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The Wretched of the Global South: Critical Approaches to International Human Rights Law (International Law and the Global South) 5920828 Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan Amritha Viswanath Shenoy 9789819992751 2024
Artificial Intelligence Governance and the Blockchain Revolution (Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law) 5994273 Qiqi Gao Jiteng Zhang 9789819992119 2024 Contains images
New Approaches to CSR, Sustainability and Accountability, Volume V (Accounting, Finance, Sustainability, Governance & Fraud: Theory and Application) 5976429 Kıymet Tunca Çalıyurt 9789819991457 2024 Contains images
Blue Book on AI and Rule of Law in the World (Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law) 5934372 Yadong Cui 9789819990856 2024 Contains images
Foreign-Related Commercial Disputes Resolution in China: Principles and Practices 5946186 Jianli Song Bing Cheng 9789819990818 2024
Sui Generis Intellectual Property Protection: Comparison of EU and U.S. Regulatory Approaches (Perspectives in Law, Business and Innovation) 5923309 Iana Kazeeva 9789819988976 2024
Immersive Technology and Experiences: Implications for Business and Society 5895477 Githa S. Heggde Santosh Kumar Patra Rasananda Panda 9789819988341 2024 Contains images
Indonesia's International Economic Strategies 5871036 Kiki Verico 9789819984589 2023 Contains images
Legalising Prostitution in Thailand: A Policy-Oriented Examination of the (De-)Construction of Commercial Sex (SpringerBriefs in Sociology) 5855145 Jason Hung 9789819984480 2024
Rationality and Legality of Non-market Economy Treatment in Antidumping Law: Novel Perspectives on the Changed Legal Environment (Modern China and International Economic Law) 5877913 Shao Long 9789819982929 2024
The Uniform Interpretation of the UN Sales Convention (CISG) 5768451 Jie Luo Peng Guo 9789819978441 2024
International Economic Law in Contemporary World (Modern China and International Economic Law) 5941655 Liyu Han 9789819975419 2024
The Contemporary Evolution and Reform of Utilitarianism (Interests Politics Series) 5833791 Shuyang Liu 9789819973637 2023 Contains images
China Arbitration Yearbook (China Arbitration Yearbook) 5880924 Yifei Lin 9789819971657 2024
Indigenous Peoples and Constitutional Reform in Australia: Beyond Mere Recognition 5751844 Bede Harris 9789819971213 2024
Before a Democracy Died: Housing, Land and Property Rights in Myanmar 5788861 Scott Leckie José María Arraiza 9789819970544 2023
The Law and Ethics of Data Sharing in Health Sciences (Perspectives in Law, Business and Innovation) 5905634 Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci Timo Minssen Mark Fenwick Mateo Aboy Kathleen Liddell 9789819965403 2024 Contains images
Continuous Disclosure of Chinese Cross-Border Listed Companies in Australia: Challenges and Proposals (Contemporary Chinese Civil and Commercial Law) 5709731 Belle Qi Guo 9789819964765 2023 Contains images
Selected Cases from the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China: Volume 4 (Library of Selected Cases from the Chinese Court) 5900247 Feng Zhu Wenyan Ding Hongyu Han Qiujing Ma 9789819963645 2023 Contains images
Algorithmic Discrimination and Ethical Perspective of Artificial Intelligence (Accounting, Finance, Sustainability, Governance & Fraud: Theory and Application) 5680779 Muharrem Kılıç Sezer Bozkuş Kahyaoğlu 9789819963270 2024 Contains images
Ethical Innovation for Global Health: Pandemic, Democracy and Ethics in Research 5775720 Chieko Kurihara Dirceu Greco Ames Dhai 9789819961634 2023 Contains images
Women's Empowerment and Public Policy in the Arab Gulf States: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities (Gulf Studies #11) 5851197 Rabia Naguib 9789819960064 2024 Contains images
Navigating Nuclear Energy Lawmaking for Newcomers: An Asian Perspective (International Law in Asia) 5708240 Ridoan Karim Eric Yong Lee 9789819957088 2023 Contains images
Rights in Practice for People with a Learning Disability: Stories of Citizenship 5914299 Liz Tilly Jan Walmsley 9789819955633 2023 Contains images
From Despotism to Democracy: How a World Government Can Save Humanity 5661097 Torbjörn Tännsjö 9789819955596 2023 Contains images

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Showing 51 through 75 of 33,258 results