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head, has been hailed for its insights into the body's role in learning. Joseph Chilton Pearce calls it "a major work of profound importance to our understanding of child development and education." In The Dominance Factor she explores an area that has long intrigued scientists and educators: the linkages between the side of the body we favor for seeing, hearing, touching, and moving and the way we think, learn, work, play, and relate to others. Your Dominance Profile is actually a key factor in shaping the way you think and act. Carla Hannaford shows why, and reveals how knowing your Profile will help you, and your children, to learn in the way that suits you best, and perform at your highest level. The Dominance Factor clearly explains methods for discovering your Profile that are so simple, non-invasive and easy to learn that even a child can do them. This is a book that parents, teachers, and all of us who need to understand what makes ourselves and others tick, will use and enjoy.

Domingos Alvares, African Healing, And The Intellectual History Of The Atlantic World

by James H. Sweet

Between 1730 and 1750, Domingos Alvares traversed the colonial Atlantic world like few Africans of his time--from Africa to South America to Europe. By tracing the steps of this powerful African healer and vodun priest, James Sweet finds dramatic means for unfolding a history of the eighteenth-century Atlantic world in which healing, religion, kinship, and political subversion were intimately connected. Alvares treated many people across the Atlantic, yet healing was rarely a simple matter of remedying illness and disease. Through the language of health and healing, Alvares also addressed the profound alienation of warfare, capitalism, and the African slave trade. As a result, he and other African healers frequently ran afoul of imperial power brokers. Nevertheless, even the powerful suffered isolation in the Atlantic world and often turned to African healers for answers. In this way, healers simultaneously became fierce critics of Atlantic imperialism and expert translators of it, adapting their therapeutic strategies in order to secure social relevance and even power. By tracing Alvares' frequent uprooting and border crossing, Sweet illuminates how African healing practices evolved in the diaspora, contesting the social and political hierarchies of imperialism while also making profound impacts on the intellectual discourse of the "modern" Atlantic world.

Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy: The Rainbow Serpent of the Toltecs

by Merilyn Tunneshende

Readers of Carlos Casteneda have often complained that his work in ancient Meso-american shamanism never covered sexual practices beyond celibacy. With his death in 1998 it seemed that these practices might never be revealed, but fortunately Merilyn Tunneshende has stepped in. Set against the backdrop of the golden deserts of Sonora, Mexico, Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy recounts Tunneshende's initiation into the ancient sexual energy practices of the Toltec-Mayan tradition. Under the tutelage of don Juan Matus, -Chon Yakil (whom Castenada referred to as Don Genaro), and dona Celestina de la Soledad, she learns to reclaim her minine power and balance the masculine and feminine sources within herself. At the heart of the book is the mythical Rainbow Serpent: le phallic energy within women, the creative power within men. Each chapter focuses on a particular technique for awakening the serpent and connecting with its energy. Twenty-two sequential practices are covered, providing a powerful program for serious spiritual transformation.

Don't Bet Against Me! Beating the Odds Against Breast Cancer and in Life

by Angela Elwell Hunt Deanna Favre

From the book jacket: AT AGE 35, DEANNA FAVRE HAD IT ALL - A loving husband at the peak of his NFL career Two beautiful daughters A wonderful life... AND BREAST CANCER No one is immune to tragedy. Deanna Favre is living proof. A shy, small-town girl from Kiln, Mississippi, Deanna had always been perfectly content to let her famous husband steal the spotlight. Though married to the NFL's only three-time MVP, she preferred to live a life of quiet anonymity. But on December 22, 2003, the spotlight shifted. When television cameras zeroed in on a somber Deanna watching her grief-stricken husband lead the Green Bay Packers to a Monday night victory over the Oakland Raiders immediately following the death of his father, Deanna's anonymity was lost, and her life changed forever. Tragedy struck again the following October when Deanna's younger brother, Casey, was killed in an ATV accident. Four days later-still reeling from the loss of her brother--Deanna was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through it all, however, Deanna has emerged a survivor. In this candid and inspirational memoir, she shares the triumphs and the tragedies of a life lived both behind the scenes and on center stage. From her years as a single mom and her high-profile marriage to Brett, to her highly publicized battle with breast cancer and the work she is currently doing through the Deanna Favre HOPE Foundation, her story is living testament that with faith. and love, ordinary people can overcome the most extraordinary circumstances. Three years later and cancer-free, Deanna has become one of breast cancer's leading activists. As the founder of the Deanna Favre HOPE Foundation, she now travels the country to speak about the importance of early diagnosis and raises funds to provide early diagnostic services, education, and financial support for uninsured and underinsured women battling breast cancer. Deanna, Brett, and their daughters, Brittany and Breleigh, live in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. With more than three million copies of her books sold worldwide, ANGELA HUNT is the best-selling author of more than one hundred books, including The Tale of Three Trees, The Note, and Magdalene. She and her husband make their home in Florida. DEANNA FAVRE HOPE FOUNDATION A portion of the proceeds for this book will go to the Deanna Favre HOPE Foundation to provide financial support for uninsured and underinsured women battling breast cancer.

