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The Only Way Out

by Deborah Kent

Fourteen-year-old Shannon Thomas is horrified when she learns that she will have to endure another round of chemotherapy to treat her Hodgkin's disease. Then she overhears a girl in the doctor's waiting room talking about a woman in New Orleans who heals people by the laying on of hands. Shannon knows her parents would never consider such a treatment, but she is determined to give it a try. After making her plans in secret she slips away from home and embarks upon her journey. Along the way she has a series of adventures and makes some unexpected discoveries.

The Open-Focus Brain: Harnessing the Power of Attention to Heal Mind and Body

by Jim Robbins Les Fehmi

In this health book, Dr. Les Fehmi a pioneering researcher and clinician teams up with Jim Robbins, an award-winning science writer, to present a disarmingly simple idea: the way we pay attention in daily life plays a critical role in our health and well-being.

Opening Skinner's Box: Great Psychological Experiments of the Twentieth Century

by Lauren Slater

Through examples of experiments by some of psychology's innovative thinkers, Slater traces the evolution of the century's most pressing concerns-free will, authoritarianism, conformity, morality.

Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions

by James W. Pennebaker

Using original research, Dr. James Pennebaker presents astounding evidence for the health benefits of personal self-disclosure, offering sound advice on how each of us can confront and conquer buried turmoil and get on the road to good health.

Opposite Sides of the Bed: A Lively Guide to the Differences Between Women and Men

by Cris Evatt

Opposite Sides of the Bed, formerly titled He & She, explores the sociological, physiological, "and psychological differences between women and men, cites supporting studies, offers suggestions on how to cope and tells you where to go for further reading. Fascinating facts from the most up-to-date research on gender differences Sixty-eight percent of men like the way they look naked; only 22 percent of women do. Women smile more than men, especially when delivering bad news. Women use more adjectives such as wonderful, more diminutives such as cute and more euphemisms. Men are more sensitive to stress. One alcoholic drink for women has about the same effect as two for men. Women cry about five times as much as men; a male hormone may actually suppress tears.

Optimal Muscle Performance and Recovery

by Edmund Burke

Now in a revised and expanded second edition, Optimal Muscle Recovery is a valuable training guide-a must-have for serious endurance athletes or anyone looking to train harder and recover faster. Author Ed Burke is one of the country's leading exercise physiologists, having worked with professional athletes such as runner Frank Shorter and Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong. His recovery program, called the R4 System, is nothing short of revolutionary and has been touted as "breakthrough" research by leaders in athletics. New material includes recovery for the masters and strength athlete; the importance of sleep and nutrition in recovery; and the latest on supplements and sports drinks to aid in replenishment.

The Optimistic Child

by Martin E. P. Seligman Karen Reivich Lisa Jaycox Jane Gillham

The optimistic child : a proven program to safeguard children against depression and build lifelong resilience.

The Optimistic Child: A Proven Program to Safeguard Children Against Depression and Buildlifelong Resilience

by Martin E. Seligman

In The Optimistic Child, Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman offers parents, teachers, and coaches a well-validated program to prevent depression in children. In a thirty-year study, Seligman and his colleagues discovered the link between pessimism -- dwelling on the most catastrophic cause of any setback -- and depression. Seligman shows adults how to teach children the skills of optimism that can help them combat depression, achieve more on the playing field and at school, and improve their physical health.As Seligman states in his new afterword for this edition, "Teaching children optimism is more, I realized, than just correcting pessimism . . . It is the creation of a positive strength, a sunny but solid future-mindedness that can be deployed throughout life -- not only to fight depression and to come back from failure, but also to be the foundation of success and vitality."

Oral Caress: A Loving Guide to Exciting a Woman

by Robert W. Birch

A guide to performing cunnilingus.

