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Understanding Built Environment 1536932 Fumihiko Seta Arindam Biswas Ajay Khare Joy Sen 9789811021381 2017 Contains images
AI Applications in Sheet Metal Forming (Topics in Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering) 2137028 Shailendra Kumar Hussein M. A. Hussein 9789811022517 2017 Contains images
Advances in Image and Graphics Technologies: 11th Chinese Conference, IGTA 2016, Beijing, China, July 8-9, 2016, Proceedings (Communications in Computer and Information Science #634) 2137029 Sheng Li Ran He Tieniu Tan Guoping Wang Shengjin Wang Yue Liu Xiaoru Yuan 9789811022609 2013 Contains images
Constructing Singapore Public Space (Advances in 21st Century Human Settlements) 2137050 Limin Hee 9789811023873 2017 Contains images
Hot Stamping Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Lightweight Car Body 1537022 Bin He Ping Hu Liang Ying 9789811024016 2017 Contains images
Textiles and Clothing Sustainability 1537058 Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu 9789811024740 2017 Contains images
Digital Signal Processing with Matlab Examples, Volume 2 1537082 Jose Maria Giron-Sierra 9789811025372 2017 Contains images
International Theatre Olympics 1537098 Jae Kyoung Kim 9789811025730 2016 Contains images
Sustainability in the Textile Industry 1537134 Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu 9789811026393 2017 Contains images
Theory, Methodology, Tools and Applications for Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems: 16th Asia Simulation Conference and SCS Autumn Simulation Multi-Conference, AsiaSim/SCS AutumnSim 2016, Beijing, China, October 8-11, 2016, Proceedings, Part I (Communications in Computer and Information Science #643) 3790761 Lin Zhang Xiao Song Yunjie Wu 9789811026638 2016 Contains images
The Rise of Legal Graffiti Writing in New York and Beyond 1537209 Ronald Kramer 9789811028007 2017 Contains images
Embedded Sensor Systems 1537362 Dharma Prakash Agrawal 9789811030383 2017 Contains images
Critique in Design and Technology Education (Contemporary Issues in Technology Education) 2137158 P John Williams Kay Stables 9789811031069 2017 Contains images
GNSS Atmospheric Seismology: Theory, Observations and Modeling 2880248 Shuanggen Jin R. Jin X. Liu 9789811031786 2019 Contains images
Intelligent Visual Surveillance 1537653 Zhang Zhang Kaiqi Huang 9789811034763 2016 Contains images
Advanced Graphic Communications and Media Technologies (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering #417) 2137234 Min Xu Li Yang Yun Ouyang Yujie Ouyang Pengfei Zhao 9789811035302 2017 Contains images
Computational Approaches in the Transfer of Aesthetic Values from Paintings to Photographs: Beyond Red, Green and Blue 2137235 Xiaoyan Zhang Martin Constable Kap Luk Chan Jinze Yu Wang Junyan 9789811035616 2018 Contains images
Pathological Brain Detection (Brain Informatics and Health) 2137338 Shui-Hua Wang Yu-Dong Zhang Zhengchao Dong Preetha Phillips 9789811040269 2018 Contains images
Digital TV and Wireless Multimedia Communication 1538013 Xiaokang Yang Guangtao Zhai 9789811042119 2017 Contains images
Sustainable Building Design 1805741 Chitrarekha Kabre 9789811046186 2018 Contains images
Contemporary School Playground Strategies for Healthy Students 2137732 Brendon Hyndman 9789811047381 2017 Contains images
Visual Pattern Discovery and Recognition 1640329 Junsong Yuan Hongxing Wang Chaoqun Weng 9789811048401 2017 Contains images
Collaborative Research Design: Working with Business for Meaningful Findings 2137774 Louise Young Per Vagn Freytag 9789811050084 2018 Contains images
Cardiovascular Computing—Methodologies and Clinical Applications (Series in BioEngineering) 2477979 Spyretta Golemati Konstantina S. Nikita 9789811050923 2019 Contains images
Deep Learning in Object Detection and Recognition 2959085 Abdenour Hadid Eric Granger Xiaoyue Jiang Yanwei Pang Xiaoyi Feng 9789811051524 2019 Contains images

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Showing 42,676 through 42,700 of 43,081 results