Don't Call It Love: Recovery From Sexual Addiction

by Patrick J. Carnes

"Dr. Patrick Carnes is a creative, pioneering, and courageous human being. His books are changing the lives of thousands!"<P> "I lost three marriages, all because of affairs." <P> "I became suicidal because of multiple intense involvements." <P> "I spent money on sex when I needed it for children's clothes." "<P> I lost promotion opportunities and a special scholarship because my co-workers found out about my sex life." <P> Every day they face the possibility of destruction, risking their families, fiances, jobs, dignity, and health. They come from all walks of life: ministers, physicians, therapists, politicians, executives, blue-collar workers. Most were abused as children--sexually, physically or emotionally--and saw addictive behavior in their early lives. Most grapple with other addictions as well, but their fiercest battle is with the most astounding prevalent "secret" disorder in America: sexual addiction. Here is a ground-breaking work by the nation's leading professional expert on sexual addiction, based on the candid testimony of more than one thousand recovering sexual addicts in the first major scientific study of the disorder. This essential volume includes not only the revealing findings of Dr. Carne's research with recovering addicts but also advice from the addicts and co-addicts themselves as they work to overcome their compulsive behavior. Positive, hopeful, and practical, Don't Call It Love is a landmark book that helps us better understand all addictions, their causes, and the difficult path to recovery.

Don't Cry for Yesterday (Why Me #1)

by Deborah Kent

High schooler Amber Novak's life is changed forever when a date with hunky Eric Moore ends in a car crash. Now Amber will never walk again. When she begins rehab at Hamilton Hospital, she meets others who understand her pain, and they warn her that nothing can prepare her for reality. Can she find the courage to rebuild her life and dream again?

Don't Die, My Love

by Lurlene Mcdaniel

Julie Ellis and Luke Muldenhower have always been school sweethearts. Now both are in high school and deeply in love. Luke, a talented football player, is almost certain to receive an athletic scholarship to a top college. And no matter what her parents say, wherever Luke goes, Julie intends to follow. When Luke can't shake what he thinks is a virus, Julie persuades him to see a doctor. Luke's test results are alarming, but Julie believes their love is stronger than anything. Can love survive, now and forever?

The Don't Diet, Live-It! Workbook

by Andrea Wachter Marsea Marcus

This sensitive workbook teaches readers how to be at peace with their bodies.

Don't Eat This Book: Fast Food and the Supersizing of America

by Morgan Spurlock

"Benevolent muckraker" Morgan Spurlock debuts a wry investigative voice that will appeal to anyone interested in the health of our country, our children, and ourselves.

Don't Eat Your Heart Out Cookbook

by Joseph C. Piscatella

How to reduce cholesterol, salt, fat and sugar, and still eat tasty food. How to adapt everyday recipes for healthful eating. How to permanently change eating habits. How to read and understand labels. How to lose weight and keep it off. How to handle eating in a restaurant, and more.

Don't Give Up...Don't Ever Give Up

by Justin Spizman Robyn Spizman

"If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special. "Jimmy V was a catalyst. He was a dreamer. And he served as an inspiration to so many. Facing his own mortality, he stood tall and found the courage and bravery for one last call to arms. He took the world's biggest stage and delivered some of the world's biggest lessons. These lessons were the heart of the speech and the inspiration for this book. But it all started with a speech. . .

Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me

by Paula Begoun

Begown's mission is to educate women on the facts that the $45 billion cosmetics industry doesn't want people to know. In her makeup and skincare bible, she deciphers ingredient lists, translates cosmetics-counter beauty babble, and evaluates the worth of virtually every product on the market. This completely revised and expanded edition includes more than 75 new product lines.

Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me

by Paula Begoun Bryan Barron

Paula Begoun has been reporting on the beauty industry for more than 25 years. Loved by readers and feared by corporations, she has earned the name of "Cosmetics Cop" for her thorough, authoritative investigations of beauty products and her fierce consumer advocacy. From drugstores and home shopping to department stores and catalogs, Begoun reviews all of the major cosmetic and skin care lines product by product - more than 30,000 in all. Regardless of the price tags, there are good and bad products in almost every line, and with the turn of a page, readers receive concise reviews and fast answers in this comprehensive, totally revised edition. Begoun covers product websites, efficacy, and whether claims such as youth extension are accurate. Individual chapters are devoted to best products, a cosmetic ingredients dictionary, and animal testing. A user-friendly rating system makes finding items worth trying a snap.

Don't Just Stand There

by Beegee Tolpa Jon Lichtenstein Elissa Stein

Don't Just Stand There delivers! Written by a husband and wife team, this guidebook outlines everything an expectant father needs to know to navigate the big day. Dads get clear direction on what to bring, how to calm and soothe, what to say and, more important, what to definitely not say. A chapter on the stages of labor makes it easy to track what's happening when, while guiding mom to mention her preferences ahead of time. With witty illustrations and confidence-inspiring advice throughout, it's an essential for expecting parents.

Don't Kill the Birthday Girl

by Sandra Beasley

A beautifully written and darkly funny journey through the world of the allergic. Like twelve million other Americans, Sandra Beasley suffers from food allergies. Her allergies--severe and lifelong--include dairy, egg, soy, beef, shrimp, pine nuts, cucumbers, cantaloupe, honeydew, mango, macadamias, pistachios, cashews, swordfish, and mustard. Add to that mold, dust, grass and tree pollen, cigarette smoke, dogs, rabbits, horses, and wool, and it's no wonder Sandra felt she had to live her life as "Allergy Girl." When butter is deadly and eggs can make your throat swell shut, cupcakes and other treats of childhood are out of the question--and so Sandra's mother used to warn guests against a toxic, frosting-tinged kiss with "Don't kill the birthday girl!" It may seem that such a person is "not really designed to survive," as one blunt nutritionist declared while visiting Sandra's fourth-grade class. But Sandra has not only survived, she's thrived--now an essayist, editor, and award-winning poet, she has learned to navigate a world in which danger can lurk in an unassuming corn chip. Don't Kill the Birthday Girl is her story. With candor, wit, and a journalist's curiosity, Sandra draws on her own experiences while covering the scientific, cultural, and sociological terrain of allergies. She explains exactly what an allergy is, describes surviving a family reunion in heart-of-Texas beef country with her vegetarian sister, delves into how being allergic has affected her romantic relationships, exposes the dark side of Benadryl, explains how parents can work with schools to protect their allergic children, and details how people with allergies should advocate for themselves in a restaurant. A compelling mix of memoir, cultural history, and science, Don't Kill the Birthday Girl is mandatory reading for the millions of families navigating the world of allergies--and a not-to-be-missed literary treat for the rest of us.From the Hardcover edition.

Don't Let Jerks Get the Best of You

by Paul Meier

From the book: The driver who pulls out in front of you in traffic. The intimidating boss who chews you out for every mistake. Parents or in-laws who manipulate you through your children. We are all jerks in one degree or another, says Dr. Paul Meier-we all tend to be selfish or take advantage at times, without meaning any harm, of course. "I'm qualified to write this book not only because I am a psychiatrist, but because I have experience as a jerk," says Dr. Meier. "I don't want to be a jerk! I don't like being a jerk. But it comes automatically, like breathing and sleeping." Dr. Meier combines years of counseling with a light-hearted look at his own life in this handbook on human relationships to help you Be aware when you are being manipulated or abused Understand how your past can influence your reactions to people now Identify your own "jerk" tendencies Develop and nurture mature relationships based on respect With Don't Let Jerks Get the Best of You, you can begin to take control of your life and develop relationships that will build confidence, trust, and joy

