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Your PregnancyTM: Feeding Your Baby in the First Year

by Judith Schuler Dr Glade B. Curtis

The advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding Guidelines for establishing a breastfeeding routine What you need to know about how your nutrition affects your breast milk Tips for safe and healthy bottle-feeding Information on different formula options and how to find the right one for your baby Tips for introducing solid foods and monitoring for food allergies Advice on the best feeding and burping positions How to recognize whether your baby is getting enough nourishment

Your Primal Body: The Paleo Way to Living Lean, Fit, and Healthy at Any Age

by Mikki Reilly

"Your Primal Body" is a book that will transform how you think about your body. Not just another fitness/weight-loss book, "Your Primal Body" shifts the paradigm for how to achieve a lean, muscular, vibrantly healthy body according to your genetic inheritance. This is the same body your Stone Age ancestors had, expressed through the human genome that evolved over a period of 2. 6 million years. ItOCOs the body you too can have when you learn how to follow ancestral dietary and activity habits in your 21st century life. Scientists studying the remains of early humans tell us how our ancestors were in far better shape than we modern humans, their bodies free of disease and painful conditions. Natural adaptation and selection occurred over millions of years when they lived in caves, hunted wild game, and foraged for plants and berries to surviveOCoa way of life very different than ours today. But one thing has not changed: our DNA. The human genome has evolved so slowly that our genetic blueprint is almost exactly what it was 40,000 years ago when our ancestors still hunted and gathered their food. Lifestyles may have changed, but our modern bodies are no different in their basic DNAOCoa startling fact that revolutionizes how we think about and approach diet and exercise. The thesis of "Your Primal Body" is that we modern humans can follow the diet and activity patterns of our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors for optimal health and weight-loss. When you do eat and move as they did, you are healthier, more muscular, leaner, and pain-free; when you donOCOt, you run into trouble. The OC diseases of civilizationOCOOCoheart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, arthritis, to name a few, are all linked by researchers who study health and longevity to sedentary lifestyles and eating habits. Eating highly processed food and performing minimal activity, you become susceptible to the health problems that plague our modern societyOConone of which our ancestors had. In this book, you will read the argument for switching to a more OC primalOCO way of life and how it is scientifically valid, based in the latest research done by exercise physiologists, evolutionary fitness theorists, and scientists in university laboratories. "Your Primal Body" goes beyond theory and science to give you a practical plan for implementing primal fitness into your modern lifestyle. In Mikki Reilly's "5 Step Primal Body Program," central to the book, she shares her 20 years of experience in training people from all walks of life about how to lose weight, become fit, stay healthy, and condition their body for athletics. Reilly's clients span a range of ages, from 18 to 74, and the book includes their inspiring stories, along with their OC before and afterOCO pictures, placed throughout the text to illustrate the book's points and instructions. Their stories are not fictional composites but actual words of people who got the results they wanted from OC going primal, OCO telling exactly how they did it. The Primal Body approach is not a quick-fix, but a complete overhaul in habits that have been stopping people from taking advantage of their natural inheritance, a fit and healthy body for life. "

Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion: An Informative, Easy-to-Use Guide to Understanding Magic Mushrooms—From Tips and Trips to Microdosing and Psychedelic Therapy

by Michelle Janikian

Learn. Prepare. Trip. Transform!With so much misinformation surrounding magic mushrooms out there, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. This is where Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion comes in to help. In this book, you&’ll find a comprehensive yet friendly guide to everything there is to know about magic mushrooms.Learn how to plan safe, effective trips with easy-to-follow step-by-step advice. Discover how to train a guide to take care of those on psychedelic voyages, as well as how to access the transformative nature of these experiences. Even learn how microdosing can improve your mood, cognitive functioning, creativity, physical stamina, and more.With the most up-to-date research, Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion will put magic mushrooms into perspective, dispel myths and urban legends, and open your mind to the benefits of psychedelic tripping.

