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An Applied Perspective on Indian Ethics 2663545 P. K. Mohapatra 9789811375033 2019
Preterm Labor and Delivery (Comprehensive Gynecology and Obstetrics) 2959335 Hiroshi Sameshima 9789811398759 2020 Contains images
Donald Davidson on Action, Mind and Value (Logic in Asia: Studia Logica Library) 3633640 Syraya Chin-Mu Yang Robert H. Myers 9789811572302 2021 Contains images
Metaphysics of Consciousness: The Indian Vedantic Perspective 3628313 Ramesh Chandra Pradhan 9789811580642 2020
Representational Content and the Objects of Thought 4300225 Nicholas Rimell 9789811635175 2021 Contains images
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in India: Self-care for Universal Health Coverage (SpringerBriefs in Public Health) 4277508 Saroj Pachauri Ash Pachauri Komal Mittal 9789811645785 2022 Contains images
Gamete Immunology 4826959 Hiroaki Shibahara Akiko Hasegawa 9789811696251 2022 Contains images
Performing Against Annihilation: Identity and Consciousness in J.R.R. Tolkien, Richard Wagner and George R.R. Martin 4542848 Lukas Schepp 9789811915000 2022 Contains images
Edification in the Chinese Philosophy of Confucianism (Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture) 5179818 Jinglin Li 9789811941962 2022
Cognitive Tutor: Custom-Tailored Pedagogical Approach (Advanced Technologies and Societal Change) 4868287 Ninni Singh Vinit Kumar Gunjan Jacek M. Zurada 9789811951978 2022 Contains images
Studies in No-Self Physicalism 5140201 Feng Ye 9789811981432 2023 Contains images
Beyond the Brain: How the Mind and the Body Shape Each Other 5191392 Duoyi Fei 9789811995583 2023 Contains images
Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Sports Science, Exercise, Engineering and Technology 2014 (ICoSSEET #2014) 1403513 Rahmat Adnan Shariman Ismadi Ismail Norasrudin Sulaiman 9789812871077 2014 Contains images
Dialectics and the Sublime in Underhill's Mysticism 1354896 Peter Chong-Beng Gan 9789812874849 2015
Consumer Happiness: Multiple Perspectives (Studies in Rhythm Engineering) 4047669 Tanusree Dutta Manas Kumar Mandal 9789813363748 2021 Contains images
Cognitive Semantics of Artificial Intelligence: A New Perspective (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology) 3883019 Alexander Raikov 9789813367500 2021 Contains images
Play and Recreation, Health and Wellbeing 1538096 Bethan Evans John Horton Tracey Skelton 9789814585514 2016 Contains images
AI, Consciousness and The New Humanism: Fundamental Reflections on Minds and Machines 5935816 Sangeetha Menon Saurabh Todariya Tilak Agerwala 9789819705030 2024 Contains images
Love, Beauty or Morality 6030472 Alberto Castelli 9789819723973 2024
Kōsō-ryoku: For Innovation and Management in the Age of Para-existence 6044165 Noboru Konno 9789819728312 2024 Contains images
A Love for Nothingness, A Love for Death: The Metaphysics of Desire 6061426 Alberto Castelli 9789819730360 2024
Atlas of Assisted Reproductive Technologies 5363906 Surveen Ghumman 9789819900206 2023 Contains images
Reproductive Health and Assisted Reproductive Technologies In Sub-Saharan Africa: Issues and Challenges (Sustainable Development Goals Series) 5615583 Olanike S. Adelakun Erebi Ndoni 9789819924110 2023 Contains images
Ultrastructural Investigations on the Pituitary-Gonadal Axis 5733528 D. A. Bhiwgade Sasikumar Menon 9789819932764 2023 Contains images
Novel Health Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Program: Strategy and Implementation 5700416 Mohammed Yahya Alnaami Dalal Abdullah Alqahtani Eiad Abdelmohsen Alfaris Hamza Mohammad Abdulghani Ciraj Ali Mohammed 9789819934201 2023 Contains images

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