Don't Look, Don't Touch, Don't Eat: The Science Behind Revulsion

by Valerie Curtis

Every flu season, sneezing, coughing, and graphic throat-clearing become the day-to-day background noise in every workplace. And coworkers tend to move as far--and as quickly--away from the source of these bodily eruptions as possible. Instinctively, humans recoil from objects that they view as dirty and even struggle to overcome feelings of discomfort once the offending item has been cleaned. These reactions are universal, and although there are cultural and individual variations, by and large we are all disgusted by the same things. In Don't Look, Don't Touch, Don't Eat, Valerie Curtis builds a strong case for disgust as a "shadow emotion"--less familiar than love or sadness, it nevertheless affects our day-to-day lives. In disgust, biological and sociocultural factors meet in dynamic ways to shape human and animal behavior. Curtis traces the evolutionary role of disgust in disease prevention and hygiene, but also shows that it is much more than a biological mechanism. Human social norms, from good manners to moral behavior, are deeply rooted in our sense of disgust. The disgust reaction informs both our political opinions and our darkest tendencies, such as misogyny and racism. Through a deeper understanding of disgust, Curtis argues, we can take this ubiquitous human emotion and direct it towards useful ends, from combating prejudice to reducing disease in the poorest parts of the world by raising standards of hygiene. Don't Look, Don't Touch, Don't Eat reveals disgust to be a vital part of what it means to be human and explores how this deep-seated response can be harnessed to improve the world.

Don't Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart: How to Relate to Those Who are Grieving

by Kenneth C. Haugk

From the book jacket: "Within an hour of finishing this book, I found myself using some of the things I had learned. I recommend it to anyone who has ever wanted to help a friend who was hurting but didn't know what to do or say." Rev. Darren Walker First United Methodist Church Glen Rose, Texas "Dr. Haugk draws on his own pain, as well as research with thousands of others, to offer simple, practical ways to relate to those who are suffering." Sandy Gagliardi St. Luke's Episcopal Church Hilton Head Island, South Carolina "We are all called to care. This book provides the critical tools, understanding, and compassion we need to be a help and comfort to others. A must-read for everyone!" Michael L. Russo St. Rochus Catholic Parish Johnstown, Pennsylvania "No fluff, just compelling reading on the art of intelligent sensitivity toward those who are suffering." Dr. Mary Ann Bowman First Presbyterian Church Sarasota, Florida "This book stands head and shoulders above any other on how to care for those who suffer. Its warm, practical approach shows us how we can be Jesus Christ Incarnate to hurting people." Barbara Lambert Altamesa Church of Christ Fort Worth, Texas

Don't Stress! How to Keep Life's Problems Little

by Nancy Krulik

Children will discover simple ways to manage the demands of school, friends, and family in this collection of fifty-six thoughtful mini essays. Each page contains one easy-to-read suggestion to combat stress.

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff...and it's all small stuff

by Richard Carlson

From the back cover: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all small stuff is a book that shows you how to keep from letting the little things in life drive you crazy. Dr. Richard Carlson using an insightful language shows ways to calm down in the midst of your incredibly,hurried, stress-filled life.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Teens: Simple Ways to Keep Your Cool in Stressful Times

by Richard Carlson

This is a self-help book for teens that offers tips on how to manage the small problems in a teen's life so they don't turn into larger ones. Each of the 100 tips is explained, including an example in a short, easy to read, chapter.

Don't Touch That Doorknob!: How germs can zap you and how you can zap back

by Jack Brown

In this eye-opening guide to invisible foes everywhere, a microbiologist and germ-fighting expert gives readers practical advice on how to lessen their risk of infection.

Don't Worry, Be Grumpy

by Ajahn Ajahn Brahm

Laugh aloud even as you look at life anew with these stories from the bestselling author of Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung?In 108 brief stories with titles like "The Bad Elephant," "Girlfriend Power," and "The Happiness License," Ajahn Brahm offers up more timeless wisdom that will speak to people from all walks of life. Drawing from his own experiences, stories shared by his students, and old chestnuts that he delivers with a fresh twist, Ajahn Brahm shows he knows his way around the humorous parable, delighting even as he surprises us with unexpected depth and inspiration.

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