Your Psychic Potential

by Richard Ireland

Known as the "Psychic to the Stars," Richard Ireland counseled celebrities including Mae West, Amanda Blake, and Glenn Ford. Twelve years after Ireland's death in 1992, his son Mark was sent this manuscript, written in 1973. Recently, as Mark Ireland recounts in the foreword, two psychic-mediums with no prior knowledge of the project have received messages suggesting that his father deliberately delayed the book's release until now, when it would reach an audience more receptive to developing their psychic talents.Your Psychic Potential includes a description of the four spheres/levels of psychic activity, an exploration of the relationship between artistic talents and the psychic, tests and experiments to help unleash psychic ability, a psychic's diet and meditative exercises that support the freer flow of abilities, and tools to counter inhibitory fears. Anyone interested in discovering their extrasensory talents and achieving conscious control over them is sure to find this an indispensable guide.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Your Psychic Powers and How to Develop Them

by Hereward Carrington

1920. Partial Contents: Harmonious conditions; Fear and how to banish it; Subconscious; Spirit world; Health of mediums and psychics; Self and soul culture; Cultivation of spiritual gifts; Psychometry; Human aura; Color and its interpretation; Symbolism; Telepathy; Clairvoyance; Dreams; Automatic writing; Crystal gazing; Spiritual healing; Cultivation of sensitiveness; Trance; More and less developed spirits; Obsession and insanity; Prayer, concentration and silence; Self projection; Apparitions; Haunted houses; Hypnotism; Personal magnetism; Prophecy vs. fortune telling; Reincarnation; Ethics of spiritualism; What happens after death; Bad and perverted uses of spiritualism; Snares and pitfalls; Materialization; Advanced studies.

Your Quantum Breakthrough Code: The Simple Technique That Can Bring Everlasting Joy And Success

by Sandra Anne Taylor

Do the patterns of your life seem to have a momentum of their own? This is your opportunity to break through! Your old, reactive patterns of unknown negative energy don’t have to direct your destiny any longer. In this groundbreaking new book, Sandra Anne Taylor reveals Your Quantum Breakthrough Code, the amazingly easy yet empowering technique that can completely reroute the direction of your life. Things will never be the same when you learn: • How to ignite the breakthrough forces that attract a spectacular reality • How to decode harmful energies and code healthy and successful patterns • The single breakthrough code that you can use anytime, anyplace • The surefire rapid visualization and affirmation technique • The powerful Peace Process that creates a tranquil and magnetic energyGet ready for a quantum breakthrough! These fascinating, unbelievably quick, and easy techniques will bring you a life of unparalleled joy and success.

Your Resonant Self

by Sarah Peyton

Have you ever noticed how cruel and self-sabotaging your critical inner voice can be? Have you been looking outside of yourself for friends and loved ones to reassure you of your worthiness and lovability?The latest developments in neuroscience unveil the amazing extent to which humans are wired for connection, belonging and resonance with other humans. This wiring for connection is so strong, our nervous systems have the capacity to become our own compassionate self-witnesses, even when we have not had access as children to stable loving presence and warmth. The field of neurobiology and the science of mindfulness reveal that the human brain is capable of being engaged in the experience of upset (fear, anxiety, depression) while simultaneously observing and holding ourselves with kindness, as a loving parent or partner would. This ability to be both experiencing and holding the experience is the key to maintaining inner calm in the face of life's challenges. If we learn to honor that each and every inner voice, no matter how distressing, has the desire to help us, we open to the possibility that each part of us has value. This help creates a gentle, accepting and warm resonance with ourselves that can remain stable and present, even when parts of us feel upset. In simple language and easy-to-follow exercises, Your Resonant Self synthesizes the latest discoveries in brain science, trauma treatment, and the power of empathy into an effective healing method that literally rewires our brain and restores our capacity for self-love and well-being. Each chapter weaves the core concepts of neurobiology with guided meditations and beautiful illustrations, painting an inspiring picture of the human brain's inherent yearning toward healing and wholeness.

Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food

by Andrew Kimbrell Nell Newman

A comprehensive guide to the health risks, organic options, shopping choices, and ways we can fight the corporate agro-industrial takeover of the food we eat.

Your Ritual Year

by Emma Lucy Knowles

Rituals are the new resolutions.Find peace, manifest change and harness your personal power with this new book from clairvoyant-to-the-stars, Emma Lucy Knowles.Featuring 52 rituals - one for every week of the year - this book will help you to:- avoid burnout- charge your creativity- conquer self-doubt- manifest good things- burn bridges (the bad ones)- rediscover your joyWritten in Emma's helpful and non-judgemental style, discover simply daily rituals to help you shut out the noise of the digital world and find meaningful connection to yourself and the world around you.

