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Big Book of Who: The 101 Stars Every Fan Needs to Know

by The Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids

Batter up! Who was the last player to hit .400? What shortstop began each season with a backflip? Which pitcher has won the most Cy Young Awards? Find out the answers to those questions and many more in Big Book of Who: Baseball, a collection of the 101 baseball stars every fan needs to know, past and present. All the diamond greats are included, from Babe Ruth to Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays to Joe DiMaggio, and Derek Jeter to Mike Trout.Featuring exciting MLB photography and the most current information about baseball's best players, this Sports Illustrated Kids reference book for young sports fans is written in a fun and easy-to-navigate question and answer format. Player profiles, facts, and stats are organized into five comprehensive categories: Champions, Super Sluggers, Prime Pitchers, Cool Characters, and Record Breakers.

Tennis Shoes

by Noel Streatfeild

Will the four Heath children continue their family tradition and become tennis champions? The Heath kids--Nicky, David, and twins Jim and Susan--come from a long line of ace tennis players. Now their dad has decided it's time to teach them everything he knows about the game. The twins are the odds-on favourites to become the next champs. Susan shows a lot of promise, winning in tournaments and getting recognition, but she secretly hates the spotlight. Jim's a good player, but prefers swimming. David, the youngest, loves to sing. Nicky could be a natural, but she's too busy rebelling to take the sport seriously. Who will become champion? And will it change their family forever?

Elementary Gunsmithing: A Manual of Instruction for Amateurs in the Alteration and Repair of Firearms

by Perry D. Frazer

A beginner’s guide to the ins and outs of guncraftsmanship from a professional gunsmith.When it was first published in 1938, Elementary Gunsmithing was one of the few books of the time to address an amateur audience, among more advanced titles. With clear, engaging, and instructional prose, Frazer takes beginner firearm interest to the next level by talking the reader through the fundamentals of gunsmithing, such as what tools are necessary for the craft, how to solder and mount parts, and even how to conduct a fledgling gunsmithing business. He specifically addresses the "young man who likes working at the bench,” and similarly the book reflects the spirit of innovation, resourcefulness, and do-it-yourself work.While the book may not cover contemporary firearms, it offers a grandfatherly, old-school instructional vibe with accurate information about guns up to the 1940s. Frazer focuses on gunsmithing with ordinary hand tools at the work bench, rather than complicated machinery. These helpful tips and information, which are still applicable today, make Elementary Gunsmithing a useful, classic, and historically significant reference for both amateurs and budding gunsmithers keen on building a full-time business.Skyhorse Publishing is proud to publish a broad range of books for hunters and firearms enthusiasts. We publish books about shotguns, rifles, handguns, target shooting, gun collecting, self-defense, archery, ammunition, knives, gunsmithing, gun repair, and wilderness survival. We publish books on deer hunting, big game hunting, small game hunting, wing shooting, turkey hunting, deer stands, duck blinds, bowhunting, wing shooting, hunting dogs, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea

by Arthur Ransome

John, Susan, Titty and Roger, Arthur Ransome's Swallows from Swallows and Amazons, go on an unexpected sea voyage.

Black, Bay and Chestnut

by C. W. Anderson

This book gives profiles of twenty of the most famous horses of the day. From Man O'war, king of the race track, to Heatherbloom horse able to jump like Pegasus, to Bob the great milk horse these stories bring to light the personality and beauty of our four footed equine friends.

Silver Birch (Connie McGuire #1)

by Dorothy Lyons

This story of a girl and a horse is by an author experienced in riding and training horses. It takes place in a small Michigan town and the surrounding farm country. There are other girls who have horses too, and they all take part in good times and adventures, including starting a Girl Scout troop during a time when local troops are still a novelty across the country. But the story belongs to Connie and Silver Birch, the wild white mare who has roamed the countryside unmastered until Connie takes her in hand. There is a real quality of suspense in the struggle of wills between girl and horse before Connie's patient efforts are rewarded. "A sound knowledge of horsemanship displayed against a thoroughly American background."-New York Times.