The Oral Health Bible

by Michael P. Bonner DDS Earl L. Mindell Rph

Another health revolution has arrived, says Dr. Michael Bonner in his well-researched new book The Oral Health Bible, and there is no longer any separation between mouth medicine and body medicine. The mouth is completely connected to the body, he says, and is a doorway to achieving peak health and wellness in all the body's systems. This informative book contains an action plan for taking charge of our oral health and it educates us and our physicians and dentists by detailing how many debilitating health problems-conditions such as arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, rheumatoid arthritis, and premature and low-birth-weight babies-are intimately linked to oral health and hygiene. . Dr. Bonner emphasizes the importance of finding and treating periodontal (gum) disease because, untreated, it can lead to heart attacks and strokes. He sees more gum disease now than he did twenty-five years ago, he says, largely because of the increasing availability of harmful oral hygiene products on the market. Mouthwashes, for example, are generally considered trustworthy, but in reality, they are the cause of 36,000 cases of oral cancer a year. Moreover, 500 people are killed annually from alcohol ingestion related to mouthwashes. Dr. Bonner discusses safe, effective oral health techniques and products in order to reverse gum disease with its far-reaching negative consequences. He also outlines how nutritional supplements can help deliver potentially enormous benefits to oral, as well as overall, health. In 1910, the Mayo (clinic) brothers said, "A person with a healthy mouth will live ten years longer. "

The Organic Food Shopper's Guide: What You Need To Know To Select And Cook The Best Food On The Market

by Jeff Cox

Why Should You Choose Organic Foods? Organic food has never been more popular, and for good reason: it tastes better, it's more nutritious, and it's better for the environment. This handy guide shows you how to select the freshest, tastiest varieties and transform your organic groceries into memorable meals. You'll find guidance on what to look for when shopping, how to handle each food in the kitchen, and why, when foods are organic, they're so darn good for you. Here's everything you need to enjoy food that you can feel great about eating: * Profiles of more than 100 organic foods * Complete coverage of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, dairy, eggs, meat, and more * At-a-glance advice on peak seasons, nutrition, good varieties, and what to look for * Detailed information on preparation, storage, complementary flavors, and kitchen uses * More than 100 tasty recipes and dozens of cooking tips.


by Annamarie Jagose

For all its vaunted attention to sexuality, queer theory has had relatively little to say about sex, the material and psychic practices through which erotic gratification is sought. In Orgasmology, Annamarie Jagose takes orgasm as her queer scholarly object. From simultaneous to fake orgasms, from medical imaging to pornographic visualization, from impersonal sexual publics to domestic erotic intimacies, Jagose traces the career of orgasm across the twentieth century. <P> Along the way, she examines marriage manuals of the 1920s and 1930s, designed to teach heterosexual couples how to achieve simultaneous orgasms; provides a queer reading of behavioral modification practices of the 1960s and 1970s, aimed at transforming gay men into heterosexuals; and demonstrates how representations of orgasm have shaped ideas about sexuality and sexual identity. <P> A confident and often counterintuitive engagement with feminist and queer traditions of critical thought, Orgasmology affords fresh perspectives on not just sex, sexual orientation, and histories of sexuality, but also agency, ethics, intimacy, modernity, selfhood, and sociality. As modern subjects, we presume we already know everything there is to know about orgasm. This elegantly argued book suggests that orgasm still has plenty to teach us.

Orientation to Counseling

by J. Vincent Peterson Bernard Nisenholz

The field of counseling continues to become an increasingly significant part of the health industry of America. In late 1996, Congress passed a bill which helped to include mental health services with other health services. This bill legislatively formalized the tendency that was already sweeping the nation. And as counseling is gaining greater acceptance, larger numbers of people are choosing to enter this field. This book introduces the field and tenets of counseling and provides an up-to-date look at the current issues surrounding counseling. It also is tailored to the eight required categories for accreditation and licensure, content areas specified by the National Board for Certified Counselors. This book takes a personal approach to introducing readers to the field of counseling. Believing that human development is multi-sided, the authors recognize physical, cognitive-behavioral, social, emotional, and spiritual development. The book includes sections on stress management, career choices, responsibilities of counselors, learning counseling skills, theory and practice, and specific foundation areas like group, family, school and community. Also included throughout the text is a great attention to multicultural issues.

