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A Brief History of the Chinese Language II: From Old Chinese to Middle Chinese Phonetic System (Chinese Linguistics) 5022712 Xi Xiang 9781000788785 2023 Contains images
A Brief History of the Chinese Language III: From Middle Chinese to Modern Chinese Phonetic System (Chinese Linguistics) 5022776 Xi Xiang 9781000788808 2023 Contains images
Jin Chinese Grammar I: Referent and Tense of Northern Shaanxi Dialects (Chinese Linguistics) 5113496 Xing Xiangdong 9781000733242 2023
Jin Chinese Grammar II: Syntax and Modality of Northern Shaanxi Dialects (Chinese Linguistics) 5113497 Xing Xiangdong 9781000733747 2023 Contains images
Telling Details: Chinese Fiction, World Literature (Literary Criticism and Cultural Theory) 4459333 Jiwei Xiao 9781000533316 2022 Contains images
Corpus-Based Studies of Translational Chinese in English-Chinese Translation (New Frontiers in Translation Studies) 2122472 Richard Xiao Xianyao Hu 9783642413636 2015 Contains images
Corpus-Based Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese (Routledge Advances in Corpus Linguistics) 3222837 Richard Xiao Tony McEnery 9781136944895 2010 Contains images
A Frequency Dictionary of Mandarin Chinese: Core Vocabulary for Learners (Routledge Frequency Dictionaries) 4637082 Richard Xiao Paul Rayson Tony McEnery 9781134049875 2009 Contains images
The Reconstruction of Chinese Sociology: An Oral History of 40 Sociologists (1979–2019) 5160353 Zhou Xiaohong 9789811981982 2023 Contains images
A Study of the Urban Poetics of Frank O’Hara (China Perspectives) 4573904 Wang Xiaoling Wang Yuzhi Zheng Mingyuan 9781000588750 2022
The Philosophy of (Advances in (Im)politeness Studies) 4370893 Chaoqun Xie 9783030815929 2021
Self-Praise Across Cultures and Contexts (Advances in (Im)politeness Studies) 4904802 Chaoqun Xie Ying Tong 9783030992170 2022 Contains images
The French in Macao in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: Literary, Cultural, and Historical Perspectives (Chinese Literature and Culture in the World) 4559433 Jingzhen Xie 9783030946654 2022 Contains images
The Agon of Interpretations 979477 Ming Xie 9781442696310 2014
Ezra Pound and the Appropriation of Chinese Poetry: Cathay, Translation, and Imagism (Comparative Literature And Cultural Studies) 4354630 Ming Xie 9781000526226 1999 Contains images
Ezra Pound and the Appropriation of Chinese Poetry: Cathay, Translation, and Imagism (Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies #6) 4482411 Ming Xie 9781317945024 1999 Contains images
Rethinking Map Literacy (SpringerBriefs in Geography) 3925288 Ming Xie Steven Reader H. L. Vacher 9783030685942 2021 Contains images
The Third Space and Chinese Language Pedagogy: Negotiating Intentions and Expectations in Another Culture 3753663 Xin Zhang; Xiaobin Jian 9781000290523 2021 Contains images
Modern Chinese Grammar - a Clause-Pivot Approach: A Clause-Pivot Theoretical Approach (Routledge Studies in Chinese Linguistics) 2537976 Fuyi Xing 9781317519065 2017 Contains images
An Outline of Chinese Literature II (China Perspectives) 2507952 Yuan Xingpei 9781315277875 2018 Contains images
Margaret Laurence: The Making of a Writer 1723089 Donez Xiques 9781459714694 2005 Contains images
Perception and Metaphor: A Comparative Perspective Between English and Chinese (China Perspectives) 4188091 Qin Xiugui Tie Yi 9781000406498 2021 Contains images
CliffsNotes on Hsueh-chin's Dream of the Red Chamber 1351764 Zhang Xiugui 9780544181311 1999
The Tangwang Language 1706608 Dan Xu 9783319592299 2017 Contains images
Space and Quantification in Languages of China 1371579 Dan Xu Jingqi Fu 9783319100401 2015 Contains images

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Showing 49,601 through 49,625 of 50,392 results