by C. W. Anderson

From the Book jacket: "If I only knew someone who would give him a good home." The owner of a fine horse, just crippled on the track, made the remark and Peter overheard him. Peter was ten and his father had taken him to his first race at Saratoga. He had always loved horses-Mohawk's owner could tell that from the way he acted. Could he take the horse? His father said he could, so a few days later Mohawk came home. Happy, busy days followed for both Peter and Mohawk, for no horse ever received more tender care. He grew strong and lively too. And when another year came around, he ran again and won $500. Perhaps you can guess what Peter did with his money. ... He bought a yearling, and, most exciting of all, Salute was a grandson of the great Man o' War. The artist's beautiful lithographs were all drawn directly on the zinc plates, a technique which gives them a rich depth in tone and quality. C. W. ANDERSON "Young horse lovers are extremely fond of C. W. Anderson's books. They have handsome horse portraits, and they tell in simple, straightforward fashion of the experience of children with horses." -New York Herald Tribune C. W. Anderson grew up in Wahoo, Nebraska, and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. His first book, Billy and Blaze, was published by Macmillan in 1936. Since then more than half a million Billy and Blaze Books have been sold, and Mr. Anderson has come to be recognized as America's foremost author- illustrator of horse stories. He has written such favorites for young readers as A Filly for Joan and High Courage, as well as books for horse enthusiasts of all ages such as Heads Up, Heels Down, C. W. Anderson's Complete Book of Horses and Horsemanship, and Twenty Gallant Horses. Horses still dominate Mr. Anderson's life as an artist and sportsman. He has a country home in Mason, New Hampshire, where he rides, and a studio in Boston.

Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

by Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex announced his retirement as manager of Manchester United after 27 years in the role. He has gone out in a blaze of glory, with United winning the Premier League for the 13th time, and he is widely considered to be the greatest manager in the history of British football. <P><P>Over the last quarter of a century there have been seismic changes at Manchester United. The only constant element has been the quality of the manager's league-winning squad and United's run of success, which included winning the Champions League for a second time in 2008. <P>Sir Alex created a purposeful, but welcoming, and much envied culture at the club which has lasted the test of time. Sir Alex saw Manchester United change from a conventional football club to what is now a major business enterprise, and he never failed to move with the times. It was directly due to his vision, energy and ability that he was able to build teams both on and off the pitch. He was a man-manager of phenomenal skill, and increasingly he had to deal with global stars. <P><P>His relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, for instance, was excellent and David Beckham has described Sir Alex as a father figure. Over the past four years, Sir Alex has been reflecting on and jotting down the highlights of his extraordinary career and in his new book he will reveal his amazing story as it unfolded, from his very early days in the tough shipyard areas of Govan.

Coleman The Outdoor Adventure Cookbook: The Official Cookbook From America's Camping Authority

by Coleman

As you'd expect from the experts at Coleman, this useful volume is full of essential camping information, including menu and packing guidance, expert camping tips, campsite safety, and equipment advice. But at the heart of this gorgeously photographed book are the 100 delicious campsite recipes that include hearty breakfasts, snacks and appetizers, easy sandwiches and salads, hot main dishes, side dishes, and sweet desserts. Whether readers are planning a picnic or heading into the wild, theyÍll find all they need to create a memorable outdoor meal in this book.

Farewell to Sport

by Paul Gallico

One of Sports Illustrated's Top 100 Sports Books of All Time: A classic collection by one of the twentieth century's most influential sportswriters From 1923 to 1937, New York Daily News columnist Paul Gallico's dispatches from ringside, rink-side, the sidelines, and the grandstand were a must-read for every American sports fan. Where else could one discover what it was really like to box heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey? To tee off against golfing legend Bobby Jones? To strap on a glove and try to catch Dizzy Dean's ferocious fastball? Gallico went where no other reporter dared, and for that he earned a permanent place in the pantheon of great American sportswriters alongside Ring Lardner, Red Smith, and Roger Kahn. Then, like a pitcher hanging up his cleats after throwing a perfect game, Gallico walked away to pursue other authorial interests, including the fiction that earned him his greatest renown. His parting gift to his devoted readers was Farewell to Sport, a collection of twenty-six of his finest pieces. In these bulletins from the golden age of sports, Gallico profiles icons such as Babe Ruth, Bill Tilden, and Gene Tunney. He exposes the scripted drama of professional wrestling and the hypocrisy of big-time college football. And in feats of daring that went on to inspire a whole new school of journalism, he sacrifices his pride to meet the greatest athletes of the day on their own turf. A brilliant snapshot of a fascinating era in sports history and a masterwork remarkably ahead of its time, Farewell to Sport is a fitting testament to the legacy of Paul Gallico.

