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Acting: The Basics (The Basics) 2511843 Bella Merlin 9781317590514 2018
Acting Exercises for Non-Traditional Staging: Michael Chekhov Reimagined 1661588 Anjalee Deshpande Hutchinson 9781351984249 2018 Contains images
Acting for the Screen (PERFORM) 2715970 Mary Lou Belli 9780429858581 2019 Contains images
Acting for the Stage (PERFORM) 2533526 Anna Weinstein Chris Qualls 9781317370505 2017 Contains images
Acting in Musical Theatre: A Comprehensive Course 1890523 Joe Deer Rocco Dal Vera 9781317911951 2016 Contains images
Acting in the Academy: The History of Professional Actor Training in US Higher Education 2535565 Peter Zazzali 9781317428350 2016 Contains images
Acting Presidents 1519416 Bruce E. Altschuler 9780230110175 2010 Contains images
Acting Professionally (8th Edition) 1984457 Robert Cohen James Calleri 9781137605863 2017
Acting (Re)Considered (Re)Considered: A Theoretical and Practical Guide 2117424 Phillip B. Zarrilli 9781134575435 2002 Contains images
Acting Shakespeare (Routledge Library Editions: Shakespeare in Performance) 2606071 Bertram Leon Joseph 9781317646242 2015 Contains images
Acting, Spectating and the Unconscious: A psychoanalytic perspective on unconscious mechanisms of identification in spectating and acting in the theatre. (Routledge Advances in Theatre & Performance Studies) 2526296 Maria Grazia Turri 9781315517315 2017
Acting the Song: Performance Skills for the Musical Theatre 210995 Tracey Moore Allison Bergman 9781581157833 2008 Contains images
Acting the Song: Performance Skills for the Musical Theatre 2355229 Tracey Moore Allison Bergman 9781621535232 2016 Contains images
Acting the Song: Student Companion Ebook 2451451 Tracey Moore Allison Bergman 9781621535751 2016 Contains images
Acting Together I: Resistance and Reconciliation in Regions of Violence 1967055 Cynthia Cohen Roberto Gutiérrez Varea Polly O. Walker Dijana Milosevic Charles Mulekwa 9781613320068 2011 Contains images
Acting Together II: Building Just and Inclusive Communities 1969631 Cynthia Cohen Roberto Gutiérrez Varea Polly O. Walker 9781613320075 2011 Contains images
Acting with Grotowski: Theatre as a Field for Experiencing Life 2605343 Zbigniew Cynkutis 9781317613848 2015 Contains images
Actor 1640607 Frederick Stroppel 9780573810305 2003
The Actor and the Character: Explorations in the Psychology of Transformative Acting 2511716 Vladimir Mirodan 9781317527947 2019
An Actor Rehearses: What to Do When and Why 2358329 David Hlavsa 9781621535768 2006 Contains images
Actor Training 1861123 Alison Hodge 9781135173821 2010 Contains images
The Actor Uncovered 2355244 Michael Howard 9781621535584 2016 Contains images
The Actor Within: Intimate Conversations with Great Actors 2344693 Rose Eichenbaum Aron Hirt-Manheimer 9780819571656 2011 Contains images
Actors and Acting in Shakespeare's Time 570717 John H. Astington 9780521192507 2010 Contains images
The Actor's Book of Classical Monologues 794663 Various 9781101173916 1988 Contains images

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Showing 51 through 75 of 5,550 results