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Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering: MUE/FutureTech 2019 (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering #590) 2788329 Young-Sik Jeong Laurence T. Yang James J. Park Fei Hao 9789813292444 2020 Contains images
Frontiers in Intelligent Computing: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on FICTA (2018), Volume 1 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing #1013) 2868438 Suresh Chandra Satapathy Vikrant Bhateja Bao Le Nguyen Nhu Gia Nguyen Dac-Nhuong Le 9789813291867 2020 Contains images
OPNET IoT Simulation 2959475 Min Chen Iztok Humar Yiming Miao 9789813291706 2019 Contains images
Understanding and Using Rough Set Based Feature Selection: Concepts, Techniques and Applications 2792459 Muhammad Summair Raza Usman Qamar 9789813291669 2019 Contains images
Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Processing: CVIP 2018, Volume 1 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing #1022) 2959464 Sanjeev Kumar Bidyut B. Chaudhuri Masaki Nakagawa Pritee Khanna 9789813290884 2020 Contains images
Advances in Computational Methods in Manufacturing: Select Papers from ICCMM 2019 (Lecture Notes on Multidisciplinary Industrial Engineering) 2895686 Uday Shanker Dixit R. Ganesh Narayanan Shrikrishna N. Joshi 9789813290723 2019 Contains images
Proceedings of 2019 Chinese Intelligent Automation Conference (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering #586) 2827378 Zhidong Deng 9789813290501 2020 Contains images
Emerging ICT Policies and Regulations: Roadmap to Digital Economies 2959454 V. Sridhar 9789813290228 2019 Contains images
Email Discourse Among Chinese Using English as a Lingua Franca 1618001 Yuan-Shan Chen Der-Hwa Victoria Rau Gerald Rau 9789812878885 2016 Contains images
State-of-the-Art and Future Directions of Smart Learning 1618000 Kinshuk Yanyan Li Ronghuai Huang Maiga Chang Nian-Shing Chen Milos Kravcik Elvira Popescu 9789812878687 2016 Contains images
Design and Control of Swarm Dynamics 1617994 Roland Bouffanais 9789812877512 2016 Contains images
Multi-hop Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks 1354679 Shalli Rani Syed Hassan Ahmed 9789812877307 2016 Contains images
Image Processing in Diabetic Related Causes 1383349 Amit Kumar Fahimuddin Shaik 9789812876249 2016 Contains images
The Impact of ICT on Work 1383153 Jungwoo Lee 9789812876126 2016 Contains images
An Introduction to Python and Computer Programming (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering #353) 2139473 Yue Zhang 9789812876096 2015 Contains images
Future Learning in Primary Schools 1376110 Ching Sing Chai Cher Ping Lim Chun Ming Tan 9789812875792 2016 Contains images
Semi-Supervised Dependency Parsing 1369343 Min Zhang Wenliang Chen 9789812875525 2015 Contains images
More Playful User Interfaces 1411330 Anton Nijholt 9789812875464 2015 Contains images
Perceptual Image Coding with Discrete Cosine Transform 1397958 Ee-Leng Tan Woon-Seng Gan 9789812875433 2015 Contains images
Scaling Educational Innovations 1369541 Chee-Kit Looi Laik Woon Teh 9789812875372 2015 Contains images
Real-Time Visual Effects for Game Programming 1431516 Chang-Hun Kim Sun-Jeong Kim Soo-Kyun Kim Shin-Jin Kang 9789812874870 2015 Contains images
Visual Quality Assessment by Machine Learning 1372544 Weisi Lin Long Xu C.-C. Jay Kuo 9789812874689 2015 Contains images
Grammar-Based Feature Generation for Time-Series Prediction 1371718 Anthony Mihirana De Silva Philip H. W. Leong 9789812874115 2015 Contains images
Subconscious Learning via Games and Social Media 1399880 Olga Sourina David Wortley Seongdong Kim 9789812874085 2015 Contains images
Compressed Sensing for Distributed Systems (SpringerBriefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering) 2139442 Giulio Coluccia Chiara Ravazzi Enrico Magli 9789812873903 2015 Contains images

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