Lou Gehrig: Pride of the Yankees

by Paul Gallico

A touching tribute to one of the greatest ballplayers of all time For seventeen seasons, Lou Gehrig was the heart and soul of the New York Yankees. The power-hitting first baseman donned the pinstripes for 2,130 consecutive games, a streak that earned him the nickname "the Iron Horse" and went unbroken for more than five decades. World Series champion, All-Star, American League Most Valuable Player, Triple Crown winner--the list of Gehrig's on-field achievements is spectacular. But he is best remembered for the grace and the strength with which he faced an insurmountable challenge off the field: the disease that ended his career and which now bears his name. When he retired on April 30, 1939, Lou Gehrig called himself "the luckiest man on the face of the earth." His words continue to resonate more than seventy-five years after they were spoken. In this heartfelt biography, which was the basis for the Academy Award-winning film The Pride of the Yankees, starring Gary Cooper, legendary sportswriter Paul Gallico tells the story of how a son of German immigrants rose to the pinnacle of greatness in America's pastime and inspired the nation as no other athlete ever has.

All for a Few Perfect Waves

by David Rensin

For twenty years, Miki "Da Cat" Dora was the king of Malibu surfers--a dashing, enigmatic rebel who dominated the waves, ruled his peers' imaginations, and who still inspires the fantasies of wannabes to this day. And yet, Dora railed against surfing's sudden post-Gidget popularity and the overcrowding of his once empty waves, even after this avid sportsman, iconoclast, and scammer of wide repute ran afoul of the law and led the FBI on a remarkable seven-year chase around the globe in 1974. The New York Times named him "the most renegade spirit the sport has yet to produce" and Vanity Fair called him "a dark prince of the beach." To fully capture Dora's never-before-told story, David Rensin spent four years interviewing hundreds of Dora's friends, enemies, family members, lovers, and fellow surfers to uncover the untold truth about surfing's most outrageous practitioner, charismatic antihero, committed loner, and enduring mystery.

Chinese Martial Code

by A. L. Sadler Edwin Lowe

For millennia the classics of Chinese martial strategy have been studied and their lessons applied with devastating success by warlords and military generals and today this timeless advice is analyzed as much for its application in the boardroom as on the battlefield-as thousands of Asian businessmen can attest.Chinese Martial Code provides clear, easy to follow translations of three of the most respected works on strategy in history, featuring a masterful translation of The Art of War of Sun Tzu--the most respected of all works of military strategy--as well as the less famous but equally wise Precepts of Ssu Ma Jang Chu and Wu Chi On the Art of War.Additionally, A. L. Sadler's translation is converted here into Pinyin for the first time and the original Chinese language versions of these classic texts are also included, making this title a treasure to Chinese history and military scholars as well. The text is also copiously annotated, placing its sage advice in perspective for modern readers planning to use these time-tested strategies to conquer the business world.

The Six Healing Sounds: Taoist Techniques for Balancing Chi

by Mantak Chia

The Six Healing Sounds that keep the vital organs in optimal condition • Presents vocalizations and accompanying postures that dissolve the tensions at the root of unhealthy chi flow and organ malfunction • Shows how to release excess heat trapped around the organs and redistribute it to cooler regions of the body to bring balance, health, and calmness to the entire system Thousands of years ago Taoist masters discovered that a healthy organ vibrates at a particular frequency. They found six sounds with the correct frequencies to keep each organ in optimal condition. To accompany these Six Healing Sounds, six postures were developed to activate the acupuncture meridians, or energy channels, of the corresponding organs. In The Six Healing Sounds Master Mantak Chia explains how the pressures of modern life can cause excess heat to become trapped around the organs, causing energy blockages and sickness. He shows readers how the vibrations of the Six Healing Sounds and their accompanying postures redistribute this excess heat to the cooler regions of the body, thereby stimulating and balancing chi energy and restoring the vital organs. Regular practice of the Six Healing Sounds promotes optimal health for the organs, increased sexual pleasure, emotional balance, and the prevention of illness.