Orientation to the Counseling Profession: Advocacy, Ethics, and Essential Professional Foundations (Second Edition)

by Bradley T. Erford

Designed to orient counselors in training to the profession of counseling--regardless of their area of specialty--this comprehensive, current, and innovative guide covers the major tenets of the counseling profession including advocacy and multicultural counseling; licensure; professional associations; ethical/legal issues; consultation; supervision; outcomes research; and the counseling process, with diverse applications across the lifespan, settings, and specialties. Orientation to the Counseling Profession is precisely aligned with the 2009 CACREP standards, helping CACREP-accredited programs meet the standards and helping non-CACREP programs provide counselors in training with the most current professional training standards. Featured are unique Voices from the Field excerpts that give readers real-life, in-the-trenches practitioner perspectives.

The Origins of Schizophrenia

by Paul H. Patterson Alan S. Brown

The Origins of Schizophrenia synthesizes key findings on a disorder that has been increasingly studied over the past decade. Advances in epidemiology, neuroscience technology, and molecular and statistical genetics have identified new putative environmental risk factors and candidate susceptibility genes, recasting schizophrenia's neurobiological nature. Providing the latest clinical and neuroscience research developments in a comprehensive volume, this collection by world-renowned investigators answers a pressing need for balanced, thorough information, while pointing to future directions in research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Other End of the Stethoscope

by Marcus Engel

Work overload Constantly changing policies Increasing bureaucratic regulations These are just a few of the challenges health care providers face everyday; Challenges that limit the ability to provide excellent patient care. After being blinded and suffering catastrophic injuries at the hands of a drunk driver, Marcus Engel witnessed health care from the other end of the stethoscope. Through 300 hours of reconstructive facial surgery, and years of hospitalization, rehab and recovery, Marcus witnessed first hand, the good, the bad and the ugly of patient care. Marcus' insights will give health care providers new and essential strategies to rediscover the magic and compassion between caregiver and patient. "With over 20 years of experience in medical education, I wish I had this book to share with every resident I taught. Marcus has cut right to the chase, and provides a perspective on medical care that every physician, nurse, and allied health professional should hear." David Campbell, MD, MEd President/CEO Institute for Family Medicine "Marcus' book is a powerful reminder of why we do what we do, and how the tools of communication, compassion and caring make all the difference." Terri Seidel, RN Director of Operations St. Louis and Southern Illinois region Healthsouth Surgery Centers.

Otherwise Fine: Moving Outside the Frame to Conquer the Fears of Dying

by Susan Barry

The "worm at the core" is what William James called the fear of dying in each of us. Otherwise Fine treats the myriad forms of this fear, particularly those heightened in our prime middle years of good health. These can be more acute in Late-or-Never-Bloomers, those who suffer the "Blew-It Anxiety" of unmet potentials or the misfortune of circumstances, inauthentic or diffused identities; as well as those with skeptical or quasi-afterlife beliefs. Also offered are four guideposts for weathering the dying stage itself, and a look beyond it.

Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause

by Vivian Pinn Judy Norsigian Boston Women's Health Book Collective

FROM THE EDITORS OF THE CLASSIC "BIBLE OF WOMEN'S HEALTH," A TRUSTWORTHY, UP-TO-DATE GUIDE TO HELP EVERY WOMAN NAVIGATE THE MENOPAUSE TRANSITION For decades, millions of women have relied on Our Bodies, Ourselves to provide the most comprehensive, honest, and accurate information on women's health. Now, in Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause, the editors of the classic guide discuss the transition of menopause. With a preface by Vivian Pinn, M.D., the director of the Office of Research on Women's Health at the National Institutes of Health, Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause includes definitive information from the latest research and personal stories from a diverse group of women. Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause provides an in-depth look at subjects such as hormone therapy and sexuality as well as proven strategies for coping with challenges like hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats. In clear, accessible language, the book dispels menopause myths and provides crucial information that women can use to take control of their own health and get the best care possible. Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause is an essential resource for women who are experiencing -- or expecting -- menopause.