Your Scars Are Beautiful to God: Discovering the Purpose in the Pain of Your Past

by Sharon Jaynes

Physical scars represent a story, a moment in one's life, and they show others that there is a history of healing. Author Sharon Jaynes shares with women how their internal scars marks from past hurts and mistakes also represent a story of restoration. Encouraging chapters, inspirational stories, godly wisdom, and a Bible study guide lead readers to give their wounds to the One who sees their beauty and who turns hurts into hope.

Your Second Pregnancy: What to Expect This Time

by Barbara Canida Katie Tamony

Every pregnancy is different. This is the only book available that discusses what is different about your second pregnancy and why.

Your Secret Laws of Power: The Modern Art of Healthy Living

by Alla Svirinskaya

Getting an appointment with Alla Svirinskaya, the highly sought after London healer, is impossible. She has celebrities queuing up to get a chance for an appointment. She has fiercely guarded the names of her clients and refuses to trade on the publicity that this would bring her. But now she has decided to make her techniques public so that she can help as many people as possible to improve their level of health. Now in this groundbreaking step-by-step practical guide Alla shows you how you can bring yourself into a level of health and well-being that you previously thought impossible. In this book she describes her secret techniques and explains the laws of well-being that will help you step into your power.

Your Senses at the Dentist's Office (Out and About with Your Senses)

by Kimberly M. Hutmacher

If you read this book before you go to see your dentist, you will already know about the things you will find in your dentist's office. A useful book for young readers. Image descriptions included.

Your Sexual Health: A Guide to Understanding, Loving and Caring for Your Body

by Kate White

Get bite-sized sex health tips from the gyno who&’s seen it all. Dr. Kate (White, M.D., M.P.H., OB-GYN) gives front-line advice on gyno health, period health, sex health, and reproductive health, dispelling old-wives&’ tales and offering fresh research, with topic titles such as &“your vagina should smell (and taste) like a vagina;&” &“treat your vulva like the Hope Diamond;&” &“we don&’t care if you&’ve shaved;&” &“a partner who doesn&’t have a clitoris may not know where yours is;&” &“if you have eggs and your partner has sperm, think about contraception;&” and &“there&’s no wrong or unnatural way to deliver a baby.&”Dr. Kate fills in the gaps left by modern sex education in an accessible and prescriptive way. Your Sexual Health provides answers to your burning questions about your reproductive health (and yes—even questions about vaginal burning!) and tells you things you may have never even thought to ask. As one of the country&’s leading gynecologists, vice chair of academics, director of the Fellowship in Complex Family Planning at Boston Medical Center, and associate professor of OB-GYN at the Boston University School of Medicine, Dr. Kate White arms readers with questions to ask of their own &“doctor downstairs.&” Addressing topics like taking care of your vaginal health, regulating your menstrual cycle, eliminating painful periods, choosing the right birth control, and achieving orgasms, you&’ll understand your body in a new way through 69 easy-to-digest sections. And while many books about women&’s health care focus on the experiences of heterosexual women, Dr. Kate provides a friendly, inclusive guide for all readers with female parts, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Throughout Your Sexual Health, you&’ll learn how to: • Understand how your body is normal — and notice when it&’s not. • Have periods that don&’t ruin your life — or your clothes. • Get in touch with your body and your partner for the best sex of your life. • Protect your body from STDs and STIs. • Learn the often-normal causes for occasionally abnormal pap smears. • Discover the right contraception for your body. Your Sexual Health is the perfect high school graduation gift or college graduation gift. It&’s filled with trustworthy and approachable information, making it your board-certified bedside confidante until you can see your gyno.