Revenge of the Akuma Clan

by Benjamin Martin

It's time for Revenge. Benjamin Martin, author of the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semi-finalist Samurai Awakening, returns with another masterpiece of young adult fiction and the next installment in his riveting shapeshifter saga.American teenager David Matthews has more to deal with than the average exchange student living in Japan--a lot more. In Samurai Awakening, David woke one morning to discover that he?d been empowered and possessed by the tiger god Kou. Now a Jitsugen Samurai in Revenge of the Akuma Clan and able to take on Kou's form, David must use his new abilities to protect Japan from the terrifying evil creeping across the land--and waiting for him to fail.As his relationships, especially with Rie his host sister, grow uncertain, he must forge deeper connections with Kou, the tiger god that resides with him, and form new alliances if he hopes to hold back the return of Japan's ancient enemies. It is up to David to stop the powerful and vengeful Akuma Clan--and time is running out.

Samurai Awakening

by Ben Martin

David Matthews is having a rough time. Being a teenager is bad enough, but when he picks up and moves to Japan for a year, with barely any knowledge of the language and none of the social behaviors of Japanese teenagers, things go from bad to worse.Until one day, David attends a temple ceremony and finds himself possessed by a Japanese god.Suddenly, he can understand and speak Japanese. He has unbelievable new powers, including the ability to shift into a tiger, and a powerful sword he can materialize at will from its sheath-his body. But nothing comes for free, and these changes bring David face-to-face with the most terrifying creatures of Japanese legend-vengeful okami, demonic oni and terrifying ghostly yurei.Trained by his host family, famous sword-makers and the keepers of an ancient secret entrusted to their family by the first Emperor of Japan, David must fight desperately to save his host sister from a hoard of Japanese monsters. Evil has returned to Japan, and David must overcome his own insecurities if he is to save her and become a True Samurai-the protector of Japan.

A Touch of Greatness

by C. W. Anderson

Turf history is emblazoned with the great names that have adorned it--Man o' War, Colin, Sysonby, Exterminator, Count Fleet--but a little applause should be reserved for those not so richly endowed by nature who yet performed splendidly. Out of lesser cloth they fashioned their banners, substituting honesty for speed or courage for stamina. These are not great horses, perhaps. but of what they had they gave generously, often overcoming natural handicaps to give thrilling performances. They had color, appeal and, at least, a touch of greatness

Golden Sovereign (Connie McGuire #3)

by Dorothy Lyons

Connie McGuire, glowing with pride in her two mares, Silver Birch and Midnight Moon, is equally happy with Silver Birch's first colt Sliver, soon named Golden Sovereign, for his beautiful palomino coat. Connie hasn't given up rescuing horses however, as when she goes into town to buy a dress for a Valentine's Day party she comes home with a battered, worn down neglected mare, which she bought at an auction to save from further abuse. Connie knows that this horse, though not pretty now, has beautiful breeding and must have at one time been quite a beauty, but how could she and Pete find out about Lady Luck's past? Her dreams and hopes of her new stable, Shamrock Stables, hinge on finding out about Lady Luck's past and on having Golden Sovereign as a gentle and majestic horse. But Sliver has developed bouts where he is anything but gentle, and at times is so dangerous even Connie fears he is turning into a killer. What is turning Golden Sovereign into a mean horse? Connie and Peter must work against a frightening deadline to solve the problem ... and to save their future! Can she pull off her dreams?

