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The Hidden Window Mystery (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #34)

by Carolyn Keene

A magazine article offering a la British medieval stained-glass window intrigues Nancy Drew. She asks Bess and George to join her on a search in Charlottesville, Virginia. Before the three friends leave River Heights, their adversary tries to get them to postpone the trip. But no luck. Nancy is determined to carry through her plans. While staying with her cousin and exploring a haunted mansion, Nancy must push people past their insecurities and superstitions of peacocks to solve interlaced mysteries! Picture descriptions added In the late 1950s, the first 34 books in the Nancy Drew series were revised and condensed. This is the version released before the books were revised.

Vaishakha (The Tale of Lakka)

by Chaduranga P. P. Giridhar

This novel's central focus is on the growth in the consciousness of a young dalit called Lakka and his struggle to regain his lost innocence in a corrupt environment.

The Knight’s Move

by Giriraj Kishore Prajapati Sah

'The Knight's Move' is a novel about destiny which changes but does not change. As in a game of chess, destiny is pre-defined: only the pieces that undergo that destiny keep changing.

Silver Lining

by Kate Welsh

Love Inspired Christian romance set on a horse farm in Pennsylvania.

Mission to Horatius (A Star Trek Novel)

by Mack Reynolds

Dangerously low on supplies and fighting a contagious space illness the Enterprise responds to a distress call from a three planet system where the inhabitants deny requesting help. The first planet is inhabited by primitive people whose leader wearing a fierce-looking bat helmet threatens the crew with spears and the silent death. The second culture consists of religious leaders who live in opulent splendor while controlling helpless underlings with a drug that keeps them smiling even as they are killed. On the third planet a few military leaders with hoards of cloned soldiers are determined to overtake and rule the whole planetary system. Can the crew assist these three hostile cultures and return to Federation space before the plague strikes them down? Pictures are described.

Return to Isis (Isis Rising #1)

by Jean Stewart

The year is 2093. In this fantasy zone where sword and superstition meet sci-fi adventure, two women make a daring escape to freedom. Whit, a bold warrior from an Amazon nation, rescues Amelia from a dismal world where females are either breeders or drones. Together, they journey over grueling terrain, to the shining world of Artemis, and in their struggle to survive, find themselves unexpectedly drawn to each other. But it is in the safety of Artemis, Whit's home colony, that danger truly lurks. For beneath Amelia's haunting dreams hides a secret which cannot be allowed to surface. A secret of Isis, the colony mysteriously destroyed ten years earlier. And in the ruins of Isis is the ghost of a fallen Leader who has been waiting for Amelia's return.

Boston Blackie

by Jack Boyle

Boston Blackie is the novelization of a group of pulp short stories by Jack Boyle (1881-1928). Blackie, an ex-con with a college education, is a jewel thief based in San Francisco, who outwits the cops with the help of his wife Mary. The character was altered for a later series of popular films and radio shows to become a "reformed" jewel thief turned private eye.

And Even Now

by Max Beerbohm


by Morgan Llywelyn

Historical novel of the struggle for Irish independence, seen through the eyes of a young Irish partisan.

Remembrance Rock

by Carl Sandburg

Seventeenth-Century historic novel.

The Gathering

by William X. Kienzle



by C. J. Cherryh

A science fiction novel based in a hostile water based colony.

The Ghost in the Gallery (Dana Girls Mystery #17)

by Carolyn Keene

A ghostly figure, a walking suit of armor, and a gargoyle in the prompter's box confront Jean and Louise Dana and their Starhurst classmates as they rehearse for a musical at Mozart Hall. The owner, a retired singer, and the watchman assure the performers there is nothing to worry about. The students wonder whether their imaginations are playing tricks on them. Or are spooky things actually happening each time they visit the opera house? A contest is held for an original song to be used in the play. The Danas' music is stolen but they make a copy and submit it. When their song is chosen as one of the winners, a listener says she has heard it before! Can the Danas' solve the mystery of Mozart Hall and their song? Picture descriptions and captions added.

Over Her Head

by Gail Gaymer Martin

Christian romance.

Christmas Bedtime Stories

by Claudia Vurnakes

[from the back cover] "Yuletide Cheer! A wonderful whimsical collection of Christmas stories that will enchant and delight young readers. Here are heartwarming stories of courage and commitment, humor and fantasy, family love and loyalty. Filled with memorable scenes and wonderful characters, these superb stories make for special bedtime reading for a special time of year!" Pictures are described.

Surya Mukheer Swapna (Longing for Sunshine)

by Syed Abdul Malik Pradip Acharya

Set against the backdrop of a typically backward Assamese village, Dalim, this novel depicts the life of the poor peasants there, their occupation, their customs and manners, their joys and sorrows.

Manavini Bhavai (Endurance: A Droll Saga)

by Pannalal Patel V. Y. Kantak

The great famine of 1900 which had ravaged this part of the world. Set against the rural backdrop of Gujarat, it is the story of love between Kalu and Raju, but it is also the story of the hard and tragic life of the farmers in Indian villages.

Xeuji Pator Kahini (The Partings)

by Rasna Barua Mrinal Miri

Set in Assam, the story juxtaposes the morally oppressive life in a typical Assames village and the life of the tea garden workers, which, even if marvelously free from the moral pretensions of a small village community, is harsh and unrelenting.

Churning of the City

by Shivanath O. P. Sharma

The novel is a sequence of situations through which a sensitive questioning consciousness runs and illumines the contemporary reality.

Sivakamiyin Sabadam (Sivakami's Vow)

by P. S. Sri

Overwhelmed by the savage spectacles of war and bloodshed, rape and pillage, which she beholds on her way to Vathapi, Sivakami makes a vow before Naga Nandi that she won't leave Vathapi till she sees the city burning.

Black Sun Rising (Coldfire Trilogy #1)

by C. S. Friedman

Priest, Adept, Apprentice, Sorcerer - together they must challenge the soul-devouring darkness invading the human lands...

Sing a Song of Ambush

by K. M. Peyton

British scouts Rob and Nick set out for a wilderness adventure in Canada. On the airplane they meet Tony, a rock singer from America. When Tony is kidnapped after a concert the boys have attended, their adventure becomes wilder than they ever expected. Can they survive kidnappers and the rugged Canadian wilderness to get back home?

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