Your Sexual Self

by Lucy-Anne Holmes

'A genius writer' FABULOUS MAGAZINE· Explore your sensuality· Discover your inner power· Reclaim your sexuality with this gentle and mind-opening journal by sexual priestess and activist Lucy-Anne Holmes.When Lucy-Anne Holmes was in her mid-thirties, she had an epiphany about sex: she realised that she hadn't even skimmed the surface of how fulfilling it could be. So, she took herself on a sexual odyssey. Ten years on, after countless explorations, sex festivals and workshops, she was initiated as a sacred sexual priestess. She now shares everything she has learned about how liberating and empowering sexual self-knowledge can be.Guided by Lucy, on each day of the 28 days you'll be invited to read, to write and to do something around the following themes: Your Love, Your Body, Your Sex, Your Intimacy, Your Desire, Your Pleasure, Your Power, Your Playfulness, Your Surrender, Your Sacredness, Your Vision.This book features a host of activities to discover and play, including: activation mediations, touch practises, sex magic, self-pleasure experiments, sex audits, games to play with friends or lovers, plus opportunities to get creative and express your sexual self through various artforms, and much more.Consider this your own personal pleasure school. Prepare to be wowed and enlightened, inspired and excited as you acquaint yourself with the glorious uniqueness of your sexuality.Praise for Women on Top of the World'Searingly honest ... A beautiful and important work' VANITY FAIR'Holmes has done an admirable job' SUNDAY TIMES'The female gaze at its purest... An important read' SUNDAY INDEPENDENT Praise for Don't Hold My Head Down'Absolutely essential . . . So funny, hopeful, truthful and needed' Caitlin Moran'A must-read. . . will make you laugh yourself silly' Laura Bates'I can't express how much I loved this book. And how evangelical I feel about it. I want to rush out and buy copies for every woman, and actually every man, I know' Caroline Criado-Perez

Your Sharpie Style: 75 Original Sharpie Craft Projects to Design Your Home and Your Life

by Deborah Green

Decorate • Embellish • Transform your home and accessories using just a Sharpie pen!Take your coloring to the next level! From cups and saucers to sneakers and tote bags, this book is guaranteed to transform your home and your garments with stylish and colorful designs. Clear and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions take you through the basics of working with a variety of Sharpie pens, from oil-based and water-based markers to paint pens and more!Ranging from cute and crafty to unique and boutique, these fun, one-of-a-kind projects are for all skill levels and can be easily applied to fashion accessories, home décor, and many more commonly found objects. Filled with tips, variations, and colorful photographs, it has never been this easy to customize your life. All you need is your creative inspiration, and a Sharpie.

Your Signs: Use the Movement of the Planets to Navigate Life and Inform Decisions

by Carolyne Faulkner

“A new constellation of astrology guru.” — Vogue“The go-to life coach for those in the know.” — InStyle Magazine“[Dynamic Astrology is] A pioneering new self-improvement method based on the stars.” — Soho House“The coach to get you to where you want to go.” — Harper’s Bazaar

Your Simple Guide to Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: The 3-step plan to transform your health

by Professor Roy Taylor

**The Sunday Times Bestseller**In this pocket version of his bestselling Life Without Diabetes, Professor Roy Taylor offers a brilliantly concise explanation of what happens to us when we get type 2 and how we can escape it.Taylor's research has demonstrated that type 2 is caused by just one factor - too much internal fat in the liver and pancreas - and that to reverse it you need to strip this harmful internal fat out with rapid weight loss.In simple, accessible language, Taylor takes you through the three steps of his clinically proven Newcastle weight loss plan and shows how to incorporate the programme into your life.Complete with FAQs and inspirational tips from his trial participants, this is an essential read for anyone who has been given a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes and wants to understand their condition and transform their outcomes.

Your Simple Guide to Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: The 3-step plan to transform your health

by Professor Roy Taylor

**The Sunday Times Bestseller**In this pocket version of his bestselling Life Without Diabetes, Professor Roy Taylor offers a brilliantly concise explanation of what happens to us when we get type 2 and how we can escape it.Taylor's research has demonstrated that type 2 is caused by just one factor - too much internal fat in the liver and pancreas - and that to reverse it you need to strip this harmful internal fat out with rapid weight loss.In simple, accessible language, Taylor takes you through the three steps of his clinically proven Newcastle weight loss plan and shows how to incorporate the programme into your life.Complete with FAQs and inspirational tips from his trial participants, this is an essential read for anyone who has been given a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes and wants to understand their condition and transform their outcomes.

Your Sixth Sense

by Belleruth Naparstek

activating your psychic ability

Your Soul Contract Decoded: Discovering the Spiritual Map Of Your Life With Numerology

by Nicolas David Ngan

Spiritual seekers are feeling an increasingly strong urge from within to connect with and manifest their life purpose. They are seeking out tools and knowledge to awaken to this purpose and are doing whatever it takes to achieve this. This book is the answer to that search. A Soul Contract Reading is an accurate, in depth, channelled system of spiritual interpretation that will empower you to do this by decoding the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth name. It is based on an ancient system of numerology that uses Hebrew glyphs, revealing the true essence of the reader's life purpose as well as their karma, talents and goals. This will show you the karmic patterns you face, the talents you have to overcome them, the goals you are trying to achieve and your soul destiny. This book will enable you to discover why you are in the perfect place in your life - be it in crisis, stuck, seeking a new way forward or just needing to make sense of it all. It will empower you to move forward from there. Your Soul Contract reading will place your entire life in context, and will enable you to navigate your life properly for the first time.