Our Global Environment: A Health Perspective (7th edition)

by Anne Nadakavukaren

A broad survey of the major environmental issues facing the world today. The dual approach describes the ecological impact of various human activities combined with specific issues of personal and community health, and emphasizes the interrelatedness of the two. Topics include depletion of the ozone layer and its consequences, global warming, current policy options for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the disappearing Aral Sea, Everglades restoration, the deadly bacteria, and environmental racism. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc. , Portland, Or.

Our Health Our Lives

by Eileen Hoffman

A complete health-care guide for women combines the latest studies in gynecology, psychology, and nutrition, demonstrating how the medical system can be transformed to serve important needs.

Our Mom Has Cancer

by Abigail Ackermann Adrienne Ackermann

When Mom's hair started to fall out, the girls helped her shave it off and an aunt had a hat party.These were the kind of moments which helped them make it through the year of Mom's treatment--surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Our Power as Women: The Wisdom and Strategies of Highly Successful Women

by Helene Lerner-Robbins

Whether read cover to cover, or browsed through for advice on a specific topic, this collection of inspiring essays by some of the world's best-known women is a marvelous resource to help you tap your own inner strength and power. Includes the insights of the author and those of: Patricia Ireland Olympia Dukakis anne Williamson Barbara Bush Geraldine Ferraro Ann Richards Gloria Steinem Paula Zahn

Our Sexuality (11th Edition)

by Karla Baur Robert Crooks

This is the most respected and authoritative college textbook available on human sexuality. Written in a direct, non-judgmental manner, this edition of OUR SEXUALITY has been thoroughly and carefully updated to reflect the most current research findings. It is the first college text to bring cutting-edge and in-depth emphasis on the impact of politics on sexuality. Crooks and Baur keep you interested with the most exciting, emerging research and coverage, and focus on strengthening healthy communication among partners. The authors also have revised their overall coverage on maintaining a responsible and healthy sexual relationship, with greater attention to diversity and inclusiveness.

Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival? A Scientific Detective Story

by Theo Colborn Dianne Dumanoski John Peterson Myers

Over thirty years ago, Rachel Carson's Silent Spring first warned that man-made chemicals were taking a deadly toll on birds and wildlife. Only now, however, are we recognizing the full consequences of this insidious threat, which is derailing sexual development and reproduction-not only in a host of animal populations but, it appears, in humans as well. Written by two leading environmental scientists and an award-winning environmental journalist, Our Stolen Future has already become one of the most controversial and talked-about books of the decade. Picking up where Silent Spring left off, this groundbreaking work gives an utterly gripping account that traces birth defects, sexual abnormalities, and reproductive failures in wildlife to their source-synthetic chemicals that mimic natural hormones, upsetting normal reproductive and developmental processes. And humans appear far from immune to the effects of these "hormone impostors." Male sperm counts have dropped as much as 50 percent in recent decades, while women have suffered a dramatic rise in hormone-related cancers, endometriosis, and other disorders. By threatening the ability to reproduce, these chemicals may be invisibly undermining the human future. Piecing together the clues, the authors detail how these industrial pollutants have spread with ease through the web of life from the equator to the poles, and explore what we can and must do to combat this invasion. Timely, urgent, and scrupulously reported, this riveting story of scientific detection will have a major impact on public debate for decades to come. It is indispensable for those concerned about the profound human impact on the environment, the well-being of our children, and the survival of our species.

Out-of-Body Exploring: A Beginner's Approach

by Preston Dennett

An account of the author's alleged astral travels and observations, with practical advice for those working to develop this ability.

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