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Annie's Coming Out

by Rosemary Crossley Anne Mcdonald

A story which is a triumph for the human spirit and for the power of compassion Confined to an institution because of her physical disabilities since the age of three, Annie is hardly alive when Rosemary, an assistant to the hospital psychiatrist, discovers her. Together they battle against physical impediment, obdurate and uncaring bureaucracy and public apathy to find a new life for Annie outside--a life which has dignity, hope and love.

Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller (The Center for Cartoon Studies Presents)

by Joseph Lambert

Helen Keller lost her ability to see and hear before she turned two years old. But in her lifetime, she learned to ride horseback and dance the foxtrot. She graduated from Radcliffe. She became a world famous speaker and author. She befriended Mark Twain, Charlie Chaplin, and Alexander Graham Bell. And above all, she revolutionized public perception and treatment of the blind and the deaf. The catalyst for this remarkable life's journey was Annie Sullivan, a young woman who was herself visually impaired. Hired as a tutor when Helen was six years old, Annie broke down the barriers between Helen and the wider world, becoming a fiercely devoted friend and lifelong companion in the process. In Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller, author and illustrator Joseph Lambert examines the powerful bond between teacher and pupil, forged through the intense frustrations and revelations of Helen's early education. The result is an inspiring, emotional, and wholly original take on the story of these two great Americans.

Annie Oakley Saves the Day

by Anna DiVito

As young Annie Oakley -- then Annie Mosey -- sees her father off to the mill, she notices the gray sky. It looks like snow, which means a dangerous trip for Father. To take her mind off her worries, Annie shows her brother how to build a trap, just the way their father showed her. Little does she realize just how important this lesson will soon be....

Annie Oakley: Woman at Arms, A Biography

by Courtney Riley Cooper

Not long ago, Annie Oakley died, and bequeathed to the famous comedian, Fred Stone, her diaries and personal papers. Adding to personal knowledge, Courtney Ryley Cooper, well-known author and friend of Buffalo Bill, has written a splendid biography.It is a true American epic—the story of a pioneer, who as a little girl was forced to forage with her gun in order that her family might not starve, and who eventually became, with Buffalo Bill, internationally famous as a trick marksman, the idol of youth and the darling of royalty.

Annie Oakley: Young Markswoman

by Ellen Wilson

Focuses on the childhood of the famous American sharpshooter.

Annie Howells and Achille Fréchette

by James Doyle

Post-Confederation Ottawa sets the scene for this fascinating biography of a literary couple. The marriage of Annie Howells and Achille Fréchette in 1877 brought together two literary families and two cultural traditions. Annie was the daughter of the US consul in Quebec, William Cooper Howells, and sister of the American novelist William Dean Howells. Achille, a translator for the Canadian House of Commons, was the brother of the French-Canadian poet Louis Fréchette. Both Annie and Achille were authors themselves, and their lives and careers touched frequently Ottawa's political, cultural, and religious life. In Ottawa the Fréchettes established themselves at the centre of a distinguished bilingual circle of politicians, poets, and scholars. Their friends included Wilfrid Laurier, Alphonse Lusignan, and, in later years, Archibald Lampman. Both Fréchettes continued to pursue the literary careers they had begun before their marriage. Annie published a serialized novel and many short stories and articles; Achille's poems continued to appear in various periodicals. Achille also took part as writer and trustee in a bitter debate over separate schools. The many surviving letters between Annie and her brother William cover various topics of mutual interest to Canadians and Americans, reflecting both Canadian and American cultural experience in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Annette the Mermaid

by Beverly J. Letchworth

The idea that physical exercise is good for men and women alike is something we take for granted today, but people didn’t always believe this was true. There was a time when exercise was not considered proper or healthy for women. Thanks to athletes like Annette Kellerman, women have come a long way since then.

Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters

by Anne Sexton Linda Gray Sexton Lois Ames

A revealing collection of letters from Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Anne Sexton While confessional poet Anne Sexton included details of her life and battle with mental illness in her published work, her letters to family, friends, and fellow poets provide an even more intimate glimpse into her private world. Selected from thousands of letters and edited by Linda Gray Sexton, the poet's daughter, and Lois Ames, one of her closest friends, this collection exposes Sexton's inner life from her boarding school days through her years of growing fame and ultimately to the months leading up to her suicide. Correspondence with writers like W. D. Snodgrass, Robert Lowell, and May Swenson reveals Sexton's growing confidence in her identity as a poet as she discusses her craft, publications, and teaching appointments. Her private letters chart her marriage to Alfred "Kayo" Sexton, from the giddy excitement following their elopement to their eventual divorce; her grief over the death of her parents; her great love for her daughters balanced with her frustration with the endless tasks of being a housewife; and her persistent struggle with depression. Going beyond the angst and neuroses of her poetry, these letters portray the full complexities of the woman behind the art: passionate, anguished, ambitious, and yearning for connection.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh: Her Life