The Kid Comes Back

by John R. Tunis

Roy Tucker left the Dodgers to become a war hero--and now he's fighting to get back onto the baseball diamond Roy Tucker was one of the best prospects the Dodgers had--first as a pitcher, then as an outfielder when he injured the elbow of his throwing arm. Then he went off to serve in World War II, where a plane crash over France left him with pain in his hips and back. The war is nearly over, and players are starting to return from the front to play ball again. If the Dodgers aim to have any chance at the pennant, the kid from Tomkinsville will have to fight his way back into the game once more.

On Learning Golf

by Percy Boomer

The War & Peace of golf. A quaint old classic from 1946, with an intro by the Duke of Windsor. It's good advice, and seriously, this game has hardly changed a whit in 50 years!From the Hardcover edition.

Baseball's Best 1000 -- Revised and Updated

by Derek Gentile

This thoroughly revised edition of "Baseball's Best 1,000" includes updated listings plus new players, rankings, and photographs, all in a handier format that makes it a terrific pocket reference. A must-have book for baseball fans obsessed with stats, quick facts, and the age-old debates over who the best players are and why, "Baseball's Best 1,000" showcases the lives, legends, and lore of the game's top players, ranked in order. Sportswriter Derek Gentile has pared down the total list of players--tens of thousands of them--to an elite ranking of the thousand greatest, based on criteria including lifetime stats; player durability and consistency; All-Star participation; MVP, Gold Glove, and Cy Young awards; individual statistical championships; personal and professional contributions to the game; sportsmanship; and election to the Hall of Fame.Each entry includes positions played, teams played for, years played, lifetime stats, and a biography of the player featuring his great moments and little-known facts.*New players include Curt Schilling, Mike Mussina, and Manny Ramirez.*Barry Bonds has moved up from Number 19 to Number 6.*Roger Clemens has moved from Number 33 into the top 20.*Dozens of Negro League players are here, as well as rankings of the best Japanese players, women players, and "prehistoric" players (from the time before stats were formally recorded).

Good Field, No Hit

by Duane Decker

The first in the Blue Sox series. Johnny Madigan has been in the farm system a long time. Now, the veteran Sox infielder is washed-up and he has a chance at a starting position. So does Mike Marnie, a classic power-hitter who outhits Johnny by 100 points. Does Johnny stand a chance? Which one is more valuable to the team? What personal qualities does a pro need?

The Harder They Fall: A Novel

by Budd Schulberg

In Budd Schulberg's classic novel about boxing's corrupt underworld, naïve newcomer Toro Molina is set up to hit the mat like no one else"Toro" Molina certainly looks the part. He's built like the Minotaur, but few would guess at the fear consuming the Argentine farmer and former circus performer after he's brought to the United States to be the next heavyweight champion of the world. The problem is that Molina can't box at all. But monstrous fight promoter Nick Latka fixes every fight on the way to the championship, and builds Toro's renown with the help of cynical sports journalist Ed Lewis and a host of lackeys. First published in 1947, The Harder They Fall stands as a powerful exposé of professional boxing by one of the sport's true poet laureates. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Budd Schulberg including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the author's estate.

Mel Martin: The Mystery At The Ball Park

by John R. Cooper

The Westwood High baseball team is in its stretch drive for the pennant, but there's trouble at the ball park! Someone wants to buy the park--and it's the only available playing field! Mel must find out who--and why! A rash of robberies in Westwood and a strict but incompetent replacement coach are the only clues that Mel and his friends the Wright twins have to work with. The dramatic discovery they make is a surprise to everyone! Will they solve the mystery in time for the big game?

The Japanese Samurai Code

by Boye Lafayette De Mente

Japan has achieved a number of triumphs due to the cultural traits inherited from their samurai ancestors. Examples include the country's transformation from a warrior-dominated agrarian society to a modern industrial nation, and its rebound from the destruction of World War II to its status as the second largest economy in the world.Japanologist Boye Lafayette De Mente identifies the character traits in the samurai code of ethics that made these incredible transformations possible. He explains how these traits can be applied by anyone to enhance their own personal skills and performance, making The Japanese Samurai Code a success manual for everyone.

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