Your Soul Purpose: Learn How to Access the Light Within

by Kim Russo

Discover your soul purpose by harnessing your own energy and accessing the world beyond in this expert guide from the world-famous psychic medium and author of The Happy Medium.Everyone on earth has a purpose for being here, but it can be difficult to discover. Luckily, each of us has a guru residing inside—a spiritual guide to lead us on the path to fulfillment. As “The Happy Medium,” Kim has reached beyond the realms of the known. Her gift allows her to sees what many of us cannot: that the world is filled with distractions and barriers that can derail us from living our lives with meaning and purpose. By explaining spiritual laws—including divine oneness, balance, vibration, and resistance—and providing practical, illuminating exercises, Kim unlocks our spiritual toolbox to help us reframe our world. Wise and compassionate, Kim teaches us how to embrace love, reject fear, and rid ourselves of negativity bias, through a series of helpful quizzes and assignments that make it easy to discover who we are. Your Soul Purpose will empower readers to recognize love, leave their fear and egos at the door, and use the spiritual tools they already possess to fulfill their destiny.

Your Soul's Compass: What Is Spiritual Guidance?

by Joan Z. Borysenko Gordon Dveirin

In this time of global change and uncertainty, of spiritual indirection, Americans are asking these age-old questions with renewed curiosity. There’s a thirst for meaning and purpose—a dawning realization that happiness isn’t a commodity that can be bought with a gold card. Fulfillment and joy arise naturally from creative and compassionate action-- from the understanding that all life is interconnected and guided by a higher intelligence. Our personal choices make a difference, and when they are spiritually inspired even the smallest action serves a larger whole. Sacred texts ranging from the Torah to the New Testament, the Tao Te Ching to the Buddhist scriptures, the Vedantas to the Koran, speak of making life-enhancing choices where a force greater than the individual flows through us and informs our thoughts and actions. In this book we’ll focus on the three classic aspects of living such a spiritually guided life: (1) alignment: maintaining a direct and personal connection to the Source of our Being; (2) discernment: distinguishing the movement of Spirit in our lives from our own wants, fears and social conditioning; and (3) action: making our best, most inspired contribution to the evolution of life.

Your Soul's Gift: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

by Robert Schwartz

A sequel to "Your Soul's Plan" - this book provides interesting and surprising insights into the mysteries of existence through pre-birth planning.

Your Soul's Plan eChapters - Chapter 2: Physical Illness

by Robert Schwartz

Would you like to understand the deeper spiritual meaning and purpose of AIDS, cancer, and physical illness in general? Your Soul's Plan eChapters: Physical Illness contains the Preface, Introduction, Chapter 1: Pre-birth Planning, and Chapter 2: Physical Illness from Robert Schwartz's best-selling spirituality book, Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born. This special eChapter tells the true stories of a man who planned before he was born to experience AIDS and a woman who planned to have cancer, and it explains why they courageously chose to have these difficult experiences. Before we are born, we ourselves plan great challenges in order to foster our own spiritual growth and the growth of the people we love. This inspirational, healing, and deeply thought-provoking eChapter speaks to our heartfelt desire to know: What is the spiritual meaning of physical illness? Why do illnesses occur? What can we learn, and how can we grow, as a result of them? After sharing their personal stories, the two individuals in this eChapter have sessions with gifted mediums and channels in which Schwartz asks Spirit, "Was this illness planned before birth, and if so, why?" The great love and wisdom that come forth from "the other side" help us to understand the deeper spiritual purposes served by AIDS, cancer, and other physical illnesses. If you or someone you love faces an illness, an awareness of pre-birth planning will empower you to transform any feelings of victimization, anger, sadness, or confusion into acceptance, understanding, and peace. Suffering that once seemed purposeless will become imbued with deep meaning. The full edition of Your Soul's Plan also explores the pre-birth planning of parenting handicapped children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, the death of a loved one, and severe accidents. Individual Your Soul's Plan eChapters are available under the following titles: Parenting Handicapped Children; Drug Addiction and Alcoholism; and Death of a Loved One.

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