by Susan Hertog

An illuminating portrait of Anne Morrow Lindbergh--loyal wife, devoted mother, pioneering aviator, and critically acclaimed author of the bestsellingGift from the Sea. Anne Morrow Lindbergh has been one of the most admired women and most popular writers of our time. HerGift from the Seais a perennial favorite. But the woman behind the public person has remained largely unknown. Drawing on five years of exclusive interviews with Anne Morrow Lindbergh as well as countless diaries, letters, and other documents, Susan Hertog now gives us the woman whose triumphs, struggles and elegant perseverance riveted the public for much of the twentieth century.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

by Kathleen C. Winters

Few people know that Anne Morrow Lindbergh was an accomplished and innovative pilot in her own right. In fact, she was one of the defining figures of American aviation, a bright and adventurous woman who helped to pioneer air routes, traveled around the world, and came to be adored by the American public. In this revealing biography, author and pilot Kathleen C. Winters vividly recreates the adventure and excitement of many of Anne's early flights, including never-before-revealed flight details from the Lindbergh archives. An intimate portrayal of a remarkable woman, Anne Morrow Lindbergh also offers a dazzling picture of the exciting and dangerous early years of aviation's Golden Age.

Anne Hutchinson (History Maker Biographies)

by Susan Bivin Aller

True or False? Anne Hutchinson preached in a Puritan church in colonial Massachusetts. False! At the time, only men could be preachers. Anne angered church leaders by preaching about God during meetings in her home. The church leaders put Anne on trial for her spiritual teachings. - Anne worked as a nurse and midwife. She also had fifteen children of her own. - Because Anne was a woman, she was not allowed to have a lawyer at her trial. - When Anne was forced to leave Boston, her family moved to the wilderness of colonial New York.

Anne Frank's Story: Her Life Retold for Children

by Carol Ann Lee

Expands on the story of Anne Frank revealed in her diary by providing details about the family and friends who shaped her life and gave her the strength to endure two years of hiding in an attic in Nazi-occupied Holland.

Anne Frank's Chestnut Tree

by Jane Kohuth Elizabeth Sayles

Hidden away in their Secret Annex in Amsterdam during World War II, Anne Frank and her family could not breathe fresh air or see the blue sky for years. But through an attic window Anne could see the branches of a tall chestnut tree. This small glimpse of nature gave Anne hope and courage. It inspired her writing, which, in turn, inspired the whole world. Jane Kohuth explores Anne Frank's strong belief in the healing power of nature in this Step 3 leveled reader biography for newly independent readers ages 5-8.

Anne Frank Remembered

by Miep Gies

For more than two years, Miep and her husband helped hide the Franks from the Nazis. Like thousands of unsung heroes of theHolocaust, they risked their lives every day to bring food, news, and emotional support to its victims.

Anne Frank Remembered

by Miep Gies Alison Leslie Gold

She found the diary and brought the world a message of love and hope. It seems as if we are never far from Miep's thoughts....Yours, Anne For the millions moved by Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, here at last is Miep's own astonishing story. For more than two years, Miep Gies and her husband helped hide the Franks from the Nazis. Like thousands of unsung heroes of the Holocaust, they risked their lives each day to bring food, news, and emotional support to the victims. From her own remarkable childhood as a World War I refugee to the moment she places a small, red-orange, checkered diary -- Anne's legacy -- in Otto Frank's hands, Miep Gies remembers her days with simple honesty and shattering clarity. Each page rings with courage and heartbreaking beauty.

Anne Frank in the Secret Annex: Who Was Who?

by The Anne Frank House

An extraordinary story of Anne Frank and the Secret Annex For two years during the Second World War, young, Jewish Anne Frank lived in hiding from the Nazis. Everything she experienced, thought, and felt, she confided in her diary. She was just as frank in her descriptions of the seven other people in the Annex and of the five helpers who endangered their own lives to look after them. Years later, Anne Frank's diary became world famous. The Secret Annex was so well set up that the hiders survived there for over two years. Who were these people, how did they meet, and what happened to them? This book shows the background and organization of the Annex and the personal stories of all involved, as well as their relationships and their fates. It also offers many never-before-published photographs. The result is an extraordinary group portrait that stays with the reader long after the last page is turned.

