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Cybersecurity in Germany (SpringerBriefs in Cybersecurity) 2116640 Martin Schallbruch Isabel Skierka 9783319900148 2018
British Policy-Making and the Need for a Post-Brexit Policy Style 2275685 Jeremy Richardson 9783319900292 2018 Contains images
The Rise of Managerial Bureaucracy: Reforming the British Civil Service 2116641 Lorenzo Castellani 9783319900322 2018
Child Soldiers and Restorative Justice: Participatory Action Research in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo 2116666 Jean Chrysostome Kiyala 9783319900711 2019 Contains images
Corruption and Democratic Transition in Eastern Europe: The Role of Political Scandals in Post-Milošević Serbia (Political Corruption and Governance) 2116669 Marija Zurnić 9783319901015 2019 Contains images
Presidents versus Federalism in the National Legislative Process: The Argentine Senate in Comparative Perspective (IDE-JETRO Series) 2217450 Hirokazu Kikuchi 9783319901138 2018 Contains images
The Palgrave Handbook of Bottom-Up Urbanism 2116694 Mahyar Arefi Conrad Kickert 9783319901312 2019 Contains images
The Limits of Fiscal Policy 2116698 Anthony J. Makin 9783319901589 2018 Contains images
Policy Failures and the Irish Economic Crisis 2116734 Ciarán Michael Casey 9783319901824 2018 Contains images
Ecosystem Services for Spatial Planning: Innovative Approaches and Challenges for Practical Applications (Green Energy and Technology) 2116735 Silvia Ronchi 9783319901855 2018 Contains images
Civil Service Management and Administrative Systems in South Asia 2116736 Ishtiaq Jamil Tek Nath Dhakal Narendra Raj Paudel 9783319901916 2019 Contains images
Political Strategies and Social Movements in Latin America: The Zapatistas and Bolivian Cocaleros 2116739 Leonidas Oikonomakis 9783319902036 2019
Secessionism in African Politics: Aspiration, Grievance, Performance, Disenchantment (Palgrave Series in African Borderlands Studies) 2218202 Mareike Schomerus Lotje De Vries Pierre Englebert 9783319902067 2019 Contains images
Women's Work and Politics in WWI America: The Munsingwear Family of Minneapolis 2116742 Lars Olsson 9783319902159 2018 Contains images
NGOs and Accountability in China: Child Welfare Organisations 2275733 Jude Howell Xiaoyuan Shang Karen R. Fisher 9783319902210 2018 Contains images
Global Justice, Human Rights and the Modernization of International Law 2186047 Riccardo Pisillo Mazzeschi Pasquale De Sena 9783319902272 2018
Worlds of Taxation: The Political Economy of Taxing, Spending, and Redistribution Since 1945 (Palgrave Studies in the History of Finance) 2186048 W. Elliot Brownlee Eisaku Ide Gisela Huerlimann 9783319902630 2018 Contains images
Space Security and Legal Aspects of Active Debris Removal (Studies in Space Policy #16) 2333799 Annette Froehlich 9783319903385 2019
Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment?: Benefit Sanctions in the UK (Palgrave Socio-Legal Studies) 2116835 Michael Adler 9783319903569 2018 Contains images
Conspiracy & Populism: The Politics of Misinformation 2169616 Eirikur Bergmann 9783319903590 2018
The Bonn Handbook of Globality: Volume 1 2447748 Ludger Kühnhardt Tilman Mayer 9783319903774 2019 Contains images
The Bonn Handbook of Globality: Volume 2 2459586 Ludger Kühnhardt Tilman Mayer 9783319903828 2019 Contains images
Education Finance, Equality, and Equity (Education, Equity, Economy Ser. #5) 2156661 Iris BenDavid-Hadar 9783319903880 2018 Contains images
The Estate House Re-designed 2204607 Anthony Sully 9783319903972 2019 Contains images
Comedy and the Politics of Representation: Mocking the Weak (Palgrave Studies in Comedy) 2119454 Helen Davies Sarah Ilott 9783319905068 2018

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