Anne Frank in Her Own Words

by Caroline Kennon

Anne Frank's youthful optimism was a stark contrast to the terrible monstrosities of World War II. While Anne and her family hid from the world in a secret annex, she confided in her diary, nicknamed Kitty, providing the world with an inside view of what it was like to grow up fearing the wrath of Nazi Germany. This biography uses Anne's moving writings to highlight the events of her short life. Her diary is a powerful tool and reminder of the unjust hate that caused the Holocaust. Sidebars and fact boxes offer more information about this time period.

The Anne Frank Case: Simon Wiesenthal's Search for the Truth

by Susan Goldman Rubin

The post World War II publication of Anne Frank's diary made her the icon for all the murdered Jewish children during the Holocaust. In 1958, an Austrian performance of the play based on the diary was disrupted by teenage neo-Nazis who had been taught that the Holocaust was a fraud. Simon Wiesenthal was a Holocaust survivor who gathered information about the whereabouts of Nazis in order to bring them to justice. Called to the theater, he vowed to find the Gestapo officer who had arrested the Frank family, thus proving that the diary was not a fake. This lengthy picture book carefully details the horrors of Wiesenthal's life, from ghetto to concentration camps to liberation, and emphasizes the phenomenal memory that made possible his determination to "tell what it was really like". It is a painstaking, long, frustrating piece of detection, hampered by postwar political realities and aided by phone books. Rubin, who has authored other titles on the Holocaust, has crafted another notable contribution.

Anne Frank, Beyond The Diary: A Photographic Remembrance

by Anna Quindlen Tony Langham Ruud Van der Rol Rian Verhoeven Plym Peters

Anne Frank lived a life filled with the enthusiasms and hopes shared by many young women coming into adulthood. But the times Anne lived in and wrote of in her diary made her simple life extraordinary. <P><P> In over one hundred photographs, many which have never been published, this poignant memoir brings to life the harrowing story of one young Jewish woman's struggle to survive during a period of history which must never be forgotten. <P><P> "All libraries will want this: for classroom units studying the Holocaust, for kids reading the diary, for everyone who remembers it." - Booklist

Anne Frank and the Children of the Holocaust

by Carol Anne Lee

Anne Frank's diary changed how the world saw the Holocaust? this book will change how you see Anne Frank. Beginning with Otto Frank's idyllic childhood, follow the family's journey from its proud German roots through life under Nazi occupation to their horrifying concentration camp experiences. Interspersed with their story are personal accounts of survivors, excerpts from the other victims? journals, and black-and-white photos. A perfect blend of historical information and emotional narratives, this book makes an excellent companion to the diary, offering an in-depth look at the life of Anne Frank, and an intimate history of the young people who experienced the Holocaust. .

Anne Frank: Famous People, Great Events

by Harriet Castor

When Anne Frank is given a diary, she starts to write to her made-up friend, Kitty. But during World War II Anne and her family are forced to hide from the Nazi Germans. Find out all about the diary of Anne Frank with this story that is packed with all the facts and colourful pictures. This book is part of a series of picture books, Famous People, Great Events, which are suitable for ages 6-12. They tell the stories of famous men and women and great events in history. Written by successful authors, they are enjoyable reads which are packed with facts and colourful illustrations.Each book includes a timeline of key dates, a quiz and index.

Anne Frank: Famous People, Famous Lives

by Harriet Castor

When Anne Frank is given a diary, she starts to write to her made-up friend, Kitty. But during World War II Anne and her family are forced to hide from the Nazi Germans. Find out all about the diary of Anne Frank with this story that is packed with all the facts and colourful pictures. This book is part of a series of books, Famous People, Famous Lives, which are suitable for ages 6-12. They tell the stories of famous men and women and great events in history. Written by successful authors, they are enjoyable reads which are packed with facts and illustrations.

Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl

by Anne Frank

A teenage Jewish girl's recorded thoughts and impressions while she and her family were being hidden in a safe house during the Nazi occupation of Holland.

Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl (Abridged and Adapted)

by Anne Frank Mark Falstein

With its high-interest adaptations of classic literature and plays, this series inspires reading success and further exploration for all students. These classics are skillfully adapted into concise, softcover books of 80-136 pages. Each retains the integrity and tone of the original book. Interest Level: 5-12Reading Level: 3-4

Anne Frank

by Alison Kelly Susanna Davidson Eva Schloss

Learn more about Anne Frank's life before she went into hiding with her family.

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